Kinect installed in the PC under Windows 8?

Kinect continues its path and its deployment. Microsoft seeks to what its accessory is not only a thin portion of the public, the gamers more or less sophisticated, but rather on the contrary that this device integrates with the daily life of the greatest number. Soon be available on PC, Kinect could well be linked to a new platform, portable computers.

ASUS working on a handful of prototypes where Kinect would be directly integrated in the computer. The camera would replace that usually implemented on this kind of products, sensors would be distributed here and in the system there and finally, LEDs would be at the base of the computer.


Microsoft is on its side formalized project to integrate Kinect into using notebooks of the next Windows 8. However, nothing is being said about its use them. Video game appears to be a track, but it will be to say that it is not obvious on a such platform. The camera could mainly be used for speech recognition, for navigation of a reverse hand, that allows Kinect at the present time.

But it would be question of hundreds of new opportunities which some to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Windows 8 is announced for summer 2012, Microsoft will probably new details to make this new use of Kinect.


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