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Extradition: Kim Dotcom takes the lead, and proposes to go under conditions

Kim Dotcom is willing to go to the US authorities, but requires some guarantees.

Kim DotcomOn Twitter, Kim Dotcom - the erratic pattern of MegaUpload - sent a message to the Department of American justice, which clearly states: "Hey, it will come to the USA." No need for extradition. "It wants to bail, access to funds to pay lawyers fees and daily costs." Kim Dotcom tent so interesting but risky movement, while the extradition request US the respect will be judged in March 2013 in New Zealand and that he could be fired if case justice the rejects.

Kim Dotcom would therefore agree to make him even to American justice, under conditions. The idea being to recover access to her money, while showing to justice its good will, which could count in the judgment. Kim Dotcom cannot apparently be without that access to its funds are thawed, especially that the postponement of the extradition hearing is that extending the period during which he must take no money.

Recently, he explained to a New Zealand newspaper be riddled debts following the accumulation of millions of dollars in legal fees, while it can pay to counsel the penny. "They want to just me hang and dry me up until I have more sole support" he said. Is that Kim Dotcom expects to receive a negative response on the part of the authorities, believing that they "know that they cannot win in this case". "All I want is a fair judgment for us" said, as additional bravado.

Hard disk: back on the molecular storage

The hard drive is becoming 50,000 times more dense. Finally, it remains to the road before coming to industrialise the process...

We you talked about at the beginning of the year, IBM would have found a way to store a magnetic bit with only 12 atoms. Other researchers of the University of Karlsruhe, at Strasbourg and Tokyo would for their successful feat with a single molecule of 51 atoms. If researchers at these universities are not better than those of IBM, the feat is in the form of the maintenance of the State of the bit.

The Interior of a kind of shell maintained by these 50 atoms constituting the organic molecule, they placed a last atom of iron. Thus, by spin transition, the iron atom can be charged either positively or negatively to induce a change of State and therefore be read a posteriori as a bit to 0 or 1.


Molecular storage of KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Toshio Miyamachi, researcher at the Center for functional nanostructures of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) indicates that with its structure as nanomolecule, it is possible to store 50,000 times more information on an area equivalent to our current with a reliability hard drives since it is here to add or remove from the electrons in an atom of iron. To compare, if we take a disk trays of 1 sold To currently in the trade, we could then obtain almost 50 inches (or 50 million GB) with this technique.

If the technique seems simple, in practice it is more complicated because he must write the bit in each nanomolecule. With our technology of reading and writing at positioned magnetic head perpendicular to the plateau, he will have to find a way to reduce the finesse of this head to match the fineness of the molecule. A new field of research is therefore opened for its universities and which we will still hear talk about for years to come.

SSD: Plextor passes to the M5S

Plextor prepares to launch new SSD series M5S. A priori, they should be even faster than the M3 and M3P.

Plextor M5SPlextor attacked the DSS with serious market, evidenced by his records M3 and M3P tests. And the mark (acquired by Philips-LiteOn in 2009) is not to stop there. A new SSD arrives, the M5S which promises to be faster even than its predecessors.

Plextor course highlights the quality of its firmware development which "guarantee the performance of exception in time", by leveraging technologies such as Instant Restore, the Global Wear Leveling or Bad Block Management. And thanks to its certification TrueSpeed (another Plextor technology), the M5S promises to reach 390 MB/s write, and 73,000 and 70,000 IOPS and 520 MB/s read speeds. Unfortunately, Plextor details not under some conditions and on what reference.

Because the M5S Plextor will be offered in three capacities: 64 GB from $ 99.99, from $ 159.99 128 GB and 256 GB $ 299.99. Plextor will finally focus on after-sales service of quality, offering a "VIP" access to buyers of the M5S on its support site, including allowing download PlexTool, a tool that allows you to manage and monitor the best his DSS and be updated easily. We do not yet know if the SSD will benefit from the guarantee of 5 years of Plextor, or only a 3 year warranty.

Ultima Forever: an RPG free and virtuous in preparation

The information still lacking precision, but the announcement is: EA, via its Play4Free brand, is working on an RPG free-to-play based on the universe of Ultima!

Ultima 01It is true that the final episode of the series was now 13 years ago (Ultima IX: Ascension), plus Ultima Online, and at the time of the thrilled and other prequels, it we belatedly to see revived this mythical series.

On the internet site dedicated to the game and freshly opened, found as well that the title will be developed by BioWare, that it should be possible to play a warrior or a mage, that there will be a MMO part or Coop, is not too much, and that the game will be cross-platforms (there again, not precision on the name of the platform in question).

On it, it says you it is shared: on the one hand, there is the fear of social trend completely uninteresting and low range (genus Dragon Age Legends) to reach a game. And on the other, the excitement at the idea of power incarnate again the famous avatar of Richard Garriott, and trample the Earth of the immense continent of Britannia.

And for those who know not what it speaks, you can discover a few episodes of the myth via the site Gog, or take advantage of the various remakes that have emerged, such as "Ultima Exult", which brings together the two parts of Ultima VII in a format compatible with our modern systems free of charge. Finish by pointing out that the official website already allows you to register on the future beta of the game.

Ultima 02

New generation of hard drives 10,000 tours in Toshiba

Businesses looking for hard drives quick plates spinning at 10 K rpm can move towards the new Toshiba pro range.

toshiba_al13se_b900_001It is the turn of Toshiba occupying the scene with its new generation of disk drives trays specially studied for the business world. With a speed of rotation to 10,500 t/m, the new AL13SE is 2.5 inches with a SAS 2.0 6 Gb/s interface to the format and is offered in several sizes: 300 GB, 450 GB and 600 GB same 900 GB.

With a 64 MB cache, it offers 3.7 ms read and 4.1 ms write response times, we are far from the DSS, but the comparison can be made with this type of business-oriented material with 24/7 operation times since he displays a 2 million hours MTBF and increases the speed of data transfer of 32% over the previous generation. Toshiba ensures that its new drives offer retro-compatibility with the sizes of 512-byte sectors.

In addition, this new series hard drives for companies custody system of decrease in the speed of rotation of the platters to reduce energy consumption and reduce heating. For companies have 3.5-inch disks to the format-based storage systems, Toshiba offers its AL13SE range with an additional adapter to facilitate their installation.

These discs are accompanied by five years manufacturer warranty. Toshiba has not yet release public prices of its new range. Need to make contact with his usual reseller to obtain.


SugarSync chosen by Samsung for its Galaxy

The passage of Dropbox for SugarSync will be beneficial only to the loyal customers of the Korean firm...

Samsung_Galaxy_SIII_sugarsync_pcworldAs the Taiwanese HTC, Korean Samsung announced a partnership with Dropbox to offer 50 GB storage space for free with the purchase of a Galaxy S III, but only for two years. After that, should fulfill the usual package in Dropbox to continue to use it. Otherwise, the storage space down to 2 GB, initial free offer of the claimant.

However, Samsung is also closer to SugarSync to offer its features of reading and sharing of multimedia content, but for its TVs Smart TV division. Korean announced today an extension of its partnership with SugarSync for his mobile and tablets to return directly to its AllShare Play program. Thus, the Smart TV, mobile, tablets and computers from Samsung can share content directly and with a single platform easily.