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OUYA: Should Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo tremble?

And if this OUYA was able to get a place in the video game console market?

The console very inspired official but turning models under Android with a SoC ARM and coming from Asia, there are dozens. But a project which also quickly Federated players than this OUYA, benefiting from the exhibition currently offered to any well wrapped Kickstarter project since the crowdsourcing is fashionable, it is more rare. Because success is already at the rendezvous, at least in the promises of funding. Added only a few hours on Kickstarter, the OUYA project has already attracted more than 20,000 investors, which allows the console to explode its initial objective of harvest $950,000 in record time. Currently, the collected sum displays more than 2.6 million $, what give a sacred kick to the project, actually. Especially him still have 28 days of fundraising.


But then, what did this OUYA to please as much? The promise is simple: it's a console under Android, proposing a joystick resolutely "gamer" to connect HDMI to its screen and that promises to offer quality games, if possible independent and the mode of the Free-to-Play. Some see it as a useless defiance to platforms in place, others the console of the future. In a context also uncertain that it is the game, although malignant industry would in any event that might know what type of game console will be booked in the future.

Always is it that project OUYA accompanied by some interesting business principles. For example, no royaltie will applied to game developers, and the SDK based on Android will be simply integrated into the console. Don't need, therefore, for the studios to invest in specific materials to develop a game OUYA. Only constraint: that sets OUYA are - at least partly - free. Demo and Free-to-Play (Freemium) accepted.


Click to see the video on Kickstarter...

If the sauce is, it is also because this console would be sold at a competitive price if times it came to be distributed one day. $ 99 For a console and a joystick ($ 95 for the first 1000 contributors). Expected now to know more, waiting to see a finished prototype, before will be launched production and development kits are available.

Reactions of independent developers are rather ambitious. Jenova Chen, creator of flOw, Flower and Journey, said: "I'm excited by OUYA." "I think there is always material to disrupt the status quo," while Adamm Saltsman, Canabalt creator, explains: "the prospect of a console open and affordable, is an excellent idea".

Preliminary technical data:

CPU Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core1 GB of RAM8 GB of flash memory connection HDMI, 1080pWiFi 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth 4.0Un port USB 2.0controleur wireless (touchpad, two analog sticks, pad, eight buttons) Android 4.0

Orange failure: insufficient compensation?

Is orange generous enough to forgive the cutoff of its network? And what about customers still abroad, always private telephone?

Orange SmartphoneDue to the large failure encountered by the Orange network, the operator had not dragged to announce compensation device. Today, UFC - that choose is on this day of SMS available to clients on the pre-paid voice to a package, and this Go holders of data available for mobile Web subscribers. To the association of consumers, this gesture is not sufficient given the ampleure of de panne.

"The answer seems inappropriate, because measures have no effect on the portfolio of clients." They allow them to, as the case may be, call, send SMS or surf the Internet excessive for a day (imposed, in addition), but what interest? (...) It is exactly as if a restaurateur opened a free buffet at will for 24 hours: on a beautiful force, after two plates, there is more hunger... "A financial reduction on the price of the package would have probably been more appreciated consumer" considers the UFC-Que choose.

Also, the association added that it's a new maneuver in an attempt to retain customers, since any subscriber party will not compensated, the day offered being chosen by Orange during the month of September. And she recalls the blackout lasted 12 hours for everyone, because travel abroad during the Orange customers were able to use again their phone once back on the French ground. Some are indeed still abroad, private telephone. Orange promises a resolution of the problem, but when? Also, some subscribers is still not recovered voice messages left on their e-mail during the incident...

A reminder, all virtual operators attached to the Orange network, and Free Mobile, roaming partner, will be able to benefit to customers of the same offer of compensation than that which will benefit customers of the incumbent operator.

Dropbox: two times more storage for the same price

Dropbox feels visibly threatened the market online storage and synchronization "cloud" where these new efforts...

Dropbox (1).PNGThe online storage market is increasingly competitive and one of its players the most, Dropbox, has announced a significant decrease in the rates charged to its pay-TV offerings. Or rather, it doubles the storage capacity proposed for unchanged rates, which is not quite the same thing, since the amount levied on bank card by the service remain, it, unchanged.

Thus, to be more competitive Drive of Google services, Microsoft SkyDrive, Hubic of OVH, Cloud Drive of Amazon and others, Dropbox offers now not 50 but 100 GB for $ 9.99 per month and 200 GB for $ 19.99 per month. And synchronization specialist was also able to launch a new offer of 500 GB of online storage space, charged $ 49.99 per month.

Despite these efforts, Dropbox is more expensive than most of its competitors. The 100 GB being charged $ 4.99 a month in Google, and $ 4.16 per month at Microsoft. But with the principle of sponsorship of Dropbox (500 MB earned by recommendation), it is possible to significantly extend the limit of 2 GB for free available up to 18 GB. Good, of course, until there is little time, Microsoft offered on SkyDrive 25 GB to a Windows Live account holders...

Vista and 7: better to disable widgets!

Used for years by millions of people, the Widgets in Vista and 7 are victims of security vulnerabilities.

While it learned the almost disappearance some widgets in Windows 8, replaced with dynamic tile interface Metro, Microsoft prompt users of Windows Vista and 7 to temporarily disable these Widgets after the discovery of security vulnerabilities. Indeed, malicious hackers could potentially use the existing loopholes at the level of the code managing these Widgets, without that it is known more for the time, Microsoft was not very talkative on these faults. Always is it that in its latest security bulletin, the editor indicates that it is best to disable Widgets pending a fix.


"The purpose of this alert is to inform people that Microsoft is aware of security vulnerabilities in gadgets available in the sidebar of Windows, versions of Vista and 7 running them" says Microsoft. To assist users, Microsoft provides an automatic patch that makes the settings necessary to stop any risk. Discovered by Mickey Shkatov and Toby Kohlenberg, these critical faults will be a Conference at Black Hat in Las Vegas in a few days. Microsoft thanks these two experts for their discovery, and is therefore now active to develop a patch.

A heatpipe CPU really "slim" a little different

GELID launches its new heatpipe model that fits in any configuration with only 28 mm in thickness.

gelid_slim_silence_a-plus_01GELID is continuing its development in the field of the new heatpipe cooling named Slim Silence A - Plus.Ce heatpipe resumed the bases of the Slim Silence AM2 with its compact design and can therefore be installed on any configuration of the Mini-ITX passing by the ATX, and the HTPC in the 1U server.

Its base from two heat pipes in copper for a transfer of the heat emitted by the processor directly to aluminum fins. At its centre lies a 7.5 cm fan that can rotate between 1200 t/m and 2600 t/m without precision on the produced noise.

The block is 10.5 cm long for 7.45 cm wide and 2.8 cm in height for a total mass of 285 grams. The manufacturer indicates that its CPU heatpipe is expected to identify 95 watt TDP and fits on any AMD socket FM1 and FM2 and the AM2 AM3 +, it is not question of Intel at the time. It is already available in store for €20 with a manufacturer warranty of five years.

gelid_slim_silence_a-plus_02    gelid_slim_silence_a-plus_03

The Western Digital NAS communicate with Dropbox

An update of the WD 2 GB application adds compatibility with DropBox.

western_digital_personal_cloud_storage_dropboxThe storage giant seeks to innovate for its range of NAS products, storage of data at home servers, by proposing an extension to all products My Book Live, My Book Live Duo and My Net N900 central HD.

In addition to its NAS products, the U.S. firm offers an application for mobile and IOS, but under Android, tablets to fly under the name WD 2 GB. An update of this application allows today, in addition to the copy of multimedia content on mobile and tablets, to send directly from the content from these devices and his sin to the Dropbox storage space.

Thus, it is possible to copy data directly from the NAS Western Digital to Dropbox space from anywhere with his mobile phone. It is also possible to send an e-mail containing a link redirecting directly to the household and this Sin from the WD 2 GB application.

The application itself is free and available on the iTunes AppStore, Google Play and Amazon Appstore applications stores, and is of course pair with one of the products in the range of Western Digital Personal Cloud Storage.

Windows 8 introduced the incremental backup

Windows 8 introduces a new feature: backup and keeps the history of files on hard disk user.

With "File History", Microsoft has worked on a backup program automated for the protection of the personal files of the user in the new version of Windows. Well known Linux and Mac, this function will make his appearance in Windows 8, which will therefore also its own system of data protection with a complete history of changes made to the files. Improved management "versions", sort of.


To enable it, simply connect an external hard drive or an internal drive that is not the main disk and select the control panel "system and security". It will be possible to select the records to automatically save and to exclude some folders for not burdening the backup.

microsoft_windows8_file_history_002    microsoft_windows8_file_history_003

Once this step is completed and the backup of files is complete, it will be possible to control the change history directly from the window of exploration of the files via the "History" button which takes the same icon in the application of system restore.

Unlike Time Machine on Mac, Windows backup system will only target users personal folders. He is not here to do a full backup of the system, applications, and other user settings. On the Microsoft blog, explained that "File History" may be used on any machine of the most powerful - that in would have doubted-, to the smallest with little resources. Thus, as soon as the processor is requested or the hard drive is, the backup process is in break time that the main activity of the user ends.




Activity CPU % and space memory occupied by File History

Microsoft engineers also indicate that the process memory footprint has been especially studied to take that 5 MB memory RAM when it is paused and 10 MB in a backup active.

For portable computers, Windows 8 and File History have worked to better take into account the lives of users. When the laptop is put to sleep by closing the screen, backup system is in pause, which is normal, as soon as the screen is again open, File History does not immediately active and expected that the rest of the system and the user applications have completed to wake up.

In the case of a disconnection from the backup disk, File History will temporarily create a record cache of changes and synchronize them later when the disc will be presented again. This cache can of course be controlled by the same control panel. On the other hand, encryption is required for this program with the support of BitLocker for the external drive. Finally, SkyDrive is also supported if it is configured on the machine and will back up all the data of the account on the disk.

A new feature that will allow good number of users no longer lose important documents. Will however, third-party backup software market to take a shot? With a backup only focused on the user files, there is not too much risk for the moment...

Piracy: More effective than the Hadopi PayPal?

By refusing to work with some hosting platforms, PayPal takes the purses, which welcomed the rights with.

PayPalIs PayPal prevail as the best ally of the Majors in their fight against piracy? It is possible, according to the article published by TorrentFreak that returns to the role of the online payment platform that has already stopped working with a dozen hosts files (providing some direct download and/or systems of bonuses to users putting online the most popular files).

Following the closure of MegaUpload, PayPal has indeed changed the manner in which he worked with these hosting platforms and, on the basis of the unlawful activity of some of them and their involvement in acts of piracy, changed its rules to impose much more stringent regulations to these companies. PayPal would for example have visibility on the nature of each file put online by users, and despite existing laws in terms of confidentiality.

And according to TorrentFreak, even hosting platforms that accept all PayPal conditions can be refused by the payment system. Which completely paralyzes the activity of some of these services, since PayPal is often the main tool of transaction. MediaFire, Putlocker or DepositFiles cannot a priori rely on PayPal to monetize their activity. Necessarily, if the situation is confirmed, it may develop a serious brake in the development of such hosting platforms.

More information on the Toshiba 21: 9 Ultrabook

The new Toshiba Ultrabook will be released within a few days with an atypical screen...

Toshiba_U840W_007Following the news published yesterday and with this Toshiba Ultrabook, we now have new information to us to eat on this laptop. Therefore summarize the characteristics of this laptop who sailed a wide screen format "cinema".

This Satellite U845W (U840W in Europe) will be sold July 15 in the United States. The "W" of the reference relates to "Wide" or wide French, and therefore screen 21: 9 a definition of 1792 x 768 pixels with a backlight led to a 14.4-inch diagonal TN slab.

For the rest of the specifications, it has a backlit keyboard, three ports USB 3.0 including a "Sleep and Charge" technology with and allows even the reading of music by the headset when the screen is closed. At the order, will be a choice between a hard drive to 500 GB platters with 32 GB flash chip that will serve from cache or a 256 GB SSD. Selected CPU appears to be Intel Core i5-3317U MHz to 1.7 GHz with a Turbo mode to 2.6 GHz for 3 MB of L3 cache and can be with 10 GB of RAM DDR3. The graphic part seems to be managed by the Intel HD 4000 of the new processors Ivy Bridge of the skier.

Toshiba_U840W_001  Toshiba_U840W_004Toshiba_U840W_005  Toshiba_U840W_002Toshiba_U840W_003  Toshiba_U840W_006

Input/output level, it offers a HDMI port, an SD card reader, taking jack for audio output and a second for the microphone, the now classic WiFi a/b/g and n, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as the WiDi for viewing external wireless and Ethernet making slim format which will require an adapter to work. For more security, Toshiba provides its U845W of a Kensington port to lock his machine. To 1.57 Kg, the machine is 36.8 cm wide and 20 cm long and 2 cm thick with an aluminum case covered plastic "Soft Touch" on some parts.

Available for pre-order, it in will cost $ 999 with a date of availability yet unknown in France. Hope that the exchange rate will be in our favour.

Toshiba_U840W_010   Toshiba_U840W_009

Aeolus Big Frost: the new heatpipe dual DeepCool tour

1.12 kg of aluminum and copper to cool any configuration...

DeepCool_big_ Aeolus-2Presented at Computex 2012, this Aeolus Big Frost produced by DeepCool finally arrives on the market. Design double tower with six heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter, he resumed the Assassin version design while being a little simpler in its design.

The dimensions of the block are 12.6 cm by 13.6 cm 15.9 cm in height for a mass of 1.12 kg including two mark 12 cm fans. The first of the two fans shoot air at a speed of 1300 t/d to 22.6 dbA and the second, which supports the PWM for a speed of rotation modulated between 900 and 1500 t/m, will produce 21.4 dbA at the lowest and 32.1 dbA at the top.

For fixing, DeepCool thought all motherboards in the market, or almost, for AMD or Intel with support of the LGA 2011. The purchase of a such heatpipe should cost approximately $ 32 with fans, what remains cheap enough if performance is at the rendezvous.

DeepCool_big_ Aeolus-1       DeepCool_big_ Aeolus-3

Western Digital Red: optimized for the NAS disks

After the Green, Blue and Black, Western Digital discovers a new color and turns red.

Western-Digital-Red-3TBDisk tray storage giant announced a new range in its already quite thick catalogue. If one knew the Western Digital "Green" at low speed of rotation and consuming less energy, the "Blue" midrange disk that can meet any needs and the "Black" for performance, going to have to get used to the "Red".

Western Digital therefore opens a new line this time dedicated to type NAS storage servers. To argue this launch, Western Digital relies on problems of reliability for hard disks of other lines that are normally not expected to operate 24/7.

On the menu of this range, optimizations around power consumption while offering specific tools to disks RAID mode operation. For example, with its NASware technology, the data after error recovery is directly integrated to avoid to discus in default too quickly in a RAID cluster. There are also compatible with the ATA Streaming, become essential for storage applications audio and video such as Windows Media Center that relies on this technique.

These hard drives are built around 64 MB cache SATA III bus and offer three sizes of 1 To 3 TB storage. The speed of rotation of the plateaus is variable according to the IntelliPower and the flow can go up to 150 MB/s sequential read. The public price of the 1 TB version is €99,90 (WD10EFRX), the 2TB is €129,90 (WD20EFRX) and finally the 3 To €189,90 (WD30EFRX), all being accompanied by a 3 year warranty. We hope that this new range is not only a change of color on a label for a little more expensive sell these hard drives, and that differences with the Green discs will be well notable for use in a home NAS.

Young people prefer Android

A study shows that smartphones, youth are likely to choose a phone Andro.

Médiamétrie has published the results of a study on the preferences of the young users of smartphones in France, on the 15-24 age bracket. We first learn that on this age group, 60% of those polled are equipped with smartphones, against 45% when it queries the rest of the population. A trend that continues to accelerate according to Médiamétrie. As for the mobile OS of reference, it is Android since 44% of young owners of smartphones under Android. It is more that if one is interested in all of the mobinautes in France, in which the Android market share is 40%.


Gingerbread, ice Sandwich, jelly candy... Android has managed to attract young people!

In six months, the part of Android youth increased by 12 points. Particular reason is the price of the Mobile Android, more accessible on average than the iPhone for example. The large number of available terminals also offers a choice more important, what would be not insensitive youth who pays lip service yet more readily a few models in particular, as the Galaxy Ace or the One Player.

The most common uses are, in order: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, social networks, music and Video. The video is in full swing on smartphones, with about a young on two who uses his mobile phone to watch clips, web-series and other. And in addition to recreation, the smartphone also became one of the first sources of information among youth, 56% of them saying read articles in press on their phone.

A more secure in Kingston USB key

A USB 2.0 which will not quickly, but that secures the data...

Kingston DataTraveler Locker G2Kingston continued to work on secure USB keys and presents its new creation of the genus, the 2.0 memory key Locker + G2. A USB key that does benefit the SuperSpeed 3.0 interface, and simply be a stick USB 2.0 to the former. Side flow, it will also not to expect miracles, Kingston announcing 10 MB/s read and 5 MB/s write. But this small key brushed aluminium who does not mine to outside pay essentially on protection data.

Software comes with it to define a password which will be again the user each time that the key will be plugged into a USB port to the first use. And if one tape 10 times on the wrong password, the key formats automatically, erasing all data. Data that is of course encrypted. This key can be shared between different users since it manages up to 20 protected accounts. A function that will also protect independently from each other various sensitive files. 2.0 Memory key Locker + G2 will be available shortly in four capacities: 4 GB ($18), 8 GB ($21), 16 GB ($37) and 32 GB ($82).