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[MAJ] SSD: SATA 3 and SandForce also for Super Talent

Super Talent introduces SSD on controller SandForce amount to 540 MB/s sequential read.

SuperTalent SSD 480 GoZalman is not only to present new SSD on controller SF-2200 today. Super Talent is same with its TeraNova series. Nothing to do with the TV series prehistoric of Spielberg, because talking about well of flash drives format 2.5 "fastest placed on the market by Super Talent until now. Operator interface SATA 6 Gbps, these disks are consumers high performance solutions.

It is therefore at 540 MB/s sequential read and between 480 and 520 MB/s write. Super Talent puts forward the qualities of these TeraNova SSD response time and their performance in all sorts of situations, explaining that professionals working on delivered software will win a time crazy with these flash drives coming in four capacities: 60, 120, 240 and 480 GB unknown price.

[Updated December 9 to 17: 00]

Price appeared on the canvas and it will be $109 for the 60 GB, $179 for the 120 GB, $365 for the 240 GB and $920 to 480 GB.

Torrenza: the bad idea of AMD

AMD think abandon Torrenza of Fusion...

After five years of silence, technology Torrenza resurfaced. In principle, explained a few years ago in our columns, it was question of coprocessors to accelerate specific calculations and thus shed the main processor. On paper, this technology had the meaning because based on bus Hyper Transport the caster, which may even be coupled to the PCI Express bus graphics cards.

AMD Torrenza

But Neal Robinson, Director of software solutions for AMD, indicates that Torrenza is finally a good idea. The problem of the implementation of Torrenza is the need to develop applications taking part of these chips to ensure performance to the appointment. A bit like CUDA or OpenCL with the power of additional graphics cards, but five years too early. With the arrival of the AMD Fusion directly integrating the GPU in the same die that the CPU, it is therefore simpler for AMD to this less expensive solution, requiring no specific development. Intel will do the same with his MIC (Many Integrated Core) chipset for Xeon sockets? Not a priori, the MIC as Knights Corner before arriving in 2012...

Stars are the pub of MegaUpload, Universal is rampant

MegaUpload change design and made his promo in a clip using the number of American stars. Not at all of the taste of Universal Music…

Site hosting and more or less legal files MegaUpload download Gets a new design and take this opportunity to launch an advertising campaign involving many stars of the music made in USA which Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, Kanye West,, P.Diddy, Jamie Foxx, and many others. These figures thus all participated in a video clip entitled "MegaSong" in which they boast of this file Exchange service. Considered the new pet peeve to be slaughtered by the RIAA and the MPAA (American associations for the defence of the rights of the musical and film industry) as promoting piracy of works, MegaUpload saw his removed promotional clip of many video platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo by Universal Music Group.


Indeed, many figures appearing in the clip and the site MegaUpload forms of thumbnails and video testimonials are under contract with the House of disk which does not at all like the thing and attempts to prohibit the dissemination of these videos by all means. The Mega society talks about censorship and is not to let considering even lodge a complaint against Universal. It took not more to feed more buzz and the video of the MegaSong is now found on many blogs, news sites, video streaming platforms, directly on the home page of the site MegaUpload or below (if censorship has not already occurred).

The paying side Torrent...

µTorrent is version, $ 24.95 per year. Funny strategy...

BitTorrent just µTorrent addition, first pay version of the client, billed $ 24.95 per year. A launch which is some turmoil with aficionados of downloading, generally fans of free solutions. But what gives this "Premium" of the µTorrent client version? It integrates tools of conversion and transcoding, a compatible media player HD, specially developed by BitDefender, a "remote" Advanced antivirus and advanced download options.

µTorrent Plus (1) µTorrent Plus (2)

"µTorrent more is a significant step forward in our strategy." The idea is to combat the frustration of people who download content from the Internet and which cannot be properly used on their equipment, PC to smartphone, without forgetting game consoles. "We fight it with a more complete software suite, integrating a range of codecs, simplifying conversion of files in the appropriate formats and offering a media player HD, without forgetting the anti-virus solution that reassures users and protect malware sometimes circulating on P2P networks" explains Shahi Ghanem, strategy of BitTorrent. Not sure that this is sufficient to encourage people to pay, knowing that the programs are many to propose this kind of functions, even if they are not directly integrated with the client to download...

The mouse ball back, but not one that you think...

The Sphere 2 Ore Object titanium, gold or Platinum?

In devices, there is a little of everything and both the anything. Ore Object offers one field mouse like no other. No, there is no ball but up to 1600 dpi laser sensor. This spherical mouse weighs 235 grams on the balance and promises to be a design object enthroned on your desktop.


The two buttons, left and right in the front and the scrolling on top, it will easily slide on the desktop with Teflon runners. This Sphere 2 is available in three versions, first known as Titanium sold $ 185, a second named sold Platinum $ 320... and also (24 K) Gold version for $ 290.

AMD Radeon HD 7900: the Tahiti compiled specs

Small récap' of specs assumed for Thaiti, the new top-of-range GPU from AMD that will equip the top of the basket of the Radeon HD 7000.


Graphics cards incorporating the new AMD architecture should be available within about a month and according to the site German 3DCenter, here are specifications - assumed and compiled from different sources - the top-of-range GPU.

Tahiti, the 380 mm² die code name will be engraved in 28 nm by TSMC and composed of not less than 4.5 billion transistors. It will benefit of architecture Graphics Core Next (GCN), 2048 sheders cores, 128 units of texturing, 48 ROPs, an unknown amount of GDDR5 memory to 1 GHz with 384-bit memory bus and a maximum bandwidth of 240-264 Gb/s.

Information to take course with the tweezers of rigour, since no official technical specification from AMD is still available at the present time...

Zalman launches in graphics cards

Zalman and AMD become partners. Maps charts of solid performance and impeccable cooling?

Zalman, known and recognized in the field of cooling, society continues to diversify. For example, we recently presented a new SSD disk proposed by the trade mark. And today, we learn that it starts in the race for graphics cards with three models based on AMD processor. This is in any case what think of our fellow site which gives the future map of the brand images.


zalman_carte_graphique_Radeon_HD_6770_6850_6870_002                          zalman_carte_graphique_Radeon_HD_6770_6850_6870_004                         zalman_carte_graphique_Radeon_HD_6770_6850_6870_001

Table, cards are therefore to base frequencies, step of Overclocking of plant, but it is very likely that cooling will be insured property and therefore it will be, a posteriori, possible to frequencies. Bet that Zalman has greatly improved the ventilation of these cards to present products with a strategic advantage over the range of prices which will be chosen. And availability, talking about cards launched tomorrow...

Ultrabooks: chassis suppliers prepare...

The success which the ultrabooks are predestined force chassis providers to boost their production capacity.

A few weeks ago we got the information from the Asian factories who design the chassis for portable computers, and in particular the ultrabooks. The portable purposes and light for which the chassis is very important, but can also be costly for the manufacturers if they choose a unibody aluminum for example model. At the time, we know these same manufacturers try to other materials such as glass fibre. And it came to the conclusion that three possibilities will exist: fibre glass for the bottom-of-range, an alu exterior and an interior plastic and metal for the middle-of-range, and all alu for the top-of-range.

Toshiba Z830 (15).JPG Toshiba Z830 (14).JPG

Toshiba Z830, the last ultrabook has spent in our lab...

Today, new information from Taiwan will in this sense, because one learns that large suppliers of chassis considering changing their production for the ultrabooks lines. That also confirms that they anticipate an evolution of the notebook PC market to the ultrabooks, that Intel is already taking 40% of the market next year. Thus, Bin Chuan company and Chi Cheng Enterprise expect both to an explosion of demand for chassis purposes and highly technical, and ensure to achieve a production capacity of 1.8 million frames per month for mid-2012. In addition, bin Chuan will open eight new lines of production on the first half of the year 2012, specialized in anodized aluminium.

Of the Samsung ultrabooks, or almost...

Samsung out two Ultrabook models, but without being really because does not pasting to the specifications of Intel.

Use the term "ultrabook" to refer to cell phones which are not according to Intel, must be daring. Samsung is there risk by introducing two new laptops "5 Series" that are first launched in Korea. It thus discovered a 13 "model which weighs 1.4 Kg and one of 14" who weighs 1.8 Kg. Two machines that do not scrupulously comply with the specifications of the ultrabooks developed by Intel. For example, the 14 "exceeds the allowed limit of weight of 400 grams, and also exceeds the maximum thickness with 20.9 mm.

For the screen, it is quite basic. 1366 X 768 pixels in bright mode, anti-glare Treaty. In the 14 "model, can be found an Intel Core i5 processor and up to 8 GB of RAM, a hard disk of 1 TB and 16 GB of SSD (storage hybrid), an optional optical drive and an AMD Radeon HD 7550M graphic card. Side connectors, multiple USB ports, the RJ45, a VGA port, and another in HDMI. WiFi and Bluetooth are of course part, but we have no details as to the standards used.


13 "Model has the same bright screen and the same definition, all in a chassis not exceeding the 14.9 mm (eligible for the title of ultrabook!). Inside, 500 GB of hard disk coupled to a 16 GB SSD. The graphic part is this time limited to the controller of the processor. For ports, this will be the same as those of the 14 "model. To do such as LG, Samsung developed the ExpressCache system to kick start his machine in 7 seconds chrono from the hibernation and 2 seconds since the classic standby mode.

samsung-series-5-003         samsung-series-5-002

These portable two "5 Series" - name usually used for the Chromebook range - are diverted to fill the role of Ultrabook. Have the Korean brand been taken to court by the buzz of the ultrabooks kick? In any case, it will have to pay $ 1125 for the entry without any options and up to $ 1298 the all options on the model 13 ", or $ 1167 and up to $ 1341 model 14". Therefore, it is still far from directives of Intel pricing... See if 13 "deserves well its title of Ultrabook compared to the UX31 of Asus, Toshiba Z830 and Acer Aspire S3 we tested.

WebOS goes Open source

HP took an important decision on the future of WebOS making it Open Source. Good news for holders of TouchPad...


More time passes, more the much speculation regarding the future of the system of Palm WebOS, acquired by HP in October 2010. Initially, the idea of Palm was to be relaunch by proposing an interesting alternative to the two major mobile operating systems, iOS from Apple and Google's Android. Based on a Linux kernel, the purpose of WebOS was to rest up on Web applications, do not require learning a new computer language. Drag-n-drop of buttons, input text, a few lines of javascript code and the round is played.

From the point of view of the user, WebOS was enough resulted: the copy/paste from the first version, well thought cards multitasking system, a tactile zone dedicated to the multitasking on the Pre/Pixi Plus version sold by SFR. This list must be added the reloading by induction, still rare, that can be used to enable a new function, Synergy, displaying all information on the screen of the tablet or the mobile recharge its position. Foolish step.

However, the WebOS mobile as the TouchPad signed HP Tablet not found their audience. Too expensive? Perhaps. In any case, at the beginning of great triggering of the TouchPad to €99 for the 16 GB, everyone jumped on it. And there is what, at a rate as low, is a very good shelf! But HP had here in the idea of getting rid of the "mill" deemed lame. Then other information arrived indicating that WebOS system would be integrated in printers of the mark, or squarely in computers to provide a lightweight system for those who wish to meet their email without starting Windows and just do a little Web. In short, loud autour of the future of WebOS to learn, in the end, he arrives in the field of Open Source.


Therefore can be expected that developers can for example compiling the kernel of version 4 of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) with the source code of the modules provided by HP without too many difficulties. Because until now, the porting Android on TouchPad is done in the pain and the result is not yet perfect.

Other important information, the constructor will continue delivery of patches to fix major bugs and flaws of the system, and even keep a team to animate the community should continue to create around WebOS. HP also provides the ability to easily develop applications Web via its new SDK, called Enyo. These web applications will therefore be directly to the correct format for the Tablet and mobile under WebOS.

4 To a disk for approximately €259 Hitachi

Hitachi out of its hood 4 To HDD...

While the hard disk industry begins to slowly regain with the resumption of production in some plants back to dry after the terrible floods in Thailand, Hitachi GST (in phase of redemption by Western Digital) ends the year on a good note by announcing its first 4 To format 3.5 "disk. Called HDS5C4040ALE630 in all simplicity, it will integrate logically the Deskstar 5 K range.

For the moment, this disk is available to the Japan for a sale price of 26.800 yen, or about 259 euros. It is almost given given rates currently found at specialty retailers... This 4 To disk can count on a memory of 32 MB cache, SATA 6 Gbps interface and operates technology CoolSpin for trays (probably four) operating at 5400 tr / mn. A 7200 RPM version would already be in preparation for 2012.

Hitachi Deskstar 5K 4 To Japon (1) Hitachi Deskstar 5K 4 To Japon (2)

New portal in Free TV

Free TV Portal allows the day to consult, program and easily save their favorite programs.

Free developed online last week its new portal "Free television" dedicated to his service of TV by ADSL and for its subscribers. They will be able, by registering free of charge and by entering username and password Free, easy access to a customizable programs (EPG) guide, actus on the universe of the television and a search engine for TV programs.

A click on a show, a series or a film of the grid, additional information will appear - and a square of pub - and a "Save" button enables to program the registration of the said program. An alert system allows to miss any of his favorite programs and the "Smart Engine" learns even to detect the preferences of users with their tastes and habits to save programs independently.

The system is not yet perfect and suffers from a few bugs and missing options (choice of the channel to use, ADSLou TNT, setting the number of minutes before and after registration, for example) but these defects should be corrected quickly. The portal is accessible at the following address and a free application Android and iPhone should arrive in the coming days.


The point on the week of

Ultrabooks, aluminum, Kepler, Zalman, 4 TB, Windows Store, 14 nm, Phenom II... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

Yet a week loaded with computer and high-tech, news which ended with us with the publication of our selection of Christmas on devices, in which we have not dared integrate the new design toy signed Art Lebedev to €750. Side hardware, the news made reassuring for hard drives with a production that starts in Thailand while Hitachi is facing this difficult time to launch a 4 To disk. SSD manufacturers are not in rest, anxious to better position themselves on a booming market. Result, we learn that Intel could choose a SandForce controller for its upcoming flash drives, while Zalman precisely launches a new range based on chip memory Intel and SF-2200, without forgetting the new SuperTalent attractive models on paper or Western Digital that installs a new centre of R & D for DSS. For info, we have resumed testing of SSD and should publish a first article standard, fast enough to propose later regularly testing of flash drives coming out.

illustration05          Lian Li PCTU200 (20).JPG          Toshiba Z830 (11).JPG

ZOTAC GTX 580 3 GB, Lian Li PC-TU200 and Toshiba Z830, our tests of the week...

It was also a week of hectic on graphics cards. Necessarily, 28 nm of the Radeon HD 7000 of AMD chips are in approach, and the rumour evokes the prices of these cards, a first picture appeared on the canvas. 7600M HD even appeared in some notebook PC manufacturers options, while in Nvidia the roadmap of Kepler, 28 nm of the Chameleon, is a little unveiled. This is the test of a GeForce GTX 580 with 3 GB of memory that we have proposed to you early in the week. Confirmation that the surplus memory is not used much. A card that does not fall in case PC-TU200 way of Lian-Li Briefcase also passed by our lab this week.

On the CPU, this is the 22 nm which is pouring ink, with interesting leaks regarding the Ivy Bridge Mobile Intel, and even 14 nm referred to by the skier who is also planning the extinction of the processors on socket LGA 1366 and 1156 to the end of year 2012. Meanwhile, AMD apologizes to have overstated the number of transistors of its FX-Series on Bulldozer architecture. Criticized in their launch processors which visibly work rather well in shops, so also that AMD is obliged to give them priority on its aging Ahtlon II and Phenom II, neglected.

hp-folio13frontrightopen     LG_X_note-Z330_001

HP and LG will soon land on the market of the ultrabooks...

Another major theme in the news: the ultrabooks. Moving around these portable ultra-fine who will be the next of these Las Vegas stars (talking about 40 announced models!). We have this week released our test of the Toshiba Z830, third ultrabook to pass our hands after the S3 Acer and Asus UX31. And it makes not, far from it. While we triturions this machine, Acer announced consider stopping the entry on the ultrabooks, not profitable enough, and he murmurait that AMD was preparing its response in developing a form identical to the one pushed by Intel, but around his house APU. Finally, we have read on Folio 13 HP price, when LG presented his ultrabook: X - Note Z330.

And the matos?

Microsoft Build 2011 (9)

Finally, Windows 8, and Free Mobile were both large topics in software and telephony. The operating system of Microsoft will develop well shop for applications in the next version, including the ARM tablets-oriented. The Publisher presented this Store, which will have a said kill-switch mechanism, while some analysts are seriously starting to question the success of the OS to its output next year. For them, not enough new features and a confused integration compatibility ARM could seal the commercial fate of Windows 8.

For Free Mobile, the big rumour of the time would effective December 17, Free subscribers begin to receive - without anything - a card SIM Free Mobile incorporating a time offered. A strategy which, if it is confirmed, would certainly mark the spirits for the launch of the fourth French mobile operator, which is intended to be the troublemaker of the sector.

Read also...

Among our colleagues, some articles have caught our attention this week. The Geek log launched the week on the hats of wheels with the Nexus of Samsung Galaxy under Android 4.0 test. Engadget Americans tested Kobo Vox, a Tablet eReader just walking on the flat bands of Fire Kindle and the Nook, but also the Xoom 2 of Motorola, we had ourselves taken in hand there are few. In Tom's Hardware, a folder is interested in cooling of the housing, while Cowcotland farm tested the AI6 Anidées (in French this time therefore). Finally, a somewhat apart in BenchmarkReviews article, devoted to the SteelSeries DESMO glasses, thoughts to mitigate to a screen visual fatigue and allow players to stay focus for hours without migraines...

Carton RougeRed card: the renaming of mobile GPUS

This week, Nvidia and AMD have both introduced their new mobile GPU: 600 M GeForce and Radeon HD 7000M. However, not 28 nm for these chips and not new architectures. Worse, no significant performance gains to wait. How? The magic of renaming many maps course, which allows these manufacturers sell novelty hiding in fact of aging cards. Result, as at each time, the non-savvy consumers are unfortunately mistaken and believe pay to offer recent and high-performance, equipment wrongly!

However, one would think that the arrival of 28 nm graphics processor would allow Nvidia and AMD to avoid this masquerade this year, but it had to be honoring the new lines of laptops from manufacturers, and since real new mobile GPUS are ready, take this opportunity to rename the old cards in the new range. Thus for example, magic of marketing, the GeForce GT 555 M becomes the GT 635 M but is equipped with a GF106 chip 40 nm with the same number of units of calculation, to texturing, the same memory, the same bandwidth and the same frequencies. The worst? Is that this GT 555 M was itself already a renaming of the GT 445 M... When in AMD, entry cards and mid range of the HD 6000M family become 7000M HD.

However, it is not known if the frequencies will be modified by AMD. Indeed, the two manufacturers are likely to alter the frequencies of their cards according to the needs of assemblers of portable computers. It will be spring see disembark on portable computers the first GPU engraved at 28 nm. But the marketing, he has no time to wait to sell machines.

Of the EyeFinity within €60, and fanless

Manage display on three screens without ruining you with Sapphire and its Radeon HD 6450 FleX

For those who use their machines otherwise to make the game 3D (in publishing and finance for example) and who wish to benefit from a display on three screens, Sapphire fate its Radeon HD 6450 Flex to connect easily three monitors with Eyefinity mode.

Tiny, she embarks a GPU running at 625 Mhz, 160 stream processors, 1 GB of DDR3 64-bit, 1600 Mhz and is surmounted by a passive cooling system. It offers three video outputs: a single-link DVI port, a dual-link DVI and HDMI 1 4 port. The card is delivered with a HDMI to DVI adapter, a square low - profile and will be available soon for a tariff contained 55 euros.

radeon-hd6450_flex     radeon-hd6450_flex02     

[MAJ] SSD: SATA 3 and SandForce also for Super Talent

Super Talent introduces SSD on controller SandForce amount to 540 MB/s sequential read.

SuperTalent SSD 480 Go

Zalman is not only to present new SSD on controller SF-2200 today. Super Talent is same with its TeraNova series. Nothing to do with the TV series prehistoric of Spielberg, because talking about well of flash drives format 2.5 "fastest placed on the market by Super Talent until now. Operator interface SATA 6 Gbps, these disks are consumers high performance solutions.

It is therefore at 540 MB/s sequential read and between 480 and 520 MB/s write. Super Talent puts forward the qualities of these TeraNova SSD response time and their performance in all sorts of situations, explaining that professionals working on delivered software will win a time crazy with these flash drives coming in four capacities: 60, 120, 240 and 480 GB unknown price.

Price appeared on the canvas and it will be $109 for the 60 GB, $179 for the 120 GB, $365 for the 240 GB and $920 to 480 GB.

The GeForce GTX 580 that dust and change color

MSI released a new GeForce GTX 580 overclockée, hunting the dust and changing color temperature of the GPU…


The N580GTX Twin Frozr III 15D5 Power Edition/OC (thank you guys from marketing...) is - as its name suggests - overclockée and equipped with a cooling House the "Twin Frozer III" system offering two original innovations.

The map based on GPU GeForce GTX 580 is therefore on-fréquencée factory to 810 MHz for the GPU, 1620 MHz for shaders and 4008 MHz to 1.5 GB of GDDR5 (against 772, 1544 and 4008 MHz for the GTX 580 reference), not what jump to the ceiling.

Is cooling system, provided by a wide radiator crossed several heat pipes copper aluminum all surmounted by two fans of 90 mm which have the particularity of change of colors, from blue to white, when the GPU exceeds the 45 degrees Celsius. "Dust Removal Technology" system fan blades clearing even the dust by turning in the opposite direction for 30 seconds during startup of the machine, thus propelling the flow of air upward instead aspire to the bottom.

Map measures 30.5 cm in length, it occupies two slots, proposes two in Dual Link DVI ports, an HDMI, and a Displayport and consumes according the 260 Watts constructor. It will be available on the French territory the week next to a tariff of €559 with a coupon giving right to the Battlefield 3 game download on the Origin of EA platform.

Here's a video of presentation of the card and its system of cooling operation.

Raptor Gaming sells his M4

A new black mouse for Gamer, the M4 will arrive a few days in Raptor Gaming.

The German manufacturer Raptor Gaming announces that its latest creation, the M4, will be available very soon. The front, the plastic thermo-moulé for straight hands only covered a surface "pleasant", for a total of six buttons, all extended long USB cable of 2.5 metres plated or that can withstand rates of cooling of 500 and 1000 Hz.

raptor-gaming_m4_b03    raptor-gaming_m4_b01    raptor-gaming_m4_b02

Below, a sensor laser 6000 dpi, adjustable from 400 dpi, and the weight for the balancing of the mouse on the type of games or even the strength of the wrist. Around, complete a wrist, 16 two grams weight rests each, two sets of shoes and a nice little bag to hold all this. This mouse to destination of players cost €79,90 and will be available shortly, the matter of a few days.

HP launches a Ultrabook and a MacBook Pro

HP introduced its new range of laptops from the end of the year. It includes a Ultrabook 13 inches, Folio 13 and three MacBook Pro, Envy, 15, 17 and 17 3D.

Folio 13 is a Ultrabook pure blood letter respecting the desires of Intel: 18 mm thick for a screen of 13 inches, 128 GB SSD, Core i5-2467M processor. It weighs 1.4 kg and offers a rich enough connections for a Ultrabook: a port USB 2, a 3, a USB output HDMI, SD card reader and even an Ethernet port! HP presents as the first Ultrabook for professionals. Folio 13 justifies this designation by a backlit keyboard, the possibility of adding a TPM chip and the greater autonomy of the market: 9 hours. Folio 13 should especially seduce by its prices: it is announced to the United States to $899. It will be available from December 7.

The Envy at HP have originally assumed a strong resemblance to the MacBook Pro from Apple. Their latest versions grow mimicry still further. Open hood is difficult not to be confused: same screen with black border protected by a glass slab, same all-metal chassis, same same trackpad, backlit black keys "chiclet" keyboard integrated without apparent button. The similarity disappears once closed screens, Envy being black external hulls. Fortunately, HP with its Envy of other arguments than a little inspired design.

The Envy 15 base offers for $1100 an Intel Core i5 2430M CPU, a GPU AMD Radeon, 6 GB RAM, 500 GB of hard disk (7200 RPM / min), two USB 3.0 ports and 8 battery cells of 76 Wh intended to hold 9 h. Very interestingly, HP offers on this model, optional, a Radiance screen brings not only a resolution of 1920 x 1080 but mostly non-TN and IPS liquid crystals. Farewell angles of narrow visions and unstable colour! The Envy also benefit from the partnership between HP and Beats Audio: they have seven speakers including a serious. The options include a smart WiFi type 3 x 3 (to achieve 450 Mbps rates) and a 128 GB solid state of type mSATA on Envy 17. Availability is also announced for December 7 in the us. We will update this news as soon as HP will have clarified us what it will be for the France.

XNote Z330 or ultrabook according to LG

LG Xnote Z330

While Acer and Asus recently decreased their production of ultrabooks, expecting that the application is less strong provided, here LG launches its own model: the Xnote Z330.

With a 13 inch screen, Xnote Z330 is not unlike a certain MacBook Air from Apple. Ultrafine (1.52 cm), this ultrabook aluminum is also rather light with 1.23 kg on the scales. Inside, there is a Core i7 or Core i5 1.6 GHz processor 1.8 GHz, depending on the version. 4 GB of DDR3 memory are present, the graphical part being entrusted to the CPU integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 chipset. It also notes the presence of a DSS 128 GB or 256 GB, Bluetooth, WiFi and WiDi controllers and USB 3.0 and HDMI ports.

Running Windows 7 64 - bit, the LG Xnote Z330 is present on the Korean market at a rate equivalent to 1500 euros. Therefore remains to know his date of availability - and its price - for our country.

Less autonomy under Linux? The fault of the BIOS and Windows

For several months, under GNU/Linux computers consumed more energy than under Windows. The reason is known for a time: the management of the NCDT has been modified in the 2.6.38 nucleus and - quite oddly - the operation of the technology was altered.

NCDT (Active State Power Management) is a technology related to the PCI-Express bus to reduce the consumption of the various PCI Express links when they are unused. The main problem is simple: the Linux kernel checks to the BIOS if the technology is supported and if the BIOS indicates, the NCDT is enabled. Otherwise, it is disabled. The kernel therefore uses a simple method, but it has a large defect: some BIOS do not indicate if the technology is supported, as it is. And the kernel, in this case specific (and a priori current) disables the technology, which has a quite visible impact on consumption and therefore - directly - autonomy.

In inquiring, a developer has understood the problem: Windows - by far the most used OS - does not test the rules on how to manage the NCDT. Specifically, the NCDT is regarded as being supported automatically unless the BIOS indicates explicitly that it is not. A patch for the kernel Linux - pending its integration in the future - has therefore developed to modify the behavior of the latter. With the patch, instead of manually disable the NCDT when the BIOS does not information, the kernel will do nothing. The only time where technology will be disabled manually is when the BIOS indicate it explicitly. The source is therefore linked to Windows - which does not perform the tests correctly - and, in fact, developers of the BIOS that indicate not correctly support, given that the most common operating system works without this information.

With this patch of 60 lines, consumption is much reduced, the developer indicates win 5 W on his Thinkpad X 220 in idle, which is important on a device of this type. Note that it is also possible to manually force the use of technology: it is supported on the vast majority of the recent laptops.

A MIPS SoC for a 4.0 to $ 99 Android Tablet

LA tablette Novo7 et son SoC à architecture MIPS

Ingenic Semiconductor has launched in the Chinese market Novo7, a touchscreen tablet running Android 4.0 and displayed at a rather competitive price: 99 $.

With a touch screen capacitive multi-touch of 7 inches in diagonal, this Novo7 the particularity to embark a SoC MIPS32 architecture instead of classic SoC ARM of the other shelves. Designed by Ingenic Semiconductor, in question - called JZ4770 - SoC integrates therefore processor MIPS XBurst running at 1 GHz, and a GPU Living GC860 quick-444 MHz and able to decode streams 1080p video. This chip is particularly energy efficient because the single CPU (with its L1 cache) consumes less than 90 mW, the consumption of the entire SoC not exceeding 250 mW.

Other features of this tablet are more traditional. There is in particular a WiFi 802 .11n ready controller, a USB 2.0 port, HDMI 1.3 output, a microSD port, webcam 0, 3MPixels, a photo 2 Mpixel sensor and various sensors. The battery allows it 7 hours surfing, up to 6 hours in game and up to 25 hours of audio playback. So question is if this very low tariff does not hide anything, at the finish for example…

Ultrabooks in 1080p by 2012

Un ultrabook Asus

If the concept "ultrabook" of Intel is attractive, the screens remain the poor relative of the machines. Models 11-inch 1,366 x 768 slabs are correct, but some models use this same definition on 13-inch models, what is more embarrassing.

If Asus works in 1 600 x 900 and Apple in 1440 x 900 on 13-inch models, the standard in 2012 should be the 1080p: to the Optronics (AUO) and Chimei Innolux (CMI) are working on this type of slabs for 2012.

If the work is interesting, it need simply adapt systems: a 13 inch 1,920 x 1,080 offers 169 dpi resolution, which is a little high on a classical system, management of the independence of the resolution. But it can be assumed that Windows 8 will solve this problem...

Hope that more slabs in 1080p, it will especially slabs in another technology than the TN and with colors correctly resolved. Indeed, many notebook PCs have very average quality slabs.

The shortage of hard drives pushes Facebook, Google in the arms of HP

Un serveur HP Proliant.

HP presented its financial results for the quarter elapsed (August, September, October). They show a shortness of the giant: the period of 2010, net sales down 3%, the gross margin of 7.4 points and the net profit of 91%. However, this dramatic fall of the benefit is to the assets of the judgment of webOS devices, which cost the firm 2.1 billion.

However, Meg Whitman, the recent HP CEO is fairly optimistic for the end of the year. His company was indeed the fastest to react to the Thai floods that result in a hard drives acute shortage. HP has immediately set up a crisis cell, made stocks and past commands at the beginning of October. Thus, Whitman think that HP will receive a greater portion of the remaining production than its competitors. To emphasize its advantage, Whitman has had this vindictive comment "we hear all the time that people contruisent their own servers [...]". but for the moment, they do not build their own servers because they can not have hard drives. Then they call us... Yes, the Google, the Facebook call us. »

Samsung would stop netbooks

Are netbooks they dead? After a minor actor (Sony), it is the turn of Samsung - according to our colleagues from Blogee - stop netbooks as such. The society is at the basis of a device that is very well sold (with reason), the NC10.

Without known the exact reasons, even if competition tablets - which is what we think - and the delays to Intel with the next Atom are two valid reasons.

Samsung abandons that a market: one 10-inch netbooks - the firm is never out of this framework - and will focus on traditional PCs, the ultrabooks and ultraportables classics in 11.6 inches and 12.1 inches.

Remains to be seen one thing: how will be equipped with the 11.6-inch for example. Given the fall in prices in the field of portable computers, an 11.6 inches with a Pentium processor or AMD (Llano or Brazzos) chip is not necessarily much more onerous than an Atom-based netbook.

It must be to say that the concept of netbook played on its price (soon 4 years ago) to sell: it was (and is) less rapid than a more traditional model, but it was (and is not) much cheaper. PCs equipped with a 15 inch screen where to high prices of some netbooks range, the deal is different.

Servers: IBM is the first place


According to figures published by the Gartner Institute, IBM would have found its place of market leader of the servers in the third quarter of 2011, with a turnover of $ 3.84 billion (3.5%). HP is second hand, its turnover with fell 3.6% to reach $ 3.8 billion. Follow Dell ($1.9 billion, + 6.3%), Oracle and Fujitsu. With a global market estimated to be $ 12.3 billion, IBM has 29.7% share of market, compared to 29.3% for HP, Dell, Oracle 6.2% and 4.7% for Fujitsu 14.5%.

If one is interested in the amounts of servers shipped in the same quarter, is HP who arrives in first place with 2.4 million units (in decreased by 3.1%), or 29.2% of market share. Dell comes second with 21.8% share of market, IBM followed (12.1% market share), Lenovo and Fujitsu. On nontera finally the x 86 architecture -based servers are doing rather well, with an increase of the turnover of 9.3% (+ 7.6% in terms of quantities delivered). By contrast, Itanium and RISC servers saw their sales decline by 6.8%, despite an increase of the turnover of 3.5%.

HP Slate 2: price and availability date

As expected, HP will soon commercialize Slate 2, a Tablet for the professional market and based on a platform Atom running under Windows 7. The constructor has precisely put on line on a mini site dedicated to this tablet, the price and dates of availability of a 32 GB SSD-equipped version. Will it be thus 518 euros HT (or 619,53 euros TTC) to acquire this tablet by the end of the month.

For this price, you will be entitled to a touch screen of 8.9 inches diagonal (1024 x 600 pixels), a 1.5 GHz, an integrated graphics chipset GMA600 Z670 Atom processor and 2 GB memory DDR2. A SD card reader is also present, even that a whole audio HD Audio SRS, a USB 2.0 port, a TPM 1.2 chip and a built-in microphone. A VGA webcam and photo 3 Mpixel sensor are also of the part. Controller WiFi 802 .11n ready and Bluetooth 4.0 complete the whole. Delivered with 2 battery cells - not replaceable - ensuring maximum autonomy of 6 hours, 2 Slate is finally delivered with Windows 7 Professional (32 bit).

X101CH: the Atom Cedar Trail in an Asus netbook

L'Asus Eee PC X101

While the Atom Cedar Trail are not expected before next February, Asus have already in its cartons such processor netbook model:Eee PC X101CH. Embarking a processor Atom 1.6 GHz dual-core, engraved in 32 nm, quick N2600 and supporting Hyper-Threading, this netbook would be equipped with a 10.1 inch screen capable of displaying a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

It would also be 1 GB of RAM, HDD 320 GB, WiFi 802 .11n ready controller, a webcam and Bluetooth 3.0 controller. The graphic part would be entrusted to the PowerVR SGX545 chipset integrated to the Atom, the latter being able to decode Full HD MPEG2, VC1, AVC and H.264 video streams. The 4-cell battery would ensure its autonomy of 5 hours.

Delivered with Windows 7 Starter, EEA PC X101CH would be finally displayed at a rate of about 250 euros. It is in any case an equivalent tariff (213,74 £) he appeared in an English reseller. However, the availability date is inconnue…

The Folio 13 of HP ultrabook $ 900 with SSD

The price of ultrabook Folio 13 of HP, which should compete favourably with the Toshiba Z830 to (almost) equal equipment is finally known.


A few weeks ago, HP announced its first ultrabook: Folio 13, oriented to professionals. A portable computer that does not exceed 18 mm thick, all aboard a battery that provides 9: 30 of autonomy on paper and that starts in a few seconds only. In short, it was only missing a detail - weight: price.

It is now made, because HP has to communicate sales begin for the Folio 13 with an interesting model sold from $ 899,99. It is therefore well below $ 1000, and it was right for this price slab LED 13.3 "in 1366 x 768, a Core i5-2467M running at 1.6 GHz (with Intel HD 3000 graphics circuit) supported by 4 GB of DDR3, and a 128 GB SSD. The equipment includes a HD Webcam, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi n, Bluetooth, a memory card reader, HDMI output, with Dolby Advanced Audio and compatibility WiDi.

Those who follow will notice a similarity with the Toshiba ultrabook, Z830 (10E - test to appear very soon on reference) which, for a similar configuration, sold approximately €990. Folio 13 could be interesting, if it is less expensive and as much - or more - efficient.

Windows 8: finally presented Store and the beta for February

Microsoft has just reveal that the public beta of Windows 8 happen in February, at the same time as that of the Windows Store, his shop applications finally detailed.

If some analysts are already pessimistic about the commercial future of Windows 8, it was time for Microsoft to present the Store Windows that will be integrated into the OS and will allow the editor to follow the trend of online shops by positioning itself on the new business-model of the application in due form. On a dedicated Press Conference, Microsoft announced the beginnings of the Store Windows in February 2012, in the launch of the public beta of the new operating system. This will give (pending the final output of the system at a date still unknown) to provide a period of testing at the Store Windows, so everything is ready on day J. During this beta, only free applications from developers invited by the firm will be accepted and available. This has nothing shocking, knowing that remains to Microsoft no doubt a lot of things to adjust to be able to open his Store Windows developers from around the world.

Windows Store (1)      Windows Store (3)

Work on the aspect of this platform for the sale of applications, but also on the commercial pan. As a reminder that Microsoft wishes to stand out of Apple and its policy of income distribution to 70/30 with developers. Thus, if Microsoft well affect 30% of revenue on sales of applications, this share drops to 20% for any application from the bar of the $25,000 in sales. Also, if business Apple as special must pay $ 99 license fees, Microsoft individuals pay only $ 50 for able to publish their creations on Store Windows, business $ 99. In this connection, Antoine Leblond - loaded Windows Web services - has not hesitated to go small colourful remark which is always fly: "Microsoft will provide a greater share of the Apple", he said developers.

"A greater share of the Apple"

Windows Store (2)Comparisons with the App Store for Apple Mac are necessarily many presentations of the Store Windows by Microsoft. The firm of Redmond for example also insisted on the fact that its policy of validation would be less restrictive. Developers will have such access to the tools used by Microsoft services, allowing them to test themselves in advance if their application is likely to be rejected. For more transparency.

Other information that will not fail to be of interest to developers, it will be possible to use the system of payment of their choice within their applications. Also, they can if they wish a demo system that will allow users to download and try the full version of an application, but limited in time. What test under the best conditions before purchasing. A model that has already been proven. Finally, Microsoft made foot to the press stating that it will be possible to put in place systems of subscriptions not subject to a regular commission as is the case at Apple. Businesses, they should be able to deploy their own applications without going through the Store on their internal networks.

Well beautiful effects of announcement, check when the Store Windows is available. Also, details are expected on the availability of applications for the x 86 version of Windows 8 on this Store Windows. Because the presentation was focused on interface Metro, first known to Windows 8 under ARM tablets. Should not be that these announcements drown the other important information at this Conference: the public beta of Windows 8 will be launched next February. The appointment is made.

What chips are hiding in the HD Radeon 7000M and 600 M GeForce?

Changes of names without change of chip generalize for the two giants of the graphics card.

logo-AMD-Radeon-GraphicsHistorically, AMD and Nvidia have always first to ensure that demonstrate the power of their graphics processor to then work on mobile versions of these chips. For example, as the Cypress (Radeon HD 5800 Series) followed by the Redwood (Radeon HD 5600 Series) in AMD/ATi or the GF100 (GeForce 470 and 480) then out GF106 (GeForce 450) at Nvidia. Mobile chips which often marks the end of the development of an architecture optimized to ensure that it consumes still less energy.

As indicated you yesterday, the release of the Radeon HD 7000 will intervene in the coming weeks, it is therefore logical to think that their mobile versions will arrive after. But is not the case this time, the Sunnyvale firm wishing to do the opposite for this series. Last September, a first demonstration was made on a mobile version of the new architecture incorporating a chip engraved in 28 nm. This confirms the will of AMD to be first on the market of mobile phones.

To understand this situation, he must see that TSMC's time to finalise the method of production of 28 nm chips and started only to achieve good yields (according to the skier). You do the same calculation that we, this glue not really with the AMD roadmap which appeared on the Internet, pointing the output of the HD for 7000 series in three weeks. It is therefore a question of rebadging for these new mobile chips, which integrate processor series HD 6000 to ensure this tight planning. The GPU that will be beautiful and well engraved 28 nm... which should simplify the task to the skier, able to get out of the HD Radeon 7000M in times.

What is the most frustrating here, it is that the Radeon HD 5000 have been already rebadgées in HD 6000 in some cases without any performance gain. On the training games, the next generation of top-of-range GPU at 28 nm (Tahiti) move the VLIWs (Very Long Instruction Word) while the previous architecture (Trinity) will still use version 4 of these VLIWs derived from the 6900 HD, the series Cayman. And this while at the same time some 7000 HD will retain compatibility with version 4 of these instructions to be compatible in CrossFire with the Trinity versions. Even if the version 5 of these instructions is likely to go in the trash to keep this homogeneity, these modern training games could ensure a rise of the GPU with the arrival of Direct3D 11. Even if the version 4 and 5 are and will be compatible D3D 11, the next video games more rely more on these new APIs, which could disrupt the next series of AMD, without however creating a gap as important as in the past... Finally we hope.


Table of the Radeon HD mobile our colleague AnandTech

To pass the range HD 7000M 6000M, we can expect to see land three or four models displaying a clock frequency a hair more high and operator of the not expensive GDDR5. 7500M HD can be interesting on paper, with its 480 processors flow - either as well as on the HD 7600M version, but with a 64-bit memory bus interface. What should impair its performance even if the GDDR5 on 64-bit bus could potentially be as fast as the 128-bit GDDR3. We will therefore wait to know the practical performance of these cards to bring to trial them.

To summarize, a third rebadgage of cards in a row is expected for the input and the mid range of the Mobile Radeon HD...

Nvidia Logo Geforce solide aout 2006The firm to the Chameleon was silently for its 600 M series. We therefore discover a GeForce 600 M which replace a 500 M without so far have reviewed frequencies increase. In detail, Nvidia has renamed its GeForce GT 555 M GT 635 m... same processor, same number of texture units, same frequency, short, everything like this. Except for the GDDR5, who will have right has a small thrust on the frequency from 3140 GHz to 3600 MHz, providing a little more bandwidth.

In addition, renaming drops new maps down to leave the place to the new environment maps and high-end as the GT 640 M, or even the GT 650 M, even if nothing was announced for the moment. For the price, we also hope the descent of the entry ticket to the same card but with a new name...


Table of our colleague AnandTech for Nvidia cards

As for AMD and its Radeon HD 7000M maps, the 600 M GeForce seem for the moment that consist a marketing repositioning products to make room for new architectures. Nothing very interesting, and we are much more eager to see what future 7970 HD Radeon and GeForce GTX 680 (non-final names) were in the womb. Maps which later gave birth to real new mobile GPUS. As usual, the situation is very difficult to readable for the consumer who has printing buy - wrongly - a map of new generation. Which is always harmful...