The scandal of the Galaxy S II modified!

Caution, a Galaxy S II may conceal another! Samsung plays Waltz of processors with its lighthouse of Androphone model.

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If you want to buy a smartphone, and your choice is on the best-seller of the moment is the Galaxy S II of Samsung, beware!

Indeed, it would appear that the South Korean firm conducted a modification of the technical characteristics of its Android terminal in all discretion.

As PCInpact readers have discovered, Samsung have thus changed the Exynos 4210 processor that animates the first versions of the Galaxy S II by a model based on TI OMAP 4430. The frequency of operation of these two SoC is identical (1.2 GHz) but their architecture differs completely, and performance that are then reduced with the "new" chip.

The graphic part is also impacted by this change in SoC, Mali 400 MP of the Exynos being more swift than the PowerVR SGX540 present on the OMAP. And as the new version of android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) takes part of the graphical circuit with hardware acceleration, this "new" model GS II may suffer from the change of processor during the update of the mobile OS from Google for soon.

This smartphone is now available in two different versions identified by the code name of the product to the GT i9100 for the model equipped with a SoC Exynos 4210 Samsung and GT i9100G for one equipped with the OMAP 4430 of Texas Instruments.

The details of the processors used in our smartphones being never disclosed precisely builders sheets and even less on the catalogues of the mobile operators, the greatest vigilance is therefore necessary when buying a Galaxy S II these days.

Apparently all models sold in France since the beginning of the year 2012 would be the GT i9100G, so do not hesitate to ask for more information to your dealer before ordering your GS II!

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The fact sheet of the Galaxy S II on the site of Samsung


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