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A HD 6790 with expensive step?

To offer a competitive graphics solution, Yeston opts for a chip Radeon HD 6790 and tries to position itself in the entry level of this class of GPU.

Yeston, Chinese manufacturer of graphics cards with aggressive pricing, offers a model of AMD Radeon HD 6790 which could attract players who have a limited budget. The design of the card and GPU cooler partly explain the savings made ??by Yeston, which proposes that around $ 125.


The cooler also resembles that of the MSI Cyclone. Instructed to release the heat from the GPU, it is connected by two copper heat pipes (or nickel coated copper) to small spiral fins. The 80mm fan blowing over the fins at low speeds.

The card itself is powered by a 6-pin connector standard PCI-Express and centered around the GPU clocked at 840 MHz, carrying 800 stream processors and 1GB of GDDR5 RAM on a 256-bit memory bus. Output, there are two DVI ports, one HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort 1.2. Remember that the Radeon HD 6790 is positioned just below the 6850 in performance.

Remains to be seen if it will land with us at a price lower than the HD 6790 1GB Sapphire found around € 110 in the graphics section of our price comparison.


Yeston_radeaon_hd_6790_4   Yeston_radeaon_hd_6790_3   Yeston_radeaon_hd_6790_2

Will the manufacturers of PC stop the shelves?

While the market shelves is thriving on the eve of festivals, some pessimistic voices rise and believe that the traditional brands in the sector do not have the weapons to fight against sellers of contents ...


If one could accuse Apple of trying to create a need with his iPad, we must recognize that the market shelves has indeed taken, even pushing some manufacturers in the computing world history to evoke the era of post-PC. We will not go that far, even though the figures suggest a rapid adoption of the tablet format. So, all manufacturers are getting into, with diverse and varied strategies. But if we are to believe the opinion of some spécialistent, the market could grow to the detriment of big names in the PC.

Indeed, wholesalers middle just explain to DigiTimes that from 2012, Acer, Asus, Dell, or HP may begin to rethink their strategies on the market shelves to disengage gradually. A withdrawal could be very fast if the first results given by Windows 8 tablets are bad. Of course, they advance a few theories to explain these predictions.

One of them, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "The big computer manufacturers have no advantage in the competition on the market shelves. They can not necessarily play their expertise, do not benefit from their usual economies of scale and they can not rely on ecosystems of content as can Apple, Amazon or Barnes & Noble (...) The only chance they have to glean market share is Android to choose and try to offer products at more competitive prices. But they do not. In the end, all they could gather, they are crumbs. "

One way of looking at things different from that of those manufacturers who seek, instead, to design the best possible shelf of a technological point of view and rely on the OS they integrate to provide their customers with solutions to interesting the content. The ecosystem of applications already developed on Android and on which Microsoft put Windows 8 should satisfy users. Still, sources said, it will be very difficult for companies from around the PC to be a place alongside the Apple iPad Kindle and other Fire and Nook, tablets sold at very competitive prices and rely on content.

"In the future, the tablets will be offered in exchange for subscriptions to the content" believes knowing one of the respondents. "The enthusiasm for the tablets is currently down, which will accelerate once the technophiles will all be equipped. Therefore, all that remains for sale, it's a new way of consuming content "she concludes.

Selection Christmas 2011: laptops

Jingle Bells ... Christmas is fast approaching and we must start thinking about gifts that sits under the tree. History theme to honor our high-tech computer and on this occasion, we offer a few selections of products made ??by the editor.

It's almost the holiday season and for those who still believe in Santa Claus, it is time to make your gift list. As many of us, you may take the opportunity to (re) equipped with computers. We are launching, just to help you make your choice, our selections of Christmas with laptops for every budget and meet all the needs. Here, categorized, the machines that we think deserve a look from you.

Small, compact, inexpensive, with good battery life, netbooks are very popular in 2008 with Asus Eee PC and mythical. These machines, however, were limited primarily to surf the net, the consultation of e-mails and basic word processing. But this year they have changed for the better, thanks to mobile platforms with AMD APUs open new perspectives in terms of media (HD movies, games, basic, etc.)..

HP Pavilion dm1-4033sf
This reference is particularly interesting because this laptop combines power and autonomy in a template content for a fee not exceeding € 380. It integrates a dual core AMD Brazos E450 1.6 GHz, a Radeon HD 6320M performance, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, a screen of 11.6 "(1366 x 768) and a battery announced for 9 hours of battery life according to HP. It is in this category, one of the machines in the ratio perf / price of the most interesting, period.

Selec 2011 - HP Pavilion dm-4033sf (1) Selec 2011 - HP Pavilion dm-4033sf (2)

Asus Eee PC 1215B-SIV134M
This Asus netbook is a model that also runs under platform with AMD Brazos APU Zacate E450 double heart and about the same specifications as the HP Pavilion described above, except for its larger screen of 12.1 "and the presence of a port USB 3.0. the brushed aluminum design style is also one of its arguments. This computer will be at ease in the office, in HD video playback and can even withstand a small session of games not too resource intensive (Portal 2, Trackmania, etc.)..
asuseeepc1215bo01 Selec 2011 - Asus Eee PC 1215b (2)

Asus EeePC 1001PXD-WHI139S
This other EeePC comes close our selection of netbooks because its price € 190 places in the entry level and agree to tight budgets who want a mini-PC certainly look effective basic, but enough to surf the internet, check e-mails or watch a YouTube video in standard reso. With a screen of 10.1 "LED, its Intel Atom N455, the GB of RAM and 320 GB of storage, it will be a discreet companion when traveling because of its small size. And to think that a netbook with this config still cost € 350 a year ago ...

Selec 2011 - Asus Eee PC 1001 PX (1) Selec 2011 - Asus Eee PC 1001 PX (2)


For ultraportable means a machine that should be light, while providing independent power worthy of a desktop PC and featuring a design worked. Recently, driven by Intel who wants to compete with the success of the Apple Mac Book Air, manufacturers offer their ultrabooks that combine the qualities of an ultraportable with extremely fine. Here are some models of interest.

Asus Zenbook UX31E-RY009V
Among the few ultrabooks available on the market recently, the Asus model that has most caught the eye. Its super slim design (less than 1, 7 cm thick) made ??of brushed aluminum for only 1.3 kg on the scale make it a must-have. For technical specifications are not left with a 13.3-inch LED display (1600 x 900 pixels), the Intel Core i5-2557M supported by 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage. Add to that a WiFi connectivity 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, mini-HDMI output, an SD card reader and a battery of 6840 mAh and you get a concentration of technology in a minimum of space that will leave nobody indifferent. A nice Christmas gift for those who will have the chance to find under the tree.

Selec 2011 - Asus Zenbook UX31E (1) Asus_UX21_zenbook

Toshiba Satellite R830-1DG
In the range of ultraportables "normal" we chose this Toshiba Satellite R830, together with a more conventional design, is no less well equipped to meet the multimedia needs driven, comfortable with multitasking, without breaking the bank as below € 800. Equipped with Sandy Bridge CPU Core i5-2435M 2.4 GHz chip with integrated Intel GMA 3000 HD, it also includes 4 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz upgradeable to 8 GB, 640 GB hard drive at 5400 r / min and Slim DVD burner. Its 13.3-inch LED backlight WXGA HD (1366 × 768) is matte, antiglare, it is topped with a 0.3 megapixel VGA webcam with microphone, chiclet style keyboard is spill-resistant and the touchpad is multitouch.

Selec 2011 - Toshiba Satellite R830 (1) Selec 2011 - Toshiba Satellite R830 (2)

HP Envy 14-2090EF
Envy range is one of the success stories of HP. This 14.5-inch ultraportable that benefits from the new platform Huron River low-power Intel processor-based Sandy Bridge Core i5-2410M 2.3 GHz also loads a graphical solution AMD Radeon HD 6630M supports DirectX 11. This model is built for multimedia applications and 3D games with more advanced, too, with its 4 GB of RAM expandable to 8 GB hard drive and 750 GB at 7200 r / min. Design "Carbon Relic" brushed aluminum with laser etched patterns is not displeasing to us and make it a particularly attractive model especially considering its price.

Selec 2011 - HP Envy 14 (1)


Because sometimes you want to replace a bulky desktop PC with a laptop that can be stored in a minimum of space. Because we want to use this machine for multimedia (watch an episode of Big Bang Theory, among others) as to its accounts and Christmas shopping online or even start some games not too greedy and not put a fortune . Here are some laptops to watch in this catch-all category.

Dell XPS 14z
It has dragged on for several days in the writing and the XPS 14z is clearly one of the portable "all trades" who below € 1000, is envy. It has a look of MacBook Pro and is one of the finest 14''market (2.3 cm thick). In a chassis that has the dimensions of 13.3'', it hides a slab of 36 cm in 1366 x 768, and features a Core i5-2430M 2.4 GHz supported by 6 GB of DDR3. In addition to the integrated graphics chip, this notebook can count on a GeForce GT 520M supports the techno Optimus and assigns storage to a disk of 500 GB at 7200 r / min. All of which are configured directly on the shop Dell. The only thing missing last two options to make it an even more commendable: a higher resolution and an SSD. And if possible the same price! We dream? It is like this ...

Selec 2011 - Dell XPS 14z.jpg Selec 2011 - Dell XPS 14z (2).jpg

HP Pavilion g7-1246sf
In a different price range, the HP Pavilion g7 probably deserves you to take a look if you want a laptop for comfortable viewing. Indeed, despite its size 17.3''(1600 x 900) it is accessible with the label of about € 460. Performance may not be back, with a Core i3-2330M (dual-core hyperthreaded 2.2 GHz 35W TDP), 4GB of DDR3 and Radeon HD 6470M 512 MB storage 500 GB displays (to 5400 r / min) and it ignores the USB 3.0, but the equipment is also correct that the finish of this machine simple and effective in this price range. A size / perf / price rather interesting.

Selec 2011 - HP Pavilion g7 Selec 2011 - HP Pavilion g7 (2)

Toshiba Satellite P770-11L
For those a little more in and want to maintain a comfortable display that allows the laptop to "replace" a desktop, the Toshiba Satellite P770 is a good choice. We keep the slab in 1600 17.3''x 900, you pass the Core i7-2670QM (quad-core 2.2 GHz, 3.1 GHz Turbo, 6 MB cache, 45W TDP) and recovered the GeForce GT 520M Optimus, all with 4 GB of RAM and a 750 GB drive at 5400 r / min. A correct equipment (DVD, WiFi n, card reader, VGA, HDMI, two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, all in a chassis that goes everywhere weighs a total of 3.1 kg with 6 cell battery. The coating 'striated' plastics used looks good and prevents fingerprints mark too. the Harman Kardon audio is signed and Eco function allows one-click to reduce the consumption of the laptop.

Selec 2011 - Toshiba Satellite P770-11L Selec 2011 - Toshiba Satellite P770-11L (2)


No selection of Christmas stuff that makes no dream. Machines that only the rich kids - really rich - have the right to unwrap under the tree. In this category of monsters that are so heavy and they leave little autonomy under almost phones, we splurged. History of a minimum stay down to earth, we selected an Asus ROG 17.3''whose label is close to the € 2000. Next, to finish off, we farted a cable by configuring a larger Alienware M18x over 5000 "E" as the young.

Asus ROG G74SX-TZ104V
Why the Asus ROG? Already because we like the design of the chassis and its bias toward a certain sobriety compared to machines "gamer" that compete with Christmas lights tamper-les-goose. But also because its data sheet is attractive while remaining on the bar (for this kind of phones) of € 2000. By signing this check, you'll get a Core i7-2630QM 2 GHz and 2.9 GHz in Turbo (4 cores, 8 threads, 6 MB cache, 45W TDP), 8 GB of DDR3 and a 160 GB SSD combined with a 500 GB HDD 7200 r / min. The slab-format 17.3''display 1080p images that sends a GeForce GTX 560M 3 GB and this laptop features a full keyboard chiclet style backlit. The design of the Asus ROG allows him to better dissipate the heat of intense gaming sessions with a suction of fresh air from below and a breakdown in the frame before it is discharged through the rear via two small fans at low speed. The equipment is no exception: WiFi, Bluetooth, card reader, webcam HD 720p, VGA + HDMI, the "HD" and THX support, plus three USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port. Get out your dumbbells, weighing 4.28 kg on G74SX With an 8-cell battery of 5200 mAh which should not make a very long time to empty full Battlefield 3!


Selec 2011 - Asus ROG G74SX Selec 2011 - Asus ROG G74SX (2)

Alienware M18x configured
Even if equipped with a very big computer gamer, go for it all and have fun. Dell, Alienware in the shop, the options add to the bill a few hundred dollars for each click ... the slot machine reversed! Playing this game, we had fun concocting a M18x (18.4''1080p) to over € 5,000 - far more powerful than the above-referenced models against - with its overclocked Core i7-2960XM at 2.7 GHz and 3.7 GHz in Turbo (four cores, 8 MB cache, 55W TDP), the duo Radeon HD 6990M CrosseFireX 2 GB, 8 GB RAM and 2 x 256 GB SSD in Raid 0. The mode while over-equipped with Blu-ray and everything you need. For colors and other aesthetic options (such AlienHead 3D ...), it lets you manage. But know that there is enough flash in all directions thanks to the many LED current. A portable alien!

Selec 2011 - Alienware M18x (2) Selec 2011 - Alienware M18x (1)

So much for our selection of Christmas dedicated to notebooks. Of course, we do not doubt your ability to sniper deals. Feel free to share it with other readers via the website comment section.

Motorola Razr and Xoom 2: we tested them!

On the occasion of the launch party of Motorola Razr 2 and Xoom tablets, we were able to take control of these Android devices to deliver you our first impressions.

Conference Motorola Novembre 2011 (1).JPG

If you follow diligently the current high-tech, including PCWorld, you are probably aware, Motorola Mobility (being acquired by Google) is waking up and is positioned at the end of year on terminals Android high-end with three exciting new products: the smartphone and tablet Xoom Razr 2 (10.1'') and Xoom Media Edition 2 (8.2''). Three products already presented in our columns we had the chance to try last night at a launch event in Paris. Needless to say we did not pray for made ??three crushing machines that share look, philosophy, characteristics and ambition.

Not necessarily remember all the characteristics of the Razr, which prides itself on being the thinnest smartphone in the world, we must recognize that this is an impressive Androphone. What is striking at first is of course the fine hand. 7.1 mm on almost all of the surface, it does not leave indifferent even if it is imposing with its 4.3''screen, this finesse allows it to remain very discreet in his pocket. This is clearly one of its most significant assets, even if it leaves no tell otherwise. We must recognize its QHD display (960 x 540) AMOLED Super Plus (a Samsung?) Good qualities, with really bright colors. As for the overall design is a box full, the mix of black graphite and metallic reflections gives the smartphone a nice pace. Especially the build quality will be one of the highlights of the campaign from Motorola. Treaty on the outside and inside to be hydrophobic and withstand drops of rain as the glass of water falling, the Razr also has the look of his back with unbreakable Kevlar and glass Gorilla Glass.

Essai Motorola Razr (2).JPG

Essai Motorola Razr (3).JPG Essai Motorola Razr (4).JPG Essai Motorola Razr (5).JPG Essai Motorola Razr (6).JPG

Difficult to evaluate the sensor 8 MP camera in low light (noise quite marked and LED flash, which tends to burn out the subjects too close) but the recorded video in 1080p seem to go pretty well. As for the rest of the features is the high-end SoC with a dual-core 1.2 GHz, which decodes the HD, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of ROM expandable to 48 GB with microSD. Compatible WiFi dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz, it embeds a 1780 mAh battery that promises a battery life of 250 hours standby, 450 minutes talk time and 120 minutes in conf 'video. Already in shops € 549 naked, and 49 € with SFR formula Square Web (through an offer of repayment of € 100 on the season), the Motorola Razr moved immediately from the Android smartphones most prominent. Especially if it comes with Gingerbread 2.3, it will have its upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by early next year.

The side of the Xoom 2, Motorola associated himself with the variation in two screen sizes as did Samsung with its Galaxy Tab. Thus, it will take 2 with Xoom and IPS of 10.1''screen at 1280 x 800 and 2 Xoom Media Edition and IPS screen of 8.2''to the same definition. Do not ask "why Media Edition", no one is able to comment on the choice of the most questionable marketing. Like Samsung, there is actually little that differentiate the two models increased their size. The 8.2''is just slightly thicker (0.1 mm), it is lighter with 385 g against 599 g, and loads a battery of 3900 mAh (about 6 hours of browsing via WiFi) against 7000 mAh (about 10:20 in navigation WiFi) to 10.1''.

For the rest, the hearts-hearts with OMAP dual-core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A9, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of storage (a 32GB model is available in 10.1 ' '). After a quick test in SunSpider Benchmark 0.9.1 and Pi - they never change - the Xoom 2 are a little hair better than tablets Honeycomb / Tegra 2 spent writing. So it's more in the HD decoding the difference may be even on real multi-threaded applications. The 5 MP sensor cash back video in 1080p then found a 1.3 MP front. In short, Motorola offers a real choice of screen size to the consumer, and positions of a tariff perspective skilfully with both models, the Xoom 2 being launched at € 459 and 2 Xoom Media Edition to 399 € .

Essai Motorola Xoom 2 (1).JPG Essai Motorola Xoom 2 ME (1).JPG

The Xoom 10.1 2 "left, and the Media Edition 8.2" on the right

In hand, these two make a good impression Xoom. It's hard with the integration on the back button on / off and volume, as well as pregnant misplaced for holding the tablet in landscape mode. But we must recognize that the quality is there, again with considerable finesse and an original design with beveled corners such that shock less than what one would think. The tablet running Android 3.2 Honeycomb, but will also have the right to switch to 4.0 by early next year. Also oriented productivity, the company's market is historically important for Motorola, these tablets will be complemented by a complete set of accessories, from pen to keyboard, mouse and dock.

Beyond their design and their design, these three Android devices Motorola will obviously need some additional benefits to stand out on the market. They can count as such - not on a customization of Android as polished as that of its Samsung Galaxy Tab - but on two main applications Exclusive: MotoCast and SmartACT. Operation is simple and has two real mobility needs. The principle is simple MotoCast, as is that of streaming media. After installing an app on his computer (PC or Mac), telephone or shelf clock access, WiFi and 3G, the content of it (provided it stays on and connected of course), that 'This is audio, video and photo. After a short demonstration, it actually looks very simple and functional.

Essai Motorola Xoom 2 (2).JPG Essai Motorola Xoom 2 (3).JPG

Essai Motorola Xoom 2 (4).JPG Essai Motorola Xoom 2 (5).JPG Essai Motorola Xoom 2 ME (5).JPG Essai Motorola Xoom 2 ME (4).JPG

As for SmartACT, this is an application that allows you to define rules and actions based on the conditions for using the terminal, including taking advantage of the geolocation. For example, this allows the phone to tell it to automatically turn off WiFi when you leave the workplace and back on once at home, or the tablet to lower the brightness of the screen when the battery level drops below 20%. In short, the little rules that seem harmless, but can make life easier and improve the user experience, the goal of all players in the market today. Nothing necessarily new applications to do this already on the Market, but the integration of these features is a good thing especially since they seem to be well thought out.

Qualcomm on the war footing for its Snapdragon S4

An update of Snapdragon S1 and S4 of the imminent arrival promises a war without thank you in the market for mobile processors.


Recently, we introduced its Nvidia Tegra processor 3. Lot of power for this new mobile architecture that has in the stomach. In front, Qualcomm is not resting on its laurels and will not to miss the rise of mobile devices. The new Snapdragon S4 has already been presented in a previous article, but now wants to communicate the depth of the energy consumption of the chip, although "super powerful" should draw acceptably in the battery.

The Snapdragon S4 could even be 63% more energy efficient than the previous generation of Qualcomm SoC in common tasks. Coupled with new batteries, also ever more efficient, it could ultimately enable mobile devices to enjoy autonomy lengthened. Other information given by the Vice President attached to the Marketing, Tim McDonough, Qualcomm is currently working with Microsoft for this ARM chip is optimized to perfectly run Windows 8.

As for references S4 Snapdragon chips, here's the list that you can recognize them in the technical equipment: MSM8660A, MSM8260A, MSM8630, MSM8230, MSM8627, MSM8227, and APQ8030 APQ8060A. Note that Qualcomm does not let its mobile processors to entry-level on the side of the road. The manufacturer preparing to refresh four models in the S1 (MSM7225A, MSM7625A, MSM7227A, MSM7627A).

Qualcomm, which also enjoys developing applications to demonstrate the power of its products, has added three upcoming games to the schedule in 2012 (The Ball, Galaga and Heroes Fight Special Edition) from its site, which will join its gaming space a hundred references already present.

Mobile Free in the startings blocks

Free would be technically and commercially able to launch its mobile phone deals at bargain prices before Christmas!

Free Mobile Logo.PNG

Will it be possible to wish a happy new year 2012 to his family via a phone call or an SMS sent from a smartphone equipped with a chip Free Mobile? It is currently the question that all consumers and professionals in the sector of mobile telephony.

The fourth French mobile operator would, according to Le Figaro, already well over 27% population coverage condition for the launch of its mobile offerings (maps Free 3G base stations are also available on the net). Free would be able to offer technically and commercially now his crimes at bargain prices. The technical tests are underway for 15 days, by Xavier Niel, CEO of Free "the quality and speed are excellent." For the commercial, 1000 people were recruited more than 800 are formed to inform and assist future customers.

The exact date of launch has not been revealed, and some experts expect availability before the holiday season, the most prosperous period for the mobile with 25% of sales. In any case, it is a matter of days to know the end of the story that drives the theories and wild rumors regarding rates and services to be offered. Only then can we judge whether the troublemaker of the net has kept all its promises and if a Free all inclusive mobile ... or not?

OpenSuse 12.1, or how to have its cloud at the house!

It's Friday night, it's a drink ... A small Suze? The new version of OpenSuse 12.1 is available. Little review of the proposed improvements.opensuse_12.1_Installer-boot1

This new version of the free OS, acquired earlier this year by Novell, brings a lot of corrections and additions. The Desktop version comes with a new version of Gnome Shell, here 3.2, fixing a bunch of bugs and some interface changes, such as setting up accounts in one place, or better management of the displays in multi-screens. The PackageKit has also been revised to a more simple and easy deposits of applications of the distribution.

More and more we hear about the "Cloud", a mass storage of data in our servers to hundreds of miles from home. But would not it be better to have them with us? This is what is trying to make this new version, offering "ownCloud". For those who want to start a small home server, this turnkey solution can be interesting and easy commissioning. In addition, a contact management and scheduling is proposed, compatible with almost every other mobile OS market and for customers connecting to it.

opensuse_12.1_owncloudCalendarAgendalocal1   opensuse_12.1_Creating_a_new_ownCloud

La virtualisation n'est pas en reste avec le support des dernières versions de KVM, Xen 4.1 et de VirtualBox, pilotables par les versions à jour de virt-manager ou encore open-vm-tools. En profondeur, cette nouvelle distribution démarrera plus vite grâce à systemd préalablement développé pour Fedora, les équipes de développements d'openSuse ayant travaillé de concert avec celles de Fedora pour l'intégrer dans cette version. Le système de fichier btrfs sera également de la partie, comme un outil de snapshot inclus baptisé snapper. Enfin, pour les contributeurs ou les développeurs, il est également ajouté le langage de programmation de Google dénommé Go, de LLVM3 ou encore de GCC 4.6.2. Sans oublier le Kernel en version 3.1, il prend en charge de nouveaux périphériques, comme les Wiimote, la webcam iSight d'Apple ou encore le capteur Microsoft Kinect. Mais ce n'est pas tout, car ce noyau rajoute le support des nouveaux processeurs comme les AMD Llano Fusion, les Intel Ivy Bridge ou les Atom Cedar Trail, ainsi que le plein de cartes réseaux WiFi, d'autres cartes graphiques et bien plus encore.

Intel Ivy Bridge-E: compatible X79 and LGA 2011?

And if the Ivy Bridge-E is compatible with the recently launched LGA 2011?

So just to test the Sandy Bridge-E Intel that are slow to point the tip of their nose Server versions, a slide from a presentation by leaked internal depth Xfastest reveals the existence of Ivy Bridge-E ... Remember, the Ivy Bridge are the future Intel processors, the Core i third generation that will be engraved in 22 nm.

These Ivy Bridge-E models are therefore high-end of the new series of processors, and where the slide is very interesting is that it suggests that these Ivy Bridge-E x79 chipset could use the d Intel and could therefore be backwards compatible with all motherboards with socket LGA 2011 now coming out for Sandy Bridge-E. This would allow the socket to have a greater than expected longevity, and enhance the interest of a sudden the platform Intel has just launched.
Xfastest Ivy Bridge-E Slide

If this compatibility is confirmed by Intel, it means that the founder is to increase the longevity of its sockets. A note when the current LGA 1155 processors will accommodate Ivy Bridge. Ivy Bridge-E of which should be available in late 2012 in all probability. Remains to be seen, as can be expected, these processors incorporate 8-core assets.

Inventory of fixtures of the market of the mobile: Nokia leader threatened and to be able catch of Android

It moves in the market for mobile telephony. Small dot on the waltz of the market shares of manufacturers and OS.


Worldwide, sales of mobile continues to grow in the third quarter of the year according to figures released by Gartner. Between July and September, it sold a total of 440.5 million mobile or 5.6% from a year ago. If smartphones are clearly the locomotive market in countries where rates of equipment are already very high, it is the feature-phone markets that drive good sales in emerging markets.

Nokia remains the world leader with 105 million handsets shipped in the quarter, but saw its market share fell from 28.2% to 23.9%. On the one hand the Finnish manufacturer of mobile delivered 117 million over the same period a year earlier, and also its main competitors have been strengthened. Nokia is counting on the launch of its Windows Phone Lumia, and other models arriving in 2012, to rise again.

Behind him is pushing Samsung with 78.6 million handsets shipped 71.6 million against a year earlier. Its market share 0.6 points wins and goes to 17.8%, thanks to the success of its Android smartphones in the Galaxy. The difference between these two top of the class with the third manufacturer in the world, remains open, since the other Korean, LG, is the third of the market with 4.8% market share (- 1.8 points) for a total of 21 million phone delivered. Apple follows with 17.3 million iPhones sold, against 13.5 million a year earlier, allowing its market share from 3.2% to 3.9%. The iPhone 4S already sold over 4 million copies would allow Apple to assert his rank.

Also note the strong growth of Chinese ZTE, which in force to go upmarket, gaining 1.3 points of market share to 3.2% with sales two times higher than a year ago, 14 , 1 million phones. It passes RIM BlackBerry stabilized with 2.9% market share, while the Taiwanese HTC is him growing with 12.1 million handsets sold against 6.5 million a year earlier. Follow Motorola returns to growth of market share, and Huawei, another Chinese rising.

Gartner inform us that the smartphone market continues to grow from 115 million phones sold in the quarter, 42% increase over one year. Figures from the firm, Android was well established as the first platform in the market with 52.5% market share. It must be said that it sold three times as many Android phones on these three months a year earlier (60.4 million against 20.5 million). Symbian drop 36.3% to 16.9%, and IOS from 16.6% to 15%. Windows Phone has not yet taken off, with sales down over the quarter and lost market share 1.2 points to 1.5%. Unlike Bada, Samsung's proprietary OS, up from 1.1% to 2.2% with 2.5 million devices sold.