Bouygues Telecom offers its customers in need of 3 G Femtocell box

To improve the cover 3 G of his home, the Femtocell is the solution proposed by the operators. Bouygues Telecom offers housing applicants.

Even if Bouygues Telecom claims coverage of more than 80% of the Metropolitan French population in 3 G, it is clear that some of its mobile subscribers receive poorly (or not at all) the third generation network, especially inside. To address this, the operator launches to turn a Femtocell box, connected to the Internet, because domestic small antenna 3 G office, significantly improving the coverage and quality of service.

In the footsteps of SFR, Bouygues Telecom offers therefore customers wishing a Femtocell box. It is available, contact the customer service and explain deplore a receipt of poor quality of 3 G at his home. Bouygues Telecom will simply verify that the Subscriber has a subscription and equipment to receive the 3 G. Note that offers B & You are not eligible for the receipt of a Femtocell.

Femtocell Bouygues Telecom (1).jpg                                    Femtocell Bouygues Telecom (2).jpg

This package will be compatible with the Internet of any operator box and will allow up to four mobile lines Bouygues to take advantage of a better signal. Pros customers can also take advantage of this offer, but in their case, the implementation is charged 150 euros. Those who are afraid of potential harmful effects on the health, Bouygues Telecom is reassuring, explaining that the radio emission rate is very low, much lower than the regulations in force, and in accordance with the recommendations of who and the EU.


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