Antec Unveils of new oriented alims "gamer"

Antec renews its power supplies for players, passing in semi-modulaire.

Antec High Current Gamer M 620W

Antec Unveils of new-oriented feeds "gamer", the High Current Gamer Mr. of the semi-modulaires blocks that are launched in three versions, powers of 400W, 520W and 620W. Certified power supplies 80 Plus Bronze, yield can reach 87%.

They are equipped with a fan of 13.5 cm and are obviously protected against the court-circuits, overload and the undervoltage and overvoltage. They are designed around four 12V rails.

Guaranteed 5 years, the High Current Gamer M respectively sold $89,95, $ 99.95 and $ 119.95. What is enough in the view of the services offered for a "gamer" positioning which still sounds very "argument marketing". Beyond this range "M", you know found food Antec High Current Gamer (short and non-semi-modulaire) of 620W from €70 on our comparator award. On the modular alims more of 600W in 80 Plus Bronze, it starts there also around €70.


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