Intel Medfield / Android 4.0 for the 2nd quarter 2012


One of the highlights to watch in 2012 will be the arrival of Intel mobile architectures while its competitor ARM is widely dominant. The strategy of the American skier will depend on a platform hardware Medfield , which should finally be able to compete in performance and low power consumption with numerous ARM platforms proposed by different metal casters.

If the performance should be actually meet, it is particularly progress in energy management, essential criterion in mobility, which will be scrutinized. To entice manufacturers of mobile devices and encourage them to turn to his Medfield processors, Intel has worked its efforts to ensure the support of Android.

The creation of a platform of reference Medfield / Android is thus seen as able to confront the many solutions ARM / Android very present on the market. On the shelves, Intel began to propose a product dedicated with processor Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail, which can be coupled with Windows 7 or Android 3.x Honeycomb, but the formula, in a few products, did not spark.

Enter Android, expand via Windows 8
An attempt to take market share, it is on the couple Medfield / Android 4.0 that the caster will be supported from the second quarter of 2012, pending the arrival of a Clover Trail-W platform capable of handling Windows 8 on Tablet, expected for the end of year 2012.

There also, Intel will have to confront platforms ARM for Windows 8, and in particular processor quad-core, such as Nvidia and Qualcomm, which should keep the benefit year next in terms of energy consumption.

Digitimes website indicates, however, that these two skiers face difficulties to finalize their solutions, which could do the business of Intel on this specific segment. Note the latter just reorganize its branches of activity to bring together all activities regarding mobile and nomadic products under same management to accelerate its development.


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