Intel Ivy Bridge 22 nm: launch on April 8, 2012?

logo-intelFondeur Intel should be able to keep its timetable for the launch of its new line of processors Ivy Bridge engraved 22 nm, which leaks on names, prices and performance have been regular in recent months.

According to information from manufacturers to Taiwan and twice by site Digitimes, a set of 25 processors Ivy Bridge should be formalized on 8 April 2012.

Price ranges there are confirmed, with the processors for desktop Core i7 quadricoeur (Core i7-3770K, 3770, 3770S and 3770T) and the Core i5 quadricoeur (Core i5-3570, 3550 and 3540) in a range of prices from 184 to 332 dollars and a Core i5-3470T dual core available from the month of may 2012 to $ 184.

They will be accompanied by solutions of Z77, H77, Z75 and B75 connectivity to the months of April and will be followed by the Q77 and Q75 solutions by 13 may 2012.

For processors for notebooks, found in April the Core i7-3920Qm, 3820Qm and 3720Qm while the Core i5 variants will be available later, and processors for Core i7-3667U and Core i5-3427U ultrabooks.

At their sides will be launched chips HM77, UM77, HM76, and HM75 the month of April, before QS77 and QM77 solutions, available in May.


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