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TSMC and GloFo: problems on 28 nm

28 Nm engraving process appears to be well production concerns to GlobalFoundries and TSMC

Wafer 64 Gb NAND Flash

Two casters GlobalFoundries and TSMC have some large concerns with engraving 28 nm technology and were struggling to meet the orders of their customers, including not least AMD, Nvidia, and Samsung.

Thus number of technological products incorporating components requiring these process of engraving (LP, HP, HPL and HPM) are delayed and currently only GPU Tahiti equipping the Radeon HD 7970 could be available.

Thus, all manufacturers are housed in the same fashion without exception, they must therefore take their evil in patience and wait that manufacturing of TSMC and GloFo be optimized and perfectly mastered hope to get out their products in trade at the earliest.

Is of course the Kepler of Nvidia GPUS to equip the next generation of GeForce scheduled for early April, but also the Southern Islands of AMD HD 7950 must go out late January - early February if all goes well.

And apparently the CEO of TSMC, Mr Chang is confident because he believes that the share of the income reported by 28 nm will be 10% in 2012 against 2% in 2011.

Androphones and large screens, step and a history of size

You ask why Android smartphones have large screens? Here are a few elements of answers...

It is true that in the world of smartphones, those running on Android have seen their screens diagonal grow exponentially, from 3.2 "to even" 4.65 "5 for Galaxy Note.

And this is not that a marketing will that it is great over it in "casts" and attracts the consumer, but also a question of readability and ease of use of graphical interfaces.

Indeed, there are so many models of androphones to handle each with their size and their definition of screen - diagonals of 2 to 5 "and 320 x 240 pixels to 1280 x 720 pixels - that Google had to publish a"Android Design"guide to mobile applications designers destination.


Mountain View firm explains that important to take into account is the resolution of the screen must be close to the 320 DPI (pixels per inch) so that buttons and other interface elements is not tiny and remain legible and manipulated easily on a maximum of terminals.

Thus for a definition of 1280 x 720 pixels 320 DPI, the better diagonal is the 4.5 "minimum, and to the 960 x 640 as the iPhone 4 for example, the 3.5" current is ideal because combining display quality and maximum readability while allowing to keep a certain compactness on the apparatus.

It is therefore a question of compromise between definition, resolution and screen size and not just a history of who has the more diagonal grande… to screen of course.

Free Mobile: Orange will not align to and criticizes the "unworthy show" de Niel

The pattern of France Telecom is once again mounted the niche against Free Mobile.

Stephane Richard

Interviewed yesterday by the Sunday newspaper, Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom, is back on the launch of Free Mobile and denounced the "unworthy show" which is delivered according to Xavier Niel launch offers. According to him, the price war initiated by Free Mobile could be detrimental to the whole of the telecoms sector. "I blame mainly to Xavier Niel to suggest that the telecoms are an industry without value, anyone can offer." It requires a lot of investment and skills. "Our friends from Free will not delay to realize" he says.

"Can always be cheaper, but it is less often." "We we never bring on the price of Free because we offer the security, reliability, innovation," says, without referring to Sosh, its low-cost subsidiary and the attempt to alignment on the offers of Free Mobile. But what seems particularly displeasing to Stéphane Richard, it is that Xavier Niel, eighth fortune of France, has a speech in which he tâcle "bastards will pay dividends". And he recalled that the risk is that "all operators become low-cost, which means less investment, jobs and services". Remember it's Stéphane Richard, January 2, explaining that Free Mobile had missed its buzz.

Picture TimeClock: calculate a time of presence

Picture TimeClock logo

Picture TimeClock program is a remarkable tool to accurately calculate time of presence of a person in a company for example, easily knowing his hours entry and exit. In this way, you will really effectively monitor the attendance at the workplace and be able to pay the people based on these data. It will be possible to make a card for each of your employees and to assign a custom (very convenient for editing maps) bar code.

Picture TimeClock screen 1Picture TimeClock screen 2

In addition, you can view directly at a specific time, which is still present in the business, if you have a work of last minutes to give.

EBP management commercial classic 2012: management becomes simpler!

EBP Gestion commerciale classic 2012 boite

The EBP management commercial Classic 2012 utility is particularly complete. This management software is the perfect tool to meet your requirements, while adapting to the needs of your business. With this software, you can easily work the fields of management of purchases, sales, inventory, tracking customer regulations, the mail, the transfer of accounting entries, etc.

The great strengths of the EBP management commercial Classic 2012 programme are that on the one hand you'll save time by editing your documents of sales in an instant, and on the other hand you can track all of your customers, in real time. This way, you can optimize your sales and be always paid on time.

EBP Gestion commerciale classic 2012 screen 2EBP Gestion commerciale classic 2012 screen 1

The great interest of this software is that it will be fully compatible with most accounting, such as EBP programs, ITOOL=ENTREZSYSTEM2.PENTREZ.PubMed.PUBMED_RESULTSPANEL.PUBMED_RVDOCSUM (Sisco and PGI), CEGID SAGE line 100, KOALA, CCMX (Winner and AS400), sky, QUADRATUS, ISAGRI, azure, CADOR-DORAC, APISOFT, score West, GESTIMUM, INFORCE.

EBP Compta Liberale Classic 2012 + VIP Services: a utility for accounting for liberal professions

EBP Compta Libérale Classic 2012 + Services 2012 program to manage your capital and to a precise accounting for your tax returns. It will allow you to manage both your receipts, as your output of money, to visualize the debts, credits, to a posting journal, etc.

The site of the author guaranteed many opportunities, including:

Security of the records and maintenance tools

• Backup multimedia
• Re-obligation of entries by account and log accounting treatments
• Chart pre-set
• Download plans accountants trades from the site
• Accounting mode revenues-expenses or debts-liabilities
• Seizure guided with ability to create its own guides of entries, to use those designed by the chartered accountant or a certified Centre of management
• Seizure advanced entries
• Management of subscriptions
• Manual bank reconciliation
• Automatic Bank reconciliation
• Import of bank statements
• Lettering in seizure
• Write multi-criteria search
• Capital management
• Management of currencies
• Management of simulation entries
• Re-obligation of entries by account and by journal
• Interactive ledger
• Balance interactive
• Validation of the ledger entries
• Data archiving
• Monthly fences
• Annual closing

EBP Compta Liberale Classic 2012 + Services VIP

Tax returns

• Edition of the 2035 Declaration approved by the General Direction of Public Finances
• Jobs EDI-TDFC via a declarative portal of your choice
• Edition of the record of management for the AGA: ARAPL, UNASA, FNAGA
• Edition statements of VAT A3 and CA12 approved by the General Direction of Public Finances.
• EDI jobs - VAT and telebanking VAT via a declarative portal of your choice
• Schedule approved 3310A branch financial edition
• Multi-distribution: simultaneous sending of statements to the General Direction of public finance and management organizations accredited

Star recovery: restore damaged or lost files

The Recovery Star utility is a powerful tool of recovery and restoration of data for hard disks and removable disks. The principle of the software is simple, it will scan all of your or your disk and attempt to retrieve maximum information still usable. In this way, you will find a large amount of musics, photos, files, etc. that you thought permanently lost.

Recovery Star

Recovery Star is also able to restore information contained on a CD or a DVD with the superficial part would have been damaged and keep on another storage medium.

EBP capital Classic Open Line 2012: to make the administration of assets

The EBP capital Classic Open Line 2012 program will be perfect to administer all assets of your business, such as linear, digressive, depreciation etc in a single interface. In this way, you will access to a simple glance these past, to add or will delete very easily with your investments.

EBP Immobilisations Classic Open Line 2012

EBP capital Classic Open Line 2012 proposes:

Automatic coding in Alpha-numeric codes capital assets accounting of capital assets depreciation Plan sheets accounts setting calculated on 360 days amortisation Plan calculated on 365 days location, provider concept of family (the family settings inheritance) apportionment of the 1st annual fee according to the date of implementation of good Consultation plan of depreciation method of depreciation method of digressive depreciation not depreciable management accounting and capital tax Simulation of purchase of an asset an asset from the number search, its management wording of disposals of property, of disposal management Actuel (capital several capital fractionation) managing change management components management of impairments management of the resale value in the calculation of depreciation (with or without non-conforming) resumption of capital relocation of capital Recomptabilisation capital monitoring of the interventionsTransfert accounting entries for depreciation to EBP Compta editions in PDF export, Excel, txt Import user-defined import-export of entries in the format of the accounting firm software: EBP, ITOOL=ENTREZSYSTEM2.PENTREZ.PubMed.PUBMED_RESULTSPANEL.PUBMED_RVDOCSUM (Sisco and PGI), CEGID SAGE line 100, KOALA, CCMX (Winner tt AS400), sky, QUADRATUS, ISAGRI, azure, CADOR-DORAC, APISOFT, score West, GESTIMUM, INFORCE and import only HELIAST

Radeon HD 7950: frequencies revealed

New information filter on the Radeon HD 7950.

In a few weeks will be the second AMD graphics card equipped with a GPU at 28 nm and benefiting from the new architecture of DCB in the Radeon HD 7900 series. It is the HD 7950 based on the same graphics processor "Thaiti" HD 7970, but with some disabled components. Apparently "reliable" sources cited by the Turkish site DonanimHaber unveil the frequencies of functioning of this graphics card.

The heart should turn at 800 MHz and memory at 1250 MHz. On HD 7970, the heart is 925 MHz and memory at 1375 MHz. A priori, the 7950 HD will offer therefore a great margin of overclocking that models inspired manufacturers should not be praying to operate. According to DonanimHaber, this HD 7950 will be sold on average 100 to 150 dollars less than the HD 7970.

AMD Southern Islands

EBP bundle tax Classic Open Line Millesime 2011: make his tax returns

The EBP bundle tax Classic Open Line Millesime 2011 software gives the opportunity to print and complete your tax returns to the Directorate General of taxes, to declare your footprint in an instant! It can also Télé-déclarer your bundle in EDI - TDFC directly from your software interface. You will need to choose the bundle model adapted to your professional situation: agricultural, BIC, BNC, statement IS, civil real estate companies, etc.

EBP bundle tax Classic Open Line Millesime 2011 program is able to tell you if errors are present in your declaration through small alerts.

EBP Liasse Fiscale Classic Open Line Millesime 2011

EBP tax bundle Classic Open Line Millesime 2011 offers:

Automatic calculation of the bundle according to mode of taxation set (BIC: IR, BIC: IS or BNC) and in function of the tax system (actual simplified real or Normal) update dynamic data changes in a bundle or the balanceVisualisation of the details of the accounts of a WAD Modification and control of the bundle A formula formulas can be either an another slip of a same bundle, or general information record, or a balance N and N - 1 calculation of consistency for detecting omissions or duplications of accounts in the plan of grouping data management repeatable tool for archiving and restoration of records jobs EDI-TDFC via a declarative portal of your choice (1) monitoring of the teletransmission: acceptance, refusal with explanations (via

EBP pay PRO v16: do employees pay management

EBP Paye PRO v16 boite

The EBP pay PRO v16 program is perfect for quickly editing your employees pay sheets, but will also be able to synthesize the social charges, the rollup of hours, retirement contributions or social security in a few moments. This software is parameterized on the type of business you run, to adapt to your needs.

EBP Paye PRO v16 screen 1EBP Paye PRO v16 screen 2

EBP pay PRO v16 proposes to create a card for each employee, on which you can follow the paid leave and illness judgments.

The EBP pay PRO v16 software is compatible with other accounting software as: EBP, ITOOL=ENTREZSYSTEM2.PENTREZ.PubMed.PUBMED_RESULTSPANEL.PUBMED_RVDOCSUM (Sisco and PGI), CEGID SAGE line 100, KOALA, CCMX (Winner and AS400), sky, QUADRATUS, ISAGRI, azure, CADOR-DORAC, APISOFT, score West, GESTIMUM, INFORCE.

This PRO version offers:

Individual sheet Edition of the single register of staff list of the input/output management of DIF: days acquired, taken, to take, and followed the training taken pay Analytics certificates of wages sickness-maternity-paternity, AT health professional, attestation of employer (the edition of the declarations and certificates requires the installation of Adobe ® Acrobat Reader 9) DUKES paper URSSAF and pole employment approved DUKES URSSAF EDI (1) - Format COPLAT State preparatory DUKES pensions DADS - U fullDADS-U to the provident institutions, mutual and insurance companies in the standard 4DS (from January 2012). Certificate employer dematerialised (early 2012). Payroll data analysis tool: a single or multiple formulas pay management engagement and participation with simulation e

Connectivity Wi - Fi 802 11ac integrated by 2012 at Apple

The standard of wireless Wi-Fi 802 11ac, also known under the name of Gigabit WiFi network could integrate designer products Apple (digital tablets, laptops, hard drives network, wireless network terminals, etc.) this year.

This would be made possible by the integration of compatible chips that has presented its Broadcompartner, at the recent Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas show, to the United States.

Recall that the Wi - Fi 802 11ac is the evolution of the Wi - Fi using the 6 GHz frequency band and for a theoretical maximum of 1 GB/s, the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology.

It also promises a reduction in interference and a decrease in energy consumption, the integration of a named beamforming technology that allows to locate and specifically target devices served instead of water area.

It was not yet formalized in its final version by the body which the develops and supports, but should be by the end of the year.

Wi-Fi Alliance logo Apple_logo

EBP my personal 2012 calendar: organize your days in all simplicity

EBP Mon Agenda Perso 2012

EBP my Agenda display 2012 program is a comprehensive utility, in the field of the Organization of your days. This program will be perfect for edit your planning, making lists of things to do, to create a comprehensive directory of contacts, organize your appointments, manage your phone calls and to distribute meetings or tasks in an agenda really simply.

EBP Mon Agenda Perso 2012 screen 2EBP Mon Agenda Perso 2012 screen 1

With the EBP my Agenda display 2012 software you have in your PC the best assistant for your work, that will remind you at any time do not forget tasks. In addition, it is perfectly sync with a Pocket PC, to keep this tool even away from the Office!

Printer Wi - Fi: up to 80 euros paid in Epson

If you consider change printer shortly and you turn to a model mark Epson, here is something that might interest you.

The constructor indeed announced a rebate offer valid from 1 February to 31 March 2012 on eleven multifunction models equipped with Wi - Fi.

It is 20 euros to 80 euros concerned model, with for example 20 euros for large public references SX440W / SX445W and 80 euros for the professional reference WF7525.

Please find below details of affected models and related offers:

Offre remboursement multifonctions Epson
Affected models (click to enlarge)

Once the purchase is made, it will be enough to go on this Internet page to retrieve the form which will be to return completed and accompanied by the usual exhibits (ticket Fund, barcode from the box and RIB).

Lifebook concept: not duplicates and not son

Prashant Chandra designer has presented its Lifebook concept, whereby it is possible to consult all its content (images, music, videos, etc.) from a single screen, without the need to duplicate the storage space occupied by these data on several devices and without the need for cables.

It is a laptop without the central part, which is the role of the digital shelf it can accommodate. The tablet will be at the same time office user interface, which may indeed serve to score and the seizure, with the virtual keyboard. Thus can be very easily use tablet computer use.

But this is not all, since this notebook also has sites dedicated for removable digital camera and a smartphone. Can thus be accessed data continuously, without duplication and wireless.

Some will finally see the possibility of transporting and reload up to three mobile devices at the same time (or even four, if there are the laptop).

Concept Lifebook 1  Concept Lifebook 2
The Lifebook concept in image (credit Yanko Design; click to enlarge)

Now see if the idea will be industry, at a time where our devices are often duplicates of and where the hybrid based on many devices.

EBP my Association 2012: take accounting association

EBP Mon Association 2012 boite

The EBP my Association 2012 utility is a suite of two complete and high-performance software for the management of your association. They will support the management of your members, members, supporters, etc. but they will be especially useful to administer your recipes, your contributions, your expenses, etc.

With EBP my Association 2012, it will be possible to achieve your activity report, your accounting and your balance easy.

EBP Mon Association 2012 screen 1EBP Mon Association 2012 screen 2

The pack will therefore be:

• Monitoring the finance module of cash to centralize revenue, to enter expenses and transfer entries in EBP Compta.
• Centralization of all information relating to members: personal form, contributions, activities, règlements…
• Automatic printing of reminders of contributions and sending of e-mails to the laggards
• Holding of your association with any accounting.
• Visualization of the key figures of the association in a dashboard: balances bancaires… accounts

Radeon HD 7950 graphics card: unveiled frequencies

Turkish website Donanimhaber, a generally reliable source, just reveal frequencies adopted by the GPU and memory of the Radeon HD 7950graphics card, which it therefore knows about everything now.

Seated in PCI-Express 16 x and based on Tahiti in 28 nanometres architecture, it will carry, in its basic version, a heart cadenced 800 MHz with 1 792 processors of treatment, and 3 GB of video memory connected 384 - bit GGDR5 and working to 1 250 MHz.

Will it offer, always in its classical version, a triple output DVI connectors / HDMI / DisplayPort and cooling with fan.

Remember that its launch is expected by the end of the month, or in the days to come, and that its price should be around 450 euros.

AMD Radeon HD 7950
The AMD reference model (click to enlarge)

EBP Location Immobilière 2012 version 10 Lots: manage tenants

EBP Location Immobilière 2012 version 10 Lots program will be perfect for the management of your tenants by allowing the creation of the reminders of payment or receipts of rent in all simplicity. In addition, alerts will indicate you moments to your send to your tenants, or to make a summary of charges and the allocation for each tenant.

This utility, especially practical for a real estate agency will also perfect for individuals as it also contains a calculation of land revenue tool, very useful for taxes. You can establish work invoices, reports of trustee, leases, contracts, letters on different themes related to real estate, etc.

EBP Location Immobilière 2012 version 10 Lots screen 2EBP Location Immobilière 2012 version 10 Lots screen 1

If you are working in the field of the rental, please more and try the EBP Location Immobilière 2012 version 10 Lots program.

PC gaming: users seem to prefer AMD to Intel

The manufacturer AMD has made, there is little, a test to highlight the user experience of its processors on PC gaming.

To do this, two high and two so-called machines budgets were in hands of players. Completely identical in appearance, each range machines differed in fact at the level of the entire motherboard and processor. Persons participating in the tests were to simply engage in video games and then tell what machine they had preferred or then declare equal, without being aware of this difference.

In the case of high-end machines, the first housed a motherboard ASRock D67 Fatal1ty, an Intel Core i7-required processor and AMD Radeon HD 7970 video card, while the second getting into a card mother ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty, AMD FX-8150 processor and graphics AMD Radeon HD 7970. In the case of the cheaper machines, the first was based on a motherboard ASRock H61, processor Intel Core i3-2105 and a graphics solution Intel HD (that integrated), while the second used a card mother ASRock A55, a processor AMD A8-3850 and a graphic solution AMD Radeon HD (that integrated, there also).

To the surprise of the Sunnyvale giant, which was modestly on equality at the most, 73 votes were for the configuration integrating its processor, while 40 votes went to the machine do the competitor processor, in the case of machines top of range. And it is even more radical, with 173 votes for AMD and only 5 votes for Intel, in the case of the so-called budget machines.

A test which has the value to be well to grant, knowing that it is at the initiative of AMD and for the number limited participants. But there is no doubt that AMD will not miss to use in the future when it will be the promotion of its products.

AMD test
Configurations of high-end used in the test (click to enlarge)

Selection of the best high-tech products of the week

For selection Hardware of this week, retained a compact original Alienware, a router signed Securifi touchscreen computer gamer and gamer mouse issue of collaboration between Thermaltake and BMW.

With the first, it takes advantage of a compact, elegant and fairly well equipped Tower. Damage that the choice of the graphic card is so limited and SSD storage is not in the program. It also regrets the high pricing.

With the second, it appreciates the possibility of setting without a computer, and the look and not very high prices. However, it would have liked enjoy a little more of wired ports.

With the third, the gamer will be served side features. Only condition however to take advantage: be right-handed. It is a pity, but she misunderstands the left-handed players.

Alienware X 51: computer gamer ultra compact

Price: from $ 699

Alienware X51
Click here to read the relative news

The most:

LookLes dimensions compactesLa possibility of installation in the vertical as in the horizontaleLe choice between a processor Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7Le hard disk of 1 TB to 7 200 RPM minuteLa possibility of reading Blu - ray

The less:

The choice limited regarding the graphics card, yet essential element for a DSS proposéLe price gamerPas

Securifi Almond: router touch screen

Securifi Almond - 1
Click here to read the relative news

The most:

The lookLe setting without an ordinateurLa possibility of connection to 50 clientsLa scope of 25 metres for the sans-filLe not very high prices signal

The less:

Only two Gigabit Ethernet ports

Thermaltake Level 10 M: mouse gamer developed with BMW

Click here to read the relative news

The most:

Antiperspirant design (with the small ventilation under the Palm of the hand) the wireline operation for a better réactivitéLa adjustable sensitivity to the voléeL' réglableLe weight adjustable thickness

The less:

The fact that it is reserved for right-handed

Multicalc: a calculator handy

Multicalc logo

Multicalc is tool that you can find much more useful than the rudimentary calculator made available to you in Windows utilities. You can enjoy a calculator much more aesthetic and especially much more comprehensive for your calculations.


Among the functions that you can run, it's noted:

• The conversion of units
• The calculation of time
• The conversion of decimal in binary
• Convert to hexadecimal in decimals.

Wireless router up to 900 Mbit/s in Netgear

If you're an inveterate player requires very good flow for play in multiplayer or whether you're eating video streaming, the need for hardware relatively effective is obvious. The Netgear manufacturer has just announced a new wireless router which appears to be relevant enough to merit that is attention.

Referenced Dual Band N900, this enclosure supports its main advantage in its flow. Indeed, they can reach up to 900 Mbit/s, because of the coverage of its two 2.4 GHz frequency bands and 5 GHz of 450 Mbit/s. Thus, this allows intensive applications in-flow of work optimally, but also to allow of multiple connections and a scope important not be hampered by interference.

Netgear Dual Band N900 - 1 Netgear Dual Band N900 - 2

In terms of connectivity, the Dual Band the has 4 catches Gigabit Ethernet, 1 port WAN N900, and 2 USB ports to connect a printer or hard disk network (it is also possible in WiFi). DLNA technology is also present, to share your files with your TV or game console.

Finally, the router has the solutions of WPA2-PSK and WPA, encryption and a parental control system. The Netgear Dual Band N900 price starts from Euro 149.99.

EBP pay Classic 2012: update your employees pay

The EBP pay Classic 2012 program is perfect for quickly editing your employees pay sheets, but will also be able to synthesize the social charges, the rollup of hours, retirement contributions or social security in a few moments. This software is parameterized on the type of business you run, to adapt to your needs.

EBP pay Classic 2012 proposes to create a card for each employee, on which you can follow the paid leave and illness judgments.

EBP Paye Classic 2012 screen 1EBP Paye Classic 2012 screen 2

The EBP pay Classic 2012 software is compatible with other accounting software as: EBP, ITOOL=ENTREZSYSTEM2.PENTREZ.PubMed.PUBMED_RESULTSPANEL.PUBMED_RVDOCSUM (Sisco and PGI), CEGID SAGE line 100, KOALA, CCMX (Winner and AS400), sky, QUADRATUS, ISAGRI, azure, CADOR-DORAC, APISOFT, score West, GESTIMUM, INFORCE.

The smallest unit of storage in the world has been designed

If you are still impressed by the capabilities offered by hard disks, prepare to be surprised. Indeed, scientists from IBM and CFEL (Center for Free - Electron Laser Science) of Hamburg came to create the smallest unit of storage magnetic in the world.

Its creation required that 12 atoms to store a bit or 96 atoms for a byte, at the time or hard disks use on average half a billion atoms to ensure the registration of a byte.

This major innovation could reduce the size of storage media, while offering even more advantageous capabilities. The developed Nano-memory is only 4 x 16 nanometers, which represents a density 100 times greater than that of a hard disk.

Mini memoire de stockage IBM CFEL

To store information, researchers were able to use the antiferromagnetism, namely a kinetic movement of neighbouring atoms in opposite directions from those of the Ferromagnetism used in our current hard drives. Also, the unit becomes neutral, which allows to have the elements of storage at closer distances: only 1 nanometer.

Rest to see the progress of this project, and his involvement in future storage media.

Sony Walkman B170: Walkman MP3 / WMA to rapid recharge

Digital Walkman Sony Walkman B1710 adopts a USB key format, displays a weight of 28 grams and leaves the choice between several colors.

It offers a small back-lit screen in three rows, a flash memory of 2 or 4 GB for the reception of the data, transfer USB 2.0 with integrated connector pieces, support formats MP3 / WMA, Zappin' navigation that reads each piece in the suite for a few seconds to facilitate the selection, a Bast Boost function for more low and an equalizer to adjust the atmosphere according to heard music. Without forgetting to mention the presence of a FM radio tuner and a voice recorder with built-in microphone.

The on-board battery recharging by USB (here also with integrated connector), with the possibility of obtaining 1 hour 30 minutes of autonomy in 3 minutes of charging and 18 hours of autonomy in a full charge.

Availability is expected by the end of the month. No fee was disclosed.

Sony Walkman B170
The four available colors (click to enlarge)

FoxTorrent: benefit from a BitTorrent client for firefox


Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers do not have a client BitTorrent, contrary to their competitor Opera native. The FoxTorrent extension corrects this problem for Firefox, by adding a real BitTorrent client in the browser.

Once it is installed, a simple click on a torrent file to start the download of the file. Further, it will be possible to view, in the case of a video, or listen to, in the case of an audio file, any file before even that its download is complete.

FoxTorrent screen 1FoxTorrent screen 2

Compatible Windows, Mac, and Linux, the developers announce a low memory usage, less than 8 MB.

ASUS B23E: laptop ultra powerful and reinforced

ASUS_Logo.svgAlong with the operating system Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional, this ultra notebook based on Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor and a memory capacity is up to 8 GB on two slots.

Taking advantage of a hull reinforced magnesium -based and accusing 1.55 kg on the balance, it offers a LCD 12.5 inch 1,366 x 768 pixels with treatment anti-glare, outputs HDMI / VGA, an integrated audio system, S/PDIF output, a Gigabit Ethernet wired network port, and a wireless network connection.

It also has a webcam 2 megapixel, internal microphone, a waterproof keyboard, fingerprint reader, a slot for Kensington lock, connectivity Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0port, a USB 2.0 port and a hybrid USB 2.0 / eSATA 2.

The on-board in addition a hard drive associated with a system anti-chocs with a capacity between 320 and 750 GB and a speed of rotation to 5,400 or 7,200 rpm, and a compatible MMC memory card reader / MSD / SD / xD.

As his power, it passes through a battery 3 cells associated with an Asus Xpress support technology that recharges in 90% in 90 minutes and enjoys a lifetime multiplied by 3 to conventional batteries.

Asus B23E 2 Asus B23E 1
Ultra laptop Asus B23E (click to enlarge)

Remains to learn more about pricing in us. Nothing indeed was stated on this subject for the moment.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery: recover valuable data in your Mac

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery logo

The Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery utility is a tool particularly designed to find and repair files that you have lost or damaged. It will be really useful to retrieve important files, following a power outage, a bug, a viral attacks, human error, etc. It will run on all Macintosh Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard operating systems.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery will be able to find files on the most common hard disk units, SATA, EIDE, IDE, USB, eSATA, etc. and the lost data from HFS, HFS +, HFSX and FAT volumes.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery screen

You will be also able to do so, of the:

• Recovery of files/folders deleted/lost
• Recovery of data lost/deleted volumes
• Recovery of all types of specific files executed by using the file filter option
• Recovery of formatted media / lost support files very corrupt.
• Creation of images of readers