The faster air travel with the NFC exchanges

We appreciate flying, to the speed of travel. But it despises them also to long queues at the baggage records, waiting before the terminals to dispose of his boarding pass, to show his papers, etc. Valuable time lost by many of the users who may no longer exist with new technology in induction into our habits.

If the NFC is still a somewhat barbarous term in France, the system is almost recurring, the Japan including. The Near Field Communication is that two devices can communicate with each other. Mainly used in mobile terminals, the system allows to integrate into smartphones any personal data: its identity to its banking coordinates for example.


The NFC technology opens so many possibilities that wish to exploit the airports and the airlines. Imagine, it would be sufficient to register your information on your mobile so that it becomes your boarding. Upon your arrival at the airport, you can directly pass the security, access to airline lounges without inflict you tedious steps to different machines.

SITA Lab and Orange Business Service, on smartphones, are currently working on a pilot project. They were recently joined by two major players of this project, DESKO and Kab, suppliers of equipment for airports. The advantages of this technology have been already presented: System is extremely secure, the user did not need to install or if program application on the mobile and the exchange of information between the private terminals and the different terminals of the airports are very simply.

It is still long way to go to make tomorrow, you can take your aircraft without the steps today, imposed the NFC is not yet implemented in our mobile technology. And it will make its evidence in other areas to prove its reliability, particularly in terms of security. It is known that controls, in some airports, are sharp.

Until such time as the project develops, Sita and Orange released a spot to present, in practice, the different strengths of their project.



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