Windows Phone 7.8: what will be entitled the forgotten in version 8?

Microsoft Unveils video version 7.8 of its OS mobile Windows Phone. It intended to comfort the forgotten Windows Phone 8, before build on a rich home screen new opportunities.

Microsoft comes to post a video of presentation of Windows Phone 7.8, the update which will be required to settle the poor owners of smartphones equipped with the Microsoft OS that will not allow any new milling: Windows Phone 8. A lot of consolation which will interest to be convincing, and that to mark the spirits will have in the first place by a revamped start screen. It will enable users of Windows Phone to resize dynamic tiles that characterize the mobile OS according to their desires. The ability to pin more content on the screen and use more colors are also put forward by the firm of Redmond, not to mention the appearance of new applications such as Audible, Words with Friends and Draw Something.

If this update to Windows Phone 7.8 may perhaps meet the owners of the first Windows Phone, needless to say, this will not be enough to stop the grumbling of recent buyers of Nokia Lumia 900 who are not entitled to Windows Phone 8 that will bring more than expected News: NFC and Internet Explorer 10, among others. Owners of Lumia which have all the same right to a specific update in the future, with the appearance of an application DLNA to read multimedia from a local network, and a consumer voice tracking application and data. Also, the photo mode will receive a burst, a self-timer and a panorama mode mode.


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