Test Zelda Skyward Sword - Wii

The first steps in Link are not the most representative of the game. You yourself first to Zelda, live the firstfruits and the overtones of a love which far exceeds that of a friendly understanding. The evolution of this story in Link and Zelda will probably ask bases and the motivations of this new adventure, but the establishment of title is still somewhat longuette. It will therefore take time to this Zelda Skyward Sword to deploy its wings and offer you what more interesting. Also will it not judge this Zelda on these first hours of play. The first area to cross will begin just to make you entra - collect what the title is, but the title is completely well after unveil your first race of bird, the famous Célestrier.

Zelda Skyward Sword (10) Zelda Skyward Sword (7)

If you expected many of these phases of flight, perhaps will you be disappointed. Moreover, given the importance of the race at the beginning of part, it was thought that this aspect of the game would be more important, that would have led us to fly more often, in different contexts. Finally, your Célestrier will that be your trusty mount to take you there where you want. Certainly ubiquitous to make the link between Earth and Célestbourg, your beautiful bird that responds to your calls in a way out of the ordinary, would finally have little impact on your General adventure. Also good for those who will not be comfortable with the takeover of the animal since it ultimately interfere only very rarely.

Zelda Skyward Sword (12) Zelda Skyward Sword (11)

The graphics of the new Skyward Sword remain admirable, in the sense where they actually carry you to a, another very enchanting world. The charm is still operating and there is really no concern on this point. Only, the Wii is probably more the console has allowed a title of the genus and is not for nothing that the next episode of the franchise will be released on Wii U. The console barely showcase his game, but developers have worked on this point and brought other qualities to the style that the Skyward Sword shines as it should.


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