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Google+ pages: better indexed marks and companies?

Companies, brands, associations, etc.. Are invited to come and create their page on the social networking Google +.

Google Logo

That's it! Pages + Google have finally launched and enable brands and businesses to use the social network. A good opportunity for Google to start catching up on the matter took abysmal on Facebook, but as always, Google + a few arguments that could help to impose its model. As for brands, companies, associations and other labels, it should go through indexing.

This is obviously relying on the firepower of its search engine to highlight those pages that will appear in + Google search results with a function specifically set up for them, called Direct Connect. This is type "+" followed by the name of the page directly in the address bar of a browser to be redirected to it. For now, this feature Direct Connect is the deployment phase, but should quickly work with all Pages.

Note that in order to avoid abuse, a Page Google + can add a person to one of his circle without that it has validated the solicitation. In business for just over three months now, Google + now boasts over 40 million members.

HP announces one all-in-a 3D relief

Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP Touchsmart 620 3D model of all-in-one capable of displaying 3D content.

The American manufacturer has a machine-like all-in-one to enjoy a 3D rendering thanks to its multitouch screen Full HD 23-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels), tilt to 60 degrees for use "tablet" and rotates 180 degrees, including a webcam and a 3D image converter 2D to 3D. A pair of active glasses is shipped with the unit to benefit from the 3D effect.

For the rest of the equipment found a Core i5 running at 3.1 GHz supported by 8 GB of RAM, a hard disk with 1, 5 TB, a graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6650 1GB, Blu-ray, a tuner, a memory card reader and more USB ports. The sound system will benefit from integrated Beats Audio technology, and network connectivity will be through the Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11n WiFi. The HP Touchsmart 620 3D will be available November 15 for a label announced from 1900 dollars.

The screen of the HP Touchsmart 620 3D tilt 60 degrees for use "tablet"

New chipsets for Bulldozer in approach at AMD

A leak from AMD indicates the arrival of new chipsets for socket AM3 processors a + operator, it is called the Bulldozer course.

AMD Bulldozer operator architecture, the famous FX-Series tested here, are installed on the socket AM3 +. A platform that could see its life lie with the emergence of new chipsets in 2012, 1070 and 1090FX AMD. In any case, the assertions of the leaker Turkish DonanimHaber that publishes excerpts from documents in-house presentations at AMD. We see these new chipsets appear, destined to replace the 900 series that come with the latest desktop processors from depth.

AMD Chipsets 1070 1090FX DonanimHaber

No progress is expected towards the PCIe they should be satisfied with the standard 2.0, but the higher end of these chipsets, the AMD 1090FX, should provide the same bandwidth as that proposed by the Ivy Bridge platform of Intel. All new products are expected from the side of Southbridge, the SB1060, which will manage eight ports SATA 6 Gb / s and USB 3.0 natively (not for the AMD 1070).

No revolution in sight so, and certainly not enough to change the motherboard for its FX Series CPU, but changes that could be attractive to buyers who were preparing to renew their full machine-based AMD. It is not known exactly when the motherboard manufacturers begin to incorporate these chipsets.

WiDi, Wireless Music, Compute Continuum, Anti-Theft… Intel dopes the experiment user around Ultrabooks

Intel struggles to find solutions to enrich the user experience and will change depending on the platform Ultrabook. First glimpse of the efforts in this direction ...

Representatives from Intel were a few days in Paris to present the latest technologies developed in terms of mobility, data security, content distribution, etc.., All under the prism of Ultrabooks, this new generation of laptop that pushes the caster. Intel which gives two-year transition to the mobile platform Ultrabook reference. If the challenge is of course in hardware (machines create very fine performance and self less than $ 1,000), Intel explains that it is also software, and for good reason: how to design the a computer (or should) change with Ultrabooks.

It is no longer trying to offer the best user experience from a product, but to design computers starting from the user experience. The Ultrabook must be a machine always available, always connected, secure, personalized and sold at an affordable price. And that the best possible experience, Intel continues to develop all kinds of tools around its Ultrabooks.

There are changes made ??to start the broadcast protocol for wireless image WiDi which now supports 1080p and 5.1 sound, and free WiFi Direct routing to a box to be placed under the screen, manufactured by Intel partners , Belkin to Netgear via D-Link. WiDi now joined by Wireless Music. It's new, but the concept is the same as WiDi except that this interface is dedicated to her. A challenger to Apple's AirPlay designed for PCs, in fact.
Intel Pair Share

Intel & Pair Share, to easily share the content of mobile

And that's not all, Intel has initiated work on a new concept called Compute Continuum, a system of wireless communication between the various terminals which allows the streaming of content from a smartphone or tablet to the PC. Via the program Pair & Share, the computer can be used to bridge the gap to the TV, and that in an instant it displays the contents of the terminal iOS or Android (photos of family meals, video the youngest who made ??his first steps, etc.). directly on his laptop which broadcasts on TV. The system is "open", and therefore compatible with various mobile OS available.

Like Teleport Extender (coming soon), which allows you to read - via WiFi - its text directly into an application launched on his computer. Ideal to communicate via SMS in total silence in a meeting, and see who is trying to join without having to leave his mobile from his pocket. Solutions that involve all PCs, not just those equipped with an Intel network card, what to report.

Intel Anti-Theft.JPG

Another topic at the heart of Intel's concerns: security. That is why the Anti-Theft Program is supported by some new features, starting with a yellow triangle sticker to stick on his laptop which indicates that the machine is protected. A sticker which, according to Intel, would be a first deterrent, reducing flights by 50%. Do not count on us to argue about that, but rather to quickly return to the locking system of the machine remotely implemented. Not in software, but rather directly on the motherboard of the computer, acting even before the launch of the BIOS.

Once set, this anti-theft system makes it possible to disable its lost or stolen computer remotely (via a web interface), making it completely unusable, even by changing the hard disk or other. Moreover, provided you have activated the encryption, they are totally secure. On the screen lock is displayed, it is even possible to display a phrase such as "If you have found this laptop, thank you to contact Mr. X at the following number." This feature advanced Anti-Theft is present in all models Ultrabooks and just needs to be activated by manufacturers to operate. It is not yet the case in France, but it should be soon.

In the same vein, Intel has developed Identify protection that associated himself with the concept of virtual cards that can pay securely over the Internet. Maps that assign a random code used once and avoid having to enter their bank details online. The principle is the same with Identify Protection, except that the system is directly integrated into the heart of the system (in the chipset) and can be used by many Internet service providers, such as online banking or otherwise. Once the service is associated with his user account and computer, the code is generated automatically each time you wish to access it and it adds an extra layer of protection. This will prevent, for example, according to Intel, banks have to distribute these small code generation modules that secure access to online accounts.

In the "always connected", Intel has developed a fully configurable software solution that allows Ultrabooks standby to keep an eye on the arrival of e-mails, updates on social networks, and this kind of activity that we want to be updated only his laptop out of standby. Not to draw too much in reserves and allow the battery to maintain their good Ultrabooks autonomy, this little program allows you to set the interval at which the machine out of old, the tasks and the time it begins to return to standby. This will be especially useful when a regular WiFi networks known nearby, and even on machines with a 3G connection.

Finally, representatives from Intel came with a laptop with a processor Core i third generation under his arm. For a first contact with an Ivy Bridge platform that can not NES forces, unfortunately tell you anything ...

Mobile telephony: the MVNO have the dimension…

If the main operators are struggling to recruit new customers in a mature market, MVNOs attract more and more subscribers with their attractive offers.






The observatory of ARCEP, the telecom regulatory authority, has produced a report on the current state of the art mobile phones. To date, 67 million SIM cards in circulation in France, representing an increase of 6% over last year. The number of packages also continues to grow by about 6% a year, which is less than the previous year when sales growth reached 8%. What makes the most good operators (and one would have suspected), it is that smartphones now account for a total of 30 million subscribers, while last year this category was only 25 million units, a strong growth of 17%.

MVNOs claim a fleet of 7 million subscribers against 4 million last year, representing a market share of 11%

But what stands out most of this report is the importance that are taking the MVNO (virtual operators), multiplying these tempting offers, completely removing engagement with rates very competitive with incumbents. That's why they can claim a fleet of 7 million subscribers against 4 million last year, representing a significant market share of about 11%. The three giants of the mobile (Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom), for their part, fail to recruit only 2% of new customers.

Not staying asleep on their laurels, they have however recently launched their offers low cost as B & You, Red or Sosh, offers sent to customers who prefer to manage their own customer accounts on the Internet, with an against-party financial and without obligation. A way for them to try to stop the bleeding of customers to cheaper offers, trying to catch up with clients (often already have a smartphone) who went to competition. But the proliferation of non-binding offers favors the volatility in the customer base, which could allow a new entrant like Free Mobile to rapidly if the offers are truly revolutionary ...

RevoDrive 3 max IOPS: 1,9 Go/s!

Performance do you want in here! Storage that will quickly, very quickly ...


OCZ Technoolgy, a major field of high performance storage, especially on the SSD, and presents the RevoDrive 3 RevoDrive X2 version 3 Max IOPS. Thought to have the maximum bandwidth applications using multiple cores, these new editions of SSD-based PCI-Express 4x offer more speed on the bus that SATA III to 6 Gbps, through the use of two controllers SandForce.

Daryl Lang, vice president of product management at OCZ said on that occasion: "Designed to leverage the benefits of multi-threaded processors, the RevoDrive Max IOPS offers both performance and functionality required by customers to meet to more intensive workloads. "

These new products will be available from 120 to 480 GB for the first adapter and 240 to 960 GB X2 card. The raw performance are announced with monstrous sequential flow of over 1.9 GB / s read and 1.7 GB / s write, and the ability to write some random mode 245,000 operations per second (with blocks of 4k). The MTBF of the two RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS is announced in a million hours!

Knowing that we should quickly look at the SSD, you can imagine, we are happy to try one of these RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS.

Boot to Gecko: Mozilla enters the battle of OS mobiles

Mozilla has come to play a spoiler on the market with its mobile OS to boot Gecko oriented Web Apps.

War of the mobile operating system sees a newcomer to join in 2012. This is Boot to the Mozilla Foundation's Gecko. "B2G" for short, will be based on proven web technologies as the foundation "believes that the Web can dethrone the development of proprietary applications with HTML5." Indeed, for the proponent, Andreas Gal, also drive PDF.js developer, an application written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript can access the phone module, the manager of SMS, the vibrator, with the camera, Bluetooth, the NFC chip, etc..


Ideas for user interface to boot Gecko

A functional demo version of Boot to Gecko could be unveiled early next year by Mozilla and is already being tested on smartphones of the development team. A concept of graphical user interface (Gaia) is also being studied so that the user has an ergonomic design and an optimal mobile experience and multimedia.

The Mozilla Foundation has more to do to finalize its mobile OS, but the hard part will surely push to Gecko Boot manufacturers and phone companies that will have to find a financial interest. What could be the case if the system is offered. For more information on this project, please visit the official Wiki created by Mozilla.

Freebox Revolution: an infra-red dongle

The Freebox Revolution will have its infrared receiver

At the end of the Freebox Revolution, Xavier Niel had been a pleasure to introduce the new remote control box incorporating a radio transmitter / receiver in place of the infrared, to bring new way to interact with the interface navigation, which was not previously possible with the old model. Free users but many have requested support from infrared to be able to use only one universal remote to control their home theater system via a Logitech Harmony or Tablet Sony S, for example.


Through the voice of Nicolas Pouillon, a developer Freebox, the official Free solution to this request is apparently already ready for a long time. Namely, the receiver chosen is none other than the small IR-605Q can be purchased individually. It can be found in France for twenty euros with a remote control.

This small USB dongle is already supported in the current firmware of the Freebox, and also provides full support for the old remote version 5, except for the lighting of the new Freebox from a deep sleep ... USB ports of the housing in this case being over powered.

The remote control codes used will be identical to the codes of AliceBox V5, already in the foundation of universal remote controls. Knowing that the remote control codes are set, maintaining the consistency over time on future updates will be provided for this receptor, because the support of all infrared receivers on the planet would take too much time.

For now, we have no date of availability of this small USB dongle in the shop Free. We do not know if it will be included soon for new subscribers.

I' m Watch: The Android watch of the geek!

Disembark early 2012's "I'm watch" shows a touch screen running Android and extended functionality ...


Soon the top of the geekitude will answer the question "What time is it please? "With a nonchalant" Wait, I run the application Android clock my watch and I tell you that in ten seconds "... Joking aside, though, I'm watch is a watch with an Italian multimedia multiple capabilities.

With a capacitive touch screen of 1.54 "(resolution of 240 x 240 pixels at 220 dpi), a processor at 464 MHz Freescale iMX233, 64 MB RAM, 4 GB of storage memory, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, a microphone, speakers, a stereo jack and a battery of 450 mAh, this watch is running a modified version of Android 1.6.

This staffing technology enables it to connect - via Bluetooth - any smartphone running the Google mobile OS but also those running Windows Phone 7, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, or Bada. It is then possible to consult via its interface applications tailored to your Twitter posts, Facebook, email, weather, calendar, photos, videos and music (MP3 and AAC) and much more ...

You can also answer your calls without having to leave your smartphone in your pocket with the microphone and speakers built into the watch case (as in K2000!). The battery lasts 24 hours announced with Bluetooth enabled, it will not forget to charge it every night.

imwatch01     imwatch04

It will be officially presented at CES in Las Vegas in mid-January 2012 and its marketing will be effective soon after for a price starting at 249 euros. Pre-orders are already open against the official website of the manufacturer with 7 colors. So you crack or not? In the meantime here's a video presentation of this little gem tech-geek:

-10% of PC delivered in December because of the shortage of hard drives

PC shipments should begin to be slowed by the shortage of hard drives next month ...


Floods in Thailand have severely affected the production of hard drives. So that different resellers announced that they will find it difficult to complete orders in the order of 10% for the month of December.

According to information we have, some retailers such as HP, Dell and Acer have stocks of hard drives that can cover applications for computers for about four weeks. Others would do that for a week, which seems fair enough to deliver the orders of November and possibly early December.

The "drought" stock should hit more violently the market in early 2012 when the impact will be from 40 to 50% on the availability of different types of retailers. If everything comes back in order, Thai manufacturers could return to normal production of hard drives around February to March as seen above, with a peak for the expected shortage in the heart of the first quarter of 2012.

Like Noctua, Cooler Master offers a kit of fixing LGA 2011

Cooler Master also offers free mounting kit for socket LGA 2011. Small problem, it only affects Hyper 212 CPU Cooler and, a priori, the U.S. consumer ...cooler-master-lga2011

Like the Austrian Noctua Cooler Master invites you to complete an online form to receive a free mounting kit for LGA 2011 cooler if you have an Evo Hyper 212 or Hyper 212 Plus.

Coolers with boxes did not contain - logically - what to fix new motherboards x79 (eg ASRock x79 Extreme4 or the Asus Deluxe P9X79) ready to welcome a Sandy Bridge-E (Core family i -3000).

To receive yours, simply go to this page bears the serial number of your cooler and the invoice for your motherboard with socket LGA 2011. Unfortunately, this good initiative is available in the United States, Canada and Mexico at the moment, hoping that this program be extended into our region soon.

Nook Tablet: a true competitor for Kindle Fire

Barnes & Noble Announces Android Touch Pad 7 "at low prices to counter its competitor Amazon Kindle and Fire.


The season may be very busy in the segment of touch pads, entry-level. U.S. bookseller Barnes & Noble has announced the availability of its slate multimedia, Tablet Nook, in response to the attack of Amazon and its Kindle Fire.

The two competing models have the same characteristics are: IPS multitouch screen 7 "(resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels), TI OMAP processor double heart 1 GHz, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n ... but the Nook is characterized by a much more substantial RAM (1 GB 512 MB against Kindle for Fire) and a memory of 16GB expandable to 48 GB with SD card slot (only 8 GB of internal memory for Amazon model).

Lighter (412 grams against 499 grams for the tablet competitor) the Nook Tablet offers a range of comfortable 11 hours reading text and 9.5 hours in video mode. This superior technology is paid for by a tariff increase of 50 dollars or 249 dollars against 199 dollars for the Kindle Fire. Pre-orders are now open across the Atlantic, and will be delivered and available for sale only three days after the model of its direct competitor, is November 18.

Nook Tablet (2)                Nook Tablet (1)

To complete its range of content, Barnes & Noble has entered into various partnerships with Marvel, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora or Grooveshark, and offer a storage service in the cloud to its users through the Nook Cloud.

Note also that in order not to let Amazon steal market share of reading lights "simple", the American bookseller down the price of its Nook Color (from 249 to 199 dollars) and that of its Nook Touch (from 139 to 99 dollars). We can say that the release of Touch Kindle by Amazon price floor has been beneficial for consumers.

Modules of DDR3 of 64 Go

Micron is back on center stage with modules of RAM and 64 GB

DDR Memoire RAM

More and more services in the cloud, so more and more users to manage the servers, resulting in a demand for storage space and RAM especially more important ... To meet this demand, Micron Technology introduces new RAM sticks (more precisely LRDIMMs) of 64 GB

Relying on this small step forward, the parent Lexar also offers smaller modules like the classic 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB According to the brand marketing team, this architecture will allow modification of the company to increase capacity by 50% and 30% performance on the server type applications. In addition, better management of the increase in frequency accompanied by a significant discharge of the memory bus will reduce energy consumption by about 10%.

The first RAM chips including the new technology should be available for sale during February 2012.

The BIOS of Gigabyte passes in “3D”

Gigabyte BIOS upgrades in UEFI motherboard with more interactive when applying changes in parameters.

Gigabyte has just introduced an official BIOS for its next generation motherboards, starting with those equipped with the Intel x79 chipset for Sandy Bridge-E. The latter, called 3D BIOS, is to actually offer two different dual-navigation UEFI, with the ability to switch from one presentation to another by clicking (or pressing the F1 key).

The first presentation is classic, with its sections, lists and traditional menus, while the second (called "3D") adds various visual elements. A graphical representation of the motherboard that can handle provides access in an intuitive way to various components of the machine, like CPU, RAM or SATA controllers. A simple click on these to open a menu related to apply some parameter changes.

This is explained in this video by Gigabyte 3D Presend the BIOS:

Mobile Internet: the Orange flows are the best

The thirteenth edition of the surveyon the quality of mobile networks is available. Let's take ...







The authority of telecom us some figures on the quality of mobile networks in order to ensure that the consumer can use his mobile phone under good conditions. Various tests were carried out on the field with a new feature this year, adding measures of Web browsing.

As in previous years, the GSM network used for voice is always good, whether inside or outside a building or traveling in a vehicle. For cons, the quality degrades compared to last year when communication in TGV or on motorways in France, with significant differences between operators. Good for calls in the suburban trains and trams for their benefiting from a better result with an increase in the quality and maintains the communication of 2 to 4%.

A large disparity in average rates was observed between operators

The following figures were established via the 3G dongles for different operators, where the fastest downloads reach more than 9.2 Mbit / s and 3 Mbit / s when sending files. For the average flow is the order of 3 Mbit / s (40% better than the previous survey) and 1.3 Mbit / s for sending (1.2 Mbit / s above) . However, a large disparity in median flow is observed between the operators, with 4.8 Mbit / s for Orange France, 2.8 Mbit / s for SFR and 1.2 Mbit / s for Bouygues Telecom. What about joining the point made by DegroupTest few weeks ago.

With the new test for Web browsing, ARCEP using smartphones for measures giving amazing results, the average throughput for download is 2.4 Mbit / s against 3 Mbit / s on USB 3G, and 1.4 Mbit / s against 1.3 Mbit / s on USB 3G upload.

The full report of the survey, containing the description of the test protocol and the detailed results of each operator - which is also very well written - is available on the website of the ARCEP. In addition, work should soon extend this survey to departments and territories overseas.

Android royalties: Huawei could say “not” at Microsoft

Microsoft does succeed to reach an agreement with China's Huawei to receive royalties on sales of its Android devices?

Micosoft believes that Android devices infringe its patents and does not hesitate to put pressure on manufacturers of these to get royalties on each model delivered. A strategy that works, big brands have already signed agreements with the U.S. software giant, which allows Microsoft to generate more revenue now than its own Windows Phone. Recently, Samsung was concerned, joining HTC, Onkyo, Velocity Micro, General Dynamics Itronix, Acer and Viewsonic.

New target for Microsoft, China's Huawei, which - after having long made ??white label terminals for operators - markets recently Android smartphones under its own brand. Huawei has told the Guardian he was approached by Microsoft as part of an agreement to license a patent against royalties. Victor Xu, marketing director, confirmed that negotiations are under way with Microsoft, but it is clearly not ready to abdicate at the moment, challenging the legitimacy of the process.
Huawei U8230

Huawei U8230, the first Android smartphone sold in the Chinese own name

"We are part of those who respect intellectual property. But we also hold 65,000 patents worldwide. We can protect ourselves," says he, also waiting to see if the purchase of Motorola Mobility enough Google will enrich the portfolio patent editor for Android change the situation vis-à-vis Microsoft royalties. We do not yet know Huawei is able to sign with Microsoft or it will go to trial, as have Motorola decided to do it or Barnes & Noble.

A subject on which it is desirable that justice looks anyway, because if one side believes Microsoft still have not seen a single terminal that Android does not infringe its patents, Google accuses the firm of Redmond to extort money by threatening to manufacturers of trial. What had led to heated exchanges in the public, via Twitter.

Shortage of HDD: Nidec starts again its production partly

The revival of the production of hard drives could start earlier than expected thanks to the recovery of one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Usine Gigabyte

The company produces motors Nidec hard drives allowing rotation of the plates. Usually, it represents nearly 75% of the total production of all engines built in HDD sold worldwide. But the floods, production capacity has been reduced without its engines, the hard drive manufacturers can consider resuming their normal activities.

Good news, Nidec announced that production gradually resumed on the platform of Thailand in Ayutthaya plant thereby cushion the shortage was announced yesterday for the fourth quarter of 2011.

Nidec has ten manufacturing plants in Thailand, eight of which were affected by flooding. For example, the production unit Rangsit was arrested Oct. 13, taking over from the October 25, unlike the site of Ayutthaya who took over on November 4. In the Philippines, the monthly capacity from 15 million units usually produced 25 million, as in China where they have gone from 10 to 15 million units per day.

However, there is still a production loss of nearly 30%, about 140 million small engine in the third quarter. In the future, Nidec will review plans to charge its plants from 62% to 43% of the total production of the company in Thailand, and from 23% to 36% in the Philippines and 15% to 21 % in China, in order to rectify this production and to protect themselves from potential future problems in some areas.

Windows Phon: material requirements with the fall

Microsoft gives a little more flexibility to manufacturers of Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 800 (1)

"All Windows Phone look alike." It's a phrase you've heard a lot in order to characterize the first generation of smartphones operating the mobile OS from Microsoft. I must say that the hardware specifications required by Microsoft to manufacturers did not leave them much room to differentiate their devices. A situation that is about to change, Microsoft has realized that it would make concessions to let manufacturers innovate in the design and functionality of their phones, to enable supply to expand, a sine qua the adoption of Windows Phone by many.

Thus, manufacturers of Windows Phone can now use two Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the MSM8x55 and MSM7x30. The first can be clocked from 1 to 1.5 GHz and terminals are for medium and high end. The second 800 MHz will allow manufacturers to offer Windows smartphones more accessible, entry-level. Nokia, which enjoys certain privileges through its agreement with Microsoft to use its share of ST-Ericsson platforms in the future (but not on the 800 and 710 Lumia recently announced). Architectures that Microsoft could confirm that all manufacturers can use Windows Phone.

Other developments, if the screen should always display a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 256 MB of RAM that should always be installed and the built-in storage must be 8 GB, the list goes on optional equipment with digital compass the gyroscope and the second photo sensor no longer required. What extend the range down, and allow Windows Phone to finally take off? Remember, it now accounts for less than 5% of the smartphone market, but growth should accelerate in the coming years according to analysts who see Windows Phone and Android truly compete iOS by 2015.