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Spotify: 455% of growth of CA, but of the losses…

Spotify a nice boost its revenue, it is still not profitable. The threshold of profitability could be achieved in the current year ...

Spotify Logo.PNG

On its fiscal 2010, we learn that Spotify - listening service for online music - has increased its turnover by 5.5, from 13 to 72.2 million euros. Logical situation given that the European leader in streaming music has continued to curb its offer free ad-supported push for its paid subscriptions (over 2 million customers). This does not prevent Spotify to lose money. In spite of this explosion of sales, losses are higher for the year 2010 than they were in 2009, to 30.3 million euros against 19 million a year earlier.

Among the main expenditure Spotify, there are copyright by the company paid to beneficiaries in order to exploit their catalogs. But also investments to deploy the Spotify offers out of Europe alone, with the aim to establish itself also in the United States. Two budget items too large to allow Spotify to generate profits for now. Profits referred to by the company on the current fiscal year, thanks to the partnership signed with Facebook that promises to swell the ranks of subscribers Spotify. A strategy that seems to work, entries that exploded following the recent f8 conference.

Ubuntu 11.10 of exit. The distrib' touches ARM…

Ubuntu is ready for deployment of version 11.10. The server side, there is the appearance (in preview for now) support ARM. What open new perspectives to the Linux distribution ...


Tomorrow Thursday, October 13, Canonical released version 11.10 - also known as the Oneiric Ocelot - its Ubuntu Linux distribution. A version that marks most support (a first!) Of the ARM architecture by the free operating system in the server version of Ubuntu 11.10, as a Technology Preview. Unity, the user interface, supports both the ARM and Canonical idea is to encourage the market entry of low-power devices, including tablets, at prices more aggressive.

This is not the only good news side, which Canonical announced a few days ago having spent a significant partnership with HP. Indeed, the giant will use Ubuntu as main operating system regarding its upcoming Cloud, deployed via the open-source platform OpenStack.

Ubuntu 11.10 will be available directly on the usual site, downloads section, in a few hours. The next major release (long-term supported) to Ubuntu 4.12 which will be code-named "Pangolin Precise." It is not expected before 2012.

Two new external discs at Sony

The Japanese manufacturer Sony has unveiled a new external hard drives.

Sony has a new external hard drives. The HD-EG5 / U are 2.5-inch and enjoy a USB 3.0 interface. They display a capacity of 500 GB and a weight of 220 grams. These external HDD come with several software: Data Transfer Accelerator to improve flow, Password Protection Manager to secure data (including a 256-bit AES encryption), and Backup Manager that facilitates backups.

sonyhd-eg503 sonyhd-eg502 sonyhd-eg501

The main difference between HD-and HD-EG5 EG5U is the direct compatibility with some of that Sony (Handycam camcorders, televisions and Bravia PlayStation 3). Note also that Sony offers this version only in black, when the HD-EG5 available in two colors, silver and pink. It is unclear when and how the Japanese manufacturer plans to offer its new record in France. These storage solutions in external USB 3.0 disembark during November in the Asia-Pacific region.

With Memristor, HP wants to kill the SSD and the RAM to join together them in the same module…

With memristor, HP anticipates the future of memory. An ideal solution with large storage capacity of flash memory and access speed of RAM ...

HP is working with Hynix memory specialist, a new hybrid device called Memristor. If it is not expected before 2013, we learn that it would be as fast as the DRAM and thus more efficient than flash memory. Memristor could therefore eventually sign the end of the SSD or flash memory implemented in mobile devices as we know them today.

Memristor offer because the performance of DRAM with the amount of storage space SSD while allowing energy savings. The SSD-killer would be developed in the laboratories of HP already has at least four years and is not yet fully developed. This alternative to conventional DRAM array is similar to the ReRAM (Resistive or RAM) and may even overshadow the SRAM, the SRAM.


17 memristor seen by electron microscopy ...

In practice, it is to superimpose up to 500 billion "memristor" using micro-layers of conductive films with a thickness of only 5 nm. HP, which is still working its process, consider lifting the veil on this new solution in about a year and a half.

Stanley Williams, an executive at HP, had already suggested that the idea was to design products to replace the SSD and RAM today. That entices our curiosity, even though we will obviously take our troubles patiently to find out more ...

Scythian launches its Big Shuriken 2

The Japanese manufacturer Scythe has just launched in Europe a new cooler for home theater PC.


Scythe has just launched in Europe's Big Shuriken 2. The new cooler from the Japanese manufacturer is 125 x 135 x 58 mm and weighs 410 g. It is designed around five copper heat pipes that remove heat from the base in contact with the processor to the many aluminum fins.

A fan PWM Slip Stream 120 mm completes the picture. It will run between 500 and 2000 rev / min, between 12.13 and 45.47 charge CFM, and will issue between 9.32 and 33.67 dB. This cooler is compatible with sockets AMD AM2/AM2 + / AM3/AM3 + / LGA775/1155/1156/1366 FM1 and Intel. It seems perfect for home theater PCs, thin and computers in general. Scythe Shuriken offers its Big 2-36 euros, all taxes included. This is a tariff which positions so 10 euros more than the Kozuti, a model much simpler.

scythebigshuriken202 scythebigshuriken203

Windows 8: -30% of consumption in RAM!

With its new OS, Windows 8, Microsoft also has to focus on the optimization scaling back the hardware requirements ...Windows 8 Windows Store

Bill Karagounis, teammate of Team 8, Microsoft Windows, released a note on the consumption of system RAM. There has in particular the efforts by Microsoft to make Windows 8 or less RAM intensive than is Windows 7.

A small puzzle according to him, since it takes "to succeed in setting up an advanced interface and richer while decreasing resource consumption." The efforts in a comprehensive, Microsoft aiming to scale back the hardware requirements of the OS with this new version.

And if Microsoft is so hard to Windows 8 uses little RAM, it is also because the system is designed to be compatible - Platform ARM - with touch pads which are not as well endowed with RAM traditional PCs. Thus, Windows 8 will offer several beautiful interfaces including Metro enriched with "tiles dynamic", it will remain fluid and not grab all available memory.

According to early returns and tests known cold-launched on the same machine, Windows 8 consume 281 MB RAM 404 MB for Windows against 7. And the constant minimum CPU load would rise from 5% to 1%. This shows the optimization efforts made ??by Microsoft. A check with the release of Windows 8 in final

Freebox Révolution supports finally Flash!

The browser of the Freebox Revolution can now view all the sites and Flash Video.freebox-flash

Pull out the champagne! Free has announced the availability on the day of the new firmware that provides housing Freebox Player - finally! - Compatible web browser integrated with the Flash content.

Announced at the launch of the Freebox Revolution in December 2010, this feature was done ardently desired. Iliad, the parent of Free, cracks also a press release announcing the good news awaited by many Free users.

Support of this format widely used on websites is a good thing, just hope that the processor of the Freebox swift enough to display all without jerkiness or slowdown.

HannStar reveals a screen with old

HannStar The Taiwanese manufacturer has just launched a new monitor the characteristics of another era ...

HannStar recently introduced a new 23.6-inch screen. This Hanns-G adopts a HK241DPB TN 16:9. The latter features a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its response time is 5 milliseconds, the contrast ratio (dynamic) is 80 000:1 and maximum brightness is 300 cd / m². The viewing angles of the beast is 170 degrees from the horizontal to 160 degrees vertically.

The connection of this monitor has VGA and DVI ports. The HK241DPB also benefits from two speakers of 1.5 watt. This solution has a backlight classic, neon. Typical consumption is 50 watts. HannStar announces new at $ 199.99 (€ 174.99 TTC) in the United States. There are clearly better for less ...


Fnac soon will retort in Kindle

Fnac sees a dim view of the arrival of the new Amazon Kindle at € 99 and announced its new electronic reading light.kobo-wifi-reader


Fnac must react quickly if it does not want to cut the rug out from under the giant e-commerce, which arrived this Friday, October 14 with its Kindle at unbeatable prices. And it's done in a few days since it unveiled its new generation of electronic reading lights, designed in partnership with the Canadian Kobo, an industry leader in his country.

The "by Kobo Fnac" could be a model with a touch screen 6 inches and offered a very attractive price. The Kindle is proposed at 99 € per Amazon, the French retailer will have to align to curry favor with the public and not to renew the failure of his previous Fnacbook with sales remain confidential. It will highlight why its catalog of 80,000 digital works so available in French against 30,000 for its direct competitor. Fnac also has an advantage, guests can come and try the product in one of 82 brands of the brand unlike Amazon, which sells reading lights only on paper.

Portables 13 ": Acer 3830T even gravitational…

In the segment of 13.3 "Acer strengthens the interest of his 3830T by reviewing the specs on the rise without affecting the price, including a model equipped with a SSD very attractive.

This is not a Ultrabook, but the Acer Aspire Timeline X 3830T shows an interesting pattern and a particular price / performance ratio that does not leave indifferent. Indeed, by reviewing the references of its portable 13.3 "Acer positioned less than 800 a model with a Core i5-2430M 2.4 GHz, 4 GB DDR3, Intel chipset a HD 3000 supplemented with a GeForce GT 540M with Optimus technology, especially a 128 GB SSD for the rest, it's classic.

There still the presence of a USB 3.0 port, install Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and a weight on the scale which remains below 2 Kg to 1.85 Kg precisely. Autonomy announced by the manufacturer is very good, 8 hours on a 6-cell battery of 6000 mAh. Of course, with the GeForce enabled, it will be much lower ...
Acer Aspire Timeline X 3830T (2)     Acer Aspire Timeline X 3830T (1)

We only regret the presence of a glossy 16:9 (1366 x 768 pixels), but since it's unfortunately become a standard in the market, there was not much wrong with this here 3830T (the exact reference is 2434G12n-3830TG). Also note that the same computer is now below € 600 with a 750 GB hard drive, Core i5-2410M and GeForce no. Having the responsiveness of the SSD, a more powerful processor and a dedicated card is paid about 200 so at Acer ... It's expensive, but much less expensive than the options found in most other manufacturers!

Samsung prepares its Galaxy S III

Korean giant Samsung will launch a 2012 Galaxy S III explosive characteristics.


Samsung has just to finish - in principle - with its line of S II Galaxy that we discover the first information about the third generation of the iPhone-killer reference. This is a slide from a presentation of the Korean giant that has some juicy details about this future smartphone.

The Galaxy S III is designed around a 4.6 inch screen AMOLED type Super Plus, offering an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Would be found under the hood a dual-core processor running at 4212 Exynos 1.80 GHz and accompanied by 2 GB of RAM.

Its 12-megapixel sensor reach back and it would be accompanied by an f/2.3 lens. This new smartphone would support the NFC and LTE, and it would be supplied with Google Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Availability is expected next year, at a rate unknown ...

Intel renews certain mobile processors

Intel updates four of its mobile chips, revising upward their operating frequencies.

intel logo

Intel will introduce four new standards in its line of mobile processors. The new Pentium 967 is probably the most interesting, since it will attempt to compete with some APU "E Series" AMD (Brazos platform). It replaces the Pentium 957, with a rate review for the dual-core low power consumption of 1.2 to 1.3 GHz and 800 MHz to 1 GHz for the graphics Intel HD. A processor with 2 MB cache, which has a TDP of only 17 W.

It also hosts the Pentium B960 B950 which replaces a dual-core with 2 MB cache, the frequency increases to 2.2 GHz while the GPU does not move (between 650 MHz and 1.1 GHz), all for a TDP of 35 W. While the Core i5 and i7-2430M-2670QM replace the previous models, respectively, by winning a coefficient (2.4 GHz and 3 GHz Turbo) and two coefficients (2.2 to 3.1 GHz). They still have 3 and 6 MB of cache and the Intel HD 3000 for graphics.

Now expected that Intel Announces Pricing of these "new" chip and integrates its listing for the manufacturers to incorporate them into their laptops.


Radeon HD 6670 passivates at HIS

The manufacturer HIS Hong Kong has unveiled a new graphics card passive.


HIS has just released a new AMD Radeon HD 6670. This graphics card is entirely passive. It has to do is sink Zalman includes three copper heat pipes and a block of strips of aluminum, anodized blue. Found on the printed circuit of this solution Turks and 480 stream processors, along with 1024 MB of DDR3 via a bus 128 bits.

The frequencies are those core with 800 MHz and 800 MHz in the heart for the RAM. The manufacturer's iSilence 4 Hong Kong has a single-slot bracket on which we find VGA ports, DVI and HDMI. This includes the Radeon UVD engine 3, and it will be perfect for an HTPC type setup (Home Cinema). HIS HD 6670 sells its new from $ 94.99 (€ 83.99 including VAT).
hisradeonhd6670isilence401 hisradeonhd6670isilence402 hisradeonhd6670isilence404 hisradeonhd6670isilence403