MegaUpload: a hoster says not able to render the data

A claimant for MegaUpload responds to rumors that data might be deleted.

Yesterday, explain you that MegaUpload host providers who are more paid could decide to delete all data from the servers leased by MegaUpload from February 2 to reallocate these storage spaces. Our colleagues from ZDNet sister site tried to learn more and received a response from one of these companies, Carpathia Hosting. This hosting provider indicates do not have and have never had access to the contents of MegaUpload servers, and specifies that it has no technical device which would render the content hosted on servers in question to customers and users of MegaUpload.

This hosting is also income on the date of February 2 discussed yesterday. According to him, this date based "on any information provided by Carpathia to the U.S. Government". "We recommend that anyone who thinks having content on MegaUpload servers contact MegaUpload." "Please, do contact not Carpathia Hosting" he says. Obviously, American justice tries therefore to influence these hosts the fate of data of the customers of MegaUpload, to dédouanant and eventual removal of data whose responsibility did would technically to MegaUpload providers. However it is justice that has frozen the accounts of the direct download service, preventing it to pay its suppliers...


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