With Super Ultrabooks in LG, but also laptops and a 3D all-in-one

Summary presentation of the flagship products-side computers that LG will present to the these. Korean first established ultrabooks have class.

LG Electronics is about to expose four new laptops and an all-in-one on its booth at the CES in Las Vegas. The most prominent will be unquestionably those that Korean calls the "Super Ultrabooks", its Z330 and Z430 which promise to be as efficient than beautiful (alu brushed finishing) and purposes. P535 and A540 want to impose a new standard for laptops compatible with 3D terrain. Finally, the V300 and an all-in-one of 23 "with IPS, also compatible 3D slab.

LG Z330The Z330 is the more compact new LG computers. With a Sandy Bridge Core i7, he starts cold within 10 seconds and fate of Eve within 2 seconds, all with a SSD SATA III. His design reduces - according to the constructor - the edges of its screen 13.3 "at a minimum, so that he returned in a 12" chassis. This laptop would not exceed the 14.7 mm thickness and weighs 1.21 Kg.

When the Z430 represents to him the ultrabook of 14 "seen by LG. Powered by a Core i7 and equipped with a SSD and a HDD, it allows a cold start in 12 seconds while offering 500 GB of storage space. Its chassis does not exceed the 19.9 mm thick and LG is proud to announce that the Z430 is of 14 "most compact laptop that exists at the present time. It must be said that he wished in a chassis usually reserved for the 13 ", which weighs 1.5 Kg.

The P535 is a laptop for the 3D Cinema, integrating a 15.6 "super-slim LED to the computer screen closed not to exceed the 24.1 mm thickness for 2.2 Kg. According to LG, it is therefore more 24% and 27% lighter than its closest competitors on the market of the portable 15 "compatible 3D, and has the advantage in a chassis usually reserved for 14". Will be once again a Core i7 Sandy Bridge, with side GPU card Nvidia GeForce GT 630 M.

The A540 to the advantage of a 3D without glasses technology and treatment of the SRS sound on 5 channels. It operates also technology Cinema LG 3D on a screen which is also 15.6 "of diagonal, Full HD and backlit by LEDs. The graphics card is a GeForce GT 555 M.

Finally, the V300 is an all-in-one which already heard in 2011, the first LG to integrate 3D RPF (Film Patterned delay) on a slab IPS technology, offering more open angles of vision. According to LG, the V300 offers what it does best in 3D via its screen 23 ". And with its touch sensor based on three cameras, LG announced that the touch recognition of its all-in-one is better than the competition. A check.

All these computers should be launched in the first quarter of 2012. Expected to know their prices, their complete sheets, but also to have more photos to the tooth. LG plays with our nerves about all these products and do we slipped only photo of its ultrabooks...


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