Free Mobile & portability: Eric Besson asked to double the number of processed files

The Minister Eric Besson asked the strategy to double its capacity for processing the applications of portability...

On Twitter, Xavier Niel questioned the Minister Eric Besson on portability delays observed since the entry of Free Mobile market, detrimental to the new casseur entrant in price. It must be said that requests have been multiplied by 10 since January 10, overloading the strategy in charge of portability and lengthening the processing times. Then, Xavier Niel called the Minister to "do its job".

Xavier Niel Twitter.PNG

Today, we learn via a letter intercepted by PCInpact that Eric Besson asked the strategy to double its processing capabilities. It reads: "It seems today that this capacity is largely inadequate (...)" "I wish that the effective capacity is increased as quickly as time to 80 000 numbers worn by day". What handle more requests while, but not all of them.

Because the strategy says that from 10 to 15,000 applications daily, it receives between 100-150,000 per day since the launch of Free Mobile. Prior to the launch of Free Mobile, the GIE said consider an increase in requests for portability of approximately 40%. Which partly explains that it is now outdated.


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