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drivers pc

1- Ati
Drivers & Software

Laptops, LCD Televisions, Projectors, Medical Imaging & More - Toshiba America Inc


4- Intel
Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Server and Embedded Processor Technology - Intel


Epson Home Page

7- Westrn Digital
WD - Service & Support Home

Creative Labs Asia - Customer Support - Drivers & more for all your Creative products

9- MSI

10- IBM
IBM Support & downloads - United States

11- Fujitsu
Product support, software evaluation, drivers, patches and other downloads : FUJITSU

12- A open

13- UMAX
UMAX Technical Support

14- MAGI

15- Acer

16- LG


18- GIGA

19- Panasonic
Consumer electronics product support at

20- Hp

21- Seagate

22- PINE

23- Tekram

24- Elsa

25- Lifeview

26- PC chips

27- Proview


29- Samsung

30- 3com
31- adi

32- Zoltrix

33- Matrox
34- 3.alps

35- brother

36- ALTEC lansing

37- cnet

38- Shuttle

39- AVerMedia

40- PC partner
Welcome to PC Partner

41- Actima

42- ABIT

43- BTC
Welcome to BTC

44- Voodoofiles

45- Diamond
Diamond Multimedia Product Support and Downloads

46- ESS
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49- ECS

50- Hyundaiq

51- lucky

TwitterPeek: A Twitter-Only Device

maker Peek has partnered
with Twitter to make the
world’s R rst dedicated Twitter
device. TwitterPeek lets
you send and receive tweets
and direct messages, follow
new users, and view images
sent via Twitpic. It has a
2.7-by-4-inch color screen,a
full QWERTY keyboard, and
no-contract, nationwide un -
limited wireless coverage.
Available now from Amazon
or, the
handset sells for $100. Y at
price includes six months of
wireless service; monthly
access will set you back $8
per month a] er that. Big
spenders can pay $200 up
front for the device and get
lifetime wireless coverage.
Missing Features
From the sound of it, however,
TwitterPeek leaves a lot
to be desired. For one, it
lacks a search function, so if
you plan on using it to track,
say, tweets about your business,
you’ll miss conversations
that use hashtags—a
user-created system of cataloging
tweets by subject—or
other conversations that
don’t have an @reply to your
company’s Twitter account.
It also has no Web browser,
so you can’t enjoy conversations focused on a blog
post or news item. Plans are
in the works to allow you to
preview Web pages within
TwitterPeek, but that will
still leave the device crippled
if you won’t be able to get a
complete view of what other
people are looking at.
I have to wonder about
TwitterPeek’s appeal. You
can already get Twitter on
any smartphone or feature
phone with Internet access,
and you can also send and
receive tweets by SMS.
If you want to avoid the
high data fees typical of
most phone plans, you could
try a cheaper Peek device,such as the $60 Pronto; that
unit will also let you send
text, and access Twitter via It’s still stripped
down, but at least you can
use it for three di_ erent
functions, all at a lower price.

article source : pc world .Ian Paul
—Ian Paul


there’s no room for ambiguity when it comes to data recovery. When your missioncritical
digital data is corrupted, misplaced or lost, it is essential to have a worryfree
data recovery system in place that will perform as promised.
R-Tools, the leader in data recovery solutions, has once again bolstered its R-Studio data recovery
solution with support beyond RAID 6 and Windows x64. Now, R-Tools offers
support for Windows 7 and recovery from exFAT and Ext4FS fi le systems –
all for the same low price.
The enhanced R-Wipe&Clean utility, with upgrades that allow you to optimize
application performance and worker productivity with automated clutter-free applications,
now supports all the latest browser versions and Windows 7.
If you are in need of a complete system restoration after
a major crash or data loss, R-Tools offers R-Drive Image,
which allows users to quickly create a compressed disk
image of a hard drive and easily back up images in various removable media such as
CD-R(W), Iomega Zip or Jazz disks. R-Tools also offers the R-Drive Image QEM kit
for system integrators and computer assemblers.
But that’s not all. With goal of business continuity for all, R-Tools has once again enriched the features of its
high-performance recovery tools. R-Crypto, which is available free of charge for home users, protects confi dential
information and personal data against unauthorized access on a desktop, notebook or removable data storage device.
R-Crypto encrypts and decrypts data in real time and is fully transparent to the user.
Rest assured, Linux users can utilize the R-Linux data recovery tool, which is designed for the Ext2FS/3FS/4FS
fi le system used in the Linux OS and several varieties of Unix.

article source : pc world

New Archos 5 Internet Tablet Does Media, Web

THE ARCHOS 5 Internet
Tablet—sporting Google’s
Android mobile operating
system—is a touchscreen
media player that stands out
from the crowd. (It comes in
various capacities. A 160GB
hard-drive model is $430; an
8GB P ash-drive one is $250.)
S e Web-centric Android
OS includes a powerful
Flash Lite browser that
will default to a Website’s
mobile version if one is
available. S e Internet Tablet
also comes with free apps
for IM, Twitter, Wikipedia,
and other online services.
S e Android interface
shines on this device, and
the generous (4.8 inches),
800-by-480-pixel display is
well suited to navigating an
assortment of apps.
S e player supports 720p
MPEG-4 HD video, among
other formats; footage looks
beautiful on the unit’s glossy
display. S e on-screen controls
make it easy to pause,rewind, or jump forward.
You can download media
from the Archos Media Club
store over the built-in Wi-Fi,
or sync the device to your
libraries with Windows
Media Player 11 or higher.
S e unit has a DVR capability,
but using it requires a
DVR kit that sells for $140.
Another option (costing
$50) lets you play content
from the Archos on your TV.
S e built-in GPS ob en
failed to pinpoint my location
well, and the feature
requires a subscription.
S e cost of such useful
add-ons may discourage
some potential buyers, but
the unit remains an intriguing
choice as a media player
and mobile browsing device.

article source : pc world
—Robert Strohmeyer

Acer’s New Aspire One Comes With Two OSs

THE LATEST in the Aspire
One netbook line,
the D250-1613 has
a 1.6GHz Intel
Atom CPU, 1GB of
RAM, a 160GB hard drive, a
tiny keyboard, and a microscopic
multitouch pad. It’s a
dual-boot system, with both
Windows XP and Android.
But Google’s OS isn’t suacient to make it a winner.
Upon your 2 rst boot-up of
the D250-1613, it goes into
Windows XP. Once you 2 nd
and use the Android con2 guration
tool, and re boot, it
loads the Acer H avor of An -
droid in about 18 seconds.
K e main interface is clean.
By default, a few apps line
the bottom; you can drag
and drop others from a pullout
menu that sits on the
right side of the screen. Of
course, it has hooks into
Gmail, so you have access to
all your contacts, calendaring,
and e-mail oO ine.
Change any information
locally, and the next time
you’re online, it syncs up
with your Google account.
A big disappointment is
the lack of useful preinstalled
soS ware such as a
word processor. K e ability
to browse a USB thumbdrive
would be nice, too, as
would printer support.
K is Aspire is a little smaller
than earlier models (10.2by 8.0 by 1.0 inches and a
light 2.7 pounds). K e keyboard
is a bit cramped even
by netbook standards. And
the touchpad is tiny.
At least the display is reasonably
big and colorful.
With brightness cranked up,
test videos ran nicely.
In subjective tests, battery
life was a little over 6 hours.

article source : pc world
Darren Gladstone

GPS: More Screen

GPS: More Screen for Less Money

devices had 3.5-inch
screens. Today, a
4.3-inch screen is
standard, and some
displays are even bigger—
4.7 inches (Magellan’s Road-
Mate 1470), 5.0 inches (Tom-
Tom’s XXL 540S), and even
7.0 inches (Magellan’s Road-
Mate 1700), for instance.
M e devices are getting less
expensive, too. You can Q nd
full-featured portable units
with text-to-speech, lane
assist, and big screens for
not much more than $100.
And they’re getting more
connected. Both Garmin and TomTom released Internetconnected
devices in 2009. A
GPS device with a live Net
connection lets you search
for fuel prices, weather data,
airport departure/arrival info,
and points of interest (POIs),
using Google’s Live search.
Still, smartphones continue
to grab the lion’s share of
the connected GPS market.
AZ er changing how people
think about smartphones,
can Apple’s iPhone do the
same for the portable gps market? New iPhone GPS
apps from TomTom, Navigon,
and others have
changed the GPS landscape.
M ese apps cost from $35 to
$100—cheap enough to convince
people that they don’t
need a dedicated GPS.
Google’s recent announcement
of a full-featured free
navigation application could
disrupt the GPS market even
more as additional Android
phones start to ship.
M ough 2010 is likely to be
tough for manufacturers of
dedicated GPS devices, some
excellent personal navigators
are on the market today.
TomTom XXL 540S
If a 4.3-inch screen feels too
small, you’ll love the TomTom
XXL 540’s 5-inch display.
M e XXL 540S uses Tom-
Tom’s IQ Routes feature to
calculate routes and estimate
time of arrival based on historical
tra] c data rather than
on speed limits. In my testing,
the routes it generated
were the ones I’d normally
take. And ETA projections
were fairly accurate, even without a live tra- c receiver
(a $60 extra; that price in -
cludes a year’s subscription
to tra- c data, which costs
$60 per year therea> er).
A> er generating a route,
the 540S provides excellent
route-viewing options, in -
cluding browsing a turn-byturn
list of directions, viewing
maneuvers as images,
showing a route summary,
and demonstrating the trip.
H e 540S was a bit slow at
initially calculating routes
for longer trips, but recalculations
a> er missed turns
were I ne. H e device pronounced
street names clearly
and at a volume adjusted
to the vehicle’s speed.
Garmin Nuvi 1690
H e Nuvi 1690, Garmin’s I rst
connected GPS device, is a
good start but has room to
improve. It oQ ers Bluetooth
phone connectivity, text-tospeech
conversion, a built-in
cellular radio, lane assist with
junction view (showing simulated
highway signs), a 4.3-
inch screen, and optimized
multisegment routing.
H e 1690’s menu structure
matches that on other Nuvi
models, but with connected
services sprinkled throughout
the menus in (for the
most part) appropriate locations.
For example,
the connected services
in the tools menu are
Flight Status, Weather,
Ciao, and Currency.
Other connected
services appear in the
Where To menu. H e
I rst screen oQ ers
Google Local search
and White pages as
options. Google Local
provides online access
to the same 13 POI
categories as does the
‘Points of Interest’ icon. Just
as when you’re searching the
POI database, you can use
Google Local to search areas
nearby, in a diQ erent city,
close to a recent or a favorite
destination, or (if you have
an active route) along the
route you’re currently on।

source: pc world

Give your iPhone, 3G, 3GS, BlackBerry

The quick, pocket-sized solution to top up your iPhone, BlackBerry or Motorola DROID! And now get a free iPhone case too!

Just plug RichardSolo 1800 into your iPhone/BlackBerry /Palm Pre once
or twice a day for fifteen minutes, and keep your device charged up. At
your desk or at dinner, plug in RichardSolo to instantly transfer charge. No
more battery worries! 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery is largest in its class
and holds its charge for months. RichardSolo 1800 will charge iPhone to
full 1.5 times, and lithium-ion is good for 3-5 years of recharges.
Retractable USB cable, 110-240v AC wall charger, and dual-port USB car
charger included — like getting two extra chargers for free! Even charge
the RichardSolo 1800 and phone together at the same time. Take only one
charger when traveling and wake up in the morning with the RichardSolo
and your phone charged. Put the RichardSolo in your pocket, plug it into
your phone now and then to top it up. Use your phone while charging it.
Enjoy a built-in laser pointer and ultra-bright LED flashlight, too! These
two lights use very little power, so you get handy extra features. RS001 is
the only snap-on battery available with a latching mechanism for iPhone,
to keep battery firmly attached. RS001 fits all iPhone/iPod cases except
the very thickest armor. Optional 2G/3G support brace included.
RS001 works with iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and all iPod models except
shuffle. Direct plug in. No cable.
RS008 works with iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and all iPod models except
shuffle — perfect for iPod touch. Cable only — included.
RS007 works with all BlackBerry models, Motorola DROID and any
phone with a mini/micro USB charging port. Plug in directly or use with
cable — included.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed, with our 30-day, no-hassle return privilege.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll email you a pre-paid return
label. You have no risk whatsoever, and the warranty is now one full year.
We are here to support you!
Actual customer comments:
“To have your company exhibit such
exceptional service is unbelievably
refreshing.” — P.S.
“Dear Richard and Team: This is
what I call great customer support.
I wish more companies would figure
this out these days. Thank you so
much.” — D.C.
Reviewers give it top marks.
“Now RichardSolo has released a
much improved version of the Backup
Battery that not only provides
more power for your iPhone or iPod,
but some excellent new features that
trash the competition.”
“The quintessential accessory for all
iPhone/iPod owners. If you don’t
already own one, you need to
order yours today.”