François Hollande and Hadopi: Bill clarifies

In the team of François Hollande, Aurélie Filippetti is responsible for media, culture and audiovisual. How is positioning the Socialist candidate to the Hadopi?

The candidate in the presidential election of the Socialist Party, Francois Hollande, is not Hadopi in its heart and has already repeatedly reported recovery that it was a bad Act, with a bad device, that of the graduated response. But for the moment, also the repeal of the legislation, the measures he proposes are blurred. So well that no one knows where he wants to specifically come on the subject. A priori, it is not put in place a global licence system if elected, but spoke of all efforts to strengthen the interest of the legal consumption of content via the Internet offers.

Aurelie Filippetti

With the intervention of Aurélie Flilippetti in the Gallery, we know today a little more. One that is responsible for media, culture and audiovisual François Holland team, therefore drew a little more precise contours on the fate that would reserve to the Hadopi a François Hollande President. This would be to impose "to all stakeholders in the digital economy a contribution to the financing of artistic creation", involving both users access providers, but the giants of the Web such as Google or Amazon.

"The creators should be paid for each of their works." But the legal offer price will fall. And new resources were found by taxing the Internet access providers, hardware manufacturers, and sites such as Google or Amazon. Taxing them is not impossible, but this means a European bargaining. It is also possible to seek agreements with these sites, as did the libraries with Google. However, I support a device reserved for students, which enables them to access the works legally but at a lower cost. "It will be of course in agreement with the creators" she says.

In addition, François Hollande should advocate for shortening the timeline media that defines the legal deadlines which must be observed between the output of a movie in theatres, its marketing in DVD and its presence on VOD and SVOD services. What enchants little cinema industry. Aurélie Flilippetti militates for more developed subscription formulas and the creation of a public portal concentrating in one place on the Internet all the content of the legal offer.

"We will stop to send emails, it is ineffective and intrusive." Hadopi does not lower the download, but just pushed users to streaming and direct download. "The Megaupload case shows that Hadopi has nothing resolved" it ends. Some of these ideas are of course attractive but largely subject to the goodwill of entitled, industrial, majors and other unions. Or we know that in this area, favourable to a wider and cheaper dissemination agreements are hard to find...


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