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Free Mobile does not fear the small MVNO

Will free Mobile also harm small virtual operators? Unlikely they...

Free Mobile Logo

With contractual conditions and falling wholesale prices, the MVNO (virtual operators) to highlight currently on the market, recruiting new subscribers by leveraging offers low-cost without commitment. A situation which did not fail to bring a welcome competition in the telecom market, requiring major mobile operators to draw specific offers (Sosh at Orange, B & You in Bouygues and Red in SFR)... all to prepare, in addition, the arrival of Free Mobile on the market. A situation favourable to the MVNO that, on the third quarter, attracted new clients 882.000 for a total of 6.8 million customers, evidence that they are more to ignore with more than 10% of the market.

But the arrival of Free Mobile market will net break their progression? Because if the largest MVNO (such as Virgin Mobile, Universal Mobile or mail Mobile) have the means to communicate, the smaller for most only need to rely on the word of mouth. To find out what all these little think actors, and know their reaction to the arrival of Free Mobile, our colleagues from Business Mobile went to interview some of them.

In Zero-package which has 80,000 customers, are reminded that they are MVNO that brought competition to the market and expected Free Mobile "positively". "We think their buzz surf to adapt our offers, we are rather serene" explains Patrick Gentemann, Director. In Budget Telecom which has 25,000 clients, it is about the same speech, the Director of marketing José Caballero declaring: "we have cleared the field, we have shown to consumers that it is possible to strongly lower rates (...)" The historical were very opportunistic and cut the grass under the foot to Free with their offers low cost (...) "The risk is can be found that the MVNO become operators transition for consumers, they are ready to subscribe a few months in a MVNO just to make a good case".

The latter explains finally that, given the fares currently, the offer of Free Mobile could be the final disappointing consumers who expect a real break with the fares. But between the time Free announced his arrival on the motive and intention of divide by two the invoice of the French and today, things have evolved favourably for consumers. Is it still the margin that Free Mobile creates a new shock? The troublemaker seems to think that Yes. Strongly the Announces offers to finally know the tariff Free Mobile positioning.

Intel evokes the 14 nm, and even the 10 nm...

That will concoct us Intel in the next few years? The 14 nm first, then the 10 nm...

An interview between Nordic Hardware and Pat Bliemer, managing director of Intel Northern Europe, gives us some interesting information about the future of technology at the Santa Clara fondeur, especially with respect to the after 22 nm, fineness of engraving used on the Ivy Bridge which will emerge next year. So one learns that Tri-Gate used to this new generation technology is still in its infancy and that Intel is floor on a new design to improve even more performance and, especially, the heat dissipation.


The new left and the former Tri-Gate of Intel right...

It grows in Intel Labs, currently 14 nm engraving - or even to 10 nm - to improve the current 3D engraving, even if of course these methods are developed for mass production. Pat Bliemer but think that it will be possible to industrialize the engraving 14 nm for 2014 and the 10 nm for 2018. It does not stop the progress...

Cubic hybrid memory for soon?

A RAM sandwich with a somewhat special cubic sauce. It promises to move quickly, but it is not for immediately.


Recent experiments seem to be completed in IBM HMC, or cubic hybrid RAM. Well, this is in fact not really cubic, but the principle is simple. A layer contains circuits for memory, then stacked on several layers. But the interconnection between these layers, for data storage and access to them, can quickly become limiting, because generally located on the outskirts of these. Intel, in association with Micron, developed tubes between the layers, so lifts to electrons, but this time here in the middle and scattered, shortening exchanges, the speed of access, the performance of transfer and also the power consumption.


On this table, Intel shows that this new memory could achieve a bandwidth of 128 GB/s with a VDD (voltage of memory) on a chip of 512 MB, less than the DDR3. Consumption is also lower if we take the column of the report consumption and bandwidth, but overall, these cells of memory more than DDR3 chips heat. Micron Announces also that these strips of RAM hybrid in 32 nm will be produced in a plant of the State of New York, but it is unlikely to see landing this type of memory in our machines immediately knowing that the world of industry must be hand on before manufacturing process.

A Tablet Android 4.0 under $ 100, with SoC MIPS

In China, the 4.0 to $ 99 Android Tablet began to be marketed. Soon available with us?

We had not really attention to announcements of a Chinese touch tablet on Android 4.0 sold below $ 100, simply because we thought not, blinded by the first articles on the Asus transforming premium and its Tegra 3. Yet, "world" this Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet cheap availability has been confirmed. It's a Tablet developed by MIPS Technology and mobile Ingenic Semiconductor, a supplier of CPU for multimedia applications. This tablet do so a CPU Ingenic (and non-hygienic... you seen coming!) JZ4770 equipped with a dual-core 1 GHz MIPS XBurst chip.

Ingenic Ainovo

In Google, it is rather content to see such a Tablet disembark. Andy Rubin, Vice President of mobile products, said: "I am delighted to see the entry of shelves Android 4.0 operator MIPS products." Shelves not expensive and efficient are necessarily interesting for the consumer and this shows that it is the spirit of opening Android. "We are for innovation and competition to the benefit of the consumer, and this all over the world".

Launched in China, this tablet (known as the Novo7) is also available via the Ainol Electronics site and begin to be delivered to the United States and elsewhere in the world in the coming months under several brands, including leading International (nothing to see... new callback to order with Leader Price!) and OMG Electronics (Oh my...!). Its technical features indicate a screen of 7 "multi-touch (and soon the models 8 and 9 inches), with WiFi n, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.3, microSD and a duo of sensors. 3D applications will receive a GPU living GC860, decoding 1080p video, while the architecture around two chips of multimedia processing allows the tablet to consume little energy in the common tasks. Talking about 400 mA in surfing Internet.

The SoC Ingenic JZ4770 is one of the first System on Chip developed by MIPS, specifically targeting mobile terminals in need of a powerful chip dual-core 1 GHz and more. The CPU XBurst this SoC integrates adopts an "ultra-low-power architecture that consumes less than 90 mW to 1 GHz (with cache L1) while the SoC whole consumes about 250 mW with the CPU and the video engine operating at full load. And all this for less than $ 100! And if it was she, the true "iPad Killer" under Android?

The 4 G to boost LG on the smartphone?

The South Korean manufacturer LG will invest 500 million dollars in R & D to be relaunch in the race for next generation smartphones compatible 4 G.

LG - like many other brands - did not negotiate the turn of the smartphones and is currently stalled in the highly competitive market of telephony. The Korean manufacturer in the mobile market share is indeed passed nearly 10% a year and a half less than 5% today. LG thus saw its turnover in the mobile back 10% and displays cumulative losses of $ 800 million.

LG Prada

Prada, one of the big recent success stories - with the Viewty - LG on the mobile

To avoid a mishap that is identical to the one suffered by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, or RIM, LG must therefore respond quickly. Consumer Electronics Group has therefore decided to proceed with an increase of capital to the tune of a billion dollars, of which half will be dedicated to R & D (research and development) and to develop and produce the future of the mark 4 G smartphones. The mobile network very high throughput which is now developing in the US market, and whose first commercial offerings should arrive next year in Europe, is therefore the salvation of manufacturer's plate.

LG plans to launch not less than nine smartphones next February, seven of these models will include the entry and the medium range and two high-end. Hope that the mark is right and attracts the curiosity of consumers because competition is rude and the slightest misstep could be fatal.

Sony Ericsson less, it gives what?

After a decade of joint venture, Sony bought the shares in Ericsson. The operation should be completed mid-2012. What strategy Sony choose later?


Swedish telecoms giant and the Japanese electronics giant merged in 2001 to out first "Walkman-phones" of the market. Then the Cybershot, quickly called the "photo-phones" which boosted the number of pixels of the sensor always above to combine these two devices in one. But the mark really found its audience, with only 2% of market share.

After to be rid of Symbian OS, Sony Ericsson is then launched the Android adventure with the Xperia range, which we know the setbacks and problems follow-up, causing dissatisfaction with its customers. To continue in this direction, we have learned recently that the eco-system of Xperia products will focus on the experience of play (with the Xperia Play), a little like Apple that focused on music and video.

Even if the planning of developments are full of new products or features, in the end, Sony Corp. will buy back the shares in Ericsson and will therefore be the only master on board in exchange for one billion euros, as announced it a few months ago. Term, the motives of the mark will be only hit of the Sony logo, to ensure the business strategy "four screens" of the mark.

The Japanese giant of the Entertainment believes that the Xperia range worked well, representing 19% of the mobile sold in India and 12% of Androphones around the world. For them, with the absorption of Ericsson, the direction taken is good. Remains to see if Sony can really compete with mobile gaming eco-systems already in place with its "Playstation phone" under Android? According the Anshul Gupta of Gartner, analyst will play the year next to a strategic perspective for Sony in the smartphone market...

Radeon 7000 HD: new info on prices

New rumours concerning the price of new graphics cards from AMD, the Radeon HD series 7000.


The beginning of the week was pretty hectic with the Radeon HD 7000, between the first rumours on the prices of these new graphics cards equipped with GPU engraved in 28 nm and the integration of some mobile versions in the listings of manufacturers of portable computers. Today, via our favourite Turkish leaker (DonanimHaber), we are back on the prices of these graphics cards in the series "Southern Islands" incorporating the new GPU "Thaiti" on the top-of-range (the Radeon HD 7900), not to mention the fleas "Pitcairn" for HD 7800, as well as "Thames" and "Lombok" for the rest of the range.

According to the information, the Radeon HD 7970 should be equal or exceed the GeForce GTX 580 for a label that would be set at $ 499. The Radeon HD 7950 should be equal or exceed the GeForce GTX 570 for a label to $ 399. These two cards would have 3 GB base memory.

Things are not unattractive on "Pitcairn", the GPU that will replace the good old "Barts". It concerns the Radeon HD 7870 and HD 7850, which compete GeForce GTX 560 Ti and GTX 560 for respective prices pointing to $ 299 and $ 199. The Radeon HD 7670 Announces particularly expensive because talking about $ 179, followed by the HD $ 7650 to 119.

It recalled that all these names are provisional and that until AMD has not officially presented its range, it would hold up the tweezers with which should usually handle these rumours...

Windows 8: insured failed?

According to the firm IDC forecasts, Windows 8 will not reproduce the success of Windows 7.

Microsoft Build 2011 (9)

It is called throw a keypad in the sick... And expect that this done in the hot tub! This pad is the IDC Institute which casts, by predicting a disastrous future Windows 8, the new Microsoft operating system that will be released in 2012. For the Institute, this new version of Windows would bring finally that very little of what's new in Windows 7 users, restricting migration and therefore sales of the system for traditional computers.

Worse, according to IDC, only striking novelty will be the Metro, initially thought the touch as Tablet derived interface Windows Phone 7. And it is rather worrying, IDC stating that - according to its forecasts - Windows 8 under ARM bars should not meet with success the next year, on the contrary. Reservations after Microsoft has confirmed that ARM under Windows 8 terminals will not be able to run applications written for x 86 processors (see this article).

Then, Windows 8, an oven insured? Let Microsoft the benefit of the doubt in the hope that the system knows excite us. Even if for the moment, each announcement is that raise more practical issues...

The future of computing will pass by the graphene and Racetrack?

IBM made a demonstration of his research for the storage of data in high density and ultra fast, all based on the Graphene.

Yesterday, the international meeting of the IEEE, Institute of electrical and electronics engineers, IBM scientists have unveiled several breakthroughs in research that could lead to major advances towards always smaller chips. More than 50 years, processors for computers increase in power and decrease in size. But have we reached the limits of Moore's law? With virtually all electronic equipment today manufactured on the basis of the CMOS, there is an urgent need to develop new materials for industry approach inevitably limits of Silicon compound transistors.


IBM demonstrated a new version of Racetrack, offering a high capacity storage as traditional hard drives, but with the speed and robustness of the flash memory. After seven years of research in physics, it is possible to show that this type of memory is possible. IBM researchers have detailed the operation of the first Racetrack memory integrated with CMOS technology. Racetrack memory stores data on Nanoscale metal wires. Bits - 1 and 0 - are represented by magnetic bands in these nanowires, which are created by the control of magnetic orientation from different parts of the wire.

Writing data is to insert a tape in a new part of a Nanowire by applying a current in one direction or the other. The reading of data is to move the tapes along the nanowires before a device capable of detecting the boundaries between each block. Researchers have demonstrated that it is possible both read and write data on a network of 256 Nanowires.

This development laid the Foundation for the Racetrack memory density. He has yet to improve the reliability and the development of circuits in three dimensions, such as those of the latest processors Intel (Tri-Gate transistors). This breakthrough could lead to the creation of a new type of data centers allowing customers to store huge amounts of information available within a billionth of a second... If the fiber network also develops.

IBM made the way the first chips in Graphene compatible CMOS can advance wireless communications, and allow to manufacture new devices at high frequencies. Devices that could even operate at temperatures until there not allowed, to avoid the melting of the circuit, even under exceptional conditions of radiation for the areas of security and medical. The circuit integrated in Graphene, used as a frequency multiplier, can mount up to 5 GHz and remains stable up to 200 degrees Celsius. These results are promising for Graphene circuits that can be used in high temperature environments.

IBM researchers have also shown yesterday the first transistor engraved below 10 nm. Expected to computers of the future use of such nuances of printmaking for processors, because today, the only Silicon cannot reach such size, which makes this use of the Graphene a breakthrough for next computer technologies. This breakthrough demonstrated also for the first time that carbon nanotubes, used in the manufacture of the binding of transistors in processors circuit, can provide excellent results, much better than some theoretical estimates had suggested.

A robust ThinkPad for students

Lenovo take the Christmas holidays to launch a laptop specially thought for students.

Intel is currently seeking to install no matter what the ultrabooks, these laptops purposes and light, that it grows at all costs. But when is it more robust, thoughts machines for the world of education for example? Lenovo, regular desktop and portable computers for professionals, announces a model for this particular sector, specially designed to withstand the student life. The outer shell is reinforced and the keyboard and the hinges. Not to be too cumbersome in the backpack, this machine incorporates a screen of 11.6 "and does not exceed the 3.30 cm thick... Either the size of a good textbook. However, it is unclear how much weight this laptop.


Lenovo-ThinkPad-X130e_003              Lenovo-ThinkPad-X130e_002              Lenovo-ThinkPad-X130e_001

Called Lenovo X130e, he should spend the day at the school from any electrical outlet with more than eight hours of autonomy, and can embark up to 8 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard disk. Side processors, Lenovo will offer the choice between the AMD Fusion E - 300 or E-450, or the Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3-2367M ULV. Side view, found a mate slab LED in 1366 x 768 pixels, protected with a layer of clear plastic of 1.2 mm. What delight those who seek flat slabs reinforced, rather difficult to find with this mode of the glossy.

Lenovo will offer this laptop in two colors, black and red. For the rest of the equipment, it must count with VGA, HDMI, 3 ports USB 2.0, RJ45 ports, made audio jack, SD card reader and a webcam operating in an environment little informed - as a student room. On this machine, it will be in the surrounding of $ 469 from 20 December to the United States. The X130e will quickly arrive in Europe knowing the constructor and its global distribution network.

The Freebox Revolution starts to Facebook

Facebook, the social network number one in the world, is now available on the Freebox Revolution through a dedicated application.

Free has just announced the imminent availability of the Facebook application dedicated to its Freebox Revolution. The day will therefore have access to more than 800 million "friend (e) s" via their TV and can tchatcher, share videos, photos and communicate through an interface optimized for a screen TV display and the remote control navigation.

The application will be accessible by the menu "Web" after having updated the firmware of the Player of the Freebox Revolution available if all goes well this afternoon. After Twitter, YouTube and Dailymotion, the triple play of Mr. Niel box is enriched day by day and improves with time, those who have Free have really almost all - services - including.

facebook-freebox-revolution02     facebook-freebox-revolution01

Google: soon the home fast and not expensive delivery?

Google could compete with Amazon in the field of online purchases and the quick delivery home products.


But where will stop the Google bulimic in the diversification of its services? According the Wall Street Journal, the Mountain View firm would now launch a service of express delivery for products purchased online via Google Shopping.

Google would come therefore deal directly with Amazon and its "Amazon Premium" service that provides the delivery illuminates within 24 to 48 hours after the order for a subscription of 49 euros per year.

The search giant is would be indeed already close large signs such as Macy's, Gap or Officemax and would start testing the year next in the city of San Francisco, California...

Processors: two Llano released, four Celeron and a Pentium

Small update on the new upcoming processors AMD and Intel. Step revolution in sight, but slight changes favourable to the consumer.

AMD Fusion

AMD and Intel have both announce new processors. Among the Greens, it discovers two new Llano APU, the A8-3870K and A6-3670K. In fact, it is two chips whose characteristics are identical to the A8-3870 (quad-core 3 GHz, 4 MB L2 cache and circuit graphic Radeon HD 6550D) and A6-3670 (quad-core 2.7 GHz, 4 MB L2 cache and circuit graphic Radeon HD 6530D), but which the multiplier is unblocked. They are thus "overclockables". Note that they are still not Turbo mode, and they are respectively launched at the price of $ 121-143.

Celeron E3000In the blue, it prepares the arrival of four new Celeron. A B815 to replace B810, dual-core without Hyper Threading to 1.6 GHz with 2 MB cache with the frequency of the graphic system HD Graphics integrated passes between 950 and 1050 MHz for a maintained to 35W TDP and a price to $ 86 for 1000 units. Also, a B720 will replace B710, for a gain of 100 MHz with a multiplier record of a unit, or 1.7 GHz on a core without Hyper Threading with 1.5 MB of cache and a 35W TDP, at $ 70.

Also, the Celeron 867 and 797 will replace the 857 and the 787. Low-voltage chips limited the Tribunal to 17W. Without Hyper Threading, they are respectively dual and mono-core, and see their rates of 1.2 to 1.3 GHz, and 1.3 to 1.4 GHz. They are sold $ 134 and $ 107. Finally, a B970 Pentium dual-core without Hyper Threading will replace the B960, enhancing the frequency of 100 MHz to 2.3 GHz. He will accompany the new Core i3-2370M and Core i5-2450M discussed recently heard, they also win 100 MHz.

Google makes mathematical graphics...

Mathematicians and students will be able to make pretty charts directly from the Google search bar.

Mathematics and Google fans will be delighted and old TI-82 has to well to keep, because the engine indicates that it is sufficient just to type the function to "grapher" in his field of research to see the result. Just as on the Maps service, it is possible to zoom in, to have the coordinates of x and y strolling on the curves and - to be the most complete possible - the overlay of the curves is authorized as the photo shows.


Two simple forms processed by Google...

For the moment, Google maintains that functions to a variable, but it is likely that the service will extend to two or three variables. Since students in scientific studies and have done current hand, it must not be sorcerer for Google.

The return of Art Lebedev with a keyboard to €750

A keyboard mode in Art Lebedev Christmas tree, available in preorder for the modest sum of €750.

Since the time that we talk about the projects of Art Lebedev OLED Keyboard, it had to be that this model with all the keys which change the configuration and the use of the computer so. Hence the principle that "when you love, it is not", this Russian design studio is therefore for the load with this Optimus Popularis after have presented us the Optimus Keyboard mini mini Six this summer.

Art Lebedev Optimus Tactus

Art Lebedev Optimus Tactus          Art Lebedev Optimus Tactus          Art Lebedev Optimus Tactus

False joy. In fact one presented above, it is the Tactus, still in the concept phase. But it takes and we could not show you.

The true keyboard Optimus Popularis, presented below, and available in pré-commande for €750, is a little more simple.... Each key on the keyboard has a mini-écran LCD (and not OLED) to display different combinations of selected keys, all being fully configurable via the application available for Windows and Mac. If developers, graphic designers and players could use it to display the icons of their favorite shortcuts, Art Lebedev says that this keyboard also allows to display the alphabet of choice and the layout that goes with. In short, a keyboard happening everywhere and is able to meet all expectations. A beautiful gift for wealthy geeks...

art_lebedev_optimus-popularis-dot          art_lebedev_configurator