[MAJ] Decrypt the code Free Mobile

The Free Mobile rocket between take-off phase...

It moves on the live.free.fr page! Indeed, since this morning the ASCII Representative Xavier Niel rocket displays volutes of smoke under reactors indicating an impending launch and a code on the body to be able to decipher. Make your neurons work! Some were discovered in the MD5, the code means: "jesaispas". Hmm... In any event, the design evolves and reported no doubt that the countdown is started. In any case, the missile is now in phase of take-off. In the hope that the long-awaited Free Mobile rocket launch is not, like in the end, that of troposphere V...

free-mobile-fusee2                     fusée-freemobile

And during that time, Georgette, the "Cantal mamie" to which fact reference code in the page Web (cited by the Orange pattern for tacler Free Mobile) continues to distill some information at play on Twitter in preparing its "take off". The same Granny announces the distribution of cards SIM Free Mobile on his Facebook, and BD is it you please.

Free Mobile BD (1).PNG                    Free Mobile BD (2).PNG

[Updated] And at 13: 37 pm... Nothing! For now, the launch that everybody thought scheduled for 1: 37 pm on 5 January was "Pschitttt". The rocket in ASCII is still not a party and did not place in the video plugin to track a hypothetical Live Conference. The mobile.free.fr site fell moments under the blows of "f5" to a maximum of Internet users, but returned to his small missile in launch position. And the Granny of the Cantal is gently Lynch him on Facebook, but it adds a link to an article that points the launch tomorrow. Unless in fact, this grandma is just a geek fun in his corner?

Mamie Cantal Facebook.PNG


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