Galaxy Note: Yes, there is a market for tablet-phone

Could doubt the success of the Galaxy, the terminal that blurs the tracks between smartphone and tablet. But the success is the appointment.

Samsung Galaxy Note (2).PNGSeeing land giant smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note, many questioned the claim that there could be a mobile equipped with a large screen ("5.3 or 13.5 cm diagonal). It is certainly the first time that a terminal of this size is marketed, but previous initiatives have not attracted the crowds. Rest with the strength of strike by Samsung and the interest of the general public for its Galaxy line, the Note is a successful foothold.

Indeed, we learn that the Korean manufacturer has passed more than 700,000 copies nothing that to his homelands, which is impressive. And late December, two months after its release, Galaxy Note 1 million had already been delivered. The launch of a white version at this time is indeed orchestrated to keep a good volume of sales. With its tablet-phone, and equipped with a pen, use Galaxy Note seduced and could pave the way for some hungry competitors of new markets.


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