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A comprehensive in MSI and all-in-one Ivy Bridge

MSI presents a new all-in-one computer in its Wind Top line, with TV tuner and CPU Intel Ivy Bridge.

MSI Wind Top AE2281G (2)MSI completes its range Wind Top (of the all-in-one computers) with a new reference: AE2281G. Behind this sequence of letters and numbers is hidden a PC of 22 "equipped with processor Intel Core i third generation and a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 M 2 GB with Optimus technology - which is not much interest on computer fixed, but good. His definition Full HD 1080p screen has the advantage to be multi-point touch, and to be treated non-glare.

-Side configuration, there is a quad-core processor Core i5-3450S "Ivy Bridge" coupled with Intel H61 chipset, 4 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz, HDD 500 GB 7200 RPM, n WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0, a DVD super-multi in slot-in drive, a memory card reader 6-in-1, two ports USB 3.0, four USB 2.0 portsoutput and input HDMI, an integrated port RJ45, a 1.3 MP camera with a microphone and a TV tuner. It is therefore a rather complete computer shipped with mouse, keyboard and remote control, which will draw up to 150W of power electric.

The Wind Top AE2281G measures 55.5 x 40.5 x 66.5 cm and a weight of 9.1 Kg. no specific award announced at the moment.

Free: the Freebox V4 to V5 without request

You connect to with an outdated Freebox V4 old. Free think of you, and will send you a V5 gratis!

Freebox V4 V5For a few months already, Free proposes to exchange free of charge its aging Freebox V4 (released in 2004) by a Freebox V5. But the Internet access provider leaves now more choice for customers still equipped with an old modem. Indeed, the renewal of the Freebox V4 by a V5 is now forced, automatically validated. At the time, sending a Freebox V5 is done without the Subscribers having anything to ask.

Free explains that no subscriber is of interest to retain a Freebox V4, knowing that it knows not to decode the video stream in MPEG-4. Another advantage for customers, the passage of the 802.11n standard WiFi, while the Freebox V4 is remained blocked in the 802.11 g WiFi.

Windows Phone 7.8: what will be entitled the forgotten in version 8?

Microsoft Unveils video version 7.8 of its OS mobile Windows Phone. It intended to comfort the forgotten Windows Phone 8, before build on a rich home screen new opportunities.

Microsoft comes to post a video of presentation of Windows Phone 7.8, the update which will be required to settle the poor owners of smartphones equipped with the Microsoft OS that will not allow any new milling: Windows Phone 8. A lot of consolation which will interest to be convincing, and that to mark the spirits will have in the first place by a revamped start screen. It will enable users of Windows Phone to resize dynamic tiles that characterize the mobile OS according to their desires. The ability to pin more content on the screen and use more colors are also put forward by the firm of Redmond, not to mention the appearance of new applications such as Audible, Words with Friends and Draw Something.

If this update to Windows Phone 7.8 may perhaps meet the owners of the first Windows Phone, needless to say, this will not be enough to stop the grumbling of recent buyers of Nokia Lumia 900 who are not entitled to Windows Phone 8 that will bring more than expected News: NFC and Internet Explorer 10, among others. Owners of Lumia which have all the same right to a specific update in the future, with the appearance of an application DLNA to read multimedia from a local network, and a consumer voice tracking application and data. Also, the photo mode will receive a burst, a self-timer and a panorama mode mode.

Kevin Mitnick soutient Kim Dotcom

Via a tweet Kevin Mitnik announces its support to Kim Dotcom. A foot of nose to U.S. authorities.

After Steve Wozniak, it is the turn of one of the greatest hackers to support Kim Dotcom. For the record, Kevin Mitnik is recognized worldwide for its facts and harm in the 1980s. Continued for two years by the US authorities and extradited to the United States in 1995, he was detained five years. Today, he is consultant and expert in computer security and gives lectures on the subject.


Kevin Mitnik today. Mine nothing, it goes on its 50 brooms...

Kim Dotcom is still in New Zealand waiting for his extradition to the United States following the closure of its download MegaUpload online portal. A tweet Kevin Mitnik indicates his support to the Manager of MegaUpload with for content: "I hope that you 'll" by adding a link to a YouTube video "I Won't Back Down" we could result in "I not reculerai".

A first wave of support for Kim Dotcom that is will soon follow by a petition widespread on the Internet? The US authorities will soon be facing.

Jelly Bean sculpture, new version of Android, arrived at the Googleplex

The lawn of the Googleplex now hosts the statue of Jelly Bean, now official code name of the new version of Android stamped 4.1.

As is the tradition, a new sculpture representing the new version of Android in the Jelly Bean instance has been installed on the lawn of the Googleplex. Taking place alongside Cupcake, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb or even Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean thus confirms the name of the next version of Android that will be presented in a few hours at the Google I/O 2012 conference.

The firm of Mountain View should present including his Nexus 7 "touch Tablet equipped with this version of the stamped mobile OS 4.1. We give you so go very quickly for more information...

android-jelly-bean-googleplex-04    android-jelly-bean-googleplex-01.jpeg

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier talked of him (in difficulty)

Suspicion if you have pre-ordered the title from Ubisoft. First U.S. release on PC returns are for the less mixed. In question including: of (too) many technical problems.

Available for two days at the United States (our tower should come today), the Ghost Recon PC version: Future Soldier finished more to shout the players on specialized forums: problems of frame rate, unable to use a keyboard combo mouse (!) or to properly adjust the display resolution, the game is hoist with impressive speed in the top 5 of the PC ports most ripoux of these last five years.

Of course, we could simply to accompany this information to a terse comment that explains, in substance, that this kind of output is unfortunately more often that you would (Yes, Yes, Mr. Blizzard, it is you you are watching with insistence), and that these issues will be quickly resolved and forgotten. Of course... Except that here, the fault is attributable to Ubisoft, a firm that took the detestable habit 1 - we deliver versions PC with a month delay on the consoles, - 2 versions to consider more generally the world of the PC as the fifth wheel carriage videogame.


(The war is ugly...) (Mainly on PC)

The case of Ghost Recon FS is particularly telling, as the PC version of the title mit some time to appear on development schedules, then was withdrawn, and reappeared, but in the form of a simple Ghost Recon Online, based on the previous version of the game, because that good, still/embittered mode ON "it will not be left to develop beautiful novelty to a band of pirates who were absolutely". no respect for quality games, or the work of creation. "bitter/mode OFF. One might also cite the case of From Dust, the God Game of Eric Chahi as an example of this philosophy for the less radical. While the game was a departure in brass band on the XBLA platform, was open in miles by the PC community. In question, the need to maintain a permanent connection to the internet to play, a constraint which Ubisoft had also always denied.

If we understand the breakdown of the French editor for our expensive machines (piracy, competition from consoles, all, all), it can only hope a reversal of its policy, both the PC market seems to be on a rising slope lately. Indeed, the graphics engines slamming flower as fungi (Frostbyte 2, Unreal, CryEngine 3, Crystal Engine), and it seems clear that in the absence of new machinery of salon, this are PCs that will be put on the front of the stage in the year coming. Indeed, fills the hypocrisy, it's a PC that turn beautiful Watch Dogs at E3 a few weeks ago. CQFD.

Guild Wars 2, it is for the August 28!

Here it is, it's done, it's official, it is engraved in the marble: the much awaited Guild Wars 2 will be released on August 28. Then could extend to the pages to express our happiness, but sometimes, some images are better than a long speech...

Diablo III, 3DS, Kinect, etc.: a point on the sales of the video game in France

Several sources of information to make a small review of the sales of games and consoles in France since the beginning of the year, with - rare thing - quite accurate figures.

At the Cannes IDEF exhibition for professionals in the video game, GameCharts is a rather complete point on the sales of games, devices and consoles in France. Covered by GfK, the figures disclosed by companies in the sector are not complete, but make a small never superfluous point on the status of the game in France.

Diablo III JaquetteIn terms of games, since January 1, 2012, the best-selling game in France is other than Diablo III. Released May 15 (which only adds to the performance), the hack' no slash of Blizzard sold best 174.000... And are counted here that sales of boxes, and not many digital copies sold! At the second place positions Just Dance 2 on Wii with best 129.000, evidence that music games are more recipe, those dance work well. It is followed by CoD Modern Warfare 3 that closes the podium with 150.000 copies sold on PS3.

Top 10 best-selling games in France since January 1st:

Diablo III (PC) 174.000Just Dance 2 (Wii) 129.000Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) 122.000Mario Kart 7 (3DS) 112.000Mario Party 9 (Wii) 107.000Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) 96.000Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii) 81.000Battlefield 3 (PS3) 75.000FIFA 12 (PS3) 73.000FIFA Street (PS3) 68,000

Other information obtained, sales of Kinect, for Xbox 360 motion sensor. At the end of the month of may, are France 697.000 players who have purchased the device. Worldwide, Kinect is 19 million passed copies. The Xbox 360 - more old console of this generation - was able to extend its longevity and find a blow of fasting, even if good Kinect games are rare.

In Nintendo, GameCharts tells us that the Nintendo 3DS has just pass the one million units sold in France. An Honourable performance for a portable console whose much - too - soon anticipated the failure on its release in March 2011, in a market where competition from smartphones and tablets is sharp. But he is still the path to both the DS that passed the bar of the 10 million copies sold. As the Big N show console, the Wii, is approaching 6 millions of machines installed in France.

Include for Les Echos that, in relying on data GfK, are a scene interesting progression of sales of games for download, which is necessarily the wrong boxes by signs sales brick & mortar. Thus, we see that on the first half of 2012, living room consoles sales are down 17% in value (CA EUR 174 million), which represents 443.000 past machines (-20% a year). -Side laptops, this is much better, with a decline in sales of 14%. But PS Vita is released and the Nintendo 3DS instead found the form. And despite the phenomenon of Diablo III, value games sales overall are down 10% (EUR 362 million). Georges Fornay, president of the SELL and former CEO of CES France, this is logical given the fact that have to be end-of-cycle and that the economic situation remains complicated.

But in the end, GfK expects to post stable figures for the video game in any year end. The Institute on the release of the Wii U and 3ds XL, as well as on the growth of sales of dematerialized games should represent CA EUR 550 million against 450 million year passed. 60 million euros (+ 100%) should also be generated by sales of pre-payees cards and online Pass. Finally, note that the accessories and peripherals are in progress, they should generate EUR 88 million for the year.

Google Glass, Nexus Q and Nexus 7: new Google I/O

Account of the Google I/O conference, where the American giant presented (and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) three important products: its tablet, a "Box" audio-video and... the glasses!

Google Glass (2)Once is not custom, let's start with the end... That is to say the Google Glasses that the giant has presented any end of its Google I/O conference. It is of course the most surprising announcement, because even if we had already heard about these Google goggles, no one dared imagine that their marketing would be announced as quickly. It is therefore Sergei Brin who climbed on stage to introduce them, with a small staging spectacular well-oiled as Americans know so well to do.

In these glasses, there is a transparent screen to display information actually increased in the field of vision of the user (heads-up display), but also a photo/video sensor, a microphone, a touchpad on the branch, a gyroscope and modules for wireless connectivity... It is quite amazing to see where we are today in terms of miniaturization. And for nothing spoil Googles promises that his Glasses are "less heavy than a pair of sunglasses". Also, their design was thought to adapt by above a traditional pair of glasses.

Google Glass

Available in pre-order only for US developers who participated in the Google I/O 2012 for the moment, the "Google Glass Explorer Edition" kit will be charged $ 1500 (still!). Also will need them to be patient, since deliveries will be made in any early in the year 2013. On marketing to the general public, Google nothing would say.

Another surprise of the conference Google, the presentation of a strange object connected: the Nexus Q (in reference to the inventor of agent 007 gadgets?). It is, in short, a multimedia module, which runs on Android and can benefit from Google Play (ex-Android market). It can therefore be seen as a device registering in the lineage of the Google TV project, even if the American giant introduced as a new product. But nobody is fooled, and everywhere the Nexus Q is mentioned as a competitor to the Apple TV. Except that sold $ 300, it is nearly three times more expensive than Apple's TV package. Of course, it is offering more features.

In fact, it's a strange sphere to the highly futuristic design that is a little less 12 cm in diameter (a CD) and weighs 925 grams. He first embarked an amplifier (Class D, 2 x 12, 5W) and can be connected to a pair of passive speakers, but also any electronics that makes a perfect Android terminal. Judge for yourself: SoC Texas Instruments OMAP 4460, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage. What to run Android 4.0 carefree. The rest of the connections it is provided: micro-HDMI output audio output digital and analog, micro-USB, Ethernet, WiFi n dual-band port port...

Google Nexus Q (1) Google Nexus Q (2)

There is also the presence of a NFC module! Interesting, it allows playback of music or video from an Android NFC (smartphone or Tablet) terminal on its audio-video installation which is connected the Nexus Q, and this simply approaching his apparatus of the sphere. Indeed, no remote control is comes with Nexus Q, fully driven through terminals Android, which gives the possibility to many residents of the same household to interact with him.

For the moment, commercialization applies only to the United States, and will be only on the Google Play Store. Deliveries from mid-July.

Google Nexus 7 (1).jpgFinally, let's finish this account of advertising products Google I/O by the product whereas, one for which there was more surprise to hope: the Nexus tablet. As agreed, it is in the format "7 and is meant to be a real competitor to the Kindle Fire of Amazon, with his own aggressive tariff, with a sale price to $ 199.

For this price, the Tablet made in partnership with Asus embarked a SoC NVIDIA Tegra 3, screen IPS in 1280 x 800 pixels (216 dpi resolution) protected by Gorilla Glass, a sensor photo/video of 1.2 MP front and modules, WiFi n, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC, an accelerometer, gyroscope and a magnetometer. The storage is entrusted to 8 GB of internal memory, and it regrets the lack of a port for SD cards to extend this space. For further information, it will be a choice the 16 GB version, sold $ 249.

Google Nexus 7 (3)          Google Nexus 7 (2)          Google Nexus 7 (4).jpg

With its small size, the Tablet displays a weight of only 340 grams. Integrating a 4325 mAh battery, it promises a beautiful range of 9 h in video playback and more than 10 h in surf (300 h standby). Current July, only American, Canadian, Australian and English will be available. Other countries, once again with Google, to be patient.

Age of Empires Online : Free to prendre une raclée

The update called "summer" of the game was to sign his passage in a mode really Free-to-Play. Disappointment among the players: If the game is now well free, he is coward of new balances for the less aberrant.

"I have the beating of my life", "I just get run over by a herd of gastrophetes, it bites!", "I have well hatchback seeing AI send me a single file Rams 30...". "Then I uninstalled the game." The least that can be said, is that the passage in Free-to-Play of Age of Empires Online, operated there now ten days, will did not that happy.

Of course, the game did let on its economic model. Recall that initially, AoEO was the choice of a hybrid system, the heart of the game being available free of charge (sub-quests, levelling, and two civilizations in base), the rest requiring a passage to the Fund (new "premium" so-called civilization, or additional game modes). Problem: not only the prices were far from show of unanimity, but new revenue civilization surpassed far other, creating of imbalances in confrontations PvP (a classical model of pay to win, in short).

Age of Empire Online 03 Age of Empire Online 01

With this update, Gas Powered Games has incorporated a currency in game, Imperial points, that players can acquire, depending on their preference, to great blows of credit card, or by performing a series of quests. And now is the currency which will allow to buy this famous additional content. In theory, the recipe seemed pretty good, since if the gains remained relatively low during the phase of levelling, high level, they became more substantial, offering really disillusioned players to join their wealthy peers in the top of the ranking tables.

Yes, but in fact,... As a grain of sand came to slip in this well-oiled mechanics, a modification of AI, which turned the lesser search POI in real way of the cross: rich or not, players are rosser battle after battle by an adversary the ability of elite units seems to be without limit. Developers argue the bug, seek clemency, and hope to correct the shot as soon as possible. It's all the evil that we want them to, because with a more balanced economic model, there was no doubt that this game, which is moreover very pleasant on the merits, could know a second wind.

Google + share recommendations hunting

Google social network now offers recommendations for reading via the use of the "+ 1" button.

google_plus_recommendationsA few hours before the opening of the Google I/O 2012 conference scheduled to take place in the late afternoon (18 h 30 GMT + 1), + Google launches a new modification of the behaviour of its module "+ 1". Hallmark of its social network, the firm of Mountain View will display a few weeks for all of its members to the recommendations of reading on the pages visited, flying over button + 1.

Google said that recommendations will cover only the pages of the visited domain and no other external pages. Recommendations can come also his network of friends and readers who approved a page or another. The developers of Google + blog shows an example with the Chrome Web Store that displays recommendations for applications to install in addition to Gmail App.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean available mid-July, what's new?

At the Google I/O conference, the search giant officially launched the big update of its OS mobile Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean. What is new?

mascotte-android-41-jelly-bean-01Google has as planned unveiled the new version of its mobile OS Android, including the name of code Jelly Bean is now official and number in version 4.1.

This update of Ice Cream Sandwich, available by mid-July, will be first proposed in OTA (Over The Air automatically via Wi - Fi or 3 G update) on smartphones Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and the Motorola Xoom tablet.

Jelly Bean does not merely to be that a minor update, it has many new features that we will present to you below.

The graphic interface, first, has undergone many changes and optimizations under the code name "Project Butter" so that fluidity felt in the navigation between screens is the 60 frames per second. The reactivity of Android was flawless thanks to the setting up of a triple buffering and Vsync which allow a better synchronization of the CPU and the GPU for display smoothly. More no lag or slowdown should then come and ruin the user experience.

android-41-jelly-bean-02     android-41-jelly-bean-03

Widgets are now able automatically size elements that are already and remaining on the screen instead.The bar of notifications becomes bigger and becomes even more interactive with available actions directly without having to open the dedicated application. For example, when a call is missed, notification system to directly recall the correspondent or send him a text message without the need to open the call log or the sms application. Fast and effective! It is the same to read and respond to a mail or interact with Google + among other possibilities.Update applications has also been improved, so in some cases, it will be more essential to download all of the APK but just the files needed for the new version. Gain time and data transfer!The virtual keyboard has been reworked for a seizure again improved with a prediction of the words typed even better but also a voice input (typing Voice) more effective which requires no Internet connection for access to the Google servers because carried out directly by the terminal. Available initially in English and then in French a little later.

android-41-jelly-bean-05.jpg     android-41-jelly-bean-04

Voice Search brings voice search to the Apple's Siri with operation that allows to ask questions in natural language, Jelly Bean can propose responses via the Google search engine to questions such as "Who is the Prime Minister of the Japan?", or even "Show me images of marmoset".Is Google Now a little figure of "Big brother is watching you" because this technology allows all personal data collected by smartphone or Tablet (geolocation, history of navigation, agenda, contacts, addresses etc.) offer targeted information until it is needed to apply them. For example you go to an evening with a friend in Paris, if your appointment was noted in your agenda, Google Now you remember of course but also give you the information to visit the place where you are with schedules of trains, buses and metro the closest or road traffic. A little intrusive but this may be convenient for some people a little head in the air.

Many other new features and improvements were also incorporated as the function camera that allows for picture-taking to view taken photos and remove a finger gesture, or even enhancement of the native web browser both in performance HTML5, CSS 3 but also Javascript.


For developers, the SDK of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is now available on the dedicated website.

Users to other terminals to be the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom they expect announcements of different manufacturers and operators in order to know the dates of any updated official planned or expected that customs Roma see the day where applicable.

Tablet Surface: Microsoft is developing its partners is back...

Some indiscretions from partners at Microsoft are strained relations. Considering himself unfairly shifted, some would already have pay the Publisher.

microsoft-tablette-tactile-windows-8-surface-002In deciding to launch the Windows tablets under its own brand, Microsoft is debated. Some see it as a sign to the presence of its OS Windows on mobile platforms, finding brave on the part of Microsoft want to lead by example. But others believe that the reputation of Microsoft will do, that with products such as Surface bars, competing models are likely to be completely eclipsed. Besides the confusion that this can lead to market the Windows Tablet...

Thus, our colleagues from CNET have done a quick survey among their sources for PC manufacturers and it seems to highlight a common resentment of nervousness and rogne, which obviously leads to now imagine strategies to counter the iPad, but also now the Tablet Surface. Or how to succeed as a Microsoft partner and manufacturer of Tablet Windows, to the strategies of the editor of the bone trying to adventure the marketing of its own products. This is a climate that promises to be "funky" at the exit of Windows RT.

Like to add fuel to the fire, we learn that the Microsoft marketing departments have asked partners tablets manufacturers to communicate precisely the characteristics of their products, but also their prices. They enraged, believing that of its position, Microsoft hope decisive competitive advantage to succeed the launch of its own shelves. For the consumer, it might be the big winner of this Microsoft intrusion of tablets on the market. Indeed, CNET reveals that since the announcement of the Tablet Surface, manufacturers are boiling and that this could lead to new innovations and a tension on prices favorable to buyers.

Sapphire Announces Radeon HD 7870 equipped FleX of the Dual-X

The Sapphire manufacturer announces a Radeon HD 7870 in its range FleX, overclockee factory and went with his heatpipe Dual-X.

Sapphire will soon offer a graphic card Radeon HD 7870 in the FleX range, frequency overclockees of plant and equipped with the system of cooling House Dual-X.

But the main feature of the Flex maps lies in their ability to use Eyefinity SLS technology on three screens without using the DisplayPort box, then just use two Dual-Link DVI ports and HDMI port with HDMI to DVI adapter provides in the bundle, easy!



For the rest, the map has a dual BIOS switchable via a button on the card, one offers the frequency proposed by AMD or 1000 MHz for the GPU and 1200 MHz for the 2 GB of GDDR5 on bus 256 bit, on the other, it grows the map to an overclocking of factory established in 1050 MHz for the GPU and 1250 MHz for the memory. Cooling is provided by the heatpipe House, the Dual-X, consisting of a large sink aluminium, four heat-pipes in copper and two 80 mm PWM fans. The rear bracket has four video output with 2 DVI, 1 HDMI 1.4 is and 1 DisplayPort 1.2.

Sapphire provided no tariff or date of marketing for the moment.

Bouygues Telecom offers its customers in need of 3 G Femtocell box

To improve the cover 3 G of his home, the Femtocell is the solution proposed by the operators. Bouygues Telecom offers housing applicants.

Even if Bouygues Telecom claims coverage of more than 80% of the Metropolitan French population in 3 G, it is clear that some of its mobile subscribers receive poorly (or not at all) the third generation network, especially inside. To address this, the operator launches to turn a Femtocell box, connected to the Internet, because domestic small antenna 3 G office, significantly improving the coverage and quality of service.

In the footsteps of SFR, Bouygues Telecom offers therefore customers wishing a Femtocell box. It is available, contact the customer service and explain deplore a receipt of poor quality of 3 G at his home. Bouygues Telecom will simply verify that the Subscriber has a subscription and equipment to receive the 3 G. Note that offers B & You are not eligible for the receipt of a Femtocell.

Femtocell Bouygues Telecom (1).jpg                                    Femtocell Bouygues Telecom (2).jpg

This package will be compatible with the Internet of any operator box and will allow up to four mobile lines Bouygues to take advantage of a better signal. Pros customers can also take advantage of this offer, but in their case, the implementation is charged 150 euros. Those who are afraid of potential harmful effects on the health, Bouygues Telecom is reassuring, explaining that the radio emission rate is very low, much lower than the regulations in force, and in accordance with the recommendations of who and the EU.

WebOS Community Edition of output: it is party to the change of TouchPad

HP has making available the source code of the Community Edition of WebOS for TouchPad.

hp-touchpadIt is through his blog dedicated to developers that HP released new components on the WebOS Open source system. A version called Community Edition which must offer the TouchPad Tablet owners the opportunity to continue to see their operating system evolve through volunteers of developers to the world of free software.

We learn therefore, after Open-source of various elements, the WebOS Community Edition source code is now available for download. Attention, do not confuse the - dedicated to the HP - Open WebOS Tablet whose first final version should be available in September (see article). Indeed, Open WebOS for its part aims to provide a free system derived from WebOS is compatible with other tablets.

"The availability of WebOS Community Edition will allow you to learn as the TouchPad Tablet works and modify according to your preferences." All these knowledge you will be of course useful Open WebOS 1.0 "ensures the team in charge of these projects at HP. All necessary information are available here, while the WebOS Community Edition source code can be found here.

Sandia Cooler, the tiny rotating CPU radiator

The Sandia National Laboratory has developed a small CPU radiator that turns on itself from fan for heat dissipation and thus occupy less space.

Sandia Cooler is a heatsink-fan prototype developed by a laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, which promises to be revolutionary.


Indeed, the concept is based on a circular, consisting of curved vanes, sink that runs on himself with a small motor, all placed on a fixed basis in direct contact with the CPU. This cooling solution allows then to gain footprint in a box because with a heat dissipation and optimized, more need of massive ventirads round format with many 120 mm fans. Sandia Cooler is also presented as thirty times more efficient than the current CPU ventirads while being ten times more compact.

sandia-cooler-02     sandia-cooler-03

The idea is there, on the schema this seems devilishly effective but it still develop the product before its commercialization to address the concern of the noise emitted by the engine and the actual effectiveness of this all-in-one heatpipe upright in full view of the video below.

What should no longer delay, Sandia found an industrial partner to refine, finalize and market what could revolutionize the world of CPU cooling. Case to follow...

Valve offers Source Filmmaker: soon the flood of half-life, Portal and other fan-movies

Games editor PC Valve begins to offer its Source Filmmaker tool free...

Valve has just launched the Source Filmmaker in beta, also known as the acronym SFM. In fact, it is the tool used by Valve to the realization of video within the Source Engine, including catches to profit by the Publisher for the realization of a large number of cinematics and trailers. To participate in this beta program and be able to mumuse with Source Filmmaker, simply visit the official website of this tool with a computer where Steam is installed. "Initially, we must limit the number of beta testers, but soon, we will give access to Source Filmmaker to all, free of charge" says Valve.

Indeed, in the limitations, should know that initially Source Filmmaker will work with Team Fortress 2. Which means that it will take to be a little patient to easily make his own fan-movie based on Half Life 2. Valve also indicates that developers accustomed to the Mods of Source Engine should quickly be able to evolve SFM at their convenience to create new things and work on new universe. It promises a few fun artistic delusions!

The minimum to take advantage of Source Filmmaker configuration is as follows:

OS: Windows 7 / Vista (Windows 7 64 bit suggested) Processor: 3.0 GHz P4, Dual Core 2.0 (or higher) or AMD64X2 (or higher) Memory: 2 GB (4 GB suggested) Hard Disk Space: At least 15 GB of SpaceVideo: NVIDIA GeForce 200 series card or better, or AMD Radeon 3000 series or better (NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon 5000 series preferred) Monitor: 1366 x 768 (1920 x 1080 suggested) Audio: DirectX 9.0 c compatibleUSB headset with mic (suggested)

MegaUpload: the search deemed illegal

Important information in the trial of MegaUpload: searches and seizures of property conducted at the home of Kim Dotcom were illegal.

Kim DotcomMegaUpload file comes to an important advance, which Kim Dotcom. Indeed, the High Court of New Zealand comes to recognize officially that the warrants used to search and seize property in the House of Kim Dotcom during his arrest were not valid from a legal point of view.

Thus, all computer data seized during the searches and copies thereof on which are based the charges will have to be returned and will not be used as evidence. The U.S. Attorney and the FBI thus became to work without these elements. Of course, this does not sign the end of the trial of Kim Dotcom and MegaUpload, the charge well with other elements on which to rely. But it could be in these parts that elements justifying some illegal facts alleged Kim Dotcom and his team are.

We do not know for the moment, and the next big deadline in that case is scheduled for the month of July. In the meantime, Kim Dotcom continues to receive evidence of sympathy from some personalities of the world information, such as Kevin Mitnick this week.