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Intel Sandy Bridge: three new models quad-core

Processors in question are three, exploit the LGA1155 socket and rely on the current Sandy Bridge nm 32 nanometers, which will soon be the relay to the Ivy Bridge 22 nanometers NM, which is expected in the coming months as a reminder.

And among them, are the model Core i5-2550K released multiplier coefficient which has been referred to in a previous news, and two references Core i5-2380P / Core i5-2450P:

Core i5-2380P : quad-core / 3, 1-3, 4 GHz / 6 MB L3 cache / TDP of 95 WattCore i5-2450P : quad-core / 3, 2-3, 5 GHz / 6 MB L3 cache / TDP of 95 WattCore i5-2550K : quad-core / 3, 4-3, 8 GHz / 6 MB L3 cache / TDP of 95 Watts

Intel Core i5
The packing of processors Core i5 (click to enlarge)

Side tariff, announces $ 177, 195-225 unit for control of a mile. For deliveries, they will begin from the second week of February.

LG soon ready to produce flexible OLED screens

LG team to produce flexible OLED screens but would not ready to sell products equipped with these slabs before 2013 or 2014.

OLED Flexible

OLED-Info is following very closely all that manufacturing OLED screens and according to his information, LG would be equipped to launch the production of flexible slabs. Everything would be in phase to be equipped from the factory in question from the third quarter of 2012, so that the first flexible OLED screens Korean out lines of production at the end of the year. Slabs that will not however be marketed, but that will initially allow LG to refine their manufacturing process and to conduct various tests.

Marketing should take place in 2013 or 2014, and should therefore not expect to see land mobile terminals equipped with screens OLED flexible prior to these dates. Indeed, LG investment in this area are cautious, since they concern only a third generation plant and a half. Reserves forcing questions - as do note our colleagues from Tom's Hardware - as the recent statements of the Samsung competitor who said he was able to launch products equipped with screens OLED flexible current 2012. Strange, therefore, the two companies using the same manufacturing process for flexible OLED tiles, namely the coating of polymer colored on a plastic substrate.

Avalanche de Radeon HD 7950 custom

Many manufacturers already offer their customisées versions and the new Radeon HD 7950 overclockées

The Radeon HD 7950 reference to unveiled date, here is that manufacturers offer all their customisées versions and overclockées frequencies as well at the level of the GPU and memory. Small overview quick of each model proposed by constructor:

Sapphire HD 7950 single-fan : heatpipe, frequencies GPU and memory of reference to design custom to €420Sapphire HD 7950 dual-fan OC : cooling system custom to radiator in alu, heat pipes and double fans, frequency GPU overclockée 900 Mhz to €440

sapphire7950-01  sapphire7950-02  sapphire7950-03  sapphire7950-04

Video Connector (1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 2 mini-DP) and power connectors (2 x 6 pins PCIe) are identical to the reference map.

Radeon HD 7950 Core Edition : heatpipe, frequencies GPU and reference with design customRadeon HD 7950 Black Edition memory: heatpipe of reference, design custom, frequencies GPU and memory overclockées 900 MHz and 1375 Mhz (800 Mhz and 1250 Mhz for the reference map) brings the much of a 7970 at frequencies of origin of 925 Mhz and 1375 MhzRadeon HD 7950 Double Dissipation : heatpipe custom dual fan, design custom, frequencies GPU and memory of referenceRadeon HD 7950 Double Dissipation Black Edition : heatpipe custom dual fans, design custom, frequencies GPU and memory overclockées 900 MHz and 1375 Mhz

xfx7950-02  xfx7950-01  xfx7950-03  xfx7950-05

Video Connector (1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 2 mini-DP) and power connectors (2 x 6 pins PCIe) are identical to the reference map.

PCS + HD 7950 : cooling system custom to heat pipes of 8 mm and dual 92 mm fans, frequency GPU overclockée to 880 Mhz for €480


Video Connector (1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 2 mini-DP) and power connectors (2 x 6 pins PCIe) are identical to the reference map.

HD7950-DC2-3GD5 : heatpipe custom DirectCU II dual fan, design custom, frequencies GPU and memory of reference for €480
HD7950-DC2T-3GD5 : heatpipe custom DirectCU II dual fan, design custom, frequencies GPU overclockée 900 Mhz, frequency memory of reference for €490

asus7950-01  asus7950-02

Video Connector (1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 2 mini-DP) and power connectors (2 x 6 pins PCIe) are identical to the reference map but the maps use 3 slots with two dedicated to Gill for ventilation.

R7950-2PMD3GD5/OC : reference heatpipe, design custom, GPU overclockée 830 MHz frequency, frequency memory of reference for €470
R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC : heatpipe custom Twin Frozr III to radiator in aluminium, heat pipes and double fan 80 mm, design custom, frequencies GPU and memory overclockée 880 MHz and 1300 Mhz €490

msi7950-01  msi7950-02

Video Connector (1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 2 mini-DP) and power connectors (2 x 6 pins PCIe) are identical to the reference map.

GV-R795WF3-3G(d) : heatpipe custom WindForce 3 to radiator in aluminium, heat pipes and triple 80 mm fans, design custom, GPU overclockée 900 MHz frequency and frequency memory of reference for €480

gigabyte7950-01  gigabyte7950-02  gigabyte7950-03  gigabyte7950-04

Video Connector (1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 2 mini-DP) and power connectors (2 x 6 pins PCIe) are identical to the reference map.

François Hollande and Hadopi: Bill clarifies

In the team of François Hollande, Aurélie Filippetti is responsible for media, culture and audiovisual. How is positioning the Socialist candidate to the Hadopi?

The candidate in the presidential election of the Socialist Party, Francois Hollande, is not Hadopi in its heart and has already repeatedly reported recovery that it was a bad Act, with a bad device, that of the graduated response. But for the moment, also the repeal of the legislation, the measures he proposes are blurred. So well that no one knows where he wants to specifically come on the subject. A priori, it is not put in place a global licence system if elected, but spoke of all efforts to strengthen the interest of the legal consumption of content via the Internet offers.

Aurelie Filippetti

With the intervention of Aurélie Flilippetti in the Gallery, we know today a little more. One that is responsible for media, culture and audiovisual François Holland team, therefore drew a little more precise contours on the fate that would reserve to the Hadopi a François Hollande President. This would be to impose "to all stakeholders in the digital economy a contribution to the financing of artistic creation", involving both users access providers, but the giants of the Web such as Google or Amazon.

"The creators should be paid for each of their works." But the legal offer price will fall. And new resources were found by taxing the Internet access providers, hardware manufacturers, and sites such as Google or Amazon. Taxing them is not impossible, but this means a European bargaining. It is also possible to seek agreements with these sites, as did the libraries with Google. However, I support a device reserved for students, which enables them to access the works legally but at a lower cost. "It will be of course in agreement with the creators" she says.

In addition, François Hollande should advocate for shortening the timeline media that defines the legal deadlines which must be observed between the output of a movie in theatres, its marketing in DVD and its presence on VOD and SVOD services. What enchants little cinema industry. Aurélie Flilippetti militates for more developed subscription formulas and the creation of a public portal concentrating in one place on the Internet all the content of the legal offer.

"We will stop to send emails, it is ineffective and intrusive." Hadopi does not lower the download, but just pushed users to streaming and direct download. "The Megaupload case shows that Hadopi has nothing resolved" it ends. Some of these ideas are of course attractive but largely subject to the goodwill of entitled, industrial, majors and other unions. Or we know that in this area, favourable to a wider and cheaper dissemination agreements are hard to find...

MegaUpload data soon deleted?

And if MegaUpload host providers who are more paid forgetful all the data from the service?


A document presented to justice by the American Crown indicates that the data hosted by MegaUpload servers could be deleted as of February 2, is Thursday. Indeed, MegaUpload rents its servers with Carpathia Hosting and Cogent, two providers of services that could be made to delete the data in question. ZDNet informs us that the main reason would be economic, as the FBI has blocked the accounts for MegaUpload which can no longer pay its suppliers, including these two hosts who wish to power recycle servers for lease to others if MegaUpload pay more.

Given the amount of data per which passed each day on the servers leased by MegaUpload, and the price of bandwidth hosting one can imagine that huge sums are at stake. An expert also told our colleagues that MegaUpload servers storage capacity should probably be around 100 Petabyte, or 100,000 terabytes.

Necessarily, counsel for MegaUpload trying to hear reason to justice, explaining that part of these data in danger are entirely legal and belong to users who have paid MegaUpload to store their files. How much are the legal files to pirate files? This, on the other hand, it is impossible to know.

You touch there directly to the party the most unfair and shocking legal action against MegaUpload, where honest users of the service are adversely affected. In the hope that American justice allow, conversely, a return to service line, only for a few days, to allow the possibility for these users to recover their data... But at the present time, such a procedure seems to be unthinkable.

Free Mobile & portability: Eric Besson asked to double the number of processed files

The Minister Eric Besson asked the strategy to double its capacity for processing the applications of portability...

On Twitter, Xavier Niel questioned the Minister Eric Besson on portability delays observed since the entry of Free Mobile market, detrimental to the new casseur entrant in price. It must be said that requests have been multiplied by 10 since January 10, overloading the strategy in charge of portability and lengthening the processing times. Then, Xavier Niel called the Minister to "do its job".

Xavier Niel Twitter.PNG

Today, we learn via a letter intercepted by PCInpact that Eric Besson asked the strategy to double its processing capabilities. It reads: "It seems today that this capacity is largely inadequate (...)" "I wish that the effective capacity is increased as quickly as time to 80 000 numbers worn by day". What handle more requests while, but not all of them.

Because the strategy says that from 10 to 15,000 applications daily, it receives between 100-150,000 per day since the launch of Free Mobile. Prior to the launch of Free Mobile, the GIE said consider an increase in requests for portability of approximately 40%. Which partly explains that it is now outdated.

Samsung & Jays against HTC & Beats

Samsung partners with the Swedish firm in response to the agreement between HTC and Beats by Dr Dr. Jays.

Smartphones are really more snacks in addition to market share of traditional audio players and builders understood well. HTC is being associated with the firm Beats to propose its smartphones with Nokia having concluded an agreement with Monster and quality headphones, Samsung is preparing to do likewise in forging links with the Jays Swedish brand known for its expertise in intras and audio helmets.

samsung-jays2  samsung-jays

From February 2012 South Korean brand will therefore in selling some models of its smartphones along with v-Jays headphones and this only in Korea in the first place.

If the experiment is successful, the operation might be extended to other countries. May we then see the future Samsung Galaxy S III landing in our Green countered with a helmet audio quality made in Sweden? Who knows!

France music: streaming and subscriptions have the wind in its sails

New point encrypted on the developments of the French market for recorded music. What changes? What trends?

Snep 2011

On the occasion of the Cannes Midem, Snep (syndicat national phonographic Edition) unveiled its balance sheet for the year 2011. We learn that the global sales of recorded music stands at EUR 617,2 million, down 3.9%. As is the trend since the advent of digital, are sales on physical media (CD) recording the highest fall, or 11.5% of decrease to EUR 466,5 million.

On their side, digital sales are strong, 25.7%, and generate revenue EUR 110 million. But this is not enough to fill the shortfall. Of these 110 million, more than half is generated by Internet download, or purchase albums or pieces on legal platforms such as iTunes.

But the strongest progression is looking at Spotify and Deezer, brief, the services of listening in streaming, the turnover progresses of 50.2% (13,91 EUR) in which regard free listening funded by advertising and 73.6% (EUR 16.9 million) at the level of pay subscriptions. In contrast, sales of titles and premium ringtones through mobile platforms via SMS lose ground (-17,4%), obviously incompatible with the rise of the smartphone.

Note that to the presentation of its results, the Snep has claimed the implementation of a device to support the local production, making the foot to the national music Council that wishes to put in place the Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand.

And even 45% of growth for ARM

The success of smartphones and tablets allow ARM to again show excellent results on the last quarter of the fiscal year 2011.

ARM Cortex A15

With 2.2 billion ARM processors sold in the last quarter of the year 2011, the British firm ARM is doing rather well.

Market touch tablets and smart phones with the wind, strong demand in mobile processors helped ARM to achieve a turnover of EUR 166,6 million over the last quarter of the year 2011, an increase of 21% from the last quarter of the year to profit before tax amounting to € 69 million increaseof 45%.

The 2011 year was excellent for the ARM company since any period generated CA is$ 596 million euros (+ 24%). And this success will not erode in 2012 because the company has already concluded 25 licensing agreements for its Cortex-A, Mali graphics processor and Cortex-M processors, products which are found in many mobile devices and electronic consumer devices such as tablets, Smart TV, smart meters, smartphones, electronic onboard, GPS, etc.

ARM also expects to achieve a turnover of 153 million euros in the first quarter of this year and displays confidence despite the arrival of Intel on this market of mobility with its processor Atom Medfield.

The Galaxy S III will be waiting!

It is apparently not expect surprise from the side of Samsung for this edition of the Mobile World Congress. The Galaxy S III should be absent from the event, replaced by a Galaxy S Advance.

Contrary to what were thinking all the rumours until now, we learn today via Business-Mobile that the Samsung Galaxy S III not be finally not unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February. This is disappointing to the extent the new door banner of the Galaxy family are expected to firm foot by Androphones lovers, knowing expected Samsung he proposes the best smartphone of the category.

Strategic decision, manufacturing problems? Impossible to say why the Galaxy S III boudera the biggest global event dedicated to mobile products. Further, we learn at the same time that unlike other years, Samsung would even not have provided to hold press conference this year. Strange for the manufacturer who has, in 2012, pass in front of Nokia and become the world leader in mobile telephony.

But then, that we reserved Samsung for this MWC 2012? A priori, the Korean there will unveil a Galaxy S Advance. A smartphone introduced as "intermediate" with a screen Super AMOLED 4 "of a definition of 800 x 480 pixels, a processor dual-core measured at 1 GHz, 8 or 16 GB of storage and an APN 5 megapixels. However, this smartphone would not be delivered with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but with the latest version of Gingerbread (2.3.6).

This will also be an opportunity for Samsung launch mobile "Find my" service, largely inspired by the "Find my iPhone" Apple can block his phone remotely for loss or vol. visibly, this Galaxy S Advance which should allow Samsung to continue to impose on the middle-of-range will be launched in February.

The Core i5 processor without PGI are launched

Intel updates its listings and introduced three new Core i5 processor that offer no graphical part.

In the item listing of Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor range processors non-IGP (integrated graphics system) are introduced. In addition to the graphic part, they lack also virtualization VT - d. Three processors embarked: Core i5-2550K, Core i5-2450P, Core i5-2380P. Overall, these chips are hardly interesting as proposed at rates almost similar to the equivalent versions of the PGI.

Indeed, the Core i5-2550K is same $ 9 more expensive than the i5-2500K to provide 100 MHz more, while talking processor ratio multiplier released and very easily "overclockables". A Core i5-2380P however, allows to an i5-2400 also running at 3.1 GHz, save$ 7. As noticed by our colleagues from, it seems that Intel is there trying to recycle its dies quad-core 32 nm on which the PGI is not functional. A good idea, of course, provided that the effort on the price is greater...

The high-end Intel Core i5 processor (socket LGA 1155), price for 1000 units:

Core i5-2550K @ 3.4 GHz = $ 225
Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz = $ 216
Core i5-2500 @ 3.3 GHz = $ 205
Core i5-2450P @ 3.2 GHz = $ 195
Core i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz = $ 184
Core i5-2380P @ 3.1 GHz = $ 177
Core i5-2320 @ 3.0 GHz = $ 177
Core i5-2300 @ 2.9 GHz = $ 177

The dates of the Radeon HD 7750, 7770, 7850 and 7870?

The launch of the Radeon HD 7700 and 7800 would be scheduled for February and March

It is through a slide from the company MSI and circulating on the net that one learns a little more on the dates of release of the Radeon of entry based on GPU Cape Verde and midrange GPU Pitcairn database. Chips engraved 28 nm from the Southern Islands family.


The Radeon HD 7750 (Cape Verde Pro) and Radeon HD 7770 (Cape Verde XT) would be so equipped with 1 GB of GDDR5 and would see their output set to 15 February or in two small weeks date.

The Radeon HD 7850 (Pitcairn Pro) and Radeon HD 7870 (Pitcairn XT) would be equipped with 2 GB of GDDR5 and the launch would happen in the month of March.

The Radeon HD 7990 (New Zealand), the card incorporating bi - gpu so two HD 7970, would it not be available before the second quarter without more details.

We will not miss to keep you informed as soon as more information on the technical characteristics of each card and their tariff will be communicated to us.

MegaUpload: a hoster says not able to render the data

A claimant for MegaUpload responds to rumors that data might be deleted.

Yesterday, explain you that MegaUpload host providers who are more paid could decide to delete all data from the servers leased by MegaUpload from February 2 to reallocate these storage spaces. Our colleagues from ZDNet sister site tried to learn more and received a response from one of these companies, Carpathia Hosting. This hosting provider indicates do not have and have never had access to the contents of MegaUpload servers, and specifies that it has no technical device which would render the content hosted on servers in question to customers and users of MegaUpload.

This hosting is also income on the date of February 2 discussed yesterday. According to him, this date based "on any information provided by Carpathia to the U.S. Government". "We recommend that anyone who thinks having content on MegaUpload servers contact MegaUpload." "Please, do contact not Carpathia Hosting" he says. Obviously, American justice tries therefore to influence these hosts the fate of data of the customers of MegaUpload, to dédouanant and eventual removal of data whose responsibility did would technically to MegaUpload providers. However it is justice that has frozen the accounts of the direct download service, preventing it to pay its suppliers...

A Motorola editable Razr is going

A released Razr arrives, allowing to run modified versions of Android.

droid-razr-maxx-01Motorola has just announced via his blog sent to developers that European consumers will soon be able to buy a special version of the Motorola Razr. Indeed, it will be his "bootloader" be released, allowing start-ups on modified versions of the Android system. What to allow the hackers and other developers to have fun to compile custom Roma.

"This allows us to meet the obligations that we have with operators and regulators in responding to the demands of the community of developers" says Motorola. However, it is unlikely that the first version of the Razr owners can update their terminal to unlock the bootloader.

Already available in preorder at the price of €499, this new version of the Razr will be delivered with a specific documentation and Motorola informed that information will be disseminated to the attention of developers regularly on its forums. Motorola is not the first manufacturer to listen to the comments of developers and unblock one of its terminals, HTC or Sony Ericsson has already done well in the past.

MegaRetrieval: first constructive step for customers adversely affected by the closure of MegaUpload

The EFF and Carpathia Hosting have put online a site for MegaUpload honest customers to provide hope to recover their data.


While the representatives of the two host partners of MegaUpload, Carpathia Hosting and Cogent Communications, accepted the request of counsel for the direct download service and retain for still less than 15 days data MU clients on their servers, we learn that one of them, Carpathia, has launched, a site on which users who have legal files on MegaUpload can make themselves known.

The idea being to provide a tool to assess the magnitude of the situation and know how much users MegaUpload users to store their personal data are adversely affected by the arbitrary closure of the service.

This site was launched in partnership with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) which defends the rights of Internet users, it may be the first stone of a collective action to compel the US justice to put in place a procedure for these customers to retrieve their data.

In the message posted on the homepage of the site by a member of the Foundation lawyer, reads: "The EFF is troubled that many legitimate users of MegaUpload have seen their property confiscated without warning and that the Government has taken no action to help (...)" "We believe that it is important that these users are heard and that the process advance." Carpathia Hosting recalled by revance has no access to the data stored by MegaUpload on its servers.

Kinect soon integrated into PCs?

A priori, Kinect will be well integrated with some models of Notebooks once that sufficient applications will take part for the end user.

Kinect PC portable The Daily

Microsoft recently formalized the arrival of the PC version of its sensor Kinect sold quite expensive and targeting in the first place developers. However, once sufficient applications and Games PC will be compatible with Kinect, will be for Microsoft to enter a second phase, that of marketing to the attention of the consumer. And knowing that the market share of the portable computer is in the majority, it well that Kinect manages to get a place in the nomadic PC in one way or another.

Obviously, this problem already interested Microsoft, with its partners, working in this integration. The Daily writing, digital daily tablet of Rupert Murdoch, was even able to approach prototypes of laptops equipped with Asus to the sensor. Reminder, the PC of Kinect version needs that a decline of 50 cm to be operational, against 1.5 metre on Xbox. Integration is not a challenge technological insurmountable, Kinect being roughly a webcam supported by an infrared projector.

Therefore remains to be seen how will be oriented Kinect for PC in the future? Should we expect to be able to navigate in the tiles of the Metro of Windows 8 interface by making hand gestures to his laptop computer? Follow. Hoping that the integration of Kinect come too much stopping the invoice of laptops which will be equipped with. As a reminder, the Kinect for PC kit will be marketed the month next to the price of €250.

Rumors of the new Galaxy Tab

Samsung would present its new touch Tablet equipped with a screen high definition at the Mobile World Congress.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The South Korean manufacturer could benefit from the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to be held late February to unveil its new Galaxy Tab.

This new variation of the touch Tablet Samsung would be equipped with a 2 GHz processor Quad ARM Cortex A15 (Exynos 5250) and its screen might have a diagonal of 11.6 "and display a HD of 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) definition.

All of this is that the State of rumours but if this is true our current tactile tablets take a nasty blow of old suddenly. Just hope that this debauchery of technology does not play too much on the battery... In any case, would fill the disappointment of not seeing the Galaxy S III at the event.

Download Firefox 10 in the final

A new final version of Firefox comes six weeks after the last. So, what are the improvements made by Firefox 10? It is this time more question of functions and performance.

Logo Firefox

The final version of Firefox 10 is available for download. Among the changes and improvements noted, there is the appearance of the automatic updates in the background and better management of the famous extensions. At this level, to solve fake problems of compatibility of extensions with new versions of the browser now arriving at a frantic pace, Mozilla has chosen to bear the fact that extensions, even developed for earlier versions of Firefox, will be automatically recognized as compatible. This will prevent unwanted blocking while the extensions are actually quite functional. In fact, Mozilla says that all extensions developed from Firefox 4 are compatible with Firefox 10.

Also, Mozilla insists on the mode supports full screen for Web applications. Certain tags can trigger a full-screen display, which could be of interest to developers that integrate video or games in HTML5. Internet users have in this case more than to press a key (often ESC) to return to a traditional display. It is an important step to change the uses of the Web according to Mozilla, which explains that too few people know that by pressing the browser F11 key they can switch to full-screen. Finally, it should be noted that the mobile version of Firefox now handles better the touch multi-point on the Web pages, following the recommendations Touch Events of W3C, via JavaScript. Opening, there also opportunities to Web developers in terms of ergonomics.

A Shuttle for Sandy Bridge with chipset Z68

Presentation of a Shuttle with an Intel Z68 Express chipset...

The European subsidiary of the American Shuttle prepares to commercialize the SZ68R5. This is the first time that a Shuttle barebone integrates a motherboard equipped with a high-performance Intel's Z68 Express chipset, for example managing the SSD with the TRS (Smart Response Technology) cache via flash drives which, for win of the place, can here be mSATA. Indeed, this Shuttle ZZ68R5 can accommodate four maps girls, namely a PCIe x 16 Gen 2.0, a PCIe x 4, a mini-PCIe x 1 and the mSATA sus-city port.

Shuttle SZ68R5 (1)    Shuttle SZ68R5 (2)    Shuttle SZ68R5 (3)    Shuttle SZ68R5 (4)

Can be install on this machine, in addition to an Intel Sandy Bridge processor on the socket LGA 1155, up to 32 GB of RAM with the four available DIMM slots. The BIOS allows to activate the Turbo Boost to make the most of its processor performance when necessary, but also to enable a function of energy saving that promises a power consumption and thermal envelope measured.

For connectivity, there back a DVI output and an HDMI output, in addition to six (including two USB 3.0) USB ports, an eSATA port, an Ethernet port and audio Jack managing the 7.1. While front four other USB ports (including two USB 3.0, and a USB 2.0 with 2 to effectively recharge mobile terminals) are arranged without forgetting the Jack for the headphone and microphone. To complement this barebone, the UEFI motherboard offers two catch SATA 6 Gbps and two SATA 3 Gbps and two USB 2.0 connectors. Provided food is certified 80 Plus and proposes a 500W Power.

This Shuttle in Z68 should arrive soon in shops to price of €301 duty-free. As always with Shuttle, this is not given...

Strong growth expected for Li-ion polymer battery

Indicators are green for the market of Li-ion polymer batteries used tablets, smartphones and the ultrabooks.

BatterieGlobal demand for lithium-ion polymer batteries significantly expected agmenter in 2012. After growth of the delivered volumes of about 16% on the year 2011, industrial sector expect that demand increases by approximately 24% on the year. The booming markets of tablets and of ultrabooks explaining for the most part this flight expected demand, as explained by Taiwanese manufacturers of batteries.

They noted indeed pessimistic observers that despite their forecasts, the production of lithium-ion polymer batteries will not exceed demand in 2012. Analysts had indeed anticipated overproduction and began to discuss the price fell after learning that battery manufacturers had generally strengthened their productive apparatus and increased their production capacity. At the time, the price of the battery should remain stable this year.

It should be noted that compared to the cylindrical lithium-ion 18650 batteries used by most traditional laptops, the lithium-ion polymer batteries are more stable and can especially be designed on request, adapting their sizes and shapes the products they supply. However, they cost on average 60% more expensive than the 18650 batteries equal capacity and are therefore reserved for the finest electronic products.

Speed record for the 4 G to the Japan: 300 Mbps!

In the Japan, the 4 G is not restricted...


A few months ago, US operator Verizon announced have managed to reach a flow down close to 100 Mbps in tests conducted on its 4 G network to the LTE standard. But to the Japan, the eAccess operator is still better. This second nippon operator to enter the 4 G (after the national leader NTT DoCoMo) will open its network in March. As such, he is to conduct a series of tests and Announces have been able to achieve, under certain conditions, a descending flow near the 300 Mbps!

However, as we might expect, the operator indicated that flows real that can see users will be lower, of the order of 75 Mbps download and 25 Mbps in upload. We agree, it remains impressive, dreaming of such flows ADSL subscribers. Of course, the used frequency bands are decisive in the quality of the network and it is hoped that in France, flow rates can be high when the 4 G will point the tip of his nose. A reminder, Orange wants to be the first operator to launch the very high-speed mobile home in 2013.

Free Mobile & roaming: Orange meets SFR

After the media release of the pattern of SFR which involved policy of Orange on the arrival of Free Mobile on the market, the operator responds to the charges.

Orange Smartphone

Late last week, we reported the words of Frank Esser, pattern of SFR, who accused Orange to be responsible for the offensive on prices by Free Mobile since the historic operator signed an incoming roaming with the new agreement. "I was struck by the Orange strategy, signing the agreement of roaming, allowing Iliad out packages if little dear." "We have always said that we would never sign such an agreement" he said.

In Les Echos, Pierre Louette, Secretary General of France Telecom, returned to the charge and responds to SFR, explaining that he did not really the choice given the pressure that he put the Arcep so Free Mobile could benefit from a roaming agreement. "We felt designated because we are the market leader." Everyone was negotiating roaming 2 G. "In the past months, we have 3 G rider, we have been pragmatic" explains.

He stated, on the tariff terms of this agreement: "these tariffs are consistent to our costs and that we attach to the large virtual mobile operators (MVNO)." Must be out of the fantasy that we would give the keys to Free. "This operator pay us a variable, like all MVNO, plus a fixed, that are not the MVNO". At least, any ambiguity is thrown.

The scandal of the Galaxy S II modified!

Caution, a Galaxy S II may conceal another! Samsung plays Waltz of processors with its lighthouse of Androphone model.

Samsung Galaxy S II Fiche Technique (2).PNG

If you want to buy a smartphone, and your choice is on the best-seller of the moment is the Galaxy S II of Samsung, beware!

Indeed, it would appear that the South Korean firm conducted a modification of the technical characteristics of its Android terminal in all discretion.

As PCInpact readers have discovered, Samsung have thus changed the Exynos 4210 processor that animates the first versions of the Galaxy S II by a model based on TI OMAP 4430. The frequency of operation of these two SoC is identical (1.2 GHz) but their architecture differs completely, and performance that are then reduced with the "new" chip.

The graphic part is also impacted by this change in SoC, Mali 400 MP of the Exynos being more swift than the PowerVR SGX540 present on the OMAP. And as the new version of android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) takes part of the graphical circuit with hardware acceleration, this "new" model GS II may suffer from the change of processor during the update of the mobile OS from Google for soon.

This smartphone is now available in two different versions identified by the code name of the product to the GT i9100 for the model equipped with a SoC Exynos 4210 Samsung and GT i9100G for one equipped with the OMAP 4430 of Texas Instruments.

The details of the processors used in our smartphones being never disclosed precisely builders sheets and even less on the catalogues of the mobile operators, the greatest vigilance is therefore necessary when buying a Galaxy S II these days.

Apparently all models sold in France since the beginning of the year 2012 would be the GT i9100G, so do not hesitate to ask for more information to your dealer before ordering your GS II!

Samsung Galaxy S II Fiche Technique (1).PNG

The fact sheet of the Galaxy S II on the site of Samsung

Android 4 arrives on Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note

Samsung announces the arrival of the update of the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich via Facebook.

Samsung Galaxy Note (2).PNG

The South Korean firm announced on his Norwegian Facebook page (this is what globalization!) that its Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note smartphones would be updated to the new version of Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich, and this in the first quarter of 2012.

The deployment will be done country by country and will be probably all European countries but no accuracy has been made on the availability in the hexagon.

Indeed, in France, each operator is only decision-making of this "upgrade" in function of the time that they take to adapt the system to the surcouches and services that they add smartphones to their subscribers.

In France, the 3 G bars do not have the rating

The shelves offering 3 G connectivity do not meet the success expected in France.


French consumers preferred the 3 G bars, they represent indeed, according to a study by GfK cabinet, less than one quarter (23%) of the 1.5 million tablets sold in the year 2011.

For more, on these two shelves with 3 G connectivity, only a small part is associated with a package data in an operator. Indeed, most of the people using their shelf at home operate their local Wi-Fi connection, why then invest in an often more expensive 3 G tablet to be more add the price of the subscription data to the often exorbitant rate in France.

Elsewhere the study highlights that the countries or the 3 G bars sell best are those in which data packages are offered at low prices, strange coincidence... Perhaps the situation evolve in the right direction with packages only data that Free Mobile plans to launch soon at broken prices.

MegaUpload: priority to the recovery of the service

If MegaUpload is preparing his defence, it is envisaged to try to restore service on foot as soon as possible. But the task looks difficult, if not impossible.

After the operation punch of the FBI (before 18 domain names, of 60 servers and inquiry of seven responsible for including the CEO Kim Schmitz) last weekend, MegaUpload has an idea in mind: the restoration of the service. In any case, this is what said Emmanuel Gadaix, representing French host, to our colleagues from PCInpact, recalling that many people use MegaUpload for lawful purposes, in particular companies, and requires that these people can regain access to their data. Yet, the part looks complicated. Emmanuel Gadaix explaining that if each file is stored on multiple servers, all are currently inaccessible and some seized by justice. And given the huge by the case, the website is hardly feasible. He also says that the indictment on which this operation is based is filled with inaccuracies.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Schmitz, alias Kim Dotcom, the pattern of MegaUpload arrested last weekend

Also interviewed a week ago by the Nouvel Obs, Emmanuel Gadaix said: "It is important to distinguish between Megaupload, service provider, and a few illegal websites offering downloads of content using our resources." "We are not a pirate site". A team of lawyers of copyright is be set up to defend the offending members of MegaUpload, and the defence argue that MegaUpload has within the meaning of the Act, nothing is wrong, arguing that the record is based on erroneous grounds... Recalling that similar facts had been in the past complained to YouTube which eventually prevail in a case in civil.

However, if justice is indeed evidence (as we have heard) that MegaUpload officials paid Internet users that they put online illegal content on the site, and have them same to sending illegal files on servers, it could take into sufficient charge to win...

HotSpot WiFi and 2 GB of storage in a button cuff

You want to take you to a secret agent James Bond or, in default, Johnny English? Brookestone thought to you...

EH Yes, everything is possible today with high-tech gadgets and miniaturization, even to take an officer "double zero seven". In this pair of silver cufflinks particularly class, Brookstone has indeed managed to stay 2 GB of memory storage in USB and wireless connectivity to create a WiFi hotspot.

bouton-manchette-usb-wifi.jpeg                     james-bond01

Connected to the PC, the small connector USB (29 x 29 x 10 mm), self-powered electricity through the same port, is then recognized as a mass storage device and a wireless network device (after you have downloaded the appropriate driver).

Count $ 250 to offer you - or make you offer - this pair of cufflinks, and as much - or more - for the costume that goes with!

ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II, the big maousse graphic card

With its design triple slot, his custom PCBs and its imposing heatpipe, the Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II Announces huge.

View these photos, to say the least, that the Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II in necessary! Occupying only three slots to it, this graphics card is composed of a PCB custom (floor of feeding 12 phases requiring two 8 pins connectors) to provide an overclocking the GPU at 1000 MHz (925 MHz base) plant and 1400 MHz for the memory (1375 MHz of origin), will be without doubt even possible to climb even higher in frequency this cooling system.


asus_hd7970_directcuii-02   asus_hd7970_directcuii-03

The imposing cooling device (hopefully enough silencer) is constituted part radiator consisting of vanes aluminum covering the PCB and crossed by six heatpipes, the whole surmounted by two fans of 100 mm. The map is 28 cm long, it has two outputs DVI and four DisplayPort, what make the most of the Eyefinity on six screens for those who have the means. No tariff or date of availability, have still been made.

The point on the week of

MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, Foxconn, HD 7970, Kepler, B & You, Hadopi... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

Weeks like this, during which we imagine will able to calmly move some tests late, take a step back and especially retrieve previous, between a hectic week these well filled and the launch of Free Mobile. And then not, the news has recovered this week and we've been busy... At the time, only two new entries-side tests with the Corsair revenge 1300 headset and keyboard QPAD MK-85. But we have a lot of things in preparation for the coming weeks (housings, DSS, mouse, keyboard, and perhaps even the GPU and PS Vita, new portable console of Sony). In short, it crosses fingers that everything goes as planned and especially that found the time to talk about all these products properly.

World War Web
Megaupload 1

In the meantime, it is on the bearings that we ended the week with the unexpected closure of MegaUpload by the FBI and the arrest of the CEO of "Mega empire" in New Zealand. A very media event (and for cause, the Mega Group sites are among the largest in the world, representing 4% of global Internet traffic), which occurs while the United States SOPA and PIPA bills grow all actors to an Internet free to express their disagreement (Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft, etc.). During this time, François Holland spoke of the Hadopi (effective according to the CEO of Universal Music France), which itself organized a meeting of anti-streaming while Allostreaming officials announced the closure of their sites, already reopened under new addresses... Big theme hacking and download, which is complemented by the users through the Anonymous response, these hackers are organizing to attack key sites they assimilate to the responsibility of this policy of repression (the sites of the White House, of Universal, the FBI, the Elysee Palace or the Hadopi) have already been attacked.

Side Free Mobile things somewhat settled even if the enthusiasm is always present. Frustration, mentioned last week as long as "red card" following a launch technically open to criticism, is always between portage claims which take much more time that they should, and SIM cards that have been slow to arrive. A phenomenon explained by an explosion of applications portability, requiring Free Mobile to curb for the moment. A great controversy even broke out this week, with several operators who accused Free Mobile not yet lit its antennas and rest for the moment only on the Orange network. If some evidence suggests that the Free network has not been fully lit from the start, Free then Orange eventually deny. Note finally that in offers, B & You is one of the only to make a real effort to counter Free price.

Windows 8 Tablette Samsung     asus_hd7970_directcuii-01

For hardware, we discovered this week the minimum technical specifications for Windows 8 shelves, while learning that shelves sales surpassed in France of the PC, while AMD promoted the merits of his future APU Trinity, for the design of laptops cheaper Ultrathin (his version of the Ultrabook). AMD also met the Thunderbolt of Intel with his Lightning Bolt, a less advanced but more economical technology. Other research interesting, those of IBM on magnetic bit that promise very important developments for our hard drives in the future. Finally, the big theme was future graphics cards, between a delay for the launch of Kepler in Nvidia and a few precious leaks on the GPU, the Radeon HD 7970 to hormones Yeston or Asus HD 7950 begins to point the tip of his nose between revealed frequencies and the Powercolor custom photo.

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Carton RougeRed cards: MegaUpload & Foxconn

These are two red cards that we have decided to distribute this week. The first closure of MegaUpload. Not because we stand for body and soul piracy (which is a far too complex topic discussed in a few lines and on which each has his view), nor even to defend Kim Dotcom and its accomplices who were visibly paper in the management of their business, allowing the FBI to address what he considered "a Mafia organization". People who did not need we to defend.

But this is obviously the process is condemned and the brutality of this closure. Because if it would be hypocritical to deny that MegaUpload is a major platform of global piracy, it must also be remembered that the platform offers a hosting service all that there is more legal. Used by individuals and companies who pay each month to store legal data, without any warning, are currently inaccessible since the site is completely closed. Also, it should be noted that the hoster status has been recognized several times by justice to MegaUpload, and that the service complies with the DMCA by removing illegal files reported by rights-holders within the required time.

As Foxconn, just read our article entitled "children work 16 hours a day in Foxconn..." to understand the excesses of a system in which it is now less expensive to produce to the chain of products by humans in deplorable conditions to assign these tasks to of machines...