Piracy: More effective than the Hadopi PayPal?

By refusing to work with some hosting platforms, PayPal takes the purses, which welcomed the rights with.

PayPalIs PayPal prevail as the best ally of the Majors in their fight against piracy? It is possible, according to the article published by TorrentFreak that returns to the role of the online payment platform that has already stopped working with a dozen hosts files (providing some direct download and/or systems of bonuses to users putting online the most popular files).

Following the closure of MegaUpload, PayPal has indeed changed the manner in which he worked with these hosting platforms and, on the basis of the unlawful activity of some of them and their involvement in acts of piracy, changed its rules to impose much more stringent regulations to these companies. PayPal would for example have visibility on the nature of each file put online by users, and despite existing laws in terms of confidentiality.

And according to TorrentFreak, even hosting platforms that accept all PayPal conditions can be refused by the payment system. Which completely paralyzes the activity of some of these services, since PayPal is often the main tool of transaction. MediaFire, Putlocker or DepositFiles cannot a priori rely on PayPal to monetize their activity. Necessarily, if the situation is confirmed, it may develop a serious brake in the development of such hosting platforms.


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