Windows 8: Microsoft has listened to your comments on file Explorer

Small return on file of Windows 8, Microsoft Explorer wishing to clarify the amendments and reassure on listening demonstrated to the comments made by users.

While the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 will be available at the end of the month and discover all the features of the new operating system, Microsoft made yesterday a point on file Explorer. As such, it is known that Microsoft will not - use as he yet had successfully for Windows 7 - return of users to correct and improve its system before its release. It is for this that this version is not the name of beta and that Microsoft said "Feature Complete". However, the editor indicates much listening to developers feedback and followed with attention the reactions of users to its different notes published on blog Building Windows 8.

Windows 8 Explorateur Conflits FichiersAmong these critics, there is one in which Microsoft has already heart answer. It integration of the Ribbon in Windows Explorer, the File Explorer. For many, this new menu is harmful because it produces a loss on the display space, users are likely to appreciate can display a maximum of folders and files in this interface. Thus, having analysed the behaviour of users, Microsoft says that the Ribbon is a valued function which is soon taste in Windows 8. Remains that the editor has finally opted for a reduced display of base, and removed some functions on the ToolTip, which will also appear by pressing the "alt" on the keyboard.

Microsoft would also like to reassure users the new operation of the actions of copy and delete. Confirmation will be less present, and interrupts will be displayed at the end of event. Once the Treaty a copy wholesale, system ask therefore confirmation on files that could be a problem for example, not preventing the majority of the action requested to be carried out. The idea being to avoid blockages in the operation early and therefore possible losses of time. Similarly, a standby system may suspend an operation carried out at the level of the files, which will be taken over the return to activity of the system.

Also, Windows 8 will allow to change type of connection (WiFi / Ethernet) during a transfer of data from the network operation (only if two communicating systems are under Windows 8). Finally, file conflicts will be appear a new more understandable window, for example offering the opportunity to exclude perfectly identical files in one click. And for more ergonomic, it will be possible to pin items from Windows Explorer directly on the screen start. While the images EXIF data indicating their orientation will be supported to display thumbnails in the right direction as shown in this screenshot.

Windows 8 Explorateur Fichiers Images.PNG

In short, Microsoft communicates all these elements in a single goal, try to show Windows users that he has thought about everything and that the remarks made by Internet users were also heard. A check at the output of Consumer Preview, we strive to shell.


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