WebOS Community Edition of output: it is party to the change of TouchPad

HP has making available the source code of the Community Edition of WebOS for TouchPad.

hp-touchpadIt is through his blog dedicated to developers that HP released new components on the WebOS Open source system. A version called Community Edition which must offer the TouchPad Tablet owners the opportunity to continue to see their operating system evolve through volunteers of developers to the world of free software.

We learn therefore, after Open-source of various elements, the WebOS Community Edition source code is now available for download. Attention, do not confuse the - dedicated to the HP - Open WebOS Tablet whose first final version should be available in September (see article). Indeed, Open WebOS for its part aims to provide a free system derived from WebOS is compatible with other tablets.

"The availability of WebOS Community Edition will allow you to learn as the TouchPad Tablet works and modify according to your preferences." All these knowledge you will be of course useful Open WebOS 1.0 "ensures the team in charge of these projects at HP. All necessary information are available here, while the WebOS Community Edition source code can be found here.


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