Test Modern Warfare 3 - Xbox 360

After Battlefield 3, this is Modern Warfare 3 that we are interested, the great other FPS of the year, or perhaps the FPS of the year, Battlefield 3 taking the place of "the other" according to the notice. Promotional campaigns and the media fuss on these two games have quickly established two camps, as if finally it was impossible to assess the two. It is indeed difficult to play the two, the distinction is. Two titles require a budget, time also because they offer both an essential multiplayer mode. Two arguments of weight imposed choice. Perhaps later, one will go see what happens, when the lull will hit the door on the other.

Modern warfare 3 (5) Modern warfare 3 (3)

In the meantime, and early sales figures, records, Modern Warfare 3 clearly takes his pin of the game. It be not recalled the horrors of the launch of Battlefield 3 who could play against him. But Activision won the victory of the first weeks of life and the community promises to be more that ever present. A believe to be actually win a war and that the troops mobilized... Activision thank especially the reputation of its franchise, the work of developers who have made, with the episodes, put Call of Duty high. Modern Warfare 3 is better than its predecessors, with different points of view, but it leaves a little aftertaste, all the same.


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