Aeolus Big Frost: the new heatpipe dual DeepCool tour

1.12 kg of aluminum and copper to cool any configuration...

DeepCool_big_ Aeolus-2Presented at Computex 2012, this Aeolus Big Frost produced by DeepCool finally arrives on the market. Design double tower with six heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter, he resumed the Assassin version design while being a little simpler in its design.

The dimensions of the block are 12.6 cm by 13.6 cm 15.9 cm in height for a mass of 1.12 kg including two mark 12 cm fans. The first of the two fans shoot air at a speed of 1300 t/d to 22.6 dbA and the second, which supports the PWM for a speed of rotation modulated between 900 and 1500 t/m, will produce 21.4 dbA at the lowest and 32.1 dbA at the top.

For fixing, DeepCool thought all motherboards in the market, or almost, for AMD or Intel with support of the LGA 2011. The purchase of a such heatpipe should cost approximately $ 32 with fans, what remains cheap enough if performance is at the rendezvous.

DeepCool_big_ Aeolus-1       DeepCool_big_ Aeolus-3


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