MegaUpload: priority to the recovery of the service

If MegaUpload is preparing his defence, it is envisaged to try to restore service on foot as soon as possible. But the task looks difficult, if not impossible.

After the operation punch of the FBI (before 18 domain names, of 60 servers and inquiry of seven responsible for including the CEO Kim Schmitz) last weekend, MegaUpload has an idea in mind: the restoration of the service. In any case, this is what said Emmanuel Gadaix, representing French host, to our colleagues from PCInpact, recalling that many people use MegaUpload for lawful purposes, in particular companies, and requires that these people can regain access to their data. Yet, the part looks complicated. Emmanuel Gadaix explaining that if each file is stored on multiple servers, all are currently inaccessible and some seized by justice. And given the huge by the case, the website is hardly feasible. He also says that the indictment on which this operation is based is filled with inaccuracies.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Schmitz, alias Kim Dotcom, the pattern of MegaUpload arrested last weekend

Also interviewed a week ago by the Nouvel Obs, Emmanuel Gadaix said: "It is important to distinguish between Megaupload, service provider, and a few illegal websites offering downloads of content using our resources." "We are not a pirate site". A team of lawyers of copyright is be set up to defend the offending members of MegaUpload, and the defence argue that MegaUpload has within the meaning of the Act, nothing is wrong, arguing that the record is based on erroneous grounds... Recalling that similar facts had been in the past complained to YouTube which eventually prevail in a case in civil.

However, if justice is indeed evidence (as we have heard) that MegaUpload officials paid Internet users that they put online illegal content on the site, and have them same to sending illegal files on servers, it could take into sufficient charge to win...


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