Keyboard-mouse combination cut in bamboo

In the area of the devices, there are very (too?) many models of keyboards and mice. If certain products are ingenious in their design, here are a duo that should interest you also.

Indeed, this keyboard and the mouse sold together draw their originality of design in bamboo. Also, natural materials and wood graining lovers should appreciate this product which is revealed in very pleasant addition to the eye.

Clavier souris bambou - 2 Clavier souris bambou - 1

Duo keyboard-mouse bamboo (click to enlarge)

108 Keys keyboard is available in QWERTY, but its interesting design of the keys with their symbols inlaid should be of interest to lovers of beautiful achievements. The mouse, weapon however a rubber wheel. Both devices operate in WiFi, with a USB 2.0 to 2.4 GHz micro-récepteur.

This relatively original duo is sold at about 63 euros.


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