MegaUpload data soon deleted?

And if MegaUpload host providers who are more paid forgetful all the data from the service?


A document presented to justice by the American Crown indicates that the data hosted by MegaUpload servers could be deleted as of February 2, is Thursday. Indeed, MegaUpload rents its servers with Carpathia Hosting and Cogent, two providers of services that could be made to delete the data in question. ZDNet informs us that the main reason would be economic, as the FBI has blocked the accounts for MegaUpload which can no longer pay its suppliers, including these two hosts who wish to power recycle servers for lease to others if MegaUpload pay more.

Given the amount of data per which passed each day on the servers leased by MegaUpload, and the price of bandwidth hosting one can imagine that huge sums are at stake. An expert also told our colleagues that MegaUpload servers storage capacity should probably be around 100 Petabyte, or 100,000 terabytes.

Necessarily, counsel for MegaUpload trying to hear reason to justice, explaining that part of these data in danger are entirely legal and belong to users who have paid MegaUpload to store their files. How much are the legal files to pirate files? This, on the other hand, it is impossible to know.

You touch there directly to the party the most unfair and shocking legal action against MegaUpload, where honest users of the service are adversely affected. In the hope that American justice allow, conversely, a return to service line, only for a few days, to allow the possibility for these users to recover their data... But at the present time, such a procedure seems to be unthinkable.


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