HP would have sought to resell WebOS 1.2 billion $

WebOS 2 01

By buying Palm in 2010 for $ 1.2 billion, the HP group at the same time put the hand on the WebOS ecosystem which he wished to make the strategic axis of the development of a set of connected mobile products, with extensions on devices such as printers or computers.

A little over a year later, and after the launch of a touch tablet, HP made weapons and announced the abandonment of these projects in a great phase of reorganization which the extent undermined the whole of society.

Its initiator, Leo Apotheker, has since been thanked and replaced by Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, which evaluated the possible options for the mobile platform: keep it, the transfer or a system open source.

It is this last track was selected, then several actors have, it seems, were approached for an assignment, without success. The manufacturer HTC has been cited, and Samsung, Amazon or Facebook.

Butter and butter money?

And if none is committed, it may be because HP was well not losing money on this operation. The site VentureBeats claims that the US group wanted to take $ 1.2 billion, the equivalent of its purchase price, and retain a right of use in its printers.

HP eventually tried to lower its price of sale but in proportions which remained insufficient to attract potential buyers. Must confess that the operation has proved painful, the Tablet HP TouchPad selling so few that it took to break the price and do spend $ 499 to...99 dollars for clean up stocks at retailers.

Such a transaction represented a heavy load in the accounts of HP and could be tempted to minimize by including in the price of WebOS. Being not really in the position of strength after the shocks of the strategic reversals in recent months, person is committed in this way, not even Facebook, despite the prospects of its own mobile OS.


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