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Antec Unveils of new oriented alims "gamer"

Antec renews its power supplies for players, passing in semi-modulaire.

Antec High Current Gamer M 620W

Antec Unveils of new-oriented feeds "gamer", the High Current Gamer Mr. of the semi-modulaires blocks that are launched in three versions, powers of 400W, 520W and 620W. Certified power supplies 80 Plus Bronze, yield can reach 87%.

They are equipped with a fan of 13.5 cm and are obviously protected against the court-circuits, overload and the undervoltage and overvoltage. They are designed around four 12V rails.

Guaranteed 5 years, the High Current Gamer M respectively sold $89,95, $ 99.95 and $ 119.95. What is enough in the view of the services offered for a "gamer" positioning which still sounds very "argument marketing". Beyond this range "M", you know found food Antec High Current Gamer (short and non-semi-modulaire) of 620W from €70 on our comparator award. On the modular alims more of 600W in 80 Plus Bronze, it starts there also around €70.

307 domain names seized before the SuperBowl

ICE has conducted an operation to arrest a few hours from the SuperBowl for infringement of articles of fans, and illegal streaming sites.

SuperBowlNew York Giants vs New England Patriots: this is the game of the year but also the sporting event most follow-up at the United States, the Super Bowl, the NFL final which will be played this weekend. A real show on the ground but also outside, this final is before all a show as only us know to produce, with stars who sing at half-time and as long as short films commercials! Inevitably, this event attracts millions of fans on the canvas, which ride on tons of sites some of which are illegal in the eyes of the law.

Thus, in a few hours of kick-off, federal authorities come to launch a great blow of net typing 307 domain names. Internet sites for some of the accused disseminate without agreement online games on the Web, and who more mostly are seized for trade of objects of sports merchandising counterfeit (jerseys, caps, t-shirt, etc.). A large wave of searches followed, leading to the seizure of a total of $ 4.8 million and the arrest of an individual who administered 9 of 16 illegal streaming sites. This operation named "Fake Sweep" was implemented by the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) unit.

BlackBerry London: more information on the renewal of the smartphone in RIM

A Visual of the future top-of-range of Research In Motion, the BlackBerry smartphone London, leak on the net.

It is the site who disclosed which proves be a Visual of a pitchbook presenting the future BlackBerry London. This scheduled for a release later this year, will be the first smartphone of the mark to the new version of mobile OS from RIM, BlackBerry 10, who must sign the return of the constructor in the race for top-of-range mobile tactile terminals.

Design slice many from that proposed RIM before, place now to a close more "traditional" look of the HTC, Motorola or Samsung to provide large touch screen and very thin shell. The result seems prima facie very promising but design is not everything, the Canadian firm will also offer a mobile OS ergonomic and well thought out and a complete ecosystem to take advantage of all the essential applications and present on other competing platforms.

At the level of the features technical, nothing is still stopped but it is rumored that Research In Motion would choose for a dual-core processor running at 1.5 GHz and would hesitate between a Qualcomm Snapdragon and OMAP 5 of Texas Instrument.


The return of the Prada Phone in LG

LG and Prada high-fashion brand partner for the third time and propose a smartphone "fashion" exclusively at Orange.

Korean LG proposed for the third time a Prada branded phone, the famous Italian haute-couture House. This new association, therefore, give rise to a luxurious top-of-range smartphone, classy and stylish with its imitation leather back and its entirely covered with black glass front.

lg-prada03     lg-prada02     lg-prada01

Its technical characteristics have so far not been neglected and do not have to be ashamed to its competitors, see instead:

Screen 4.3 "(definition of 800 x 480 pixels), technology NOVA more proposing a brightness of 800 nits (600 for an iPhone) processor dual core TI OMAP 4430 running at 1 GHz1 GB of RAMMémoire internal 8 GB expandable card micro-SDCapteur photo of 8 megapixels with flash + sensor front of 1.3 mégapixelsConnectivité WiFi 802. .11n ready, Bluetooth 3.0, Tuner Radio and chip A-GPSBatterie of 1540mAhDimension of 127.5 mm in height on 69 mm wide for 8.8 mm thick and a weight of 138 grammesAndroid 2.3.7 Gingerbread + interface Optimus UI 3.0 stylized black & white (update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich provided second trimester)

The LG Prada 3.0 is available for purchase since February 1 exclusively on the shop online operator Orange, and then from 6 February and 29 February it will be possible to obtain in the "physical" operator shops.

Rate available is €129 with an Origami package from €59, if 24-month commitment. The price of the bare device should be within a range of 500 to €600.

Closure of MegaUpload: a lack to make clear to its providers

MegaUpload was a very large client for its hosts, which are immediately penalized by blocking of the accounts of the service can no longer pay them.


Our colleagues from ZDNet sister site themselves are immersed in the indictment of MegaUpload and there have found interesting information about the host service providers which it has heard a lot about these days here. Thus, beyond the figure of 175 million (alleged revenue recorded by the site) that we hear everywhere since the brutal closing of MegaUpload by the FBI, many sought to know how many were in the platform accommodation and its bandwidth (4% according to some estimates global Internet traffic).

According to the indictment, found therefore that MegaUpload activity was also a business thriving for its partners providers. Thus, combining the sums paid by Carpathia Hosting, Cogent and Leaseweb MegaUpload, we arrive at a total of more than 51 million between 2007 and 2011. Cogent has alone received more than 30 million since 2009. The company leased 36 MegaUpload servers to the United States but France also.

Carpathia Hosting received 17.6 million for MegaUpload between March 2007 and July 2011, and provided the equivalent of 25 petabytes of storage space via 1,000 servers based in the United States. Finally, Leaseweb, Dutch company, received $ 9 million in the same period for the rental of 630 servers based in the Netherlands (MegaUpload him in having also purchased 60 end 2011). The same indictment says that between November 2006 and July 2011, the $ 110 million that has accumulated MegaUpload on his PayPal account.

If none of the three cited hosters has wished to confirm these figures, the closure of MegaUpload in any case largely decreased their traffic and, in the case of Cogent, even caused a fall in its share price on the stock market of 20 to 16 dollars the days which followed the closure of the service. It must be said that MegaUpload was 2 to 3% of revenues from the hoster.

Test: WinRAR, WinZip or 7Zip, which is the King of compression?

Very regularly, whether for professional or private purposes, leads to create and manipulate compressed files. In this field, WinRAR, Winzip and 7Zip are the three most commonly used software and by far the most popular. But which choose if the goal is to compress the best and as quickly as possible? Response in our test!

In our life of surfer, geek or simple PC user, are all us to use more or less frequently with compressed files. There is nothing new and older will remember with nostalgia the games archived on diskette in "ARJ". The goal is always the same: reducing the size of the files or simply sometimes grouped as a single file, a multitude of many small files. This type of tool has during many years been shunned by Microsoft but since Windows XP, it is an integral part of the operating system, basic version nevertheless.

Test Compression

On the market, there are many products can compress and decompress files. Some are free, others are paying or are available in unlimited use as WinRAR shareware version. In preparation for this article, we have sought to enter this comparison software and we must confess that with this offer including many exotic software or which are more updated as WinACE, we have chosen to restrict ourselves to the three lights in the field software: WinRAR, WinZip and finally 7Zip.

After a short presentation of each product, we will go to the heart of the matter, namely practical tests. At this level, we conducted three types of test:

Compression of 3 text files comprising each of the millions of rows and therefore in principle with a propensity to compression. It is what is commonly called flat files that we obtained from a large company and of its information system. They weigh 3.27 GB, mean that they contain significant amount of data.A Blu - Ray disc compression. This choice is representative of a large amount of data to deal with a potential for lower than a text file compression.Compression of many various files including Office, small videos, images, and pdf files, etc.

The configuration used for these tests in compression is as follows:

Card mother Asus Rampage III GeneCore i7 980 X 6 hearts + Hyper-Threading3x2 GB memory A-Data DDR3-1600SSD Crucial C300 disk systèmeSSD Intel 160 GB disk source for the OCZ Vertex EX 128 GB disk compressionsSSD target for the compressionsWindows 7 64 - bit (compression software have been installed in 64-bit version when they are available)

We also used a netbook Samsung NF 310 for certain cuts. It is equipped with a processor Intel Atom N550 dual core + Hyper-Threading and 2 GB of memory. It works under Windows 7 Starter 32-bit.

Windows 8: Microsoft has listened to your comments on file Explorer

Small return on file of Windows 8, Microsoft Explorer wishing to clarify the amendments and reassure on listening demonstrated to the comments made by users.

While the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 will be available at the end of the month and discover all the features of the new operating system, Microsoft made yesterday a point on file Explorer. As such, it is known that Microsoft will not - use as he yet had successfully for Windows 7 - return of users to correct and improve its system before its release. It is for this that this version is not the name of beta and that Microsoft said "Feature Complete". However, the editor indicates much listening to developers feedback and followed with attention the reactions of users to its different notes published on blog Building Windows 8.

Windows 8 Explorateur Conflits FichiersAmong these critics, there is one in which Microsoft has already heart answer. It integration of the Ribbon in Windows Explorer, the File Explorer. For many, this new menu is harmful because it produces a loss on the display space, users are likely to appreciate can display a maximum of folders and files in this interface. Thus, having analysed the behaviour of users, Microsoft says that the Ribbon is a valued function which is soon taste in Windows 8. Remains that the editor has finally opted for a reduced display of base, and removed some functions on the ToolTip, which will also appear by pressing the "alt" on the keyboard.

Microsoft would also like to reassure users the new operation of the actions of copy and delete. Confirmation will be less present, and interrupts will be displayed at the end of event. Once the Treaty a copy wholesale, system ask therefore confirmation on files that could be a problem for example, not preventing the majority of the action requested to be carried out. The idea being to avoid blockages in the operation early and therefore possible losses of time. Similarly, a standby system may suspend an operation carried out at the level of the files, which will be taken over the return to activity of the system.

Also, Windows 8 will allow to change type of connection (WiFi / Ethernet) during a transfer of data from the network operation (only if two communicating systems are under Windows 8). Finally, file conflicts will be appear a new more understandable window, for example offering the opportunity to exclude perfectly identical files in one click. And for more ergonomic, it will be possible to pin items from Windows Explorer directly on the screen start. While the images EXIF data indicating their orientation will be supported to display thumbnails in the right direction as shown in this screenshot.

Windows 8 Explorateur Fichiers Images.PNG

In short, Microsoft communicates all these elements in a single goal, try to show Windows users that he has thought about everything and that the remarks made by Internet users were also heard. A check at the output of Consumer Preview, we strive to shell.

Presentation of the new Zalman cases

Zalman presents its new housings Z11, mainly differentiated by the presence of ports USB 3.0 version "More".

The South Korean Zalman has presented two new housings, Z11 and Z11 more. In the Middle-round format, these enclosures are 26 x 49.8 x 52.5 mm and weigh about 7.3 Kg. Steel painted black, they welcome the motherboards to the ATX and micro-ATX, and extended up to 29 cm graphics cards. They offer four bays 5.25 ", a 2.5 location"and five bays 3.5", announcing a mounting without tools. Food takes place on a pad vibration-proof foam, two holes are pré-percés for external water cooling systems and part of the wall is transparent.

Zalman Z11 Plus (4)                                    Zalman Z11 Plus (2)

At the level of the fans, these boxes are delivered with three turbines (120 mm led blue on the front and top, LED 120 mm at the rear). It is also possible to install two fans of 80 mm on the side. But then, where are the differences between these two models? The Z11 offers four USB 2.0 on its front panel ports and is sold €69.90, while the Z11 Plus offers two USB 2.0 ports and two ports USB 3.0 for €79,90. They should be both available in the next two weeks.

Zalman Z11 Plus (1)                         Zalman Z11 Plus (3)

A complaint to make tremble Facebook and disrupt its introduction on the stock exchange?

A class action against Facebook could be very detrimental to the social network...

Facebook Logo

Yesterday, we announced the preparation of Facebook to its entry in stock already looming as the stock of the year event. Today, we discover that a small grain of sand could slip into the well-functioning part of this operation. Indeed, a class action (complaint partnership) filed last June in Illinois would be able to disrupt this introduction as a lawyer at the firm of Korein Tillery.

Reason for this complaint, the illegal use of the name and photo of minors for commercial purposes. Two mothers of families believe that it is not normal that the name and the image of their children can be used in a commercial context to their friends on the social network, stated that X likes such product or that there is in such. Steven Katz, counsel for the complainants, considers that "it is a case that can be detrimental to the image of Facebook and investors need to be aware that threats of this type come on the social network, because advertising, could not do anything". According to him, 14 to 20 million Facebook members have less than 18 years.

The social network is being placed under the California law, course should look at what is said on the subject in the texts of this State. And can be read according to the counsel of Korein Tillery: "A contract to use the name or photo of a child in advertisements is void without the approval of a parent or judge". The penalty is $ 750 payable by offence - given the popularity of Facebook in the young - which would cost billions of dollars. And Steven Katz clarified: "Facebook argument according to which all users approved of the use of their name and their photos in advertising under these terms of use may not be applied to minors because, as minors, they cannot legally give their consent or contract".

Conviction confirmed for ThePirateBay migrating in Europe to avoid a possible U.S. entry

Swedish justice upheld the sentences of imprisonment of the four co-founders of ThePirateBay, and 5 million euros in damages and interest.

The Pirate Bay

With the case of MegaUpload, tends to forget that another procedure of importance is played for years in Sweden with ThePirateBay. Yesterday, the Court Supreme Swedish dismissed the appeal of Frederik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundstr?m, respectively sentenced to 10, 8 and 4 months in prison and some 5 million euros of damages and interests. A decision which confirms the conviction of end 2010.

In addition, the sentence to 1 year of imprisonment of the fourth founder of ThePirateBay, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Cambodian resident, has also been confirmed. Peter Sunde responded on his blog explaining not be surprised by this Court. Take this opportunity once again to denounce the corruption trial and the charge in particular. "The entertainment lobby has intimidated the Sweden." And not only the Sweden. "We can see with laws such as ACTA SOPA, PIPA," he says.

A priori, it is unlikely that these four people go to jail because Swedish justice systematically subtracts 1 year sentence in all cases old over 5 years. Also, the case could still extend as the founders of ThePirateBay and their lawyers argued that they had the intention of the European Court of justice. Finally, note that domain name ThePirateBay comes just migrate to a .org to a .se, and to prevent the United States to seize as they have to do with MegaUpload.

A titanic heatpipe blowing a Siberian

Titan Technology Unveils Sibera TTC - NC55TZ (RB) a double asymmetric heatpipe particularly massive.

The TTC-NC55TZ Sibera (RB) is a fairly imposing heatpipe which has two towers, a horizontally and the other vertically, with aluminium radiators are traversed by five heat pipes in copper 8 mm in diameter.

The horizontal Tower, the largest, is surmounted by a diameter 140 mm PWM fan (rotation speed of 700 to 1800 trs/min for an 34,78 to 89,43 CFM air flow and emitting a noise of 8.3 to 28.8 dBA). Vertical, smaller Tower is equipped with a fan PWM 120 mm in diameter (rotation speed of 800 to 2200 trs/min for a 24.23 to 66.2 CFM airflow for 15 to 35 dBA).


titan-siberia02  titan-siberia03  titan-siberia04

All measure 200 mm wide for 130 mm depth and 162 mm top (predict a very large package), weighing 755 grams and fits all sockets (LGA2011, LGA1366, LGA1156/LGA1155, AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 + / AM2, and FM1). The announced price of the monster is $ 92.

Facebook is in stock! Objective 5 billion...

Facebook launches its process entry in the stock market. A major introduction...


It is of course the introduction on the stock exchange of a giant of the Web the more expected from Google in 2004. Facebook, first social network in the world, will make its entry on Wall Street and filed his case to the & Securities Exchange Commission. Logically, Facebook should be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, or the Nasdaq. In this case, Facebook book its goal of raising at least 5 billion for this entry in the stock market, but everyone knows that this could even be a little more both the site attracts investors.

Remains that the number is already huge for a company of 3200 employees. Moreover, it goes without saying that some of these employees well with stock options will take advantage of this entry on the stock exchange to become millionaires. For comparison, at the time of its entry into incredible scholarship (Larry Page and Sergei Brin decided to dictate their rules on Wall Street), Google not lifted "only" $ 1.9 billion.

Among strangers: the number of shares on the market and their introduction price. However, it is known that Facebook symbol on the markets will be "FB" and at the end of this process, enhancement of Facebook should be between 75 and 100 billion. Quite unusual, Mark Zuckerberg will enjoy a Pact formed by the shareholders in its favour, for controlling the majority of the voting rights after the introduction. The pattern of Facebook will continue to have the hand on the strategic decisions of the social network.

The introduction will be organized by Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Barclays, and Allen & Co. We finally learn in the documents submitted by Facebook to the SEC that the turnover of the company was $ 3.71 billion in 2011, to achieve a net profit of approximately 1 billion an increase of 65%. 85% of revenues are generated by advertising and the rest via the payments made on the sale of applications, games and credits.

AMD launches two new FX-Series and a version of its FX-8150 WOX

AMD launches two new FX-Series and a "watercoolée" of its FX-8150 version.

AMD will soon launch three new processors for desktop computers in its FX-Series, namely bullets for socket AM3 + operating the Bulldozer nm. Already available for preorder in some French resellers as RueDuCommerce, FX-4170 and FX-6200 respectively posted 140 and 170 euros should come out very quickly. FX-4170 is a quad-core measured at 4.2 GHz (4.3 GHz in Turbo) with 8 MB cache L3 for a 125W TDP. FX-6200 is a hexa-core processor 3.8 GHz (4.1 GHz in Turbo), it also has 8 MB cache L3 for a TDP also set at 125W.

AMD FX 8150

Finally, a third processor is about to be launched by AMD. It is in fact rather a special edition of the octo-core FX-8150 that we tested here, but delivered with a kit of water cooling in place and place of the heatpipe. Where its FX-8150 'WOX' name, suggesting that with this liquid cooling kit, this chip will be gently overclockée.

If Intel has selected an Akasa block to which it affixed its logo to the system of water cooling of the Sandy Bridge-E, it is unclear what equipment has selected AMD. For the moment, this WOX version will be launched only in the United States at the rate of $ 400. Knowing found FX-8150 for about $ 320 across the Atlantic, the requested additional cost can be estimated at $ 80. AMD limits this version to the US market as a first step to assess the demand for this type of solution.

NFC and charging by induction for the Nokia Lumia?

Nokia, driven by the success of its Windows phone Lumia 800, will equip its future smartphones of the latest technological innovations.

nokia_lumia_900The firm of Finnish, strong of the success of its Lumia 800 under Windows Phone smartphone with more than a million copies sold in two months, is to continue this momentum and to attract new users account equip its future models of Windows Phone in the latest technologies in fashion.

Thus the NFC (Near Field Communication) and loading Wireless induction will be soon integrated into its future models to stand out competitors.

The NFC is an emerging technology to Exchange data from a mobile terminal to another just by bringing the other contactless, this technology is strongly expected to rapid payment and contactless (a little like the Navigo Pass on the terminals of the RATP for the Parisians).

Charging by induction technology allows to the sector, the battery of the mobile is reloading block wire just by doing it on a basis related to the electrical outlet. According to Marko Ahtisaari, head of design at Nokia, this will create smart phones more end because deleting the presence of decision-making microUSB on terminals.

Nokia to unveil some of these smartphones Lumia generation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month? Wait & see...

Free Mobile: the sale of phones and monitoring conso finally open

Free Mobile is finally evolve its web site and its subscriber space to buy the phone online and follow its consos and options.

With several days of delay, Free Mobile finally opens his shop mobile phones online. Telephony offers Free subscribers can now order the motive of their choice among five references:

ZTE F160-€49 Huawei U8350 at €120,76 the ZTE Blade S to €144,76 the Samsung Galaxy 144,76 Y € Samsung Galaxy Ace to €220,76

Payment in several times is however not yet available, will have to discharge the total amount in cash and by credit card. In addition, flagship smartphones are the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT i9100?) or GT i9100G, the BlackBerry Curve 3 G and the iPhone 4 is available at a future date.

freemobile-boutiquetel     freemobile-espaceabonne

Good news is never alone, Free is also evolving Subscriber space and finally by clicking the tab "Manage my account" to follow his telephone consumption data, and manage package options (the only option for the BlackBerry charged €1 is available at this time).

Free therefore evolve its site on the day the day, that is, but one cannot help thinking that this is not very professional and that the operator could develop this upstream to directly propose a functional site to its subscribers at the beginning of its commercial offers. Because there it is still a lot of work to do to qualify for a worthy of its competitors… Subscriber space

Galaxy S II modified: the response of Samsung

For Samsung, the modification of the model the Galaxy S II for another processor does not on its performance.

galaxy-m-style2Our colleagues from the digital received a response from Samsung on the matter of the Galaxy S II modified. Indeed, the GS II is now sold commercially with a different CPU (Ti OMAP 4430 dual core 1.2 GHz with PowerVR SGX540 graphics circuit) than that fitted to the original models (Samsung Exynos 4210 dual core 1.2 GHz with Mali 400 MP graphics circuit).

For the South Korean firm, this change has no impact on the performance of its smartphone features, a French Head of the specific brand elsewhere: "performance, tested by our engineers in Korea, are quite similar between the two references". It also adds that this change in the processor to another is due to the very strong demand for Galaxy S II, given the success of this model.

Our colleagues will therefore carry out a test of two models to verify if actually this change of processor does not change the qualities of this Androphone, especially at the level of the graphical circuit, because it is this point which seems the most important especially for the update to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich that takes part of the hardware accelerationnot to mention the performance side video games.

Canon renews its cheapest multifunction printers

Small presentation of the new printing Canon multifunction, between 60 and €100.

Canon has presented four new printers also positioned on the entry. The first, Pixma MG4150, is launched at a price of €80 and meets the basic requirements. Equipped with a WiFi connection and providing the Pixma Cloud Link function to print from a tablet or a smartphone, it is also equipped 6.2 cm LCD screen. It could, independently and without use of a computer, print directly from the platforms, Canon Image Gateway or Picasa Web Albums photos. It will be possible to opt for cheaper ink cartridges "XL" format for desktop use.

Canon Pixma MG4150             Canon Pixma MX375             Canon Pixma MX515

From left to right, the Canon Pixma MG4150, MX375 and MX515

Sold at the price of 60, 80 and €100, MX375, MX435 and MX515 are more oriented productivity. They agree perfectly, according to the constructor, to small businesses, craftsmen and other professionals who do not want to choose a laser model. These multifunction inkjet offer to this effect a fax and a document loader function. These models would be ready for printing in only a few seconds after their startup and copy a sheet in A4 format in 21 to 23 seconds to the ISO standard. The least expensive of these three printers lacks WiFi, interface for the MX435 and MX515 (which also has Ethernet) who are also able to scan a document and store it directly on a USB key.

Seagate: shortage of disks and results on the rise

If the resolve to make less disks year 2011, Seagate has not hesitated to take advantage of the State of shortage to increase prices. The result is the income and profits on the rise...


A few days ago, we analyse the financial results of Western Digital we reporting that rising prices of hard drives allows the manufacturer to do better to leave the head of water (report to flooding...) to publish figures remained in the green. What is Seagate, also affected - to a lesser extent - by the terrible rise of waters in Thailand? Here again, we see that the shortage is not prejudicial to the results.

Thus, on the last quarter of the year 2011, Seagate posted a turnover of $ 3.2 billion, an increase of 18.6% compared to the same quarter in 2010, with 563 million of dollars of benefits. However, experiencing difficulties in supply of spare parts (even if Seagate has no plants installed in Thailand, most of its suppliers have been affected by the floods), the manufacturer was delivered only 47 million of disks on the quarter, or 4% less than in 2010 and 8% less than between the months of July and September. Very clearly, the shortage plays at least in part the role of alibi to explain an increase in average prices strong enough to allow the two giants of the market to register growth.

Finally, Seagate slip a word on the State of shortage. According to the manufacturer, drives 119 million were delivered in total in the last quarter of 2011 for an application which stood at 175 million. It notes that the situation is improving, but Seagate believes that the return to normal will be until the end of the year.

SSD RunCore Pro-V MAX SATA 3

Runcore announces a new SSD SATA 3 6 Gb/s format 2.5 "very fast, the Pro - V MAX

runcore_pro-v_ssdThe Solid State Drive Pro - V MAX of the Runcore constructor looks fast, it is based on SandForce SF-2281 controller with optimized firmware (Golden Firmware) and synchronous 25 nm MLC chips.

Read and write rates would be of the order of 560 MB/s-520 MB/s and it could CAP to 87,000 IOPS with 4 KB data. The drive is designed to deliver outstanding performance without degradation over time (more than 770 on the AS SSD benchmark score).

Supporting the SATA 6 Gb/s but compatible with 3 and 1.5 Gb/s, the Pro - V MAX supports NCQ (up to 32 commands) and works on different OS such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris or Mac OS. This SSD will be available in capacities of 60, 120, 240 and 480 GB for undisclosed rates.

Fnatic Edition SteelSeries Sensei Test:

Erreur lors de la désérialisation du corps du message de réponse pour l’opération « Translate ». Dépassement du quota maximal pour la longueur du contenu de chaîne (8192) lors de la lecture de données XML. Ce quota peut être augmenté en modifiant la propriété MaxStringContentLength sur l’objet XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas utilisé pendant la création du lecteur XML. Ligne 1, position 9250.

Sponsorisée par l'équipe de joueurs professionnels Fnatic, cette SteelSeries Sensei sait s'imposer comme une excellente souris de jeu, hautement configurable et personnalisable.

SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic EditionSteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition

Pour :
Personnalisation avancée
Paramétrage de précision
Ambidextre et ergonomique
Glisse parfaite sur tous supports

Contre :
Pas de système de poids

Si vous avez parcouru notre test de la SteelSeries Kana, vous avez sans doute remarqué que malgré une longue série de bons points, quelques éléments pouvaient être rédhibitoires pour certains profils de joueurs cherchant notamment des fonctions plus avancées ou plus de boutons. Si bien que malgré une impression globale plutôt très bonne, nous devions nous résoudre à multiplier les alertes, afin que ceux d'entre vous qui voudraient se l'offrir le fassent en connaissance de cause. Avec la Sensei, autant vous le dire de suite, nous allons être quelque peu dithyrambiques tant elle est à même de convenir aux joueurs cherchant avant tout une simplicité d'utilisation idéale, mais aussi à ceux qui attendent le meilleur d'un mulot de jeu.

Fidèle à la gamme SteelSeries, cette Sensei sponsorisée aux couleurs de l'équipe de pro-gamers Fnatic reprend la forme arrondie des souris de la marque. Parfaitement ambidextre, elle est un poil plus grosse que la Kana et beaucoup plus que la toute petite Kinzu. Pour tout dire, à notre sens, sa taille est la bonne pour le jeu. Surtout qu'elle reste parfaitement maniable, ce qui s'explique par son poids équilibré (102 grammes, pour des sensations plus marquées qu'avec la Kana et ses 72 grammes), sa forme ergonomique et ses patins en téflon qui couvrent 16% du dessous de la souris. Le revêtement plastique utilisé sur la face supérieure assure un grip de qualité et l'on accède sans mal (et sans se tromper) aux deux boutons (désactivables) qui se trouvent de chaque côté. La molette crantée est très silencieuse et agréable à l'usage grâce à sa finition caoutchoutée, les clics principaux offrent une course moyenne mais un clic franc et un bon retour, tandis que le petit bouton triangulaire installé sur le dessus permet de switcher facilement entre les différents réglages pré-définis dans les options.

C'est donc plus confortable que sur la Kana qui était limitée à deux profils. Ici, on peut en charger jusqu'à cinq. D'un coup d’œil sur le rétro-éclairage, on sait quel est le profil actif en personnalisant la couleur de trois éléments (la molette, la petite diode du dessus et le logo Fnatic) en choisissant parmi 16,8 millions de couleurs. Sur la face inférieure, on retrouve également un petit afficheur LCD qui sert à indiquer certains réglages et modifier certains paramètres (pour ceux qui souhaiteraient se passer de drivers), mais permet aussi d'utiliser sa propre image pour personnaliser son mulot et pourquoi pas l'étiqueter numériquement pour ne pas perdre sa trace en LAN. Geek, mais pas bling-bling. Comme cette souris d'ailleurs, qui fait gamer en mélangeant noir, blanc et orange, sans pour autant être trop agressive sur le bureau. Niveau design, c'est réussi. Pour finir, elle est aussi reliée au PC via un connecteur USB 2.0 au bout d'un câble souple et tressé de 2 mètres.

SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition - Perso (2).JPG SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition - Perso (1).JPG

Pour être sûr de retrouver sa souris en LAN, rien de mieux que de marquer son empreinte
sur le petit afficheur LCD présent au-dessous

Quelques spécifications techniques :
Capteur laser 1 – 5700 (5701 – 11.400) DPI
Opère à 12.000 images par seconde
Polling rate ajustable de 125 à 1000 Hz
Autorise un déplacement jusqu'à 150'' par seconde

SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition (1) SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition (2) SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition (3) SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic Edition (4)

En revanche, s'il y a des points sur lesquels la Sensei diffère, c'est bien côté technique. A la place du capteur optique montant au maximum à 3200 DPI de la Kana (très bon au demeurant), on a ici affaire à un excellent capteur laser 5700 DPI encore plus rapide. Son gros avantage se situant aussi au niveau du réglage de la sensibilité, qui se fait au DPI près, par pas de 1 entre 1 et 5700 ! De quoi ajuster avec une précision remarquable la réactivité de ses déplacements. Et ce n'est pas tout, car l'intégration d'un processeur ARM 32-bit à cette Sensei lui permet même de doubler sa précision dans un mode distinct, et donc d'offrir une seconde plage de 5701 à 11400 DPI. Les utilisateurs de configurations multi-écrans apprécieront. Mais l'intégration de cette puce ouvre aussi d'autres champs applicatifs très concrets à SteelSeries qui ne s'en prive pas pour abreuver le joueur de fonctions avancées. Cela permet en effet de ne pas avoir à solliciter l'ordinateur auquel elle est reliée pour tirer profit de quatre technologies intéressantes, regroupées sous la bannière ExactTech.

On a donc accès dans les drivers à celles-ci, à commencer par ExatLift qui permet d'ajuster la distance d'activité du capteur laser en fonction de la surface utilisée. Pratique pour ceux qui utilisent de faibles sensibilités et replacent sans cesse leur souris au centre du tapis. Ils pourront régler avec précision de combien ils devront soulever la souris pour ne plus que le capteur soit actif lorsqu'elle est décollée du tapis. Viennent ensuite l'ExactAim et l'ExactAccel. Deux technologies complémentaires qui permettent à la souris d'accroître la précision du capteur lorsque les gestes du joueur qui l'utilise deviennent moins rapides. Et au contraire d'accélérer la vitesse des mouvements de la souris lorsque le joueur bouge plus rapidement et met un coup de poignet plus vif. Enfin, avec ExactSens, il convient de baisser au minimum la gestion de la sensibilité de la souris dans ses jeux, choisir manuellement le nombre de DPI qui convient (1337 si vous le désirez !) et laisser la souris ajuster seule l'ensemble des paramètres pour offrir les meilleures sensations possibles.

SteelSeries Sensei - Pilotes (2).PNG               SteelSeries Sensei - Pilotes (1).PNG

En activant de surcroît le FreeMove qui élimine les erreurs de parcours du capteur et aligne les mouvements, l'utilisation de la Sensei devient d'une précision et d'une fluidité à toute épreuve.
Avec autant de fonctions, sans compter les macros qu'il est possible d'enregistrer, on pouvait craindre que le SteelSeries Engine (le panneau de contrôle) soit une vraie usine à gaz. Et bien non, après quelques erreurs de manipulation, on finit par comprendre comment gérer ses profil et personnaliser sa souris. Des pilotes qui se révèlent finalement très agréables à l'utilisation.

Au final, on peut dire que cette Sensei est une souris qui devrait convenir à un maximum de joueurs. Ambidextre, bourrée de fonctions et d'options, hyper performante, il ne lui manque peut-être que quelques boutons pour coller aux attentes des joueurs de MMORPG qui aiment bien avoir un maximum de touches à portée de doigt. Mais pour les autres, impossible de ne pas conseiller cette souris comme un choix judicieux. Certes, elle coûte 90€. Mais ce prix élevé n'est pas uniquement justifié par la présence de profils pré-chargés de joueurs pros de Counter-Strike ou StarCraft II. Non, elle est vraiment complète, très agréable à manipuler sur de longues sessions de jeu et profite d'une vraie recherche avec des technologies visant à améliorer les performances. Ce n'est bien sûr pas ça qui transformera le premier noob venu en PGM, et l'impact des réglages ExactTech n'est pas toujours facile à percevoir, mais il faut reconnaître que la fluidité et la précision sont au poil.

And even 45% of growth of the benefit for ARM

The success of smartphones and tablets allow ARM to again show excellent results on the last quarter of the fiscal year 2011.

ARM Cortex A15

With 2.2 billion ARM processors sold in the last quarter of the year 2011, the British firm ARM is doing rather well.

Market touch tablets and smart phones with the wind, strong demand in mobile processors helped ARM to achieve a turnover of EUR 166,6 million over the last quarter of the year 2011, an increase of 21% from the last quarter of the year to profit before tax amounting to € 69 million increaseof 45%.

The 2011 year was excellent for the ARM company since any period generated CA is$ 596 million euros (+ 24%). And this success will not erode in 2012 because the company has already concluded 25 licensing agreements for its Cortex-A, Mali graphics processor and Cortex-M processors, products which are found in many mobile devices and electronic consumer devices such as tablets, Smart TV, smart meters, smartphones, electronic onboard, GPS, etc.

ARM also expects to achieve a turnover of 153 million euros in the first quarter of this year and displays confidence despite the arrival of Intel on this market of mobility with its processor Atom Medfield.

Galaxy Note: Yes, there is a market for tablet-phone

Could doubt the success of the Galaxy, the terminal that blurs the tracks between smartphone and tablet. But the success is the appointment.

Samsung Galaxy Note (2).PNGSeeing land giant smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note, many questioned the claim that there could be a mobile equipped with a large screen ("5.3 or 13.5 cm diagonal). It is certainly the first time that a terminal of this size is marketed, but previous initiatives have not attracted the crowds. Rest with the strength of strike by Samsung and the interest of the general public for its Galaxy line, the Note is a successful foothold.

Indeed, we learn that the Korean manufacturer has passed more than 700,000 copies nothing that to his homelands, which is impressive. And late December, two months after its release, Galaxy Note 1 million had already been delivered. The launch of a white version at this time is indeed orchestrated to keep a good volume of sales. With its tablet-phone, and equipped with a pen, use Galaxy Note seduced and could pave the way for some hungry competitors of new markets.

Android locates malware on the Market

Google has implemented a security system on the Android Market that detects and automatically removes malicious applications.

Android Market

Bouncer, of its name, is deployed by Google since the second half of the year 2011 and has already helped reduce by 40% the number of malicious applications with malware, spyware or Trojans.

To do this, the system for the protection of the firm of Mountain View scans and tests all newly published or already available on the Android Market applications by simulating an Android system to analyse their behaviour in the cloud.

If an application is potentially dangerous, it is then removed from the booth and its developer or Publisher is banned and fitchée so that it can more reiterate his wrongdoing in the future.

This automated system allows thus Google, unlike Apple, not to intervene directly in the validation of applications leaving free developers to propose any type of content provided that the program contains no harmful functions.

Test Dark Souls - PS3 - Xbox 360

Back to Dark Souls and its menu all that there is more sober and dark.

I click on "New" to create a new party, in any event there is no choice in the menu. I then selected my class of character among 8 or 9 different classes and my attention is drawn to the beggar, who is just a slip as well as his weapon. Is a class which seems to have fun, but let's say that, given the reputation of the game, in principle, I prefer from well undermined, in doubt, it must allow to better absorb the blows, so I selected the bandit.

Go it is gone, after a small intro video that showcases confidence, I wake up at the bottom of a Dungeon that serves as entry point in the tutorial. A well nice tutorial in which we first learn to type, and then over messages that are left on the ground, we learn to run, to jump, to use a shield, use objects, etc... Until this all goes well, there just to take a shot that really badly! The life bar is expensive every time, so the use of the shield becomes very strategic as the fighting. There is a button to take his weapon in 2 hands but given the large overshoes that it takes every time non-paré, I remain the sword + shield.

Dark Souls - 2 Dark Souls - 5

The tutorial continues with the clash first real enemies and a big boss. Well mean nothing, but I am still died 3 or 4 times inadvertently, without so far formalize me on these failures. It cannot be said that the extreme difficulty strike immediately, but the game plays well, we feel that movements must be precise to avoid errors and the hack look ' n slash is fly, as in diablo. We want to move forward in this world full of strange creatures and items to the specific characteristics and begins to to stuffer (for non-used, this means equip themselves with pieces of armor, etc.).

Test Modern Warfare 3 - Xbox 360

After Battlefield 3, this is Modern Warfare 3 that we are interested, the great other FPS of the year, or perhaps the FPS of the year, Battlefield 3 taking the place of "the other" according to the notice. Promotional campaigns and the media fuss on these two games have quickly established two camps, as if finally it was impossible to assess the two. It is indeed difficult to play the two, the distinction is. Two titles require a budget, time also because they offer both an essential multiplayer mode. Two arguments of weight imposed choice. Perhaps later, one will go see what happens, when the lull will hit the door on the other.

Modern warfare 3 (5) Modern warfare 3 (3)

In the meantime, and early sales figures, records, Modern Warfare 3 clearly takes his pin of the game. It be not recalled the horrors of the launch of Battlefield 3 who could play against him. But Activision won the victory of the first weeks of life and the community promises to be more that ever present. A believe to be actually win a war and that the troops mobilized... Activision thank especially the reputation of its franchise, the work of developers who have made, with the episodes, put Call of Duty high. Modern Warfare 3 is better than its predecessors, with different points of view, but it leaves a little aftertaste, all the same.

Test Zelda Skyward Sword - Wii

The first steps in Link are not the most representative of the game. You yourself first to Zelda, live the firstfruits and the overtones of a love which far exceeds that of a friendly understanding. The evolution of this story in Link and Zelda will probably ask bases and the motivations of this new adventure, but the establishment of title is still somewhat longuette. It will therefore take time to this Zelda Skyward Sword to deploy its wings and offer you what more interesting. Also will it not judge this Zelda on these first hours of play. The first area to cross will begin just to make you entra - collect what the title is, but the title is completely well after unveil your first race of bird, the famous Célestrier.

Zelda Skyward Sword (10) Zelda Skyward Sword (7)

If you expected many of these phases of flight, perhaps will you be disappointed. Moreover, given the importance of the race at the beginning of part, it was thought that this aspect of the game would be more important, that would have led us to fly more often, in different contexts. Finally, your Célestrier will that be your trusty mount to take you there where you want. Certainly ubiquitous to make the link between Earth and Célestbourg, your beautiful bird that responds to your calls in a way out of the ordinary, would finally have little impact on your General adventure. Also good for those who will not be comfortable with the takeover of the animal since it ultimately interfere only very rarely.

Zelda Skyward Sword (12) Zelda Skyward Sword (11)

The graphics of the new Skyward Sword remain admirable, in the sense where they actually carry you to a, another very enchanting world. The charm is still operating and there is really no concern on this point. Only, the Wii is probably more the console has allowed a title of the genus and is not for nothing that the next episode of the franchise will be released on Wii U. The console barely showcase his game, but developers have worked on this point and brought other qualities to the style that the Skyward Sword shines as it should.