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Test TETRIS 3DS-Nintendo 3DS

The reputation of Tetris is more to do and the arrival of a new title is always the nostalgia. It is not said that the interest for the franchise still persists for years, but his publisher Tetris Online, is not breaking down the franchise in obsolescence. Also, the output of a new platform was an opportunity to perfect to complement the series of a new episode, even more than the new features of the 3DS is totally appropriate for the concept of the title. Also, if Tetris offers its usual challenge, other challenges are in addition to the gaming experience, in a spirit of "old school".

Tetris 3DS (2) Tetris 3DS (1)

Purists will find course mode of Tetris game par excellence, this Marathon mode where you are chaining lines, levels, and where the parts fall more quickly. Cherry on the cake, you will find the same musical theme of the first Tetris. Make fi however this lower screen or flutters it is unclear why a Mii bad no doubt of physical exercise. This Tetris on 3DS display shows somewhat indented. Hudson Soft or Tetris Online obviously did want to bring some joy to their title. Expect therefore menus without taste and without life, wallpaper sad wish and a Mii attempting to put the atmosphere waving arms. Visually speaking, the title enthusiasm not. Fortunately, the contents of this new Tetris the saves of this immense sadness in which it plunges us and too focused that we are on our challenges, the visual aspect will the second plan.

Smart dress with very accurate motion detection


Certainly the actor the most important in the market of the electro-mechanical (MEMS), the manufacturer STMicroelectronics microystèmes comes to demonstrate its new technological innovation with its last holding Cree for return movements with high precision.

Coprocesseur iNEMO et tenue intelligente

To make this possible, the combination integrates many sensors (arms, forearms, thighs, calves and back), piloted by a whole new coprocessor called iNEMO. The information is treated by iNEMO Engine, an engine which holds information provided by an accelerometer, gyroscope and a triaxial magnetometer.

Also, the coprocessor functions of pair with magnetometers, accelerometers and gyroscopes to efficiency. Held, still at the prototype stage, already to recognize any complex movement, so that the first tests arise on a precision of less than 0.5 cm movements.

This high-tech is before all studied for athletes and patients, in order to identify and correct the problems associated with some movements, for the sake of optimization or rehabilitation. The manufacturer also evokes his involvement with augmented reality for even more interactive uses software solutions.

Test Zelda Skyward Sword - Wii

The first steps in the Link are not the most representative of the game. You yourself first to Zelda, live the beginnings and the overtones of a love which far exceeds that of a friendly understanding. The evolution of this history between Link and Zelda will no doubt ask bases and the motivations of this new adventure, but the establishment of title is still somewhat longuette. It will therefore take time to this Zelda Skyward Sword to deploy its wings and offer what he more interesting. Also will it not judging this Zelda on these first hours of play. The first area to cross will begin just to make you entra - collect what the title contains, but the title to unveil completely well after your first race of bird, the famous Célestrier.

Zelda Skyward Sword (10) Zelda Skyward Sword (7)

If you expected many of these phases of flight, perhaps you'll be disappointed. Indeed, given the importance of the race early in part, it was thought that this aspect of the game would be more important, that would have led us to fly more often, in different contexts. Finally, your Célestrier will be that your trusty mount to lead you there where you want. Certainly ubiquitous to the link between the Earth and Célestbourg, your beautiful bird that meets your way out of the ordinary appeals, will do eventually little impact on your overall adventure. Also good for those who will not be comfortable with the takeover of the animal since the latter finally interfere only very rarely.

Zelda Skyward Sword (12) Zelda Skyward Sword (11)

This new Skyward Sword graphics remain admirable, in the sense where they actually transport you to a, another very enchanting world. The charm is still operating and there is really no concern on this point. Only, the Wii is probably more the console has allowed a title of its kind and is not for nothing that the next episode of the franchise will be released on the Wii U. The console sentence to highlight his game, but developers have worked on this point and brought other qualities in the style that this Sword Skyward shines as it should.

It is hot, this mouse!

If you live in a region where it is particularly cold during the winter, with temperatures diving easily under the fateful bar zero degree, here is a mouse by GeekStuff4U online shop that might interest you.

As USB gloves, USB slippers, cushion USB and the heater-Cup USB you probably know already, it uses the power of USB connections, to offer you a small heat source when you're at a computer.

Thanko Warming Mouse 1
Mouse Thanko Warming Mouse (click to enlarge)

A switch with three positions on the cord allows the heating function, to opt for a warm temperature (precision step) or to consider a warm temperature (it would be question of 46 degrees, by the manufacturer), the ambient temperature.

Apart from that, it is a wired mouse enough classical, with two buttons right click / left, a vertical scroll wheel and an optical sensor.

Thanko Warming Mouse 2
Switch on the cord (click to enlarge)

Will it be at least 87.5 dollars, or about 69 euros, shipping to the France included, knowing that this hot mouse is sold by batch of two minimum.

GeForce GTX 680: launch scheduled for February

Logo nVIDIA Pro

With AMD who has already launched a top range model called Radeon HD 7970 early in the month and plans to launch a second top range model named Radeon HD 7950 by the end of the month, nVIDIA decided to advance the release of its GeForce GTX 680graphics card, to not to leave the field open to its competitor.

Originally scheduled to end March / early April as the other new models of the firm to the Chameleon, this video solution based on the Kepler architecture in 28 nanometres will thus point the tip of his nose current February 2012.

Some information in circulation this about her, he would issue a frequency GPU to 780 MHz and a memory 2 GB GDDR5 interfacée 384-bit or 512 - bit.

Not the slightest indication however on the rate of the base version (not overlockée). And most likely will need to wait until the official presentation to learn more.

Selection of the best games 2011 - Nintendo DS - PC - PS3 - PSP - Wii - Xbox 360 - Nintendo 3DS

Uncharted 3 made a cardboard. Franchise success of PS3, Nathan knows the glory since its first step on the console. The modern-day adventurer reiterates with this third component, with the reputation of the franchise, making good scores after his release. Although a strong feeling of déjà vu seems to permeate the game experience, the title provides what is new, action, comfort of taking in hand and pace to satisfy fans of the first hour.

True to the reputation of the series, DiRT 3 manages once again to convince. His effective although still perfectible gameplay, relatively honest life and its realization made him the reference of the time in the rally. The title is to redress the bar of the homogeneity of its predecessor, to provide diversity in terms of events and disciplines. The introduction of the gymkhana brings a breath of fresh air to the title, and the multiplayer in split-screen. It regretted however the presence of a single-use code to take advantage of online multiplayer, as well as some cars of the solo.

Better realized and that punctuated his elder, inFamous 2 provides an atmosphere of quality, worthy of a good comics. The scenario is well worked, but it is especially at the level of gameplay that the whole of the interest is effective. Cole McGrath responds perfectly to the controls and its gain growing electric power offers progressively new freedoms in the city of New Marsh. This last is very varied, thus avoiding potential set redundancy with brio. Offering an improved graphics rendering and a more worked artistic paste, title offers in addition an honourable life and present rate of replayability. In short, inFamous 2 is an excellent title for fans of action.

Convincing as action game, Red Faction: Armageddon offers a more immersive and truly défoulante experience. The physics engine GeoMod ensuring the show alongside the nanoforge and highly destructive weapon, soft of Volition is not in the lace and leaves us not much respite. Unlike the previous opus, should now count on a certain linearity and particularly narrow environments. Close to a Dead Space in the dark atmosphere, this new episode of Red Faction is for lovers of third person shooter, despite its lifetime a little weak.

Perhaps Yakuza 4 should have been what was Yakuza 3. Slightly inflated in terms of content, offering three additional perspectives on a gigantic mafia case it began to follow this five years ago on PS2, can acknowledge the efforts of Sega have rendered this fourth component appreciable and enjoyable even though it flirted for a little too closely with redundancy. Nevertheless, still will require thought to review in depth the Yakuza system to achieve a high degree of confortabilité change of playground for the next episodes. And this is not only destroying Kamurocho (there is no finally) Toshihiro Nagoshi will go in this direction.

While the second opus was already excellent production for the PS3, Killzone 3 ensures a continuity certainly certainly stable but little innovative. Also, the gameplay is effective, taking advantage also of a good use of the PlayStation Move as an alternative to the classic pad. Achieving sound and graphic WINS in details as well as in variety, and a few new features are introduced: close combat, jet-pack, phases in vehicles. The solo part finally short, need rely on the multiplayer which is as interesting as that of the second, with a few extra options. In short, this is an excellent FPS for PS3 owners that the lovers will certainly appreciate.

Although very close to the first episode to Visual and auditory level, LittleBigPlanet 2 operates large changes. They focus mainly on gameplay, this time ci more varied. New tools are made available to design, to design games to distinct ownership. More open than his ancestor, LBP 2 finally proposes to speak our creativity by breaking some previously effective technical barriers. Suffice it to test a few levels of the community to see the broad opportunities available to us. In short, it is the budding designers who will appreciate this title at its fair value. The other will be especially very many levels, ensuring a lifetime of potentially immense.

Although The Sly Trilogy is that a new edition HD of the three branches out between 2002 and 2005 on PS2, it is clear that the series amply deserves this graphical upgrade, especially for those who have not had the opportunity to go until then. The rendering is very convincing and particularly fluid, for we (re) launch in adventure of long breath, accompanied by very endearing characters missions very varied possibilities-rich environments.

Angry Birds: USB keys for fans

Emtec logo

With the success of the different components of the game Angry Birds, that society must be Finnish Rovio, it was almost obvious that derivatives did not delay to see the day.

And actually, quickly was the case, with the appearance of plush, key-, earphones, speakers of make-up and hulls for smartphone / tablet, the effigy of the different protagonists.

The Emtecbrand, specialized in high-tech products, offers today a new you use every day, since it's a USB key.

And the four models proposed, include the red bird of base, the breaker yellow bird of wood, the width white bird of bomb and the King of green pigs.

Clés USB Angry Birds 1
Four models available (click to enlarge)

Availability is scheduled this month, with a capacity of 4 GB for the home and a tariff of 19,90 euros for a USB 2.0 compatibility data.

Clés USB Angry Birds 2
The model decapsulation yellow bird (click to enlarge)

Samsung Star 3 / Star 3 Duets: tactile mobile TouchWizz

Samsung Star 3 is a model touch 3 inch adopts dimensions 10.2 x 5.8 x 1.2 cm for a weight of only 95 grams.

Evolving under environmental owner with GUI TouchWizz Lite 2.0, it offers a view in a resolution 240 x 320 pixels, operate on 2 Gmobile networks, a liaison network wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b-g-n, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, a MicroUSB 2.0 port and output mini-jack.

It also proposes a dorsal sensor 3.15 megapixeldigital camera, multimedia player, radio FM with RDS function tuner, memory internal 20 MB capacity and a microSD memory card slot / microSDHC (up to 32 GB).

The Samsung Star 3 duets, is a version of dual-SIM of the Samsung Star 3, i.e. with the opportunity manages two mobile numbers at the same time. A personal number and professional number, for example.

Samsung Star 3 DuoS blanc Samsung Star 3 noir
The dual-SIM version, and its two black and white finishes (click to enlarge)

Nothing was did on their commercialialisation. Logically, it should start in the first half of 2012, with a fairly attractive price on equipment without contention.

Test Battlefield 3 - PC

The arrival of Battlefield 3 and the next Modern Warfare 3 demonstrates how the time flies. It seems that the time was not far where the respective editors of these titles were still only announce their Mastodon. The months are thus and Battlefield 3 is the first to open the ball. It is now possible to announce that Electonic Arts will have developed the means in its promotional campaign, where cheap shots and breathtaking videos will have fueled our news wire. Battlefield 3 is now and must now live himself, to present to the public, a particularly demanding public, and no longer rely on its intrinsic qualities. Near exit of a Modern Warfare 3 pushed a EA has to do more, the goal of both the competitor, or even better, is palpable. In the gameplay, in situations, will be a CoD effect which interferes with somewhat. As if the Battlefield franchise did not of itself enough arguments to convince. The competition between the two titles is displayed, it launches figures of pre-orders for reassurance. But even once, fine words, promises, have left the place full-scale test. And, what is today, Friday, October 28, unfortunate to say, is that Electronic Arts has missed a launch that had to be smoothly.

Battlefield 3 (60) Battlefield 3 (32)

These problems are present and if they are disruptive, it is hoped that Dice and EA will find a quick solution to improve the comfort of game. In the State, players have a 3 Battlefield with many bugs in the solo campaign, whose access to the multiplayer is not possible for some players, and when you're precisely, the lag is ubiquitous and many disconnections. It is therefore not to the point again, and this is quite regrettable, since the multiplayer of this Battlefield 3 beautiful proposals to you to make...

Sony Micro Vault MACH: enhanced USB 3.0 key

Logo Sony

With a hull in brushed aluminum which gives it a certain lightness (only 14 grams) and guarantees a good resistance to shocks, it is a USB key to sliding connector.

It announces compatibility with standard high-speed USB 3.0 for points to 60 MB/s in the phase of reading with a 8 GB version and data transfers up to 120 MB/s read with three declensions 16, 32 and 64 GB.

And as we doubt, performance will be reduced to use USB 2.0, with a speed of reading happening at "only" 30 MB/s.

Sony Micro Vault MACH

It remains now to learn more about marketing, nothing having indeed filtered regarding the availability and prices in the European market.

Compact router with a touch screen in Securifi

Securifi - logo

In the CES in Las Vegas, the Taiwanese manufacturer Securifi has unveiled its new product: the Securifi Almond. It is a router wireless 802.11 b / g / n rather reduced dimensions which offers new features.

Indeed, the product provides a 2.8-inch touch screen for a native resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The latter allows to navigate through an interface integrated which allows you to configure the network without having to set up through a computer.

Securifi Almond - 1 Securifi Almond - 2

Router WiFi touch screen Securifi Almond (click to enlarge)

Concretely, it will be possible to inform the SSID, set a password and opt for a security (WPA2, WPA or WEP) solution, or even view the IP addresses of computers connected to the network. These manipulations are performed through a virtual keyboard and check boxes.

The Almond router supports 300 Mbps by the operation of the MIMO technology, allowing simultaneous connectivity of 50 clients on the network, up to a range of 25 metres. Finally, the enclosure has a WAN decision-making and 2 Gigabit Ethernet connectors.

Securifi plans to commercialize the Almond router in the spring of 2012 at a rate around 60 euros.

Test Mario Kart 7 - Nintendo 3DS

Mario Kart had somewhat neglected us since the release of the last episode on Wii. Players were no doubt widely toured the question and it is always sympathetic to a small race, the Wii component circuits have more really no secret to anyone. Also was it time for the franchise out a new component, thus helping to revive the series but also to benefit the 3DS of title of exception, a safe value. After Super Mario 3D Land, here come the new Mario Kart 7. Enjoy these large output, it may be that the 3DS know a period of belt-tightening after the holidays.

Mario Kart 7 (1) Mario Kart 7 (2)

This Mario Kart 7 is much shown in recent weeks in the press, to the point that you know already all news. You know therefore Ninteno made some additions but not actual innovations for this component. It still retains the same gameplay, the same concept to win races with different items. Also, you will certainly begin this Mario Kart 7 by his solo mode. You will discover the endless same cuts, Etoile, fungus, flower, leaf, etc, available in 50 cc, 100 cc and 150 cc. Here not motorcycles, your vehicle will have all four wheels to move forward.

Mario Kart 7 (3) Mario Kart 7 (9)

-Side gameplay, therefore, no change. You can conduct drum beating your race and make sure to stay first to win the best statistics. Many items that you enjoy you leave behind you, or to launch before you you pass on your route. The solo part is all in all usual and perhaps sometimes somewhat boring. You may repeatedly to race in the lead, that pick up bananas, to receive all time blue and red, shells an always this hard for the first pilot of a race. You'll like probably know a moment of difficulty and find you later in the platoon, at least for user of other items that you would not, in normal times, the opportunity to receive. This progression will allow you to unlock a number of items, including your Mii, or other vehicles.

Test Bleach Soul Resurreccion - PS3

Probably one of the most famous of the time, Bleach shônen offers an interesting storytelling frame, following the peregrinations of several shinigami, fighting with Hollows to preserve humans. Ichigo Kurosaki is the series main hero. It is a human who obtained the powers of shinigami through of Rukia Kuchiki, while she was in bad shape with an enemy of the shadows. The suite of the manga evokes the entry of our hero as "shinigami replacing" in the Soul Society and especially of the Gotei 13, which includes all of the shinigami.

If the frame of the manga database is interesting, the game Bleach: Soul Resurrecci?n relies on an arc advanced, namely the arrival of the shinigami in the world of Hueco Mundo, to prevent the actions of Aizen against the world of Karakura (humans) with its army of arrancars and Espada, parallel forms advanced of Hollows. Also, for players who have not followed the series, the game parachute us directly at the arrival of Ichigo in the vicinity of Las Noches (the Palace of Aizen, in the heart of Hueco Mundo) without clearly explain the reasons.

Bleach Soul Resurreccion - 2 Bleach Soul Resurreccion - 1

More generally, Bleach: Soul Resurrecci?n proves very stingy in his scenario, even if a story mode extends up to the defeat of Aizen by the hand of our hero. Indeed, almost ' no cinematic supports advances in the history, it will take just a few lines of text before each episode and a few dialogues in the game phase to. In short, the title boasts a story mode which is responsible to follow phases of gameplay somewhat awkwardly, without explaining the purpose of the clashes, nor the role of the characters. Accordingly, it is clearly felt that developers have only targeted the biggest fans of the manga by designing the soft.

However, the title remains relatively faithful to the original work, especially in the presence of official dialogues in Japanese, as well as in the achievement and the animation of the shinigami and the Espada. If the title might suggest a simple fighting game has the versus, designers have finally opted for a gameplay beat'em all in the same temper as a Dynasty Warriors. The similarities with the latter are very many, without so far escape the originalities which could make the difference.

Bleach Soul Resurreccion - 4 Bleach Soul Resurreccion - 7

HP VantagePoint: "wall" touch ultra 132 inches HD!


If the trend is towards miniaturization, some uses require space. This is the case of certain professional uses in rooms, briefing, showrooms and other conferences. In order to combine technology, visibility and effectiveness, the HP constructor just unveil his last born: VantagePoint.

The latter comes in the form of a 132 inches display that shows an interface in ultra high definition ( 4 098 x 1 536 pixels ) and touch up to 32 points via an infrared solution. In practical terms, this "wall" of 3.35 metres wide and 2.13 metres high on-board six screens LD4730G 47 inches of the manufacturer, taking advantage of a brightness of 700 cd/m2 and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 mm 2 treatment.

HP VantagePoint - 1 HP VantagePoint - 2

HP VantagePoint (click to enlarge)

The whole is piloted by a Hewlett Packard Z800 workstation boarding two CPU and ATI FirePro professional graphics. These high performance are required to manage intensive treatments, including in the field of video and image.

The price of this installation was not noted, but the price of a single screen HP LD4730G selling around 1 300 $, force is to note that the final cost will be relatively salty.

These 2012: Karotz, rabbit connected to Facebook and Twitter

Karotz - logo

Formerly known as the Nabaztag, connected rabbit is now revamped with a third generation called Karotz. Developed by Violet, this relatively clever gadget allows first bind via WiFi to Facebook and Twitter account of its user.


This connectivity allows interaction with other owners of Karotz, by moving the ears of rabbits, change the color of the LED located in its centre, or even capture and send text, audio messages or integrated video shots via a webcam and a microphone. All of the generated content can then be posted on your favorite social network.

Via the RFID chip in the nose of the rabbit, it can inform situations distance, by you sending an SMS or an e-mail when you are on the move. Karotz can also serve as an auxiliary Chamber, read e-mail, indicate the weather, inform of the RSS and even serve as a wake-up morning.

Rather original and customizable to the level of its ears and tail, connected rabbit Karotz is compatible with GNU/Linux, Windows or Mac computers, as well as smartphones running iOS and Android via dedicated applications. The price of the product amounts to approximately 100 euros.


Test Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Xbox 360

In March 2006 that Bethesda had served us Oblivion, probably is the episode of the franchise that has the sparked more discussion in the community of players. Developers have taken their time to propose a title that meets players to do many expectations: meet the regulars, bring what to change to feed the interests of the franchise without altering a style, enable newcomers to start smoothly in a series already well installed, etc... Five years, is therefore finally not much, especially as the richness of this Skyrim would not have needed less to reach its current level. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim 5 is now available and prompt this time to travel the northern lands of Bordeciel.

Skyrim (11) Skyrim (13)

Turn of at the outset that angry, the appearance of graphics of the game, because skip you the first in the eyes. The Nordic countries are by definition of cold, often grey land. Beyond an atmosphere often dark and sad, Skyrim should also face a few worries display, unwelcome textures and some surprising clipping effects. We feel that the graphics engine is in sentence but Bethesda comes to camouflage defects with a few embellishments, as an anti-cernes would do after a short night. Subterfuges borne, the players will spend probably in addition.
Fortunately for Skyrim, his main interest lies not in these graphics. If the title is doing well and we offer a few environments and varied with all features of the Bordeciel region, may that this point is one of the next review for a possible Elder Scrolls VI. For the moment, it will happen so as if it had not yet too much importance, focusing on what deserves to be. However, it is annoy more frankly on load times, which lead really the pace of the adventure.

Thermaltake Level 10 M: mouse gamer developed with BMW

Logo Thermaltake

And to say the least, that this mouse named Level 10 M is not really overlooked. Some will find it "in casts", while others will find ugly. The tastes and colors, as they say, it does not discuss.

In terms of functionality, then, it proposes a wireline operation, adjustment of thickness with a screw, a setting for the sensitivity of the sensor which is done on the fly with a horizontal wheel, adjustable weight with small removable weights, right click buttons / left buttons on the left flank and a vertical scroll wheel.

Only regret perhaps for those who wish to acquire it: the fact that it is not Ambidextrous, thus remaining the exclusivity of right-handed.

Thermaltake Level 10 M 1 Thermaltake Level 10 M 2
Mouse Thermaltake Level 10 M (click to enlarge)

Expected now to discover the price of the spacecraft, which remains unknown for now. As the date of availability elsewhere.

Test Saints Row The Third - PC - PS3 - Xbox 360

Players who have followed the Saints Row franchise know how much they set difficulty that the gang of the Saints had a true place in the middle. Only this, the good life only lasted a time. This third component puts you on the street in the early part, the Union is being shown more malignant the gang to make you lose everything you had. Money, car, clothing, relations, reputation, you have strictly more nothing. Fortunately, the first two missions of the game will allow you to earn some money for you including to buy weapons and clothes. What find a semblance of style with effective arguments that your new opponents again take you seriously.

Saints Row The third (14) Saints Row The third (6)

If your first mission offers a character to take in hand, you will later need to create it from scratch. Customization is here in the heart of this Saints Row and you will certainly spend lot of time to perfect your hero. Note that the Saints may have a gang leader and not necessarily of a Chief. It fun to give your hero, whatever it is, the most disconcerting mimicry, most unexpected in a gang war. Is that once your character created in detail that you can understand what it is issue in this new Saints Row The Third.

These 2012: mi-notebook / Toshiba mi-tablette


Toshiba Portege M930 interest lies in its screen LCD touch 13.3-inch in resolution 1280 x 800 pixels that can be tilted back and folded, to leave the choice between a portable computer mode with keyboard chiclet and lower device for Optical pointing (on the right; see photo) or a digital pen tablet mode (storage located on the back; see photo below).

Running Windows 7 environment, the spacecraft about 2 kilograms and approximately 2.8 centimeters thick benefits besides a configuration with processor Intel Core i5, Intel HD 3000 graphics solution, 4 GB RAM, 256 GB SSDstorage, connectors HDMI / mini-jack / Ethernet, slot SD / SDHC and webcam.

There is no has filtered for now on the marketing. Therefore, hope that the final version of this machine will benefit from upcoming processors Intel Ivy Bridge in 22 nanometers, and why not the future Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

Toshiba Portege M930 1 Toshiba Portege M930 2 Toshiba Portege M930 1
The transition from notebook to Tablet mode mode (click to enlarge; credit The Verge)

Toshiba Portege M930 4 Toshiba Portege M930 5
The pointing device and the storage for the pen (click to enlarge; credit The Verge)

Test Dead Island - Xbox 360

Dead Island resumed a script seen a thousand times in bad horror movies. On a beautiful island where bask holidaymakers, probably in formula all-inclusive, spreads a particularly bad scourge. The zombies multiply, biting innocent victims, sometimes devouring them on the edge of a swimming pool, or even in the pool, transforming the turquoise water red bath, in a hotel room or on the beach. A holiday taking like nightmares where you need to survive and also to assist people in difficulty.

Dead Island (16) Dead Island (1)

Before launch you the title, you know the, Techland enjoys the second degree, or even the spirit of series B films. The developer mixes kitsch to inspiring situations, all over dialogue and sound effects which the stroke is pushed. The style is assumed and in this case managed often. It is leave therefore pleasantly take to the game of credibility any relative of the scenario. Arm themselves of a wood paddle to decimate with heavyweights often double the template of your character, remains a pleasant situation when we keep the ascendancy on the opponent. Believed to be moderately but the atmosphere of the game carries you and you may well have to survive with the means to. If the credibility of the staged is questioned, it is also appreciated thanks to the particularly well developed game content. If Dead Island does not seriously on the shape, the bottom he was worked with care. The title of Techland plays on many aspects of gameplay.