Kite printed in 3D for a startling result

Little Shining Man Kite - 1

Force in the field of kites, is that the choice of models is very extensive, following the way in which it wishes to operate. For the lovers, here is a version which should seduce you with its original design.

Called Little Shining Man Kite, this kite was designed by Heather Peak and Ivan Morrison, drawn by Sash Reading and built by Queen & Crawford.

Specifically, its design is based on not less than 1,700 fittings based on tissue aerospace printed 3D Cuben fibre. Cuben process allows to use any material fibre, the latter keeping all its properties because of the absence of weaving. Therefore, matter is finer and more resistant. Currently, Cuben fibre is used mainly to the spinnakers of the America's Cup sailboats.

All of the fibers is linked by carbon rods, lightness and robustness. The final result is particularly impressive from a Visual point of view. The video below will help you discern the atypical curves.


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