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HP launches a mouse with Facebook button

HP launches new wireless mouse with touch wheel and a touch Facebook impossible to reprogram ...

HP today introduced a new mouse, called Touch X7000 WiFi. This is the second mouse HP to receive a Wi-Fi interface. Except that it does not adopt an ambidextrous design, unlike the WiFi Mobile Mouse, an ergonomic shape but clearly intended for right-handed. HP has opted for a glossy black plastic on top and a flat coating "soft-touch" under the thumb, to provide better "grip".

HP Touch X7000 WiFi (4) HP Touch X7000 WiFi (3)

Its range is 10 meters, and its autonomy is announced at 9 months, while the WiFi connection has the advantage of direct free a USB port, sometimes valuable for laptop users. Another specific, this mouse offers - in addition to its five programmable buttons - one button dedicated to Facebook! A button is impossible to re-configure (re-!) who will run the social network each time. Note also that the scroll wheel is replaced by a touch strip, as in mice in the range of Microsoft Touch (tested here and there).

HP Touch X7000 WiFi (1) HP Touch X7000 WiFi (2)

X7000 WiFi Touch This should land in stores in the coming days to about 60 dollars, and as many euros?

Xeon drawn from Sandy Bridge-E arrive

Why are the equivalent of Sandy Bridge Servers-E Xeon slow to get out? Here are some ...


There a few days of this, we offered you the test of Intel Sandy Bridge-E. A total of eight cores "hyperthreading", so 16 rows of parallel processing, coupled with 20 MB of L3 cache, supported by four-channel DDR3 and two QPI channel for communication between processors, managing forty lines PCI Express version 3.0 more DMI2 embedded controller to manage the input / output. Impressive. Some will say that the Westmere-EX are more powerful. Yes, but the TDP emerged and consumption is not the same on this new generation of processors.

By cons, we do not always get these super processors for processing units in the drawers of Rue-Montgallet. The founder says they have some problems, especially on the new chipset Patsburg, the virtualization engine and the management of ports SAS, the world wide standard servers. But if the latter tests are successful, the next batch (C2 Stepping) should be available in February 2012, without elaborating.

Another major issue on which Intel has floored, the consumption of the devices associated with the processor, such as cache controllers or I / O or memory controller is now integrated into the processor. All this requires a lot of juice, for this reason also that the version "Desktop" has only six instead of eight cores, for example. It is therefore understandable that the frequencies of some processors are scaled down to meet the specifications for the TDP announced.

But the technical improvements of these new architectures can improve performance against previous generations. To correct this, it is expected that in the middle of the second quarter of 2012, a new revision (D-Stepping) will be released. When the chipset Patsburg finalized, version 3.0 of the PCI-Express has erased the problem of backward compatibility and then the frequencies of the processors may be revised upwards.

This architecture finally coming of age for PC and for the Pro, Ivy Bridge will arrive shortly after, in 2013, although it is rumored that they could get to the end of 2012 ...

The repurchase of Motorola by Google validated, a good deal?

After announcing the acquisition of the Mobility Division of Motorola by Google, it was necessary that the shareholders valid. It's done!


With 99% votes in favor of shareholders representing 74% of the shares of Motorola Mobility, the transaction will move the group into the hands of the giant Google has been validated yesterday.

Despite strong approval of the shareholders, one of them has still filed a complaint with the Justice Department to indicate that Google's offer is below what would be in fact Motorola Mobility.

The amount reported for this operation may well be $ 12.5 billion, according to the shareholder, the company would be much more thanks to the good health of its accounts, the growth in sales since the split with the parent and good future prospects with major product launches for the manufacturer at the end of the year (see our handling of Xoom and Motorola Razr 2).

Despite the lawsuit, the merger of Motorola Mobility with Google should be ratified in early 2012.

Configs to be howled of pleasure…

iBuyPower Chimera presents its range, with a case of roaring flames.


iBuyPower to its name and offers configurations muscular "ready to play" as ASUS does with its range ROG or Dell with Alienware. But here, no green men on the tower, but a big flaming lion's head to announce a powerhouse inside, ready to roar!

If we take the entry-level configuration of this series Chimera, it incorporates an AMD FX-4100 quad-core overclocked 10% and cooled with a water cooling system, 4GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, a graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6770 1GB, SSD 64 GB of ADATA in a DVD player, a power supply of 600 Watts, a kit keyboard / mouse of the brand in Deluxe version and a 2.1 speaker kit, all set Windows 7 Home Premium for $ 799.

For the version-vitamin, it will be an Intel Core i7-3930K also overclocked 10%, the same liquid cooling system, 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM, an AMD Radeon HD 6950 2 GB, the same SSD 64 GB and a power supply of 800 Watts to cover the energy needs of the lion. It takes $ 1,659 to have it all, something must be added for shipping. It is also stated that delivery is via UPS or Fedex, it is likely that the expedition to France is possible, but we have not been tested ... we prefer to get ourselves running our animals!

ibuypower_chimera4-2      ibuypower_chimera4-3

HIS reveals Radeon HD 6670 low-profiles

Hightech Information System (HIS) launches its Radeon HD 6670 low-profile, adapted to cramped little boxes.

The Hong Kong manufacturer has announced a HIS Radeon HD 6670 low-profile format, designed specifically for users with a box of small size (HTPC and Media Center). This graphics card is advertised as silent compact thanks to its large aluminum heatsink and its dual fans blue. Its GPU clocked at 800 MHz and GB of GDDR5 memory at 1000 MHz will require a PCIe x16 bus to work. At video outputs, there is a DVI port, a VGA and an HDMI 1.4. The suggested retail price is 129 dollars but no availability date has been advanced.

his-radeon6670-lowprofile03     his-radeon6670-lowprofile     his-radeon6670-lowprofile02

Preview: MSI X79A-GD65-D8, another X79 chart under the projectors

Just like Asus and Asrock, MSI enables us to offer a glimpse of one of its motherboards based on the x79 chipset. Here is the X79A-GD65-D8 detail ...

In the month of November, Intel officially unveiled its new platform high-end based on socket LGA 2011. Platform that will replace the current aging LGA 1366 platform and its X58 chipset. Sandy Bridge processors-E would follow after the current Gulftown, and a new chipset will appear on x79. The socket 1366 will also be replaced by the 2011 socket, even wider than its predecessor! The motherboard makers then embark again in a war to reveal their future models. And since we have been fortunate to receive the X79A-GD65-8D of the Taiwanese manufacturer MSI, we will offer a small preview.

The X79A-GD65-8D (8D for eight Dimm?), We have been delivered in a small black box barely larger than the motherboard, which you can not miss the logo MILITARY CLASS III. From a marketing perspective this symbol should highlight the top quality and stability of the components used by the manufacturer. It also includes the following features highlighted on the back of the box: DrMOS II, Hi-c CAP, SFC and Solid CAP choke ... MSI does not forget to mention on the box that the motherboard supports PCIe Gen 3 and that his card has the Click II Bios, bios UEFI improvement that could be found on their range of motherboard socket LGA 1155 (P67, H67, Z68).




Facebook and Twitter supervised by the CIA

The CIA "follows" Twitter and "like" Facebook. A dedicated social networking is becoming increasingly active.


At the start of the Cold War, a unit of the CIA was created specifically to follow the news and analyze the responses of populations due to different decisions in the world. This unit had been abandoned since the end of the war to resume service after the attacks of September 11, 2001. But this time, new information technologies pass primarily through the Internet, especially during the Green Revolution of Iran in 2009 where Twitter played a leading role in the uprising of the people. What has more recently confirmed with the Arab revolutions which social networks have become the tools.

On this basis, the CIA set up a cell that has hundreds of dedicated analysts - the exact figure is classified "top secret" - by reviewing more than 5 million tweets or Facebook messages exchanged in different languages each country, which has detected that the overthrow of power in Egypt was going to happen and that this communication channel would gather the people in a way that the current government could not have foreseen.

Another advantage for the U.S. military, there is no need to send individuals on hand to take the pulse of the various nations. For example, during the riots that raged through Bangkok in April 2010 that killed at least 20 dead and 825 injured, the cell of the CIA was able to follow it all remotely through the prism of the people through Twitter and Facebook. An internal source of this cell indicates that a report summary went back every day for the U.S. presidency to follow the reactions after a speech or announcement of a position in a crisis to change course as needed in a timely very short. In short, the responsiveness of social networks allows military in political life as a new opinion monitoring. A tool which French and American candidates for the presidency should not be deprived in 2012.

RED Scarlet Vs Canon C300: the new numeric cameras arrive

The film industry be offered new toys small digital still smaller and lighter, but no less effective ...

RED digital cameras have made ??a place in Hollywood in recent years. The model is one of Epic's favorite directors, which should necessarily be interested in the arrival of her little sister, the Scarlet. A camera that shoots in 5K (5120 x 2700) at 12 frames per second (120 i / s for Epic) or 4K (4096 x 2160) at 25 frames per second. Backward compatible with the accessories of his sister, the Scarlet also comes with a mount that makes it compatible with Canon EF autofocus optics (controlled via the LCD touch screen). And the good news is that RED will continue to be competitive on price by offering the professional camera at list prices of $ 9750. The RED Scarlet have very small size, and just look 10 years back the monsters with which were on the blockbusters to be convinced ...

RED Scarlet (3)      RED Scarlet (1)

Equally compact or more, Canon has in turn the C300. After integrating its advanced SLR features popular videos (more and more media reports their work with a Canon SLR and a few accessories for ease of use "camera", while the films shot in 5D Mark II multiply) , the Japanese manufacturer seems to want to engage more seriously in the matter. Thus, beyond its prototype EOS Movies, the C300 is the first camera "film and broadcast" Canon's position would like to deal with the RED Scarlet, or Alexa for Arri. Unveiled at the heart of Hollywood studios Paramount, to many film personalities including Martin Scorsese, the C300 is meant to exploit the many objectives of the brand, including new optical video-oriented future.

Canon C300 (4)

Canon C300 (5) Canon C300 (6) Canon C300 (7) Canon C300 (8) Canon C300 (9) 

Fujio Mitarai said at the presentation that the C300 is particularly effective to accurately reproduce colors like skin tones. Equipped with a CMOS sensor "Super 35mm" 4K, the C300 is limited to 1080p. It will be launched simultaneously with two sets of optics. A 14.5 to 60 mm and 30-300 mm, which will cost a whopping $ 45,000 each (no, there is not a zero too!). The C300 will be available in two basic versions, one accompanied by a Canon EF mount and the other with a PL mount, standard of the film industry. Three other optical more accessible are coming in EF (24 mm, 50 mm and 85 mm), with longer races for the development. The first recall notice a picture clarity offered by this unique sensor with that of SLR video of the brand, with a noise management clearly and convincingly climb to 20,000 ISO never seen before.

The only problem is the price of the C300 that Canon plans to launch around $ 20,000 by early next year. It's expensive, price positioning is a little strange even if one understands that we should make a difference on the price-oriented pro SLR with video ... Note also that while on paper the Scarlet is half the cost is not including Policy RED delivers a nearly naked body and offers a myriad of accessories to customize the camera, which is quick to push up the bill.