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The wafers of 450 mm mass by 2015 in TSMC?

TSMC is indeed preparing the transition to 450 mm wafers to...

Wafer 450 mm

End of 2010, we talking already the possibility of a passage to wafers of 450 mm (18 ") by some skiers (including Intel) and we detail that compatible foundries did not open their doors before 2018 in the best of cases. Finally, we learn that TSMC would be able to put as soon as 2015.

Information confirmed by the Taiwanese fondeur which, starting next year, will begin to assess compatible tools that provide its partners. As early as 2013, first production tests should be conducted in the TSMC Fab 12 on a process of etching 20 nm. The Fab 14 it also host these new tools in 2014 and Fab 15 currently in construction on tools for the 300 mm wafers will see some of its lines be converted for 450 mm wafer.

It is in this Fab 15 that TSMC expects to launch in 2015, the engraving of 14 nm processors. And if all goes well, in 2015/2016, TSMC will establish a new plant, entirely dedicated to 450 mm.

In the heart of the PS Vita...

Small point technique on the components of the PS Vita, structured as a smartphone...

Available to the Japan, the Vita of Sony PS - alternate of the PSP - activities in Europe on February 22. Necessarily, it took only a few days to the sites for the reverse, as UBM Techinsights. They are especially focused on the processor of the console. A SoC that integrates a large chip in which there are four hearts ARM Cortex-A9 and a graphical circuit also quad-core type PowerVR SGX543 MP4 designed by Imagination Technologies.

Badgé Sony CXD5315GG, this processor is the fruit of the collaboration of three key players, Sony of course, but also IBM and Toshiba. Samsung, for its part, merely provide the memory of the console, either two 256 MB of DDR2 modules - S4 which are also incorporated into the die of the SoC of the PS Vita. Finally, the flash memory integrated (dedicated to the system, the storage is performing on removable memory cards) is brand Toshiba while Qualcomm provides the modem from the 3 G version, reference MDM6200.

Sony PS Vita CXD53155GG

The SoC of the PS Vita...

In other words, the heart of the Vita PS is not so far removed from those of the latest smartphones and tablets of the market. What is somewhere logical when we know that Sony has the intention, with the PS Vita, to expand its influence and offer both the traditional video game, but also of small games distributed expensive steps via the PlayStation Store. A strategy confirmed by the will of Sony life of developers easier by simplifying the programming on PS Vita.

Executives of the company having to the tribune in recent months to certify that the development of games on PS Vita will be also accessible to small independent developers, and that the latter can choose controls of their choice (buttons physical, tactile, both, etc...). At a time where the App Store and others, and their touch games from 99 cents, steal valuable market share in traditional portable consoles, Sony response to profile for some already as a last chance.

The films most pirated 2011 are...

Downloads of films are declining, via BitTorrent...

Fast & Furious 5

TorrentFreak has published, as every year, its balance sheet, the most pirated films in Peer-to-Peer via BitTorrent. Rights-holders will be probably delighted to learn that the global volumes are down, with the Top 10 films that spawned 74.6 million downloads in 2011 against 92 million in 2010. But from there to imagine that repression implemented by some countries, as in France with the Hadopi, is at the origin of this decline, there is a chasm that we will not take.

Indeed, we know that more and Internet users have turned to other solutions (more convenient, faster and less controlled) to download illegal files. Is of course the direct-download on platforms of accommodation such as MegaUpload or Rapid Share. And this then the statistics are also undermined by the streaming, and including legal progress with very interesting offerings such as Netflix.

History to continue to go against conventional wisdom, it would also demonstrate that downloading does not people to go to the cinema, because as remind our colleagues from ZDNet, the most pirated films are also those with the most obscure in 2011 rooms filled.

Classification of the downloaded films via BitTorrent in 2011:

1: Fast & Furious 5-9.2 millions2: Very Bad Trip 2-8.8 million3: Thor-8,3 millions4: Source Code - 7.9 millions5: number four: 7.6 millions6: Sucker Punch: 7.2 millions7: 127 hours: 6.9 millions8: Rango: 6.4 millions9: the speeches of a King: 6.2 millions10: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2: 6 million

Classification of the downloaded films via BitTorrent in 2010:

1: Avatar-16,58 million 2: Kick-Ass-11,40 million 3: Inception-9,72 million 4: Shutter Island-9,49 million 5: Iron Man 2-8,81 6 million: Clash of the Titans-8,04 million 7: Green Zone-7,73 million 8: Sherlock Holmes - 7,16 million 9: deminers-6,85 million 10: Salt-6,70 million

3D: Canal + abandoned!

Finally, Canal + waives the 3D for the moment. The market is not ready according to the group...

Canal 3D

Canal + 3D was launched in June 2010 and Bertrand Méheut Group had gradually climb in power in the broadcast of films and events in relief (including sports). However, the planet ASC site, specializing in offers of Canal +, said that the Group 3D chain will be closed on January 24. According to this site, it is in compatible programs offer that is deemed insufficient by Canal +, which also notes that too few homes are equipped with such a string that has meaning.

Except the release of a few games of the 2010 World Cup in 3D, sporting event which was to propel the market of TV highlight, the grid compatible programs remained for the paltry less on this 3D chain that was reserved for the CanalSat customers equipped with compatible decoders customers and Orange and SFR optical fibre. A withdrawal signs the surrender of Canal + on the 3D? According to planet ASC, not, the group plans return to 3D when the market will be more mature. That is, when a larger number of households will be equipped with and when programs will be more likely to be available in relief.

If the adoption of 3D is slow, there is today the majority of top-of-range televisions of the market are compatible, and even if they are not necessarily sold with a pair of glasses. This should gradually force installation of the 3D in the home. Now remains to be seen if, even equipped with compatible televisions, viewers Don massively their pairs of eyeglasses to take advantage of some programs in 3D? Nothing is less sure.

Shortage of hard drives: between 5 and 6 billion in win

All the PC industry is affected by the shortage of hard drives and the beginning of the year 2012, as the end of the year 2011, should be difficult for the manufacturers...

Article n° 23 - Disque dur: maintenance et récupération de données - Deskstar

The analysis firm Trefis is interested in the impact of the shortage of hard drives following the announcement of the latest results from Intel and the revision of its results for the year end. It must be said that 40 to 45% of world production in hard disks is concerned by the consequences of the floods in Thailand. Result, the stocks come to miss and prices soared among retailers. Trefis findings are clear enough.

According to the firm, the processor price represents on average 20% of that of a computer, and if Intel refers to profits of $1 billion, major manufacturers of finished computers could be five times greater, up to 5 billion. Taking into account the consequences of this shortage on the activity of AMD and Nvidia, Trefis spoke of 6 billion.

In this situation, it is the HP and Dell Americans who would be the most severely affected given the importance of their PC divisions. HP, n ° 1 world of the microcomputer, could only lose $ 1.1 billion of the suites of this shortage on the fourth quarter of 2011. But it's Dell, more dependent of its PC activity, could be the most result. And no flag is really optimistic for the beginning of the year 2012, as according to iSuppli, the lack of hard disks to meet world demand should reduce the shipments of computers for the first quarter of next year to 3.8 million units.

The shortfall is therefore not only huge for Western Digital, manufacturer of hard drives most affected by the flooding, and its competitors, but also for the entire PC industry...

Eee PC 1225B: the Brazos E-450 of Asus netbook

Asus is poised to launch a new netbook powered by the E-450 of AMD, with Radeon HD 6320 Brazos.

Next month, Asus should add a new element to its Eee PC family. This is the Eee PC 1225B runs under Windows 7 Home Premium and is equipped with a screen of 11.6 "(1366 x 768 pixels) back-lit led, embarking the APU Brazos E-450 of AMD, quick to 1.65 GHz. This netbook will weigh a priori 1.4 Kg and will be equipped with 2 or 4 GB of DDR3, and a disk hard 750 GB and a consistent graphical circuit DirectX 11 (Radeon HD 6320).

Asus Eee PC 1225B (4) Asus Eee PC 1225B (3) Asus Eee PC 1225B (2) Asus Eee PC 1225B (1)

Can be found in a webcam 0.3 megapixels, an Ethernet port, WiFi n, Bluetooth 3.0 optional, stereo speakers, a reader of SD and MMC, VGA and HDMI outputs, maps and a battery 6 cells pushing the autonomy of this portable to 7 hours depending on the constructor.

Available in 5 colours (grey, red, silver, black and white) to a supposed of 349 launch price €, this Eee PC 1225B has all the cards in hand for as one of the best choices on the side of netbooks at that price. Note that a less expensive version, is contantant of the APU C-60 to 1 GHz AMD (and its Radeon HD 6290) will be also proposed by Asus.

4 G frequencies "or": Free regrets nothing

Free Mobile received no 4 G frequency on the 800 MHz band, say "in gold", but has no regrets...


As we reported a few days ago, Free was not accepted by ARCEP (the telecoms regulator) for the allocation of frequencies"gold" on the band of the 800 MHz, which would have enabled him to extend its 4 G network on the less dense areas of French territory.

But apparently this no worries nor this Maxime Lombardini, CEO of Iliad, the mother House of Free, which has responded to the AFP in these words: "It is not regrets." "If it was thought that it was vital for us, it would have been more aggressive, and today is considered that it has everything what need us in terms of frequencies".

Remember that the money has been the lifeblood for the allocation of these frequencies that wear well their names because three historical operators of mobile telephony are Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom have respectively made offers to 891 million, 1.065 billion and 683 million euros to get their lots.

Free Mobile still has frequencies in the band 2.6 GHz, corresponding to the dense and urban areas, and a roaming agreement will allow it to reach the rural areas. Free 4 G network is therefore in no way called into question.

Remains to know the offers and the date of loads because the missile of Xavier Niel is always on its take-off ramp!

Mr transistor is dead

Norman Krim died on 14 December at the age of 98. The industry called him "Mr. transistor"...


This is a visionary electronics who played a pivotal role in the industry who has left us. This undisputed figure of the transistor - even if he does not invented it - found potential. It was he who pushed the production mass of transistors by his employer Raytheon, first for the design of sonotones.

Invented by Bell Labs in 1947, the transistors will be used by Norman Krim as early as 1953 for small equipment requiring little energy. These transistors were manufactured in Germanium, rare metal, which has been replaced by Silicon a little after.

The first transistors produced by Raytheon, the CK722 series, were too powerful for the project of Norman, but he soon realized that these components could be used in other devices than his own. He then contacted two major magazines of the time, Popular Science and Radio Electronics, to inspire engineers and push them to use these transistors. Therefore, born modern radio stations transistor, of guitar amplifiers, oscilloscopes, Geiger counters, or metal detectors.

Before transistors, in 1938 he had also worked on the miniaturization of the boosters lamps for use in portable radios powered by batteries. After leaving Raytheon in 1961 where he was Vice President of the semiconductor, he bought two electronic shops in Boston named RadioShack. He stayed until 1997, a Marketing consultant for Raytheon and other companies in the sector.

The media-center passive ideal?

A rather interesting totally silent show package...

The Japanese company ASKTech now presents an all new chassis-oriented HTPC that will not produce a single noise in the living room with a look of the old satellite STB. Rated measurements, it is 29.5 x 27 x 7.6 cm for 3.2 Kg on the scales, not bad! Its name? NT-TX3000, less sexy, but it is covered with aluminum for a simple reason, it is the chassis itself, which will play the role of sink with large fins on the sides to cash up to 65W TDP. The manufacturer indicates that this is not its system which is limiting, but the power of 100 Watts which is outsourced.

zeno-nt-tx3000-front zeno-nt-tx3000-4Y2W6726

Inside, there are a motherboard format mini-ITX with limitations that one knows, but for a media-center, this should not be a problem. There are still two USB 2.0 ports at the rear in addition to those offered by the map and an infrared receiver on the front, with optional remote control which is only recognized under Windows. The Japanese on his sheet indicates the possibility to add a PCI Express card in low - profile, but the cooling by heat pipes system covers the slot, making it unusable. See if it passes above the map, which is difficult to predict...

zeno-nt-tx3000-inside3       zeno-nt-tx3000-4Y2W6766

No price announced for the moment, but his brother the TX2000 NT negotiates about €322. It remains that wait wisely to find by us, if an importer has the good idea to focus.

Performance and consumption: Medfield end ready to launch Intel on smartphones and tablets?

Numbers fall for the next generation of Intel Mobile processors for tablets and smartphones. The competition has the concern to be?


A few days ago we had some information - sum any enough light and without tangible evidence - concerning the future rise in power of Intel in the world of mobility. First, remember that Intel made its small domestic household to create four departments, to cover all the needs of the mobile devices of today and tomorrow. The four departments are therefore named like this: Mobile & Communications, Mobile Wireless, Netbook & Tablet PC and Ultra-mobility.

The first Department is currently coached by Mike Bell and Hermann Eul and all the early work of this branch materialize by the property named Medfield, mobile processor with the 32 nm. As mentioned, this all-in-one chip is designed to compete with the big names in the ARM as Nvidia chip and its Tegra and Qualcomm and its Snapdragon, to quote them in front.

Figures fell on the canvas and we report that a Medfield processor for Tablet would already be and would show very good performance. Running at 1.6 GHz coupled with 1 GB of LP-DDR2 and responsible natively WiFi, Bluetooth and FM Radio, it has been tested in a model of Tablet 10.1 inches of a definition of 1280 x 800, but turn the details, here are the figures...


The tests were performed on Android 3.2 Honeycomb and with Caffeinemark 3. Intel processor worthily displayed a score of 10,500. For comparison, Nvidia with its Tegra 2 monte to 7.500 and Qualcomm with its Snapdragon MSM8260 arrives at 8,000. The current leader with 8,500 points, Samsung with its Exynos is overwrite. We of course look Tegra 3 results to compare to those of the chip Intel's Medfield.

If the performance is therefore under good auspices, what the consumer? Because it is one of the points which makes it particularly interesting ARM chips. The prototype in question would display a consumption of 2.6 Watts in idle with 2 Watts target term. Read movie in 720 p with the Adobe Flash player, it would consume 3.6 Watts with a target to 2.6 Watts, what appears to be a good start. A reminder, the Tegra 2 would consume 3 Watts under the same conditions. Now, there is still some work for Intel to finalize this chip and convince the major manufacturers of mobile devices.

Acer guard confidence in smartphones and tablets

The Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has not had the success expected with its touch tablets and smartphones but it will not abandon to this market.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 (2)

Rumours that Acer would leave the market of touch mobile terminals such as tablets and smartphones, the constructor reacts and denies any block.

Wrong point on the PC sector and having no flagship on the segment of smartphones and tablets, Acer is not abandon these lucrative markets.

Stan Shih, founder of Acer, said that his firm should find good adjustments and reorganize to improve its offer by reducing its range of products to offer in 2012 tactile quality and competitive mobile terminals. He has also recently announce RM A200, the Iconia Tab 1200, which will try his luck on a range of more affordable prices.

But the Taiwanese company will also have to monitor without fault of its products if it wants to retain its customers because, currently, none of its smartphones out Android in 2011 (Liquid, beTouch) is eligible for an update to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. There is still the way to go hope to compete with Apple and Samsung…

When Epson starts the PC for gamers, it gives it...

Epson does not restricted only to printers and other devices dedicated to the image, to the Japan the mark also designed liftstations PC configs.

The last creation of Epson, Endeavor Pro 750 is a PC based on Intel Sandy Bridge-E platform which is aimed at gamers. The package aluminum perforated on the front has two handles on the top, much like the Mac Pro, and bays of 3.5 drives and 2.5 "are directly accessible from the front with a trap, facilitating hot-swapping.

The front panel provides two USB 3.0 ports as well as the traditional taken helmet and micro, nothing of transcend but most interesting is located inside the housing. The Endeavor Pro 750 is powered by an Intel Core i7-3930K processor, or a 3960X i7 Extreme Edition depending on the configuration chosen, all cooled by a house ventilation system.

epson-endeavor01     epson-endeavor03     epson-endeavor02     epson-endeavor04

Map parent owner is labeled Epson and can accommodate following the configuration of 4 to 32 GB of DDR3 - 1600 Mhz, a graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6450 or NVidia GeForce GTX 580 and level storage goes the hard disk, or non-traditional (Intel 510 series) SSD in RAID configuration.

For optical drives the choice is made between a basic DVD-ROM drive, a combo burner DVD + Blu - Ray or a burner Blu - Ray player with possibility of adding a second device. Windows 7 Premium 64-bit is the standard OS, but the Ultimate version is also part. Prices of course vary configuration chosen, and his reserved to the wealthy.

Centerton: a real SoC Atom at Intel

Some info about an Atom SoC in 32 nm unveil...

Our colleagues from VR-Zone broadcast since a few days of slides with a new representative in the range of processors Intel Atom. code name: Centerton. It would be an Atom with the 32 nm which would happen in the second quarter of 2012, and that would have the peculiarity to be a real SoC (System on Chip) integrating a CPU dual-core 1.6 GHz (512 KB of cache by heart) and a single-channel memory controller managing the classic DDR3 and low-voltage up to 1333 MHz as well as the ECC.

A processor capable of handling 8 lines PCI Express 2.0, but not directly managing the SATA, USB and Ethernet, requiring the integration of dedicated controllers connected via the PCIe lines. This SoC should display a ranging from 5.7 to 8.1 Watts TDP. With its support for virtualization (VT - x), this Centerton could find multiple applications. Including can expect integrate storage network solutions.

VR-Zone Intel Atom Centerton (1) VR-Zone Intel Atom Centerton (2)

Android 4: shelves Sony ok, LG smartphones also, but not the Tab 7 "Galaxy and Galaxy S

Small update on the updates expected to Ice Cream Sandwich. The Sony tablets there will be entitled, as LG smartphones, but not the Tab 7 "Galaxy and Galaxy S of Samsung...

Sony Tablet S (4).JPG

Good news for holders of Sony Tablet P and S (the model tested by writing), they will receive well updated SEV under Android 4.0 said "Ice Cream Sandwich". It is the staff of Sony to the United Kingdom that dropped information, without however advance specific date. A reminder, these tablets had been launched during the months of October and November under Android 3.2.

Conversely, owners of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 "learn with regret that their tablet will not be entitled to its frozen dessert. This is also the case of the smartphone Galaxy S from the Korean manufacturer. Officially, it is the lack of RAM and ROM of the terminals is invoked, does not allow to run Android 4.0 and the wrapper TouchWiz. Of course, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 "and 10.1" (such as tested by our care) will pass them to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Finally, note that the smartphones of LG (X 2 Optimus, Optimus 3D and Optimus Black) will have them well entitled to Android 4 ICS, but not immediately. Indeed, if the forcing most manufacturers are to be able to propose their updates in the first quarter of 2012, LG Announces that its own will not be deployed before the second quarter.

The Blu - ray begins to catch up with DVD sales

Big films of 2011 and re-editions expected boost the adoption of the Blu - ray in France... Not to mention the price of Platinum.


That you received at the foot of the Christmas tree? Many Blu - ray if there is a release of Digital Entertainment Group (DEG). It must be said that with drives blue laser displaying prices of entry-level around €60 in our comparator of price, the purchase of cakes in high-definition has made a good in front of the order of 40% on average this year from 2010.

Many households are also equipped with high-definition TV to display the few French channels of DTT to bother to broadcast their programmes in HD, so that the purchase of a Blu - ray to properly take advantage of its slab player normalizes, especially at this price. Not to mention the Blu - ray player integrated in the Sony PS3 or the Freebox Revolution...

Therefore, more and more consumers take the reflex to buy a Blu - ray instead of good old DVD. To illustrate this trend, the Fox video indicates that X - Men: the beginning sold 45% in Blu - ray France and 40% on average in the rest of the world. And three million boxes Blu - ray of the re-edition of Star Wars have been sold for the holidays (may be him you also unpacked after the log the last WE...). We doubt many however that beyond targeting particular science fiction movies the techies, the rate of sale of the Blu - ray to DVD format are lower.

However, on producers or sellers of videos, it is nowhere mention figures for sales of 3D versions. Perhaps is it still too early to draw conclusions on the adoption of the relief in the homes, even if we learned this morning that the Canal + group will close its channel 3D, sign fool not on the public to this technology that interest. And even if film, more and more movies are in 3D.

2012: the year of the Thunderbolt on PC?

The Thunderbolt finally promises to break into the world of the PC next year...

performance_thunderbolt_icon20110224According to DigiTimes, the spring of 2012 will be marked by the explosion of the Thunderbolt - derived from technology LightPeak precursor connectors - in personal computers other than those of an Apple branded. Indeed, Intel would have informed its many partners that Thunderbolt technology would be fully available as of April. No doubt to accompany the release of new processors of the skier, the Ivy Bridge engraved 22 nm.

According to DigiTimes, explains what that major manufacturers are starting to design maps mothers for desktop computers and laptops incorporating the Thunderbolt. ASRock and Gigabyte are particularly cited. And everything should accelerate in the second half of the year 2012. Necessarily, if now add the Thunderbolt to a computer costs on average $ 20, the price of the components should substantially fall from mid-2012.

It would therefore be in place to unfold as Intel had imagined at one of its conferences of the last Intel Developer Forum. An event in which the important manufacturers such as Acer and Asus had announced include the integration of a Thunderbolt connector on their machines in 2012. Recently, we talking the possibility of landing on the market of many docks for ultrabooks facilitating these laptops very sedentary use mobile, simply chaining together on a single Thunderbolt screens and external hard drives for example connections...

The Sony TV will have 100% Samsung slabs

Sony gives to Samsung its shares in joint venture for the manufacture of slabs...


Samsung and Sony have announced the end of their joint venture (S - LCD Corporation) established in April 2004 designed LCD screens and allowed the two giants to control their slabs supply and the cost thereof. Samsung contributed 671 million euros to acquire the shares of Sony, or a little less than 50%.

Following this agreement, Samsung will continue to provide to Sony for its LCD TVs slabs. Sony said that he will continue to control its supplies without having to manage the expensive production lines. The regulatory authorities currently evaluate this operation should be validated before the end of the month of January 2012.

Reminder, the competition is such on the market of the LCD TV that few are manufacturers succeed taking profits now. A tense situation which we return there is little in the article "flat panel televisions are more recipe", and that probably explains this Sony decision to opt out of the production of slabs for its Bravia televisions.

Death of Jack Goldman, founder of Xerox PARC

The man at the origin of the technological advances that have made the success of Microsoft and Apple is dead.


Unknown to the public, Jack "Jacob" Goldman is the founder of the Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) computer research centre where are born plethora of concepts and technologies as a basis to our current computing environment.

Bone interface based on icons, Windows and menus in place and place lines of commands, the mouse, laser printing, text processing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), the Ethernet network protocol, oriented programming ErrMsg short, everything that today seems "normal", and is part of our daily lives was imagined to park in the early seventies.

These innovative and revolutionary concepts at the time being not exploited commercially by Xerox, they were largely taken over and improved by Steve Jobs and Apple engineers after their visit to the premises of the laboratory of research in 1979, and to design the famous Macintosh... Computer which he know the computer to the largest number and which some Bill Gates is inspired to develop the no less famous Windows PC operating system.

Human died at the age of 90 on Thursday 22 December in California.

App Store against Android Market: the 2011 budget


Expert opinion - according to the annual balance sheet produced by Distimo, 2011 a dedicated the dominance of Apple in terms of income and the rising power of the freemium model and in-app purchases.

2011 has been a year rich in developments on the market of the app store. Distimo, specialist of the hearing of applications for smartphones and tablets has just published its annual report which it draws several key lessons.

Starting with the dominance of Apple who is not contradicted despite strong breakthrough of Android. The App Store for the iPhone and the iPad are in the Android Market for the total revenue generated by the 200 most sold applications.

The App 4 times more cost-effective than the Android Market Store

Alone, the iPhone applications store product 4 times more income than the Android Market. Always on Apple, Distimo noted a significant decrease in downloads in February and October, shortly before the presentation of the 2 iPad and iPhone 4 S.

Another significant trend, the emergence of the Chinese market that now represents 30% of the total of the downloads on the App Store for iPhone in the United States and China. The percentage is even higher with respect to the App Store for iPad (44%).

However, the revenue generated by the Chinese App Store are still lower than downloads. But Distimo which States however that the recent introduction of the payment in yuan made double the volume of paid applications.

2011 has also seen the freemium model and integrated applications purchases become engines of the monetization strategy. 50% of revenues of the 200 most popular applications for iPhone from applications freemium. This percentage is 65% on the Android Market.

Horsmis Apple, all the other app store has more than doubled the number of applications they propose. Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has experienced the strongest growth (+ 400%) over a year with more than 35 000 applications in late November. (Eureka press)

See the 10 most downloaded mobile applications in the world in 2011

Android: 700,000 activations per day

Figures - The growth of the Green robot driven Terminal sales remains also strong...

Android drives the nail. While sales of smartphones fighting full during these holidays of end of the year, the Green robot of Google continues to seduce mass new buyers.

According to Andy Rubin, in charge of the development of the operating system, in September, 700 000 new terminals are activated every day against 500,000 in June and 550 000 in July. A record.


The head says even on his account + Google: "We do expect each device that only once (we don't count the terminals sold by second hand)." "An activations means you go to a store, buy a device and put it on the network by purchasing a mobile subscription."

What still strengthen the leadership of Google on the market of smartphones. According to Gartner, Android has become in the 3rd quarter of the first global platform focusing more than 50% of the market with a still more substantial catalog.

Growth gives whirling disease: 60.4 million terminals have been passed over the period against 20.5 million a year earlier. Its share stood at 52.5% against 25.3%... In all, 200 million of Android terminals would be in circulation since the launch of the OS.

Despite rising sales, iOS is down with a hand who loses 1.6 points to 15%. Same punishment for RIM whose share is fixed at 11% (against 15%) Despite sales in very slight increase (+ 200 000 to 12.7 million).

PLATFORM: Towards a world Android

Android: automaton whose appearance evokes the human. But our Android has nothing of the robot which is moving hands and feet in a quest for imitation of human kind. Avinash Meetoo, Director of Knowledge 7 society, summarized us Android, computer platform.
Let's look. Mauritius, in five years: children returning from school, take their lunch while tapping their digital shelves. into the bus, smart phones to any va; all buses are Wi - Fi (or something better)... And finally, the Android platform is moving our small society. This is not a remote possibility. See why.
To Avinash Meetoo draw table: "according to a report of Fortune, Android is in first place of sales: almost 40% of the market against 25% for the iPhone." But it is not a phone, is it not? The layman may already be diverted.
What is Android?
Not a smartphone, or a tablet. Android, this is what there is the smartphone of the Tablet: an operating system (or more, a platform, but we will return) comparable to the iOS of Apple system governing iPhones and iPads and comparable to Windows Mobile, the Nokia Symbian, among others.
"But how is it that all phones are Android?" it would be tempted to ask. Fair question. Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG smartphones work all under Android without that the mark is Android. To clear any confusion, it is important to make the distinction between software and hardware. Simply put, say that the hardware - circuits, the screen, the camera - are the brand and the software (software, any of the programming aspect) can be outsourced, hence the fact that several manufacturers will often share the same operating system.
How to explain that Android team 40% of the smartphones sold? "The great advantage of Android is that it is open source, so in free access; "code (Editor's Note: the programming) for Android is available free on the internet", says Avinash Meetoo. The implications are that anyone can access the code, modify it, developing it any. Android is in constant motion.
What are the business benefits? Android is already free. It is less expensive to adapt Android than to create an operating system from scratch. For example, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung take advantage of the open nature of Android to modify the original interface and thus add value to the phone.
The open attribute source is therefore a pillar of the democratization of technology. This is Android that can today be obtained a smartphone to Rs 7 000.
Android: a platform, a universe
"Android, it is more than a system of exploitation…." "We are talking here about platform, the platform", we said Avinash Meetoo. The platform includes the operating system (in the case of Android, a Linux kernel) and application (commonly called apps) programs that may be of word processing, spreadsheets, software downloadable games on com… The operating system is as the agent which regulates the traffic intersection enforcement programs are as different cars, cyclists, piétons… using the intersection.
In practice, Android includes a virtual office extended on several parties. Each is customizable and it is possible to put shortcuts (to applications, files, folders, contacts, etc.) or widgets (calendar, clock, notes, etc.).
Android also offers the centralization of information where, for example, the bar from the top (of the interface) receives the statutes (used networks, level of battery modes vibrate/ringtone/silencer, alarm, etc.) and notifications. They come from applications, and can notify the arrival of emails, SMS, among others.
Android, the future?
Android is a Google product. "And it sees well the master plan of Google, says Avinash Meetoo, move towards The Application". Indeed, everything is consistent to this. Integrated Google, any project integrating Google +: mail, maps, network aspect And all this in scope of the smartphone, via Android. Android, more than a virtual platform, therefore, a marketing platform, a strategy.
Steve Jobs said he was "disappointed" with the approach of Google to come and walk on beds of Apple. A disappointment around fear? Appointment in a few years. But remember the motto of Bill Gates: "computer, it is always in two years of bankruptcy". Fifteen years ago, Google did not exist and in five years, there is perhaps no Google or Apple - If however Android fills behind the firm Apple for musical applications. By audio latency (time lag between the time where it plays a note and the where it is) which makes the game almost impossible real-time, Android sentence so far to convince those who want to play music on their laptop or their tablet, field in which the iPad and the iPhone remain Kings.

Knowledge 7
Avinash Meetoo will be felt at the right time. "The Android community celebrated its 10 billion download week dernière…. Lot more than serious are développées… "And the creation of apps became an industry," he says. And to add "there is a request to Maurice to get to the page of the mobile app".
Knowledge 7, which has existed for three years, would be the first company in the island to offer courses for the development of mobile applications. Two modules are proposed: HTML5 or Android. Knowledge 7 is located on the fifth floor of the Newry Complex, four-Terminal.
Also Avinash Meetoo launched the site two weeks ago. The site is home to a forum, practical advice, among others - a mine of information about the Android to Maurice community.

Monster Beats in Mauritius
Exclusive to Mauritius, The Lab (at the Caudan), by the eds company, offers listeners the New Artist by Beats series: Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Justin Bieber, Harajuku, iSport, and Miles Davis and that several other models of mark Monster Beats by Dr Dre.

The Galaxy Nexus smartphone
This is how present Android 4.0 to the world. An association with Samsung, and Galaxy Nexus out (finally!) on 15 December, in the United States.
It is the first smartphone to run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Its specifications: a screen 4.65 inches HD Super AMOLED, a dual-core processor 1.2 GHz, 1 Gb of RAM, a 5 MP camera, HDMI output, among others. According to several internet sources, reviews, expert journalists, it would be perhaps the "best ever Smartphone."

Security and control: The advice of the CNIL
Following a Médiamétrie study on the behaviour of users of smartphone on French territory, the National Centre of Information and liberties (CNIL) provides the following tips.
1 Save confidential information in your smartphone.
2. Do not disable the PIN code and change proposed by default. Choose a complicated code.
3. Put in place a phone Autolock period. In addition to the PIN code, it allows to make the phone time inactive. This prevents the consultation of the information contained in the telephone in case of loss or theft.
4 Select if possible encryption of backups of the phone. To do this, use the settings of the platform with which you connect the phone. This manipulation will ensure that nobody will be able to use your data without the password you set.
5. Install anti-virus when this is possible.
6 Note the "IMEI" of the phone number to block in case of loss or theft.
7. Do not unknown sources application download. Choose the official platforms.
8 Verify data contained in your smartphone application that you install will have access.
9 Read conditions of use of a service before installing it. The opinion of other users may also be useful!
10 Adjust the settings in the phone or in applications of geolocation to always control when and by which you want to be géolocalisé. Disable Wi - Fi or GPS when you do not use more than one application of geolocation.

Android and other Google services violate patents of British Telecom

Deposition of complaints against Android for patent violations have become more than common. If the clash between Apple and Samsung takes the majority of media coverage, Google had also accused Microsoft and Oracle gang with Cupertino to poison the life of its operating system. And while trials spring up everywhere, British Telecom filed complaint in turn.

The English telephone operator considers him also that Android and services such as Google Music violate patents belonging to him. The case is noted by Florian Mueller who explains his Foss Patents blog the ins and outs. Six patents are relevant for various capabilities of network communications and British Telecom account on them for its share of the booty...

Google Maps WebGL MapsGL

Google Maps, one of the offending services
The complaint has been made to the United States, in a district court of Delaware. British Telecom is looking above all for the damages. Mueller supports on a particular point: paid should be tripled because Google would "voluntarily and deliberately" violated the patent of British Telecom. Moreover, the payment of such a sum would not prevent Google to pay any royalties to BT so long as the offending patents continue to be used.

Florian Mueller noted that the complaint of BT comes in full completion of the acquisition of the mobile division of Motorola (MMI) by Google. That it means two possibilities: either Motorola has no patent allowing Google to defend or counterattack, or BT and MMI have a cross licensing agreement. But in either case, the operator wants to assert his rights.

Here are the six patents in question: 6 151 309: filed in April 1994, granted in November 2000, he described in very general terms as a service management system can provide information to a user despite the presence of several networks different (heterogeneous infrastructure). Android and Google Music are concerned. 6 169 515: filed in September 1994, granted in January 2001, he describes how a navigation system uses a fixed base equipped with a GPS chip to then transmit information to a mobile unit. Here of course, is Google Maps that is referred. 6 650 284: filed in September 1994, granted in 2003, it extends the previous patent by adapting the information to the vehicle used by the user. Google Maps is still covered, service changing its results according to the mode of travel selected (pedestrian or car).6 397 040: filed in April 1997, in May 2002, this patent is particularly broad since it covers the creation and dissemination of short lists of dependent information of the location of the user. Almost all Google services are concerned. 6 578 079: filed in October 1997, granted in June 2003, this patent brings the identification of the user with lists of rights and the ability to access or name to items, which is the description of the DRM. The Android Market is particularly affected since it is the identity of the user which provides access to content purchased. 6 826 598: filed in May 1998, granted in November 2004, this patent is one of the broadest. It covers the registration of information and their recovery from a network distributed storage units. Here, these are Maps and Maps Navigation services concerned.Patents are therefore mostly in the British Telecom anyway for a long time and which are sufficiently vague to cover many recent services.

The question of the usefulness of these complaints against Android had already been addressed in our columns. We had then raised the possibility that Microsoft, Apple, Oracle or even eBay sought either to use a part of this appetizing cake (500 000 activations of Android devices a day), that manages to Microsoft including, either to give a true Android price, or both.

However, Florian Mueller expressed precisely this fear: "with such a number of major patent holders claiming their rights, the obligation to pay royalties may force Google to change its license of Android model and pass the cost of royalties to equipment manufacturers. Clear: Android for the first real tariff including the manufacturers of smartphones and tablets should fulfil.

Intel Medfield: some news in x 86 mobile chips

Intel processor x 86 ultra fast and efficient energy, what invade the world of mobility by the large door?


ARM, the processor architecture that is imposed by mass in our mobile devices, such as our smartphones or our digital shelves. Low, offering more performance, these small SoC are now everywhere, what begin to shake giants like Intel smelter which would well a place in this market (its Atom x 86 there is being did not place).

And although, according to the scientific journal of MIT Technology Review, processors x 86 dressed for the mobile age would be on the show, and perhaps even at the CES in Las Vegas next January. According to the magazine, tests seem conclusive with the Android operating system equipped with mobile devices and offer good performance over the top three chips mobile of the current market. These Intel chips, named Medfield, also have a consumption well below what is currently on ARM, without to give precise figures, still under NDA.

We therefore look forward to learn more and to know the performance of such chips integrated into mobile terminals. Processors that may also have their interest with the release of Windows 8, even if the new OS from Microsoft will be proposed in the ARM version for the first time.

Allostreaming: the war of the filtering is postponed

A procedure that is likely to be long, very long... Allostreaming has time to prepare his defence, as the search engines and operators assigned in chambers.


To one side, the accused, Allostreaming, and three other Web sites belonging to it that offer TV series and movies for free. On the other, the successors of these content which, for strike hard, interim measures have assigned the major search engines (Yahoo, Bing and Google) and the French Internet access providers.

Why? For these sites blocking, if the decision of the judge is given in this sense, is applied and operators monitor them over time so that there is no recurrence.

But a problem of size presents to the charge. Indeed, no French law gives the possibility to judges to request a blocking of web site. Although the code of the specific intellectual property that "all measures to prevent or to stop such infringement of copyright or a neighbouring right, against any person that can contribute to remedy", in other words, the password-pipe must cut valves if a site is used to hack into... remaining example. It would however be a France first, because no judgment or no procedure of this type was conducted to the end.

The first interview between the judge and counsel for all parties implicated on December 15, which had the purpose the different filing, was comic, including the Illiad/Free lawyer indicating that records on CD must be removed from the list of acceptable documents, preferring the paper format. 120 Pages of the assignment, plus hundreds of minutes, the findings of sworn officers and piles of other technical documents represent yet a such mass of information documents are now regularly transmitted by hard disk. To advance, January 6, a first hearing will be organised to address the different incidents of procedure or technical challenges, before returning for a second hearing March 8 which will be this devoted time to the bottom of the folder.

Radeon HD 7970: performance expected by AMD

In what proportions the Radeon HD 7970 should be more powerful than a GeForce GTX 580? AMD has an idea...

While the Radeon HD 7970 heating currently in the labs of the planet, a small malignant have disclosed some slides taken from the "reviewer's guide" provided by AMD to testers of matos with its new map. Discovering the performance gains offered by the card expects AMD. It graphs from these suggestions 3DCenter offers. Are you left with the images (which is particularly unreadable), until able to tell you more...

Radeon HD 7970 Leak Perfs (1) Radeon HD 7970 Leak Perfs (2)

ADSL will continue to report to the historical operators...

Proposals from Brussels to encourage more rapid deployment of fibre do not fly in historic operators. Yet, their rents on the local loop should be used to modernize the network...


Last October, the European Commission was a seductive track for who would like to see ISPs accelerate the deployment of fiber optics: reduce their revenues on ADSL. By reducing the cost of access to local loops of incumbent operators who exploit the copper pair, Brussels intended thus force a way leading provider of market access to everything in to more quickly implement a fibre optic network more cost-effective. With an annuity diminished on ADSL, Orange - which affects €9 per line (and €8.50 from January 2012) the part other operators - would be for example encouraged to invest more visibly in the deployment of fibre.

But ultimately, this idea is - there is in would be doubted - from making unanimity among operators. Result, it is currently not possible to reduce the cost of access to the local loop. And while public consultations requested by the Commission have not yet started, European historical operators announce the color. "This project is an error (...)" "It is not this kind of measure which will want to do more operators that currently" explains ETNO to the computing world, association behind which the main European historical operators are grouped together. For them, it would finish to reduce the price of subscriptions to detail for individuals, and without these revenues, operators no longer have the means to invest in fiber as hard. Less pension, less money, less investment, such is the credo of ETNO.

Nowhere is mention of the profitability of the copper networks, deployment costs are amortized for many years, which does not prevent access to the local today loop still very expensive. Especially in France, for example, 50% of the annuities of France Telecom on the local loop are expected to be reinvested in the network, to modernise. While representing €4.25 per line. Not enough to fill the entire France of a fibre network, but what accelerate the installation of the infrastructure. According to Senator Hervé Maurey, whose proposals are repeated by ZDNet sister site, it would be about EUR 400 million per year on this provision.

A new era for Bouygues Telecom with the ranks soon presented

Bouygues Telecom will present his new Internet box in January. A new step for the Internet access provider...

It is next January 24 that Bouygues Telecom will throw the veil on its new BBox. Necessarily, it is an important step in the ISP where the box is now one of the best ways (with proposed subscriptions) stand out. See if Bouygues Telecom secret custody should therefore be a new innovation (he was the first operator to launch the quadriplay in France with Ideo), or if it will build on material and a more advanced interface still than offer SFR and Free with their offers Evolution and Revolution.

BBox Bouygues Télécom

The BBox will soon change of look for an offer of "new generation" with the integrated

What we know to date, it is that this new BBox should be named ranks, will be manufactured by Samsung and will be especially "all-in-one", that is to say the same enclosure will integrate the modem/router and the TV decoder. It should embark on a processor Intel Atom this 4200, a hair more powerful than this 4100 of the Freebox Revolution to manage rich applications, games, 3D and HD video decoding. A box which should embark on a 350 GB, 1 GB RAM hard drive and a high-performance WiFi device to dispense with the CPL to deploy video streams even over long distances. In contrast, not Blu - ray player in the program.

It is through this computing power, associated with the proposed user experience and its packages, Bouygues Telecom account marking a difference with its competitors. To date, Bouygues Telecom has 1.1 million ADSL subscribers, is much less than SFR (4.8 million), Free (5 million) or Orange (9.5 million), but it is part of those who recruit the most new subscribers since long months.

Hadopi: the municipal police downloads also!

The position of Mèze municipal police officers are not impeccable side Peer-to-Peer...

After the Elysee and the use of its IP addresses to download illegal files on P2P networks, it is the turn of the municipal police receive a mail of the Hadopi. Indeed, according to the daily Midi Libre, the Office of the municipal police of Mèze, in the Hérault, received a warning of the high authority. A computer in the Office was used to download pirate a movie and a song. At the last municipal Council, the Mayor of the town acknowledged having received this mail without say more but meaning that an internal investigation had been opened to determine whether one agents was responsible for illegal downloading.

Piratage Police Municipale Meze Midi Libre

As is the usual graduated response procedure, one of the IP of this police station was being flashed by the radars of Trident Media Guard, the Hadopi sent first warning mail. The two files in question are Cars 2 of Disney animation film and the song of the Black Eyed Peas, Can Just Can't Get Enough. While waiting to learn more about this case, remember that 159 pirates repeat records are currently in training before being transmitted to a judge, all recognized guilty based on an IP address that the Elysee Palace just recognize as being not entirely reliable.

In addition, via the YouHaveDownloaded site, the computers of the RIAA (Organization of the successors of the music in the United States, which severely militates against piracy) were also recognized guilty of having pirated music files, as TorrentFreak noted. And Yes, even those who are supposed to show the example and that militate against piracy illegally download films and music... Between paradox and hypocrisy!

The Ivy Bridge compiled potential prices

How many will be sold the Ivy Bridge? Officially, no one knows. But unofficially, here are the prices that should be expected...

The year 2012 will be marked by the arrival of Core third generation i, the famous Ivy Bridge engraved 22 nm at Intel. If many leaks already released most of the interesting information concerning these processors need to be tested in real conditions of use, missing us however - side rumors - the data concerning the potential price.

CPU World is responsible for compiling the price already listed by some resellers and other wholesalers that, if they are without doubt not definitive, nevertheless allow an idea of the approximate fee schedule of the Ivy Bridge. For example can be expected that the Core i7-3770K displaces the Core i7-2600K on a roughly similar price...

Ivy Bridge Prix

These 2012: der of ders to Microsoft

Microsoft announced that it will more present at the Consumer Electronic Show from 2013...


After twenty years of attendance and presence in the these, the American Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft announced no longer want to participate in the event as an exhibitor from the 2013 Edition. The event will take place from 10 to 13 January 2012 in Las Vegas will be the last to see Steve Ballmer, Microsoft pattern, opening the show with his traditional inaugural keynote once delivered by Bill Gates.

Frank x. Shaw, Vice President of communication "corporate" of the firm of Redmond, explained via his blog: "the industry is evolving and changing rapidly." "And how we communicate with our customers must therefore follow the movement and also reactive." The announcement of new products should, according to him, not be dictated by a date and a specific event but to be at the appropriate time when appropriate.

Microsoft will thus communicate with consumers through social networks Facebook and Twitter, the web site or via the Microsoft Store. A strategy which reminds strongly of Apple which was out of his presence in the Macworld event in 2008 to ensure its communication as seems it. All good things have a purpose...

A screen "24 16: 10 in NEC

The new NEC screen in "24's interesting. Damage, its tariff may be full-bodied...

NEC launches - the Japan for the moment - its MultiSync LCD-EA243WM, a 24 "backlit led screen. A definition of 1920 x 1200 (ha, 16: 10 ratio!), it enjoys a 5 ms response time, of a brightness that can reach 250 cd/m² and a dynamic contrast of 25000: 1, all for the angles of 170 ° horizontal, 160 ° vertical vision.

Side connectors, there are VGA, DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI, entries and a four port USB 2.0 hub and a headphone. It may also rely on of small integrated speakers limited to 1W. This screen will be white or black January 18 next on the archipelago. If its official rate has not been unveiled, the rumour evokes a sum of 580 dollars that hopefully exaggerated...

NEC MultiSync LCD-EA243WM

Sandy Bridge: price declines expected

The Core i3 and i5 of second generation should see their prices down a few weeks, according to Asian sources...

Intel Sandy Bridge.PNG

Intel has recently informed its partners of its intention to reduce the price of its Core i of second generation Sandy Bridge processors. Some references to the Core i5 and i3 ranges could even lose between 10 and 15%, according to some actors in the mobile market, we learn the DigiTimes. Necessarily, it promises the arrival of the Ivy Bridge, Core third generation i engraved 22 nm which are expected for April 2012 and whose features were unveiled by a leak of a large scale. The idea being to stimulate the demand for Sandy Bridge until these new chips arrive on the market.

Manufacturers such as Acer, Asus and Lenovo already offer laptops with Core i3 from €400 and Core i5 from approximately €500. Remains to be seen if they will benefit from these price declines to increase their margins or prices of finished products. Also, this should help ultrabooks manufacturers to lower prices of their first models in Core i5 from January 2012, the sources of the DigiTimes evoking a rebate that could rise to $ 100 to sell stocks, clarify inventories and prepare for the arrival of the second generation ultrabooks.

In conclusion, remember that the Ivy Bridge - as the Core i5-3450 and Core i7-3370 - are expected at prices wedged between 322 and 184 $, that is only 10-15 dollars more than the Sandy Bridge on some references to "equivalent" models. More the Sandy Bridge will be passed quickly, faster market will keep the head to the Ivy Bridge, and it is therefore in the interest of Intel to assist this transition to be as short as possible.

ASUS sued by Hasbro for its differential Transformer

The touch Tablet transforming premium of Asus against the robot Transformers Optimus Prime of Hasbro, who will emerge victorious?


Toy manufacturer Hasbro sees a bad look the use of the name "Transforming premium" of the last touch of Asus Android tablet. Indeed, the firm filed a complaint against Asus for brand noise because it thinks that there may be consumer confusion by associating the toys in the Transformers franchise with the touch tablet of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Yet, they do not play in the same category of products, because between a Tablet - object technological and electronic - and a toy plastic there is still a huge gap, or even a grand canyon. Even if it must be admitted that at the level of names, with an Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots Transformers for Hasbro and the Transformer differential of Asus, the approximation is easy (which is also never made reference referring to touch slate of Asus?). And are you savings bonus of Google Nexus...

Hasbro is ready to defend its Transformers franchise to court if necessary and thus request damages and interest, or even outright the judgment of the commercialization of the tablet to the United States. Or when two companies agree on an agreement to negotiate a licence and may be one day see a Tablet transforming premium siglée of the seal of the Autobots... either a character in the upcoming feature film turn into touch tablet to find themselves on the thighs of Megan Fox!

The smallest MP3 player in the world?

Up to 32 GB of music in a small "Kube"...

Kube2 (1)

This Kube2 is presented as being the smallest of the world MP3 player! Nothing than this. Let us to doubt, because it still has the impression that the iPod Shuffle 3 G is less bulky. But well, let's. It has the advantage to accept a micro-SD card allowing to offer up to 32 GB of storage, and to be customizable via various stickers to stick on its aluminum coating. This MP3 player offers 6 hours of autonomy on a battery that recharges completely in 1 hour on USB port.

The Kube2 is launched at a price of $ 35, but is only available to Singapore for the moment. Rest following a presentation scheduled in the next, it should be marketed around the world. However, it remains quite secptiques the interest of a "square" format, not necessarily very pleasant to fit in a pocket. Also remains to be seen if it pilot only via a wired remote control buttons or if it has buttons hidden somewhere on one of its faces. Because the absence of controls on the iPod Shuffle previously cited signed his judgment of death as early as its launch, allowing change of listeners without to go through expensive adapters that uncomfortable or unsightly.

Kube2 (2) Kube2 (3)

Duke Nukem 3D free on Android

The grand blond to dark glasses in marcel red is available to all owners of smartphones under Android


MachineWorks NorthWest studio plays Father Christmas time before offering the episode 1 of the Duke Nukem 3D game in the Android version. Valid since yesterday and for 2 days (thus until tomorrow Friday, 23 December), this offer is the opportunity to (re) discover this game and the world of Duke Nukem (and to forget the disappointment of the opus Forever...). Hurry up and go retrieve this legend of the FPS on the Android Market. Damn, it's goood…