Ghost Recon: Future Soldier talked of him (in difficulty)

Suspicion if you have pre-ordered the title from Ubisoft. First U.S. release on PC returns are for the less mixed. In question including: of (too) many technical problems.

Available for two days at the United States (our tower should come today), the Ghost Recon PC version: Future Soldier finished more to shout the players on specialized forums: problems of frame rate, unable to use a keyboard combo mouse (!) or to properly adjust the display resolution, the game is hoist with impressive speed in the top 5 of the PC ports most ripoux of these last five years.

Of course, we could simply to accompany this information to a terse comment that explains, in substance, that this kind of output is unfortunately more often that you would (Yes, Yes, Mr. Blizzard, it is you you are watching with insistence), and that these issues will be quickly resolved and forgotten. Of course... Except that here, the fault is attributable to Ubisoft, a firm that took the detestable habit 1 - we deliver versions PC with a month delay on the consoles, - 2 versions to consider more generally the world of the PC as the fifth wheel carriage videogame.


(The war is ugly...) (Mainly on PC)

The case of Ghost Recon FS is particularly telling, as the PC version of the title mit some time to appear on development schedules, then was withdrawn, and reappeared, but in the form of a simple Ghost Recon Online, based on the previous version of the game, because that good, still/embittered mode ON "it will not be left to develop beautiful novelty to a band of pirates who were absolutely". no respect for quality games, or the work of creation. "bitter/mode OFF. One might also cite the case of From Dust, the God Game of Eric Chahi as an example of this philosophy for the less radical. While the game was a departure in brass band on the XBLA platform, was open in miles by the PC community. In question, the need to maintain a permanent connection to the internet to play, a constraint which Ubisoft had also always denied.

If we understand the breakdown of the French editor for our expensive machines (piracy, competition from consoles, all, all), it can only hope a reversal of its policy, both the PC market seems to be on a rising slope lately. Indeed, the graphics engines slamming flower as fungi (Frostbyte 2, Unreal, CryEngine 3, Crystal Engine), and it seems clear that in the absence of new machinery of salon, this are PCs that will be put on the front of the stage in the year coming. Indeed, fills the hypocrisy, it's a PC that turn beautiful Watch Dogs at E3 a few weeks ago. CQFD.


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