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When WipEout becomes reality...

WipEout in true, finally almost... It is quite impressive.

The Institute of science and technology of Japan mounted a platform game inspired by racing of futuristic vessels that puts in scene the video game WipEout. In buoyancy, these small vehicles glide in the air on a circuit built for demonstration.

wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-001          wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-003

A small reloads in liquid nitrogen, and it is party. The Institute indicates that this technology which uses quantum physics to lead this levitation is not complicated to put into production and that they expect to see real races to human size of this type in near future.

wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-004           wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-002

We let you enjoy this circuit that made dream as children.

Another video is presented in English, which is mentioned succinctly the principle with other more or less impressive demonstrations. Who knows, perhaps in a few years, trains emerge with this system to eliminate friction and noise that follows, which will delight residents tracks at high speed, but has yet to produce the nitrogen liquid mass, and this without too much impact on the environment.

Facial recognition also in the iOS program

iPhone 4S logo pro

One of the features introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was to allow the facial recognition since the secondary AFN of Android devices to unlock the terminal. It foreshadows new types of interaction dependent of the detected by the sensor face.

This possibility should also be part of the future features of iOS. In a patent appeared in the U.S. Office of patents (USPTO), Apple filed the idea of a system which reacts with the face recognized by the NPA.

Obey the finger and eye
The system is designed to ensure a simplified recognition, little gourmet in resources that can adapt to different conditions of light, and which could lead to variable interactions with the user (profile and specific settings, for example).

It will probably not hope to secure its terminal, the image of the Android system that can be fooled by the photo of the face of the user, within strengthen the reference for a finer recognition elements.

The CNet site suggests that the idea of facial recognition is in the air since the launch of the first iPad but that it is for the moment not yet expressed in a specific feature, even if the iPhone 4 S is capable of detection of faces (but not recognition).

The Accelero Xtreme cools the Radeon HD 7900 and 7800

Arctic will offer its Cooling Accelero Xtreme system compatible with the new graphic card Radeon HD 7970 of AMD.

Pending the effective availability in the store of the Radeon HD 7970, Arctic already presents a heatpipe carved for the beast but also for the future 7950 and all the 7800 series. The Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 is imposing, 288 x 104 x 54 mm, weighs 653 grams and will need three slots in the package to feel comfortable. Replacing the system of reference, this heatpipe promises, on paper, to drastically reduce the decibel level issued (from 5.2 to 0.5 Sone at 2000 RPM) while ensuring efficient cooling even on a GPU overclocked for booster performance map (56.6 ° C against 86 ° C on the frequencies of reference).

arctic-accelero-xtrem-7970      arctic-accelero-xtreme-7970-3

To achieve these results, the heatpipe is composed of three blocks of vanes in aluminium crossed by five heat pipes of 6 mm diameter copper, cooled by three fans of 92 mm PWM operating between 900 and 2000 RPM.

Available January 31 for a high enough rate around 75 euros, it will be to test the device to confirm the results provided by the manufacturer and to justify the purchase.

arctic-accelero-xtreme-7970-5     arctic-accelero-xtreme-7970-4

The dark side of the Force is in Gelid

The coté dark enclosure is presented by Gelid. Nothing much revolutionary in view however.

The Gelid company, rather known for its cooling systems, offers today a new case announced as being specially designed for large video game sessions. The DarkForce, of his name, is all steel of 0.7 mm with a black paint.

gelid-darkforce-1  gelid-darkforce-2  Gelid DarkForce (2)

The chassis can even accommodate the format ATX or micro ATX motherboards and accepts up to eight fans, two already installed 12 cm positioned at the front and rear, alleged silent. It is also possible to position a radiator for water cooling of 12 or 24 cm to the rear of the enclosure. Found at the back of what managing eight ports of extension.

About the USB 3.0 port located on the top of the box, it is also a USB 2.0 port, but also an eSATA port, and finally a small Bay for hard disk drives in hotswap. For a maximum of storage, Gelid thought to 3.5 "adapter for locations 5.25" inch, what still add additional hard disks whether to RAID 10 with not bad of HDD. Moreover, the HDD cage is partly removable for a very long graphics card, a good point. It would seem that this box is already available for about $ 120 with a guarantee of two years.


Intel Medfield / Android 4.0 for the 2nd quarter 2012


One of the highlights to watch in 2012 will be the arrival of Intel mobile architectures while its competitor ARM is widely dominant. The strategy of the American skier will depend on a platform hardware Medfield , which should finally be able to compete in performance and low power consumption with numerous ARM platforms proposed by different metal casters.

If the performance should be actually meet, it is particularly progress in energy management, essential criterion in mobility, which will be scrutinized. To entice manufacturers of mobile devices and encourage them to turn to his Medfield processors, Intel has worked its efforts to ensure the support of Android.

The creation of a platform of reference Medfield / Android is thus seen as able to confront the many solutions ARM / Android very present on the market. On the shelves, Intel began to propose a product dedicated with processor Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail, which can be coupled with Windows 7 or Android 3.x Honeycomb, but the formula, in a few products, did not spark.

Enter Android, expand via Windows 8
An attempt to take market share, it is on the couple Medfield / Android 4.0 that the caster will be supported from the second quarter of 2012, pending the arrival of a Clover Trail-W platform capable of handling Windows 8 on Tablet, expected for the end of year 2012.

There also, Intel will have to confront platforms ARM for Windows 8, and in particular processor quad-core, such as Nvidia and Qualcomm, which should keep the benefit year next in terms of energy consumption.

Digitimes website indicates, however, that these two skiers face difficulties to finalize their solutions, which could do the business of Intel on this specific segment. Note the latter just reorganize its branches of activity to bring together all activities regarding mobile and nomadic products under same management to accelerate its development.

Samsung S27A970: monitor 27 "in 2560 x 1440

Samsung prepares a screen diagonal of 27 "with a 2560 x 1440 pixels WQHD definition

At the CES in Las Vegas which will begin next week, Samsung will throw the veil on a new monitor 27 ", the Series 9 S27A970. This model will adopt a 2560 x 1440 pixels WQHD definition, its matte slab type PLS with a time of 5 ms response, a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, a brightness of 300 cd/m² and 178 ° vertical and horizontal angles of visions.

The Seies 9 S27A970 is home to two HP 7 Watts, two USB 2.0 ports, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs and a port Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) to connect a tablet or a smartphone. The design is particularly sobre and successful, even strongly resembling certain brand TV. Objective: provide $ 1200 to be able to afford it in March, 2012...


HP and Microsoft in the same cloud

A four year agreement recently signed between Microsoft and HP regarding resources and the tools side servers and data centers, including the communication and collaboration.

Cloud Nuage Lakitu

It's been 25 years that Microsoft and HP collaborate on products, technologies, marketing and other. Today, these two giants sign once again the same document and undertake together for four years on a common strategy on the cloud communication and collaborative work.

An international contract in which HP Enterprise Services is committed to providing Microsoft solutions "in the cloud" for companies to "refocus IT maintenance to innovation spending". Microsoft will provide its HP of public, private and hybrid solutions for communication centralized on servers. A program.

We guess that are concerned specifically with products such as Office 365, Exchange Server, Office SharePoint Server or even Lync Server, while at any of the following HP Cloud Services will benefit from this agreement (Messaging, Collaboration, real-time). In practice, the two giants will be also taken to share some resources at the level of their respective centers data. These infrastructures being highly sensitive, one may infer that trust is visibly maximum between the two players.

Samsung Galaxy Note: 1 million past units

Samsung Galaxy Note

By unveiling the Galaxy Note, Samsung is committed to a difficult track: the segment between smartphones and touch tablets, on which others have tried their luck with mixed success. With its display "5.3, the Android terminal has a screen larger than smartphones but smaller than the majority of the shelves, which generally start with display 7".

Liminal is however assumed by the Korean manufacturer that communicates on the two aspects in its marketing campaigns. It must be said that this fuzzy border is offset by the fineness of the terminal which retains it the qualities of a smartphone (especially since it runs on Android Gingerbread rather than Honeycomb) while the use of a pen brings added value which makes it more than a great smartphone.

A not easy segment
This dual nature seems to have responded to the expectations: the manufacturer Announces having thus delivered 1 million Galaxy Note in the world in the last two months. It is supply resellers, and non-sales to final consumers, although this suggests some confidence in the Welcome to the public for this product.

With a Super AMOLED 1280 x 800 pixel display, a dual processor 1.4 GHz core and an AFN 8 megapixels on the back (as well as an AFN front for videoconferencing, Galaxy Note has solid assets to seduce users seeking a compromise between the two formats.)

(Trans) portable players: MSI pulls the GT783

A transportable in MSI goes dry fragger with its GeForce GTX 580 M!

MSI-GT7832MSI offers for sale laptop PC (trans) its special video games, the GT783. History of put things clear to note at the outset, that a benchmark on 3D Mark Vantage goes back a score of 16,000 points. Not bad not? To achieve such a score, MSI has equipped its portable PC gamer with an Intel Core i7 at 2 GHz (6 MB cache) and a graphics card from Nvidia, GeForce GTX 580 M with 2 GB RAM dedicated.

A reminder, this graphics card has 384 hearts CUDA and bandwidth of 256-bit wide address the 2 GB of GDDR5, it supports without problem on DirectX 11 and Nvidia PhysX, and pass the bar of 3,000 points on 3D Mark 11. There will also be Optimus technology that allows switching between the internal graphics chipset and graphics card based on demand, but this technology also allows the use of the two simultaneously for even more power.

In this 17-inch diagonal machine, it is possible to install up to 32 GB of DDR3 RAM and storage in RAID 0 with two conventional hard drives or SSD, everything will depend on the budget. The screen is in backlight LED. The matte black finish is soft-touch, despite the use of an alloy of aluminium and magnesium to the chassis. The keyboard also had right to his lot of improvements, in partnership with the well known manufacturer SteelSeries players. The keyboard is hard and the positioning of the keys has been reviewed to avoid overflows during the hottest passages, with for example of Ctrl and Alt keys larger and more widely spaced. The backlight of the keyboard is also the part with five different modes, normal, Gaming, Wave, Breathing (respiration in French) and Dual Color therefore composing more than 1,000 variations of colors with the seven LED behind each key on the keyboard.

MSI-GT7832-003 MSI-GT7832-004

MSI has not forgotten small sessions cinema at home with a Blu - ray drive, HDMI output and processing of sound with Dynaudio, THX TruStudio Pro. It is also possible to use as the central unit with a classic VGA output and two ports USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports. This list must be added an eSATA port and a card reader SDXC, Memory Stick and full of other formats.

It will be also possible to play in mobility with a large battery of nine cells (7800 mAH) but need to find a solution for this computer that weighs even close to four kilograms. Neither price nor date of sale for the moment.


Windows Phone Marketplace: and 50 000 applications

Samsung Omnia W

Still far away from the two portals for downloading mobile applications, the App Store and Android Market, with their content in hundreds of thousands of articles, the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace continues to expand at its pace and has placed the bar of 50 000 applications submitted.

Open in October 2010, at the same time as the launch of the first version of Windows Phone, with hundreds of applications, the portal has developed slowly and had passed the Cape of 25 000 applications in July 2011.

And if it continues to be pale figure before the Legion offerings of its competitors, the Marketplace still enjoys an accelerated phase of the growth of its content, note the site All About Windows Phone.

The arrival of new smartphones Windows Phone on the market, on the availability of the Mango update, including the range Lumia of Nokia, and the extended presence of the Marketplace in new markets probably explain this renewed interest.

Growth dynamics
The pace is now 265 new applications submitted each day, while he was 165 in November. On 50 000 applications in the Marketplace, 6,000 are no longer available (withdrawn or abandoned) and the number of applications available in local versions of the portal slightly varies: the US Marketplace account 42 655 applications, while the French portal are 39 235.

About 60% of the applications of the Marketplace are free, for 33% paid, against a report 69 / 31 on the Android Market and 43 / 57 to the App Store. Finally, All About Windows Phone stressed that the Marketplace has been faster to reach the cap of 50 000 applications as the Android Market, suggesting that the platform is not unsupported by the developers.

Record of donations to Wikipedia: $20 million in 50 days

Wikipedia has once again succeeded his appeal for funds, setting a new record.

wikipediaThe Wikimedia Foundation that hosts Wikipedia fact each year appeal donations from users to complete its operating budget, that commented there is little time Jimmy Wales, founder of the participatory encyclopedia online, after receiving a cheque for $500,000 on the part of Sergei Brin. Launched in mid-November, the 2011 campaign has been received successfully, allowing Wikimedia to collect some $ 20 million in just 50 days thanks to the generosity of one million donors.

Over the same period, a year earlier, the Foundation received $ 16 million. Sue Gardner, Director of the Foundation, attests to the usefulness of these funds for the site, certifying to donors: "your money will be well used, I promise" in a message of thanks. In France, Wikimedia budget is monte 1.1 million euros including total EUR will be paid to the Foundation for the cost of infrastructure. The online encyclopedia is poised to celebrate its 11 years.

The 22 "self-powered in AOC gives us more info

Price and availability date are finally known for this screen auto-alimenté in USB in AOC.

The screen of AOC, which has nothing to do with the appellations of controlled origin (sorry...), unveiled finally more in details. A presentation had already completed last June at the time of its announcement by the constructor. It recalled all the same it can be powered by a USB port supporting 10 Watts required, and nothing else. Takeout at a LAN Party for example external power is not. Side tariff, it will be proposed $ 199. This 22 "in Full HD will start to be delivered in February.

aoc-e2251fwu           aoc-e2251Fwu-1-467x420

LG Electronics: a smartphone under Intel Medfield in the these?

Logo LG Electronics

Manufacturer LG Electronics is still the third largest manufacturer of mobile phones but his arrival on the segment of smartphones is made in pain or have a model lighthouse to stain remover of lot and despite real efforts of innovation.

These 2011 and MWC 2011 fairs had been the opportunity to make several smartphones offering new functionality (dual core processor, new screen technologies,... autostereoscopic 3D display).

First demonstration at the these?

Continuing this commitment to innovation, the Korean group could announce a first smartphone processor Intel Medfield and using the Android platform to show these 2012. It is in all cases what says the Korea Times, citing the words of the President of Intel in Korea Lee Hee-Sung, but which are not confirmed by the manufacturer.

Intel and LG Electronics are long-standing partners and Korean Group had already presented a smartphone of demonstration at CES 2010 that getting into a platform Intel States and bone mobile Moblin (Linux Mobile, at the time) supported by Intel prior to its integration in MeeGo

It would be therefore here still a presentation above a launch which did not intervene before the month of March at best. Recent rumours suggest that the couple Intel Medfield / Android 4.0 will be finalized in the second quarter of 2012.

With Super Ultrabooks in LG, but also laptops and a 3D all-in-one

Summary presentation of the flagship products-side computers that LG will present to the these. Korean first established ultrabooks have class.

LG Electronics is about to expose four new laptops and an all-in-one on its booth at the CES in Las Vegas. The most prominent will be unquestionably those that Korean calls the "Super Ultrabooks", its Z330 and Z430 which promise to be as efficient than beautiful (alu brushed finishing) and purposes. P535 and A540 want to impose a new standard for laptops compatible with 3D terrain. Finally, the V300 and an all-in-one of 23 "with IPS, also compatible 3D slab.

LG Z330The Z330 is the more compact new LG computers. With a Sandy Bridge Core i7, he starts cold within 10 seconds and fate of Eve within 2 seconds, all with a SSD SATA III. His design reduces - according to the constructor - the edges of its screen 13.3 "at a minimum, so that he returned in a 12" chassis. This laptop would not exceed the 14.7 mm thickness and weighs 1.21 Kg.

When the Z430 represents to him the ultrabook of 14 "seen by LG. Powered by a Core i7 and equipped with a SSD and a HDD, it allows a cold start in 12 seconds while offering 500 GB of storage space. Its chassis does not exceed the 19.9 mm thick and LG is proud to announce that the Z430 is of 14 "most compact laptop that exists at the present time. It must be said that he wished in a chassis usually reserved for the 13 ", which weighs 1.5 Kg.

The P535 is a laptop for the 3D Cinema, integrating a 15.6 "super-slim LED to the computer screen closed not to exceed the 24.1 mm thickness for 2.2 Kg. According to LG, it is therefore more 24% and 27% lighter than its closest competitors on the market of the portable 15 "compatible 3D, and has the advantage in a chassis usually reserved for 14". Will be once again a Core i7 Sandy Bridge, with side GPU card Nvidia GeForce GT 630 M.

The A540 to the advantage of a 3D without glasses technology and treatment of the SRS sound on 5 channels. It operates also technology Cinema LG 3D on a screen which is also 15.6 "of diagonal, Full HD and backlit by LEDs. The graphics card is a GeForce GT 555 M.

Finally, the V300 is an all-in-one which already heard in 2011, the first LG to integrate 3D RPF (Film Patterned delay) on a slab IPS technology, offering more open angles of vision. According to LG, the V300 offers what it does best in 3D via its screen 23 ". And with its touch sensor based on three cameras, LG announced that the touch recognition of its all-in-one is better than the competition. A check.

All these computers should be launched in the first quarter of 2012. Expected to know their prices, their complete sheets, but also to have more photos to the tooth. LG plays with our nerves about all these products and do we slipped only photo of its ultrabooks...

Radeon HD 7770 : photos et benchmarks

New information filter on the Radeon HD 7770, while this map should not go out before the month of February.

While it-ready AMD intend to shift the launch of its Radeon HD 7950 in February, found in ChipHell (via WCCFtech) of concrete information concerning another new 28 nm chart card, the Radeon HD 7770. It is positioned under the Radeon HD 7950 and HD 7970 (see test) in the hierarchy of AMD and should intercalate between 6700 HD and HD 6800 in terms of performance. Its GPU 28 nm running at 1 GHz is the code name Cape Verde and this map is based according to the new model GCN for Graphics Core Next.

The bracket should have output HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort, while the map has apparently only a single connector CrossFire. Also, we learn that the memory bus is limited to 128 - bit, sending four GDDR5 memory chips. This map should consume approximately 100 w maximum, where the presence of a single power 6 pins connector. The Radeon HD 7770 which should come out in February for around $ 150, displays the following scores: 18143 3DMark 06, 3421 3DMark 11 (in Performance mode). Here are the photos and catches:

Leak ChipHell AMD Radeon HD 7770 (1) Leak ChipHell AMD Radeon HD 7770 (2)

Leak ChipHell AMD Radeon HD 7770 (5) Leak ChipHell AMD Radeon HD 7770 (6) Leak ChipHell AMD Radeon HD 7770 (7) Leak ChipHell AMD Radeon HD 7770 (8)

HP would have sought to resell WebOS 1.2 billion $

WebOS 2 01

By buying Palm in 2010 for $ 1.2 billion, the HP group at the same time put the hand on the WebOS ecosystem which he wished to make the strategic axis of the development of a set of connected mobile products, with extensions on devices such as printers or computers.

A little over a year later, and after the launch of a touch tablet, HP made weapons and announced the abandonment of these projects in a great phase of reorganization which the extent undermined the whole of society.

Its initiator, Leo Apotheker, has since been thanked and replaced by Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, which evaluated the possible options for the mobile platform: keep it, the transfer or a system open source.

It is this last track was selected, then several actors have, it seems, were approached for an assignment, without success. The manufacturer HTC has been cited, and Samsung, Amazon or Facebook.

Butter and butter money?

And if none is committed, it may be because HP was well not losing money on this operation. The site VentureBeats claims that the US group wanted to take $ 1.2 billion, the equivalent of its purchase price, and retain a right of use in its printers.

HP eventually tried to lower its price of sale but in proportions which remained insufficient to attract potential buyers. Must confess that the operation has proved painful, the Tablet HP TouchPad selling so few that it took to break the price and do spend $ 499 to...99 dollars for clean up stocks at retailers.

Such a transaction represented a heavy load in the accounts of HP and could be tempted to minimize by including in the price of WebOS. Being not really in the position of strength after the shocks of the strategic reversals in recent months, person is committed in this way, not even Facebook, despite the prospects of its own mobile OS.

Microsoft Flight: Free Flight Simulator

Microsoft Unveils some information on the return of his Flight license, free-to-play.

Microsoft Flight 

By closing the Aces studio in early 2009, Microsoft signed the death of one of its flagship franchises: Flight Simulator. However, in mid-2010, Microsoft reported the development of Microsoft Flight without too say and especially show its simulation for large media events that have unfolded since.

But this is the "game" that comeback, Microsoft finally decided to tell us more. A priori, the output of the simulator would be programmed for the next spring, and - very good surprise - it will be a soft to download for free.

Indeed, the formula accepted by Microsoft would take free-to-play, with any part of the content is available without having to drop a euro. Well sure, options and other premium content would also be to fund the development of the Simulator. Initially, everything will happen on the island of Hawaii and Microsoft promises many exciting hours of game. But no doubt it will take through the Fund to extend the playing area and access to more aircraft. The editor speaks of multiple air challenges, numerous missions and hidden objects to discover. It is however unclear if Microsoft Flight will offer players to compete.

> The official page of Microsoft Flight

The Shuriken starts to LGA 2011

The Japanese company Scythian updates one of his Shuriken to make it compatible with the 2011 of the Sandy Bridge-E LGA sockets.

The Scythian society to two beautiful false indicates the output of a heatpipe of the Shuriken range for socket LGA 2011. In Japan, is never half things, because this small heatpipe CPU as well adapt to Intel processors for the LGA 775 LGA, 2011 to AMD processors through the AM2 AM3 + and even the FM1.

scythe_big_shuriken_2_rev._b_02      scythe_big_shuriken_2_rev._b_03

The dimensions are loyal to the range with 125 x 135 x 58 mm, and the cooling system is composed of coated copper nickel on the base and the vanes with heatpipes in oval structure. He is course with his faithful fan ultra thin 12 cm that can turn at 500 rpm to not generate that 9,32 dbA. At 2000 rpm, it will produce 33,67 dbA. This small "BIG" Shuriken Rev 2. (B) shall normally be available in rays shortly at a rate of €30.


New record of SMS sent to the new year


This year again, wishes for the New year did not fail to be sent by SMS anywhere in the France. The count is not finished but it appears already that the record of 930 million messages sent last year at the same time will be beaten.

Over the period of the early hours of January 1, 2012, it is is exchanged 305 million SMS on the networks of mobile operators Orange and SFR, against 254 million last year, note the AFP, which did not yet have figures for Bouygues Telecom on this time.

20% of exchanges and more
The peak of shipments logically took place shortly after midnight, with 122 million SMS exchanged on the Orange network between 9: 00 pm on December 31 and 2: 00 January 1, an increase of 19% from last year and with a record of 27 000 messages sent at 00: 02.

SFR claims for its part 183 million SMS exchanged December 31 (against 152 million last year, or 20% better) and a peak at 32 000 short message at 12: 01 am. The operator has reckoned 59 million SMS sent between 23 h 45 and 00 h 45, or 18% better than last year at the same time.

Now to see if the billion SMS exchanged new year greetings will be reached this year.

Still a Galaxy Samsung, the M Style

The South Korean manufacturer presents a new smartphone in the Galaxy, the M Style range.

Samsung drawn more to expand its range of smartphones under Android Galaxy and after the Galaxy Ace more announced yesterday, here come the Galaxy M Style. Positioned on the middle-of-range, this phone will be equipped with a processor Cortex A8 single-core 1 GHz, a touch screen of 4 "Super AMOLED 480 x 800 pixels (definition), 4 GB memory internal (no details on the amount of RAM), of a 3 megapixel camera and a battery of 1650 mAh AFN. The Galaxy M Style look under Android 2.3 Gingerbread with interface TouchWiz House, and will integrate any connectivity 3 G/WiFi/Bluetooth 3.0 and a DMB TV tuner. Its weight will be 122 grams for 9.9 mm thick.

Its metal hull will be available in three colors (Silver, Blue Black and Lavender Pink Platinum) and its price should approach the 500 $ (!) in Korea, but no price or date of availability for Europe have been specified. In the hope that, given its characteristics, it is much cheaper with us...

galaxy-m-style2     galaxy-m-style

The PlayBook at single price, $ 299 which is the model

It balances before the time in RIM brade its PlayBook shelves at $ 299 and this regardless of the memory capacity.

Research In Motion flow stocks of its touch Tablet PlayBook of radical way in the us by proposing a tariff single-299$ - whatever the model chosen (16, 32 or 64 GB). The offer, available on the site, is valid until February 4, 2012 but not sure that there is enough stock to please everyone... though!


In France RIM proposes a reduction of 150 euros also on its online store, but applied to the tariff of each model, so the Playbook 16 GB passes to €349 instead of €499, equipped with 32 GB version is found in €449 instead of €599 and the 64 GB is €549 instead of €699. It is much less interesting and especially still too expensive for a Tablet whose future is more than uncertain, the Canadian firm is not to the best of his form lately, far from it.

4.0 And Galaxy S Android / Galaxy Tab: Samsung there would think

Samsung Galaxy SLast week, Samsung provided the list of its mobile devices that will be entitled to an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If recent products such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet there will be entitled, two notable devices lack the appeal: the Galaxy S smartphone and Tablet Galaxy Tab 7.

The Galaxy S is the smartphone launched in 2010 which enabled Samsung to take a significant position in the market of smartphones, flowing more than 10 million copies and helping to make more visible Samsung on this sector with a reference model.

Similarly, the Galaxy Tab 7 tablet was the first one of the first to Android and to be a response to the Apple iPad tablet, launched in April 2010, and there also has to show that Samsung was ready to fight on all segments.

If these two devices have objectivemnt the equipment required to run Android 4.0, it is the presence of the wrapper touchscreen TouchWiz which would be responsible for the decision not to include these devices in the update program. TouchWiz or Android 4.0...mais not both at the same time.

A question of more than hardware overlay
This decision resulted in many reactions of spite of users, who were also not without recalling the time of the first models of Samsung Android, have not necessarily obtained a follow-up of the updates to the platform.

Aware of the risk to its image, the manufacturer would now reconsider the issue, according to a Korean information, no promise to achieve a result. Its competitor is HTC facing the same problem for his Desire series on which it wishes to retain the overlay HTC Sense.

In the last resort, will still be trying to install a Roma custom Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be to the impasse on the tactile surcouches.

Update 15: 00 : the trail of a Value Pack is also proposed: rather than the provision of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab 7 could receive some of the features of the new version without actually, migrate to preserve despite all the TouchWiz interface.

DRAM: fusion Elpida, Micron and Toshiba to form a new giant?

What movements for the DRAM market? Would a priori, it is lead into a major merger, and term a rebound in prices.

DRAM Module

The DRAM market is very competitive and since he entered a few months already in phase of overproduction, the course reached price floors. If that even the largest manufacturers find it difficult to identify adequate margins, some of them seeing their accounts turn red. A giant of the market as Japanese Elpida is clearly in difficulty and is not known if he will be able to comply with the recapitalisation programme undertaken by the Japanese Government, which will this year cost him much money. Growing leaders to seek money by all means, and to consider a merger of their activities with those of other actors such as Toshiba or Micron memory market.

X-bit Labs and DRAM eXchange, analyze the situation, believe that the process of concentration will move up a gear in the DRAM market and that the situation of competition is such that it is inevitable that mergers and takeovers are announced in the coming months, the only means of survival for some manufacturers. They imagine same Elpida, Micron and Toshiba join to form the largest world manufacturer of drams.

Which, for the consumer, is not really a good news, because once restructured, the market will more margin for manoeuvre to encourage a rebound in prices. In the end, the DRAM market could look like an oligopoly with three major manufacturers (Samsung, Hynix, and an alliance formed around Elpida).

DRAM Market Elpida (1) DRAM Market Elpida (2)

[MAJ] Decrypt the code Free Mobile

The Free Mobile rocket between take-off phase...

It moves on the page! Indeed, since this morning the ASCII Representative Xavier Niel rocket displays volutes of smoke under reactors indicating an impending launch and a code on the body to be able to decipher. Make your neurons work! Some were discovered in the MD5, the code means: "jesaispas". Hmm... In any event, the design evolves and reported no doubt that the countdown is started. In any case, the missile is now in phase of take-off. In the hope that the long-awaited Free Mobile rocket launch is not, like in the end, that of troposphere V...

free-mobile-fusee2                     fusée-freemobile

And during that time, Georgette, the "Cantal mamie" to which fact reference code in the page Web (cited by the Orange pattern for tacler Free Mobile) continues to distill some information at play on Twitter in preparing its "take off". The same Granny announces the distribution of cards SIM Free Mobile on his Facebook, and BD is it you please.

Free Mobile BD (1).PNG                    Free Mobile BD (2).PNG

[Updated] And at 13: 37 pm... Nothing! For now, the launch that everybody thought scheduled for 1: 37 pm on 5 January was "Pschitttt". The rocket in ASCII is still not a party and did not place in the video plugin to track a hypothetical Live Conference. The site fell moments under the blows of "f5" to a maximum of Internet users, but returned to his small missile in launch position. And the Granny of the Cantal is gently Lynch him on Facebook, but it adds a link to an article that points the launch tomorrow. Unless in fact, this grandma is just a geek fun in his corner?

Mamie Cantal Facebook.PNG