When WipEout becomes reality...

WipEout in true, finally almost... It is quite impressive.

The Institute of science and technology of Japan mounted a platform game inspired by racing of futuristic vessels that puts in scene the video game WipEout. In buoyancy, these small vehicles glide in the air on a circuit built for demonstration.

wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-001          wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-003

A small reloads in liquid nitrogen, and it is party. The Institute indicates that this technology which uses quantum physics to lead this levitation is not complicated to put into production and that they expect to see real races to human size of this type in near future.

wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-004           wipeout-japan-nitrogen-quantique-002

We let you enjoy this circuit that made dream as children.

Another video is presented in English, which is mentioned succinctly the principle with other more or less impressive demonstrations. Who knows, perhaps in a few years, trains emerge with this system to eliminate friction and noise that follows, which will delight residents tracks at high speed, but has yet to produce the nitrogen liquid mass, and this without too much impact on the environment.


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