Orange failure: insufficient compensation?

Is orange generous enough to forgive the cutoff of its network? And what about customers still abroad, always private telephone?

Orange SmartphoneDue to the large failure encountered by the Orange network, the operator had not dragged to announce compensation device. Today, UFC - that choose is on this day of SMS available to clients on the pre-paid voice to a package, and this Go holders of data available for mobile Web subscribers. To the association of consumers, this gesture is not sufficient given the ampleure of de panne.

"The answer seems inappropriate, because measures have no effect on the portfolio of clients." They allow them to, as the case may be, call, send SMS or surf the Internet excessive for a day (imposed, in addition), but what interest? (...) It is exactly as if a restaurateur opened a free buffet at will for 24 hours: on a beautiful force, after two plates, there is more hunger... "A financial reduction on the price of the package would have probably been more appreciated consumer" considers the UFC-Que choose.

Also, the association added that it's a new maneuver in an attempt to retain customers, since any subscriber party will not compensated, the day offered being chosen by Orange during the month of September. And she recalls the blackout lasted 12 hours for everyone, because travel abroad during the Orange customers were able to use again their phone once back on the French ground. Some are indeed still abroad, private telephone. Orange promises a resolution of the problem, but when? Also, some subscribers is still not recovered voice messages left on their e-mail during the incident...

A reminder, all virtual operators attached to the Orange network, and Free Mobile, roaming partner, will be able to benefit to customers of the same offer of compensation than that which will benefit customers of the incumbent operator.


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