Facial recognition also in the iOS program

iPhone 4S logo pro

One of the features introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was to allow the facial recognition since the secondary AFN of Android devices to unlock the terminal. It foreshadows new types of interaction dependent of the detected by the sensor face.

This possibility should also be part of the future features of iOS. In a patent appeared in the U.S. Office of patents (USPTO), Apple filed the idea of a system which reacts with the face recognized by the NPA.

Obey the finger and eye
The system is designed to ensure a simplified recognition, little gourmet in resources that can adapt to different conditions of light, and which could lead to variable interactions with the user (profile and specific settings, for example).

It will probably not hope to secure its terminal, the image of the Android system that can be fooled by the photo of the face of the user, within strengthen the reference for a finer recognition elements.

The CNet site suggests that the idea of facial recognition is in the air since the launch of the first iPad but that it is for the moment not yet expressed in a specific feature, even if the iPhone 4 S is capable of detection of faces (but not recognition).


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