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Facebook would have doubled its turnover

If everyone seeks to know the results of Facebook, the figures obtained by Reuters tend to show that the social network continues to grow rapidly.


If Facebook has not yet entered in the stock market, and is therefore not required to disclose its financial results for the moment, the mystery is however pierced from time to time by the observers looking at any price to get an idea of the economic performance of the first global social network.

Thus, according to information gleaned by the European agency Reuters, turnover of Facebook would be of the order of $ 1.6 billion in the first half of 2011, on which a net profit of $ 500 million would have cleared. And according to Reuters, this would represent an increase of 100% of the CA on a year over the first half of 2010 in which Facebook revenues were approximately $ 800 million.

Digits rather realistic when they are confronted with those revealed year last by Bloomberg, which ended on an annual turnover of about 2 billion dollars for Facebook in 2010. A figure which, this year, would have therefore been almost reached in a single semester. Facebook, currently valued at height of $ 80 billion, should be introduced on the stock market in the year 2010.

Windows 8 will start much more quickly

Microsoft introduces the new starting procedure of Windows 8 which, through the heart of the system in hibernation (without consuming battery), will provide access to the Office in record time.

In his blog dedicated to Windows 8, Microsoft addresses today a dear point to many PC users: System startup time. According to the information released to date, it would seem that the startup of Windows 8 will be "canon", as the suggested old info on the Hybrid Boot. A startup that is promised as being much faster than Windows 7, because talking about the end of the lips of the dream of Instant Boot.

Demarrage Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 (2)

"With Windows 7, it had achieved a lot of improvements on startup, as for example by launching the drivers at the same time that programs, but it is true that we could go further to improve things still" recognizes Gabe Aul, an engineer who work on the prcédure of startup. With Windows 8 and the "Fast Start-Up", Microsoft will still improve certain things. We learn and the session of the core system (the kernel therefore) is not completely closed to the decision, but will be placed in a sort of deep sleep from which it can exit more quickly at the lighting of the machine. Imagine that the information will be stored somewhere on the hard drive or SSD for a quasi-instantané restart of the kernel, the system has more then to load the drivers and user sessions.

Demarrage Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

According to Microsoft, this new system allows to keep the benefits of sleep, while bypassing its disadvantages, a part of the system not starting cold. Tests conducted on 30 computers to different configurations show that startup time gains range between 30 and 70%. And in the case where users would completely extinguish their computer Windows 8, a type of closure "in the Windows 7" will be also proposed. It will need to go through it when changes will be made to the hardware configuration for example. Positioning between complete extinction and deep sleep, Windows 8 in any case likely to make very good impression on boot time.

Sony Tablet S and P: prices, output and first notice dates

Sony unveils details of marketing of its Android tablets. Tablet S and P arrive in October and November, positioned high range.

It is there! After having released a few details on the Sony Tablet S, the Japanese manufacturer resolves to everything say us of its Android Honeycomb shelves launch conditions. There is therefore the Sony Tablet S (model design inspired by a magazine folded) and Sony Tablet P (one to two screens and design "seashell"). The Tablet is equipped with a screen of 9.4 "(1280 x 800 pixels) and embarks a Tegra 2 1 GHz, 16 or 32 GB of memory, a Bluetooth module, a mini USB connector, a webcam front and dorsal 5 megapixel photo/video sensor. It will be sold from October 1 from €489 (16 GB WiFi), while it will take pay €589 for the 32 GB WiFi model and 599 for the model 16 GB WiFi + 3 G. This tablet will benefit from the upgrade to Android 3.2.

Sony Tablette Android S2 (2) Sony Tablette Android S1 (2)

For its part, Tablet P is designed around two screens of 5.5 "(1024 x 480 pixels) and it has the particularity to be folded back on itself for dimensions in transport. The configuration that it do is for the other rest of the model S, except for the different versions since it exists for the time being in Wi-Fi + 3 G and with a limited to 4 GB memory (expandable via SD card). Autonomy would also review in 7 hours, 8 hours for his sister. This Tablet P arrives in shops a month later, in November, and will be sold at a price of €599. Sony said that on these two bars, it will be the PlayStation Suite offer that gives access to a catalogue (limited) games PS under Android. The same offer proposed on the Play Xperia from Sony Ericsson and who is struggling to convince.

Note finally that our brothers of Engadget, always in good shots, had the privilege to try to preview the Sony Tablet S. They lease the "different" design of this tablet, so dealing with long term use. According to them, the format of the Tablet is very pleasant in certain situations (surfing and reading), less obvious appreciation in others (including game). They are also concerned the construction of the Tablet appears to be quite sensitive to scratches and small shocks, with an Assembly that visibly does not inspire really trust. There again, it is to verify, but this may disappoint, especially given the price for the sale of these tablets which positioned on the top of range as is usually the Sony brand image. Remains to be seen last software adjustments and the quality of Assembly of the series that will emerge in the trade.

New ultrafine screen at Dell

The Texas manufacturer Dell comes to unveil a second ultrafine monitor, this time of 21.5 inches.


A few weeks after his S2330MX, Dell introduces a second ultrafine monitor, the S2230MX. Quite logically, we are here dealing with a 21.5-inch screen. The new baby of the Texas Builder displays dimensions 326,02 x 520,64 x 59,40 mm (326,02 x 520,64 x 203,68 mm when one takes into account the foot) and it weighs 3.96 kg. This screen operates a slab matte type TN format 16: 9 Full HD resolution or 1920 x 1080 pixels. It offers a typical 2 milliseconds (from grey to grey) response time and shows a rate of 8 000 000: 1 dynamic contrast (1000: 1).

His visions angles are 160 degrees vertical, and 170 degrees to the horizontal. This S2230 MX integrates a backlight to LEDs and it has a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m². Maximum consumption reached its 20 watts (on 13 watts in typical use). Dell says monitor meets Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT Silver standards. This solution has VGA and DVI ports, and it is supplied with an adapter DVI to HDMI. Dell launches its S2230MX to the United States $ 219,99 (€179,99 TTC), or just $ 20 less than the S2330MX. It is therefore not the case of the century...

dells2230mxlcd01 dells2230mxlcd03 dells2230mxlcd04

Music streamed on Facebook announced September 22?

Cross-info point Conference f8 as the event during which Facebook would announce its musical offer...


According to information gleaned by CNBC, Facebook is about to communicate about a listening of music streaming service. Would it be announce at its Conference on September 22 annual f8. Is of course not the first time heard talk of such a service, especially with Spotify a time suspected as a potential partner.

The idea would be, according to CNBC. Facebook would not propose its own online music service, but would set up tools to boost existing players their audience, while offering to its users an additional service. What propel listening offers in part funded by the ads on a new planet, that of Facebook and its 750 million members. Remains to be seen what eye the music industry would reach this new offer.

The screen-helmet soon available at the Japan Sony 3D

The funny of headset from Sony offering a personal 3D view will actually be launched end of the year.

Remember the futuristic helmet compatible with 3D terrain exposed to these 2011 by Sony. And know well that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing to market it on 11 November, only on the archipelago for the time being. Tah - T1, whose design evolved a bit since his presentation last January, but keeps the same characteristics. Whether it incorporates two screens OLED "0.7 displaying 1280 x 720 pixels mounted front of each eye, which gives - according to Sony - the impression of having a screen" 750 to 20 metres.

Sony HMZ-T1

In the ears, the sound was released in 5.1 of the Head Mounted Display. The headset is connected to a small central unit via a HDMI connector. If Sony did not yet selling price, our brothers of Engadget think know that the label will display a price of approximately 60,000 yen, or approximately $ 783. This is not given, especially that for the moment, Sony did nothing showed potential reality virtual, although opportunities known its engineers to work there.

A USB 3.0 128 GB in Kingmax

The Taiwanese manufacturer Kingmax comes to unveil a new version of its key USB 3.0.


Kingmax proposes now his ED-01 in new capacity: 128 GB. This external storage solution for callback 74.5 x 20 x 9 mm and it weighs 10.5 g. The last key of the Taiwanese manufacturer has a refined design, with a reinforced plastic shell.

A small diode of activity will allow to keep an eye on the transfer of the data to and from the computer. This 128 GB ED-01 performance are similar to those of the other versions, with the sequential flow of 66 MB/s read, for 41 MB/s write.

It is far from theoretical maximums of the SuperSpeed USB standard, which is hardly surprising given that this solution is based on a mono-puce controller with two channels. This key is covered by a 5 year warranty. Kingmax has not yet communicated the tariff, or the release date of its new ED-01. In view of its characteristics, it is hoped a relatively accessible prices.

ViewSonic sees life in 27 inches

The California manufacturer ViewSonic just reveal a pair of new 27 inch screens...

ViewSonic has announced two new 27-inch monitors. The first, named VG2732m-LED, is the players. Its slab TN offers a Full HD resolution or 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a response time of 3 milliseconds, and a rate of 20 000 000: 1 dynamic contrast. This screen has a backlight led, and its maximum brightness is 300 cd/m². Visions angles are 170 degrees to the horizontal, 160 degrees vertical. Her foot allows a positioning in portrait of the slab, and its inclination and its height adjustment. VG2732m-LED integrated USB hub with four ports, and its video connections include VGA, DVI and DisplayPort ports. It has also two 2 Watt speakers.

ViewSonic_VG2732m-LED_LCD_01 ViewSonic_VG2732m-LED_LCD_02

ViewSonic also offers the VP2765-LED. This 27 inch monitor is rather professional users. It operates an AMVA (Advanced MVA) slab showing a 5 ms response time. Other characteristics are identical to those of the VG2732m-LED. It is however without enclosures... The California manufacturer offers its VP2765-LED to $ 429 (€359 TTC); While it will have to pay $ 459 (€379 TTC) to the VG2732m-LED.

viewsonicvp2765-ledlcd01 viewsonicvp2765-ledlcd02

A bridge SATA 6 Gb/s to USB 3.0 in Renesas

The Japanese firm Renesas comes to unveil a new SuperSpeed USB controller to obtain higher at 370 MB/s rates.


Renesas provides many years of controllers in any kind. SuperSpeed USB from the Japanese firm solutions are a great success, and are undoubtedly among the best. Renesas presents today a different controller. The µPD720230 is a bridge Serial ATA 3.0 to USB 3.0.

This is the first SoC of this type that supports the Protocol UASP. Therefore, it promises to provide very high-level performances, with sequential flows exceeding 370 MB/s.

This chip is also efficient in energy, with new States reducing consumption in idle. Renesas plans to begin production of its new chips in October. This µPD720230 should be made to more than 500,000 units a month. His current unit rate (which is brought to decline after the end of the sampling period) is $ 3.5. It remains to see if it will be adopted by the constructors of external enclosures!