4.0 And Galaxy S Android / Galaxy Tab: Samsung there would think

Samsung Galaxy SLast week, Samsung provided the list of its mobile devices that will be entitled to an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If recent products such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet there will be entitled, two notable devices lack the appeal: the Galaxy S smartphone and Tablet Galaxy Tab 7.

The Galaxy S is the smartphone launched in 2010 which enabled Samsung to take a significant position in the market of smartphones, flowing more than 10 million copies and helping to make more visible Samsung on this sector with a reference model.

Similarly, the Galaxy Tab 7 tablet was the first one of the first to Android and to be a response to the Apple iPad tablet, launched in April 2010, and there also has to show that Samsung was ready to fight on all segments.

If these two devices have objectivemnt the equipment required to run Android 4.0, it is the presence of the wrapper touchscreen TouchWiz which would be responsible for the decision not to include these devices in the update program. TouchWiz or Android 4.0...mais not both at the same time.

A question of more than hardware overlay
This decision resulted in many reactions of spite of users, who were also not without recalling the time of the first models of Samsung Android, have not necessarily obtained a follow-up of the updates to the platform.

Aware of the risk to its image, the manufacturer would now reconsider the issue, according to a Korean information, no promise to achieve a result. Its competitor is HTC facing the same problem for his Desire series on which it wishes to retain the overlay HTC Sense.

In the last resort, will still be trying to install a Roma custom Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be to the impasse on the tactile surcouches.

Update 15: 00 : the trail of a Value Pack is also proposed: rather than the provision of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab 7 could receive some of the features of the new version without actually, migrate to preserve despite all the TouchWiz interface.


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