Samsung Galaxy Note: 1 million past units

Samsung Galaxy Note

By unveiling the Galaxy Note, Samsung is committed to a difficult track: the segment between smartphones and touch tablets, on which others have tried their luck with mixed success. With its display "5.3, the Android terminal has a screen larger than smartphones but smaller than the majority of the shelves, which generally start with display 7".

Liminal is however assumed by the Korean manufacturer that communicates on the two aspects in its marketing campaigns. It must be said that this fuzzy border is offset by the fineness of the terminal which retains it the qualities of a smartphone (especially since it runs on Android Gingerbread rather than Honeycomb) while the use of a pen brings added value which makes it more than a great smartphone.

A not easy segment
This dual nature seems to have responded to the expectations: the manufacturer Announces having thus delivered 1 million Galaxy Note in the world in the last two months. It is supply resellers, and non-sales to final consumers, although this suggests some confidence in the Welcome to the public for this product.

With a Super AMOLED 1280 x 800 pixel display, a dual processor 1.4 GHz core and an AFN 8 megapixels on the back (as well as an AFN front for videoconferencing, Galaxy Note has solid assets to seduce users seeking a compromise between the two formats.)


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