France music: streaming and subscriptions have the wind in its sails

New point encrypted on the developments of the French market for recorded music. What changes? What trends?

Snep 2011

On the occasion of the Cannes Midem, Snep (syndicat national phonographic Edition) unveiled its balance sheet for the year 2011. We learn that the global sales of recorded music stands at EUR 617,2 million, down 3.9%. As is the trend since the advent of digital, are sales on physical media (CD) recording the highest fall, or 11.5% of decrease to EUR 466,5 million.

On their side, digital sales are strong, 25.7%, and generate revenue EUR 110 million. But this is not enough to fill the shortfall. Of these 110 million, more than half is generated by Internet download, or purchase albums or pieces on legal platforms such as iTunes.

But the strongest progression is looking at Spotify and Deezer, brief, the services of listening in streaming, the turnover progresses of 50.2% (13,91 EUR) in which regard free listening funded by advertising and 73.6% (EUR 16.9 million) at the level of pay subscriptions. In contrast, sales of titles and premium ringtones through mobile platforms via SMS lose ground (-17,4%), obviously incompatible with the rise of the smartphone.

Note that to the presentation of its results, the Snep has claimed the implementation of a device to support the local production, making the foot to the national music Council that wishes to put in place the Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand.


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