Yahoo has a new CEO. New start or preparation of a redemption?

Yahoo appoints its new leadership. Former PayPal President Scott Thompson is going to have to roll up the sleeves...

Scott ThompsonYou remember from the episode of the landing of Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo transferred by telephone, had not been be very virulent against the Board of Directors of the Web giant. Finally is replaced by Scott Thompson, former President of PayPal which is a subsidiary of eBay. This new CEO takes over Yahoo as changed it Carol Bartz, who had the onerous task of restructuring the company in depth degreaser workforce. Remains that the agreement with Microsoft - and actions - slow to bear fruit, hence his dismissal.

Scott Thompson has probably learned the lesson and knows that he must move quickly to not make the costs. And this with first goal relaunch the hearing of the portal rising, and if possible course of action with it. Recall that the shareholders of Yahoo are not without imagine a sale of the business to one or more purchasers. So that the time available and that Scott Thompson will probably not have time to use the three years of his contract if it is not effective.

Microsoft, with the Silver Lake and Andreessen Horowit group Fund, would be interested in taking minority stake in Yahoo. It is also other large investors, such as Blackstone and Bain Capital, the desire to develop a procedure for redemption at 100% to $ 20 per share, rewarding Yahoo to $ 25 billion. Nothing says that these operations will go to their term, and the arrival of Scott Thompson will probably push Yahoo shareholders to wait a little, especially given the excellent results that this deemed geek had in PayPal. Its challenges are many: content, the hearing, the mobile, social... A new departure for Yahoo. But is it not already too late?


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